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rodezzy | Posted in General Discussion on

Oh, I have to challenge myself to sit still and finish my quilts.  Yes, that baby quilt is due, and others. 


And…in Oct. is the Needles and Threads Quilting Guild’s Quilt Show.  I must have something finished for that.  A Silent Aution quilt (wall hanging), I’m using my Betty Boop Quilt (lap quilt), and at least two bed size quilts.  I have quilt tops made, just need to either quilt them or have them quilted.  Just get them done. 

So again MY challenge is to FINISH as many UFO’s as possible.  Didn’t do much in February. 

No excuses for me in March and beyond.  The rest of the year is already full of projects.

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist


  1. solosmocker | | #1

    Can't wait to see that Betty Boop quilt. I love anything BBoop! And I am sure you are doing her justice.

    Sure, I'm in for March. I think at this point my goal is to make an oriental influenced outfit for DGD and maybe a summer pocketbook for moi. We will see what amount of time is left beyond that. I am hoping the snow will melt soon and I can hit my garden. Once the weather is warm I am out of the sewing room and into the dirt!


    1. rodezzy | | #3

      I am tickled pink with how it turned out.  It is so....well...boop, boop, de-doop! (soft squeal)  (That was so-o-o over the top....giggle)

      Your projects sound so sweet.  You are such a wonderful person and sewist.  I love your bags and all of your beautiful projects. 

      I only finished one bag.  I have three in the wings. 

      Well, happy sewing, I will do my best to do my stuff...smile! I better get to work here, for now.  Got to finish up some monthly stuff - TODAY (giggle).

  2. kbalinski | | #2

    Count me in, too!  Knowing I had a Feb. 29th deadline really helped me get my projects finished.

    I have pj's for my kids all cut and ready to be put together:  Curious George the Firefighter for my 2 year old son, and a Silky outside/Flannel inside Ariel the Mermaid nightgown for my 4 year old daughter.

    I have a navy blue skirt all cut out for myself.  It's a silk that needed some structure, so I underlined it with organza, and this is my first foray into underlining, so we'll have to see how it goes.

    Of course, DH is still waiting for his copied RTW shirt, so one of these days I'll get brave and start copying it onto paper.  Must find that YouTube David Page Coffin video... have the book, need to review the video one more time!

    Good luck ladies, stay warm through this lovely spring (???) month.


  3. User avater
    VKStitcher | | #4

    Count me in for the Challenge.  Since last summer, I've completed a number of projects on my "to do" list.  This month I plan to finish two more, and also add a new one.  Here are my sewing projects for March:

     ~ Finish the blouse that I cut out in February.
     ~ Make a pair of pants.  I have both navy and tan gabardine fabric that I purchased back in the fall; good for wearing to work all year.  I'm haven't decided which to make first, but I'm leaning toward the navy...
     ~ Find fabric for a new bathrobe for the spring/summer.  Several years ago, I made a flannel one from Butterick 3338 (an out-of-print Sandra Betzina pattern), and I love it.  It's a classic shawl collar robe with a generous wrap front, so no peek-a-boo!

    Thanks for getting us going, Rodezzy!

  4. Josefly | | #5

    Count me in, too. I did finish a couple of my February projects - the sachets for the bridal shower, and, finally, my son-in-law's lounge pants, which were supposed to be a Christmas gift. But didn't finish the curtains I intended, or the bag, or the chair cushion cover...so those three are on my March list. Then I'm going to work on a long-abandoned skirt and blouse, and a spring jacket for myself. Got some inspiration from the latest Threads for those. Thanks for the challenge - it does work as incentive for me.

    Here's a photo of some of my sachets.

    Edited 3/5/2008 2:37 pm ET by Josefly

    1. User avater
      VKStitcher | | #6

      Your sachets are beautiful--perfect for a bridal shower.  What do you put inside to make them smell good?

      1. Josefly | | #7

        I was able to buy lavender florets at our local farmers' market - in the herb and spice section! It was quite inexpensive, and the only thing I had to buy for the project. All the fabric and lace and ribbon were remnants I had on hand; I even had the buttons in my button box. I wish I had stuffed them a little fuller, but I was afraid the scent would be too powerful. I almost felt light-headed working with the stuff, and had to seal them up in a plastic baggie to prevent being overwhelmed in my house.Thanks so much for the compliment.

        1. User avater
          VKStitcher | | #8

          Ahhh...lavender!  My mom has made satin and lace sachets, but used potpourri inside.  I think the natural lavender florets would be much nicer.  Hmmm...maybe I'll plant some lavender in the herb garden this year.  Now I have an idea of what to do with it!  Thanks!

