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My bobbin holder invention

Susan -homedecsewing | Posted in General Sewing Info on

Ok, I’ve been holding out… I made a couple of these years ago and I love mine, maybe you will to. I took a cork and wooden coaster , added dime size spots of hot glue (5) 6″ wooden dowels straight up , spaced evenly apart in a star shaped pattern.Tons of bobbins stack on each one. I put one longer dowel in the middle also, so when you need the one on the bottom ,you can move the whole stack onto an empty dowel and easily see what you are looking for. I have 2 just at hands reach next to my thread racks.Don’t we love to have tons of bobbins ! Ok now it’s your turn, come on, give em up . Those wonderful ideas you’ve been hoarding ! Hope someone likes these like I do.Happy sewing, Susan    P. S. I must give credit to my dear departed father John Reardon , who taught me to think outside  the box. He too was an inventor, thanks dad for all you’ve passed on to me.


  1. katina | | #1

    That's a really wonderful idea and it's great that you've shared it with us. When I think of how many bobbin storage boxes I have....

    OK, as this idea is so brilliant, we will have to bestow some sort of award upon you. I therefore propose that you be elevated to the Most Venerable Order of the Threaded Needle!


    1. Susan -homedecsewing | | #2

      Wow thats a mouthful ! Thanks for the kudos.Most graciously,Susan-MVOotTN, lol P.S. Are you really up on the computer at 3am ? Insomnia ?

      1. katina | | #3

        Not that much of an insomniac - I'm in Europe at the moment.

        I read today that Queen Elizabeth installed two new Knights of the Thistle this week. So, perhaps we'll make you Dame of the Thimble, and call you Dot. Or would you prefer Dotty?! Whatever we call you, your idea's an excellent one.


        1. Susan -homedecsewing | | #4

          Europe, oh my , something I've only dreamt about ! Give my best to the Queen ! Is gas really $12.oo a gallon ?I fear we are all in for a rude awakening. Happy 4th of July from Florida. Susan

          1. katina | | #5

            Thanks! Hope you have a good day

  2. zuwena | | #6

    Oh, this is a fabulous idea. I can't wait to try it and make one for one of my instructors. I love both the "Most Venerable. . ." and the "DOTT". I look forward to coming up with an idea so I, too, can be elevated one of these days. Z

    1. Susan -homedecsewing | | #7

      thanks, I forgot to mention that it can be picked up from the longer center post, and spun with a twist of the fingers to check out colors.you are gonna love it ! Susan

  3. AAC | | #8


  4. User avater
    artfulenterprises | | #9

    Hi Susan,

    I'm a Susan also so couldn't pass up sending this "brilliant idea" along! : o)

    I made myself a "Needle Easel" (don'tcha luv it?...say that a few times fast!)  It's simply a short length of wood molding with a groove in it which holds, at a slight angle, a thin piece of wood approximately 6x8 or thereabouts.  I glued a piece of batting to the front, covered it with a piece of silk noil, and now use it happily to hold threaded hand needles when I am sitting in the living room with a project in my lap.  Very handy!  It also helps me find the right size needle when I need one quick!

    I first found the need for such a device when I began doing ribbon embroidery and was working with a variety of colors, widths, etc.  Now it has become an everyday necessity tool!

    Best to you.....Susan  (Artful Enterprises)

    1. User avater
      ThreadKoe | | #10

      Hi Susan, would you be willing to post a picture? I am having problems visualizing what you mean, and this sounds like something that I could really use as a beader who's cats like to walk off with my tomato pincushion. Cathy

      1. Susan -homedecsewing | | #11

        I would if I had a digital camera, but I do not. I'd be happy to describe it to you further.I just reloaded my camera with 24 pics so it may be a while till I get a picture posted, maybe I can draw one, and post the sketch. I'll give it a go. Susan

        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #12

          Please try describing it further for me Susan. What I am picturing is a piece of moulding, shaped kinda like the scrabble tile holder, with a padded center groove for the needles? Am I anywhere close? Cathy

          1. Susan -homedecsewing | | #13

            I answered instead of the other Susan who described her needle holder, lol mine was the bobbin holder.

          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #14

            Me thinks Susans are like Cathys. Just yell the name out in a crowd and see how many heads turn. lol CathyI pictured your bobbin holder just great thank you. It is a terrific idea for a bobbin "Lazy Susan" ( Sorry, just couldn't help myself). I Have a small thread holder that takes up too much space that your invention is going to replace.

