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Mrs Obama’s outfit for the investure.

Dama2024 | Posted in General Discussion on

Hello ladies,

I can’t help it anymore… I’ve just got to know! I’ve been blowing my mind over trying  to “dress” Michelle Obama for investure night in Washington. Will it be a fitted or loose dress. Will it be a gown? And what about colour? It appears to me she’s already gone through a large spectrum of colours during the campaign days; but purple or lavender are colours I think become her.

Help me out ladies (lol). Not that she’ll be needing it, anyway, but let’s beat the challenge… Let’s get our designing caps on and share some wonderful patterns and ideas for the in-coming first lady!


  1. katina | | #1

    Fitted, I'd think - she has a good figure. Red??


    1. Ceeayche | | #2

      I agree fitted.  She's blessed with the figure and the long legs.  I'm thinking suit or dress-- with coordinated top coat because January in DC can be chilly.

      Not red-- too Nancy Reagan. I haven't seen a color that hasn't looked good on her though.

      1. katina | | #3

        Yes, you're right about the red.

        1. kbalinski | | #4

          Are we talking inaugural ball gown, or witnessing the oath?

          For the ball, I'm guessing a fitted style in red.  She wore red on Election night, and on her first trip to the white house.  So important days, she wears red.  Strapless or asymmetrical, I think...

          1. katina | | #5

            Yes, that distinction crossed my mind when CHL pointed out the Nancy Reagan red. I assumed the question refers to her ballgown. It's sure to be stunning; wonder who the designer is?


          2. tcsewhat | | #6

            if we are talking about her ball gown, I vote for Maria Pinto as the designer.  A solid vivid color with one of Pinto's gorgeous wraps to go over it.  Her sheer wraps are great, but the pleated or twisted or ruffled ones would look great in the same vivid satin or silk as the gown.  Check out her stuff at http://www.mariapinto.com .

            Her daywear clothes are also nice.  So I suit for the swearing in would be good.


          3. katina | | #7

            Thanks for this link. The grey jacket with the 'grass' skirt is very interesting - boiled wool? Yes, those of us with the lovely long legs can wear practically anything; my legs don't reach too far off the ground, I'm afraid. Does anyone else here think it's time for another article on fitting the petite figure?


          4. WandaJ | | #20

            Oh my goodness. Her clothes are gorgeous. If she dresses Mrs. Obama for Inauguration night I believe she will be superbly dressed, and in a color that is complementary for her skin.

            The accessories are to 'die' for, and the feathered evening gown is one that makes you say WOW!

            Thanks for sharing this site with us.

            Edited 12/10/2008 12:05 am ET by WandaJ

          5. sewelegant | | #34

            This response is to all, but I want to thank you for the link to someone I here-to-fore had not heard of.  Methinks Maria Pinto is going to become a household word in a very short time!  Because she is a product of the Chicago School of Design I think that would be fitting and proper, don't you all?  I think also that we are all of one mind on this first lady fashion watching trip we have been on for the last several administrations... I too am sick of pants suits with short jackets!  I can fully understand the comfort, but the lack of "style" has been frustrating to watch.

            Instead of comparing Michele Obama to Jackie Kennedy I think she is going to be a brand new icon others will want to copy.  I, for one, certainly hope she doesn't feel the similarity herself because I want her to be unique.  (I secretly hope she let someone else pick that red and black thing and will trust her own fashion sense from now on)

          6. Ceeayche | | #35

            bravo!  Well said!

          7. MaryinColorado | | #36

            WOW!!!  Thanks for sharing that site.  Her designs are lovely and so unique and well tailored.  I vote for the orange suit in the Spring 08 collection I think.  Several seem they would be distracting knee ticklers though, ha ha. 

  2. MaryinColorado | | #8

    RED She looks so great in red and it's a power color and patriotic to boot!  He could wear a slate gray suit with a red cravat.  ha ha okay, how about a red tie then?   I'm sure they will look elegant and comfortable in whatever they wear.  She even looks great in a baseball cap and jeans so no worries.  This is a fun thread, thanks for starting it.  Mary

    1. KharminJ | | #9

      Just watched the footage of their visit to the WH, on 60 Minutes ... yeah - definitely something red! I'd like to see her wear a little deeper, warmer red, than she usually seems to favor, though. His matching (or close-to-it tie) would look stunning, too. My mind-picture is Himself in a stunningly cut (Italian fit?) charcoal suit, her in an empire waist gown, perhaps a shrug or bolero, with some subtle pattern to it, maybe in the charcoal of his suit...