    2. rodezzy | | #9

      ooooh those are so beautiful and sweet looking.  Just what we need to help us jump start our minds to spring.  Lovely, lovely.....lovely.  Oh to be young again.  Spring always does that to me.

      1. Josefly | | #10

        Thanks, rodezzy. Yeah, I love spring, too. It's coming up fast here in Georgia. Daffodils and crocuses are bustin' out and my daphne, which has been blooming for almost a month, still smells divine. My mind is moving to voile and crinkled gauze!

        1. rodezzy | | #11

          I'm jealous to be sure...giggle....but happy for you just the same. 

    3. MaryinColorado | | #13

      I really like those sachets!  They turned out beautifully.  What a perfect memento for the bridal shower!  Lavender is my favorite scent and I always use it in the bed and bathrooms.  Wish they sold it at the Farmer's Markets here, I usually have to mailorder it.  Mary

      1. Josefly | | #16

        Thank you, Mary. I love lavender, too, and the shower guests seemed to like it too. I have several lavender plants in my yard, but altogether they don't produce enough florets for this kind of project, and I can hardly bear to cut the flowers anyway, because I enjoy them in the yard so much - and you have to cut them, I think, before they're fully open. If there are artisanal soap-makers in your area, you might ask one of them for a source of lavender, if you really want some. Or check with a florist - my daughter's wedding florist provided large quantities of the buds for us to use on tables. Also, I think the buds are used a lot in lieu of rice at weddings these days, since rice is so bad for the birds. And it was a florist who sent me to our farmers' market. It only cost me a couple of dollars for enough to fill the sachets. I love being cheap!

        1. solosmocker | | #19

          I get food grade, and very nicely scented lavender at our local food coop. They have all sorts of bulk spices and lavender is one of them. I keep bags of it in my wools to keep a way the moths. It has worked well so far. When I grew it in the yard I could never cut it either, just too special. My projects are coming along. I finished my bedspread jacket, my little bishop for Twin Baby Girl, a reversible jumper for my other DGD, and am now working on a little oriental kimono for Twin Baby Girl. It is darling. I have been pretty productive mostly because it is still too cold to go out and the snow is way piled up. So no gardening yet. Once the garden is accessible my sewing slows down to a trickle. So I feel a lot of pressure this month from myself to get things done with my sewing. Hopefully next month I will be planting raspberry bushes. solo

          1. fiberfan | | #20

            Wow, you are getting a lot done.


          2. Josefly | | #21

            Yes, you do get lots done! I hope you'll post photos of the kimono, and the bedspread jacket as well.I know what you mean about the gardening...I have so much to do in my yard already! But we had another freeze this weekend, so had to cover my late-blooming camelias. And the asters are beginning to come up and taking over my mailbox bed, so I'll be taking shovel in hand as soon as it warms back up. And I have to do more planting of drought-proof plants. Will I get all my sewing done?

            Edited 3/9/2008 3:08 pm ET by Josefly

          3. rodezzy | | #23

            Sounds so sweet, can't wait to see your projects.

      2. Ocrafty1 | | #29

        You might try a health food/naturalist store as a source for lavendar. The ones here in IN carry lots of stuff like that; i.e., rose petals, essence oils, etc. That's where I get my goodies. If the flowers smell less fragrant than desired, you can add a drop or two of the essential oil to the petals.

         I use them to fill sachets that I make for brides when I make their gowns.  I use leftover fabric, laces, ribbon, and trims from the gowns and also make some for the bridesmaids that match their gowns. 


        1. MaryinColorado | | #30

          Thanks for the suggestion.  It is so nice of you to make the sachets for your bridal customers!   What a treasured keepsake!  Mary

  5. MaryinColorado | | #12

    My goodness girl, I continue to be amazed at your prolific sewing habits!  I bet you could write a book on self motivation, purpose, and productivity!  You accomplish so much, especially considering that you also work full time.  Your energy must be boundless.  What is your "secret"? 

    My daughter loves Betty Boop, any chance you could post some pics? 

    Godspeed!  Have a super great time in NY!  Are you going to the museums too?  Mary

    1. rodezzy | | #14

      Oh sweet lady, I don't do that much.  I work in spurts.  And when you live alone, you can get lots done in an evening or a weekend.  You only have yourself to cater to.  I'm not saying that is good or bad, it's just the way it is for me. 

      I guess I've always been a workaholic, but I've slowed waaaaay down from the way I used to be.  I used to challenge the clock to catch me....giggle.  I finally got off that high horse. 