  3. GailAnn | | #10

    With no disrespect toward recent First Ladies, I am eagerly looking forward to Mrs. Obama's feminine intuition when it comes to fashion style!!!  She is not afraid to wear a dress!  Suit after suit, pants or otherwise, on influential women, has begun to bore me.  Gail

    1. betty_boop | | #11

      If anyone has the most recent issue of Voque Pattern Mag, the cover shows a gorgeous dress in a lovely creamy color that would be just perfect for the First Lady!  There are photos of it  inside the mag as well and I can just see it on Michelle! Black women look so sensational in white, however, the cream would be so rich and perfect for the occasion.  She has plenty of other opportunities to wear red!   I hope everyone who is following this thread can take a look.  If not the magazine, then the Voge patterns website is the place to look, they always have a shot of the current cover on their home page!

      1. KharminJ | | #12

        Good point, Betty, about "other opportunities" to wear red.Here's the Vogue cover:http://www.voguepatterns.com/item/VPS01.htm??tab=vogue_patterns_magazine&page=1<p>It's pattern no. V1075 - a Chado Ralph Rucci, of course."Oh Yeah" I say!Kharmin

        Edited 11/18/2008 12:10 pm ET by KharminJ

        1. katina | | #13

          Kharmin - I love the dress, but unfortunately several bits of me took 'other opportunities'  over the years to change their size and shape....


      2. damascusannie | | #14

        What a gorgeous dress and I agree that it (or something like it) would be an excellent choice for the new First Lady--classy and elegant. Personally, I'd really love to see her wearing an up-and-coming U.S. designer.

        1. MarieCurie | | #15

          Funny, I was just thinking of a wool suit in winter white--jacket and skirt--for the swearing in.

      3. Josefly | | #17

        I love the top and back of the dress, and the shrug or wrap is nice, too. However, the full photo shown for the pattern shows rather a lot of leg for a first lady. Or am I just a prude?

        1. betty_boop | | #19

          Gosh, if I had long dark legs like hers, I want to show some.  Thanks for your thoughts! BB

    2. WandaJ | | #21

      I too am glad that Mrs. Obama wears dresses. They are my favorite as dresses are very comfortable to wear and accessorize; however, they seem to have gone by the wayside.

      It is hoped that  days similar to when Jackie Kennedy was in the WH will return with the Obamas and their daughters.

      For men and boys, I sincerely look forward to them taking notes on The President's attire and they start pulling up their pants, wearing pants that fit, along with a belt instead of looking like they just left prison.

      1. Ocrafty1 | | #22

        I second and third your comments; especially about the boys and their pants! I am so sick of seeing their underwear. I think Mrs. Obama will bring a sense of youthful style to the White House.(emphasis on style)  Although, I really didn't like the red dress she wore when Barak was nominated.  It fit her well, but just wasn't flattering to her figure.  I wonder who she'll get to help her?? I know 'the powers that be in the White House' will have plenty to say to her, but I think she'll let them know that she won't be brow beaten. 

        I like seeing her in jewel tones, and I can't wait to see what ball gown she wears.  I think she'll bring some elegance.... that doesn't include wearing pearls...LOL.  Its been a LONG time since anyone has anxiously awaited the appearance of the First Lady for fashion reasons!

        I have an old Threads (that I keep referring to) that shows Mrs. Clinton's inaugural ball gown...it was a beautiful blue, beaded and sequined gown that was made by someone in the Theater industry.  Wow, what work and techniques went into that gown!!!  I'd love to know how to get in touch with the lady that made that one!  She'd be a great one to have coming to this site for us to pick her brain!!! 

        I'd love to go to the Smithsonian to see the collection of inaugural gowns they have there.  I wonder if they have them on display all the time????  Wouldn't you love to be able to get your hands on them and be able to study the construction techniques?!! They should have some sort of info on that so we can study them; dontcha think???  They spend so much $$ on stupid stuff...its time they spent some on something we can 'get in to.'  Not holding my breath til they do, though.