      Now, I have days where I just watch the TV.  Then I may work feverishly on some projects because "I just got to do this project..." and I'm loving it.

      Any who....I promise to post pictures next week.  I have sooooo much to do.  The next two weeks will be the "feverishly working" weeks because I have some deadlines.  No ifs, ands or buts about it.  Just do it.  ha ha ha!

      Thanks for thinking I'm all that, I just love my crafts, that's the secret.  I guess that would fill a pamphlet (smile).

      1. Josefly | | #17

        You're too modest. You are among the most prolific producers on this forum. I always like to see your latest.

  6. fiberfan | | #15

    This month I am going to finish the dress I started in January.  I really need more clothes so I hope to get one other outfit finished.

    I want to use handwoven fabric in a class I am taking the middle of April so I have some serious weaving to do.  I need yards of 36" wide fabric or 6 yard of 24" wide fabric.  The extra time to weave the 24" wide fabric will probably be less than the time to thread 12" extra width.  While I am weaving the sample on the table loom, the fabric will be woven on the floor loom.

    I almost have a sample ready to weave on the table loom.   The warp (selvedge direction) for sample is a combination of 3 different white rayon yarns and 2 different black rayon yarns.  I am using on of the black yarns twice so I have 3 blacks as well.  I am treating 1 black and 1 white as a single thread with a pseudo random combination/order within each group of 6 threads.  The warp will be one of the whites and 1 of the blacks.  I have a double bobbin shuttle that will make it easy to sample with different white/black combinations.

    I have a couple of ideas for dyeing projects and I want to try nuno felting or another lightweight felting technique.

    This week I am going to select a few fleeces to take to a local processor and have spun into fine yarn for weaving.  I have been planning this for a while.  It got moved to the must do list because I brought my latest fleece purchase home monday night and have no where to store it.  Wool takes up less room after it has been spun.

    Joanne - so many ideas, so much fiber, so little time

    1. Josefly | | #18

      Wow, you are so ambitious! I hope you'll share your project with us as you go along - including your weaving.

    2. rodezzy | | #22

      Oh my goodness, you will be very busy, happy weaving, sounds great, send pictures!

    3. fiberfan | | #26

      My dress is finally done!  The dress wasn't hard to sew, I just worked on it in occasional spurts.

      I took 5 fleeces to the processor on Saturday.  That makes 4 empty bins (3 after I put the new fleece in a bin) until I get the yarn back.  Hopefully by then I will have a couple of weaving projects done to reduce the yarn stash a bit.

      My next project is a collar muslin for a fitted blouse I want to enter in the Pattern Review Fitted Blouse Contest.  I will use my armhole princess pattern for the bodice.  I haven't done much drafting of collars so I am trying a commercial pattern for the collar.

      Joanne - so many ideas, so much fiber, so little time

      1. rodezzy | | #27

        You go girl, work work work, what a busy bee.  I know it's beautiful, did you post pics in the photo folder?  We would love to see it.

      2. MaryinColorado | | #31

        Wow!  Very nice!  I see you have fitting down to a T.  I wish I could get my small shoulders fitting down so well!  Love the bright blue fabric.  Congratulations on your pretty new dress!  Mary

  7. SAAM | | #24

    Hi Rodezzy. My March challenge is to buy a new sewing machine. My thirty year old Singer died last week. Then, once I have a new machine, I hope to complete a dress and jacket for spring. I splurged and have red, lightweight wool, silk organza for interlining, and china silk for lining.

    1. rodezzy | | #25

      Oh my goodness.  When is the funeral? It must have been like losing a friend. 

      I was given a Sears sewing machine in 1978 and pulled it back out in 1999 to start back sewing.  I had become interested in making quilts after watching my first "Simply Quilts" show.  I sent it out to be cleaned and tensioned, they stole the machine table section.  I say "stole" because you cannot misplace a machine part that big and say you didn't notice it when I came back for it.  They replaced my machine by letting me get a new machine of the same functionality, but I cried over my old machine.  But I had to give them my old machine.  I was very unhappy and raised all the hell I could to get that piece back and couldn't.  So, they stole my machine.  It was the better machine.  I learned a valuable lesson, learn to clean and tension your own machine if you don't have a reliable dealer.

      But anyway, I felt hurt for a long, long time, I still have moments of sadness over that machine.  So, here's my farewell to your dear friend and my sympathy with your loss at this sad time. 

      Good luck on finding the perfect new friend to share your creative visions.