        BTW: Finished the red "performance" gown tonight...just have to press it in the AM, before my client comes to pick it up.  I am so glad to have it done!  She wanted white 'fake fur' trim on the hem and on the sleeve and neckline ruffles.  She couldn't find that, so she purchased 1" wide white feather boas instead. Since I've been sick, I didn't have time to go and get what she really needed...Her first show is tomorrow nite. I spent from 9AM til 6:30PM sewing that 'stuff' on by hand. Never again...unless I'm paid an exorbitant amount of $$!! I could barely focus when I was done. I'm ready to sing the 'Hallelujah Chorus" and I don't sing!


        1. Ceeayche | | #23

          Before I forget, please snap a picture of the performance gown for us!

          The Smithsonian exhibit you mentioned closed in 2006, but it reopened YESTERDAY!  It is called First Ladies at the Smithsonian and has 14 inaugural gowns, starting wtih Martha Washington and including Laura Bush.

          Some of the dresses are at this site, (interestingly, purple is a popular color)!


          Information about the new exhibit: http://americanhistory.si.edu/news/pressrelease.cfm?key=29&newskey=941

          1. Ocrafty1 | | #24

            Thanks for the websites!  Haven't had a chance to peek...I know I'll be there a while and I have to fix supper for DH & son.  I didn't get a chance to get any pix of the dress...she had to come earlier than expected and didn't have time to pose. But promised to send me some via email...She has a performance tonight and will wear the gown, and her hubby will take pix for sure. As soon as I get them I'll post them....should be soon.


          2. Ocrafty1 | | #25

            Just took the time to look at that website.  WOW!!!! I was drooling all over my keyboard.  Needed half a roll of paper towels to clean it up.  I LOVE vintage clothing and the gowns from Mrs. Lincoln and all of the rest drove me over the top.  I REALLY wish there was a way to see the inside of them.  Thanks so much for the site.  It was a real treat.  Only wish DC wasn't so far from Indiana!


          3. User avater
            rodezzy2 | | #26

            Thanks for the site, it was fun and interesting to look at.  Beautiful articles.

        2. moira | | #31

          That Threads you refer to was my first, handed on to me by a friend, I think, but she never got it back! I pored over that ballgown and the techniques used in its making for hours, and stil have that issue. It stands out above the rest somehow.

      2. MaryinColorado | | #37

        here here~I agree!  They remind me of dirty diapers when I see all those boys "droopy drawers". 

        1. Ceeayche | | #38

          Here's an interesting site.  Sort of like a Project Runway assignment for Michelle Obama's gown.  They asked everyone to submit a sketch.  With the exception of the ones with the burlap, I thought they were all interesting interpretations!


          1. jjgg | | #39

            I wonder if anyone bothered to ask her what she liked, what styles she prefers, does she want sleeves/ asymetry/ strapless etc.

          2. Ceeayche | | #40

            Giggle! Good point.  And I'm sure she definitely has an opinion!

          3. KharminJ | | #41

            What a wonderful idea!

            My favorite so far (there were 50 designs up at midnite:thirty, 1-2-09) has to be the striking red and turquoise shown as #12, by sjefferson. In fact, the first comment is from me! (Now I can truly say "I've been published in the Washington Post" - TeeHee! lol) Some of the designs are positively scary, but so are almost any set of public comments! The contest is open until the 6th - and it's easy - just attach a file of your illustration, just like you send pictures with any email! I wonder if anyone from Gatherings will enter? Hope they let us know!"Post your illustration of an original gown for Michelle in this gallery by Jan. 6, 2009."

            ~~~Hmmm, they call it a "contest", but I don't see any way to vote, and no discussion of prizes - ? Maybe they just used the wrong word for a Readers' Gallery .... It''ll be interesting to follow, anyway! Happy New Year! Kharmin

          4. damascusannie | | #42

            I liked that one, too, but preferred the purple and black #24 by Tracie Griffith. Both these designers at least recognized that the First Lady needs to look classy and dignified and NOT like a sleazy starlet on the red carpet!

          5. KharminJ | | #43

            Tracie Griffith has a couple of purple ones, and the numbers keep changing! (GrrR!) Yeah! I do like her lines ...I hope that more of the entries recognize that Mrs O isn't shaped like a Bratz doll, though! She has some serious hips, and a relatively thick waist ... a lithe 38-22-36 she ain't! That's certainly NOT a snark at Michelle - rather at the totally unrealistic designers that we bemoan here alot, anyway!~~~I guess the "prize" is that the pick of the litter, according to WP fashion critic Robin Givhan, will be printed in the Style section sometime in January.

            Edited 1/3/2009 10:03 pm ET by KharminJ

          6. Josefly | | #44

            I enjoyed your link. There are some gorgeous designs there, and from the looks of the drawings and entries, some are from professional designers.My favorite is from krjustice, entry # 19 as of 10:50 pm, 1/3/09. The orange/grey combo.

          7. Ceeayche | | #45

            Good gracious!  I went back to the site, there are now 121 submissions there (some are duplicates)! And, it appears as if the numbers change everytime somebody submits one.  I like the white one by Katie Emilio and the white one by Linda Lee.


          8. Josefly | | #46

            Oh, the one by Linda Lee is gorgeous. That one wasn't there when I looked before. The other designer you mention draws such distorted figures, the legs look 40 feet long! And the bodice is so small it's hard to make out the details, but I'll bet it's pretty, too. I think I'll stick with my favorite, though - the non-traditional looking one with orange/grey fabric. Mrs. Obama could carry that off very well, I think.

          9. Kilroy | | #47

            I would hope that the soon to be first lady would remember what color the states were that voted her hubby in and not wear red - no matter how smashing it looks on her. If she want to go with warm tones the coral silk with cream dress or the goldenrod and red iridescent taffeta were nice and would flatter her. There were a lot of flag blue numbers with one shoulder - weren't there? The Julietta Fiscella green dress looked like a possibility - but it would depend on the execution. The Jewels Turquoise and black number was stunning, and would look fabulous on her!

  4. autumn | | #16

    I think Michelle (or should I call her Mrs. Obama?) would look fabulous in a ball gown of heavy cream colored satin with lots of rhine stones or beads, princess style with a flared skirt and scooped neck.I don't want her to overdo the red, although she does look great in it. I think she should stay away from dark colors like navy or purple. I thought her dress the night of the election was not flattering, with the bright red going across in the most conspicuous places. It emphasized the wrong part of her (or any woman's) body. The red should have been going vertical instead of horizontal. Whatever she wears, she will look fabulous.

    1. KharminJ | | #27

      Just found this huge collection of articles about what the "pros" suggest in my Yahoo! headlines:http://tinyurl.com/6y8vnz

      1. Ralphetta | | #28

        Thanks, that was fun to see.

      2. Ceeayche | | #29

        Thanks Kharmin, that was a fun site.  I, too, would like her to wear an American Designer.  With the economy hurting, it would be a good endorsement.


        1. KharminJ | | #30

          Indeed! I think they will both be incredible role models ~ for all of us. K

      3. Ocrafty1 | | #33

        OOOOH, that was fun! That slide show was awesome!  Sure was a variety of styles! 

         I hope that Michelle chooses an American designer.  But I also hope she chooses one that can make her look better than she did in that red to black dress she wore.  It wasn't flattering at all.  It looked like she hurried to JCP or Sears and picked the first thing she could fit into. I just think our First Lady should look like one.  Not that she should spend half the Nat'l budget on clothes....but she should be a fashion leader (like Jackie Kennedy) and show women how to do it on a budget...using custom seamstresses like us to do it!  How about having an American designer draw up the patterns and then having different sewers...that don't charge you your first born...to make it up????


    2. tracy | | #32

      I'm with you on your opinion of Michelle's election night dress. I had never seen her before (I don't watch much television), but I had heard she dresses with flair and elan. So, I was surprised to see the dress she had on that night... Although she wore it well, it looked a little tacky, IMHO.


  5. charm | | #18


    maybe no one wouldn't agree with me. but I can see Mrs Obama dress up in silver long sleeves, long slim dress but more fuller from the waist to the floor. and a bit of train in the back but just enough to walk around without anyone stepping on it. the sleeves at the wrist would be fabulous with waves designs. something that can reflect beautiful diamonds buttons on the back of her dress. with silver crochets shawl drape over her shoulders , to the elbow legnth, and just enough to touch the backline of her waist. I say rinestones on the hem and necklines would be awesomes! she can wear beautiful rinstones purse with her dress. the last add a touch up red heart necklace for her to wear with silver chain would to oustanding. I was thinking like a cyrstal clear read heart would be nice. but just thought I can share some ideas.

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