      Edited 3/10/2008 2:26 pm ET by rodezzy

  8. dollmarm | | #28

    U & my mother in law would be great friends, she quilts and has several to finish and starts another before she completes the others she is wk'ing with. 
    She did however finish one her youngest son with a matching one for the grand-daughter and a small one matching for the babydoll bed.  She received an honorable mention and was very pleased.  Some say she should have won but there were so so many good ones entered. 
    Her mom quilted up until she was in a Nursing Home and could no longer use the needle to sew.  Grandma would sit and quilt and tell you most interesting detailed shorty from her childhood.  My autistic son loved to sit next to her with his legos and or clay and listen to her stories as she quilted and told those ol'stories. 
    I too have one I started a while back and just now found out to put it all together.  It is a Amish quilt design and you quilt 14x14 squares - enough of what size bedding you want to put it on.   We moved and I miss the final class that told how to complete this.  I now have all info - just have other pressing projects going. 
    (Not to mentions all I set aside to make my now married daughter  a quilt.
    Good luck my friend - we all need have been there and some of us wander in and out of there with at-least one unfinished project through out our journey  :~) 

    1. rodezzy | | #32

      Oh I would have loved to be by her side too.  She may have been able to teach me to hand quilt.  I can't do that very well, I'm short of patience.  I love to machine piece my quilts and then hand them off to be quilted.  I've only done that for three quilts, I have stubbornly machine quilted my quilts because I'm a control freak about my work.  I had to quilt over one of the quilts I paid someone else to do because their machine was not catching every stitch, she gave me my money back because she felt guilty.  She knew her machine was not working right, I would have waited for her to get it fixed.  All is well, though and I will give her another chance.  She's in my quilt guild.

      I tried to hand quilt one of the quilts I made for granddaughter, but I became antsy and couldn't get it done, so I finished it with machine quilting (giggle).

      Good luck with all of your projects.  I've got to get busy.  I have some deadlines.

      1. MaryinColorado | | #33

        When you are looking at new sewing machines, you might want to find one with a special quilt stitch.  My Husqvarna/Viking has a "hand look" quilting stitch that is just beautiful.  I use YLI invisible polyester thread in the needle and whatever thread I prefer in the bobbin.  It really does look perfectly hand stitched.  I couldn't possibly quilt by hand due to arthritis. 

        It also has tons of other quilting stitches for small or large stippling, straight or curved channel quilting, crazy quilting, free motion with dropped feed dogs, you name it.  So many projects, so little time to do them all even though I'm "retired". 

        Did you have a wonderful time in NY?  So glad you made it back to us safe and sound!  Mary

        1. rodezzy | | #34

          That sounds like an awesome machine, will check into it.

          Please read the NY folder.  Love & kisses. 

        2. Palady | | #35

          >> ... My Husqvarna/Viking has a "hand look" quilting stitch that is just beautiful. ... <<

          Model # please?


          1. MaryinColorado | | #37

            The Designer 1 with floppy drive that is also an embroidery machine with 4D software, it's about 4 years old. 

            I think this is available on most of thier models.  Also the needle up/down feature, floating presserfoot, locking stitch at beginning and end (on or off), thread cutter, free motion capabilities with clear free motion feet, and you can get a stitch regulator which would be like the Pfaff IDT, etc.  I also bought a specialty adjustable bobbin case for it which is a different color to use for thick threads and stitch with wrong side of fabric up. 

            If you go to the machine websites and click on "machines" they should have info on all the models capabilities.  http://www.husqvarnaviking/usa.com  http://www.pfaff/usa.com  etc.

            I also own the H/V Rose, which is 11 years old now, it's still like brand new and also has many of these same features.   Also own their 936 serger, which is my favorite thing to use deco threads in.

            Edited 3/12/2008 11:48 pm by MaryinColorado

      2. dollmarm | | #36

        I learned to quilt my hand and all  I knew and or was told that you had to do it this way.  All of my hubbies side of the family quilt by hand and the seams are a tight running stitch, some go forwards and backwards with such ease.  Then afterward the create these wonderful designs.  I quite by hand but have ony made small ones and then I have thoese 14by14 squares quilted and then I have to piece them all together.  I am going to wait till my mother-in-law is here or I there for the extra help.   My hubby's cousin started a quilt shop on line and put together a group that send each other in the group several squares of their quilts and they work on them and exchange them.  She has a new love so - this is on hold for now.  She says she will get back to it.  :~)   I liked quilting my squares my hand, I could take it with me when we traveled or visiting or to outings where some of us would on our crafts while the men and or kids played their sports and etc.... 

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