            Edited 7/25/2008 10:13 am ET by ThreadKoe

      2. User avater
        artfulenterprises | | #15

        Hi ThreadKoe,

        Sorry it took so long to reply....had to take pictures of the Needle Easel!  Excuse the work in progress there in my studio....a bit messy....oh well. :o)

        If I'd known I'd love this little handy so much I'd have made it more glam!

        If you like, you can check out some of the ribbon embroidery the Needle Easel assisted me with at this address:  http://www.myspace.com/greatfitplus

        Best to you,

        The other Susan!

        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #16

          OH WOW!!!! Perfect! Just what I need. Only question is, how does the board in the middle stand Up? Is it glued, screwed from the bottom? Or does the moulding just prop it up? Cathy

          1. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #19

            Perfectly ok....I'm wowed by the Needle Easel too!  :o)

            There is a groove in the molding which holds the board upright but I believe it is also glued in place.


          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #21

            Hahaha, I was speechless over your embroidery on your site, my friend, although your NeedleEasle is pretty amazing also. If your posted age is correct, then I think you are pretty amazing also. ;) Cathy

          3. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #23

            As for my posted age....well I'm not THAT amazing! But maybe middlin' close! :o) (The phony age is sort of a MySpace convention for privacy,etc.) Here's a recent candid snapshot...you can gauge for yourself! LOLPS I was wearing my "World's Greatest Bathrobe", which hopefully, will be my first published pattern. The road to entrepreneurship is often long and muddy!

          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #25

            I hope you use that one for your profile picture! What a great smile! Hope you get your patterns published soon, as a plus size person, I'm always looking for something fashionable and sexy to wear. Big people wanna have fun too! Cathy

          5. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #28

            Thanks Cathy....I took your advice! I'm working mightily at publishing....the hardest part is learning the AutoCad software that will make it possible! But I'm persevering and hope to publish garment designs that are always missing from the choices for plus sizes. I also favor designs that are easily embellished if you have the desire to improvise, or will stand alone with a delicious fabric. I'll be sure to let you know when I have something wonderful to offer!

          6. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #29

            Wonderful, I'm sure we all will be among the first to know! (I hope) Cathy

          7. Cherrypops | | #26

            I think you are lovely person, seeing such a happy face in your pic, thanks for linking it to your profile. What wonderful work you have displayed on your myspace page. I agree with the age for privacy. I had 99 down and was asked if it was my real age, I said yes, and wasn't bothered by them again.. My pic is on my profile also. I look great for 99!..all that 'stay out of the sun' etc from my mum paid off.

            keep up the great work, and i'll pop over to myspace once in a while too.


          8. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #27

            Thank you Cherrypops...you are very sweet to say so. I've seen your posts many times and it is always nice to "meet" (in a "virtual" sort of way!) the interesting women of the Threads discussion group. Do you have your work posted on MySpace as well? I find very few women there who are actually seamstresses...mostly would be models, lots of talented crafters, but so far, no dressmakers. Though I must admit, I don't "work" the site as assiduously as I perhaps should since I'm far too busy with pattern making! My best to you,

          9. Cherrypops | | #30

            Susan, I do have a myspace page, just starting, I have sent you an add friend request. Most of my work and friends ( some sew ) are on Facebook.com. I will add more to myspace in time, but for now having you on there helps me locate you and your work easier.


        2. User avater
          JunkQueen | | #17

          Your ribbon embroidery is exquisite. And I might add, the bridal gowns and other garments aren't so shabby, either. Thank you for sharing.Love the easel, by the way. I rigged up a piece of cardboard to put needles threaded with various colors of embroidery floss while to keep them handy while working on a project recently. I'm thinking I'll make needle easel to replace it. I'm already looking for a cork/wood coaster at the thrift stores so I can make the bobbin caddy. I love all these creative ideas.

          1. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #20

            Thanks for your praise and kind words.  I'm pleased you enjoyed my work!

             Best to you...


        3. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #18

          My apology for being rude earlier Susan, your ribbon work is pretty amazing. Actually, that is all I can say for now as I am absolutely speechless. I was so focused on the stand, I had tunnel vision. Sorry. Looks like you have a pretty great sewing room too. Cathy

          Edited 7/25/2008 2:30 pm ET by ThreadKoe

        4. sewelegant | | #22

          This is very interesting indeed.  Me thinks you have mastered the art of ribbon embroidery!  And I am just a little jealous because I dabbled in it and found my creativeness lacking so went back to more familiar pursuits.  I still admire the ribbon embroidery though and you have given me the urge to try again.

          Your easel is very useful and imaginative and does your name of artfulenterprises justice.  Thanks for sharing

          Edited 7/26/2008 3:28 pm by sewelegant

          1. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #24

            You're welcome! I'm glad you are encouraged to try ribbon embroidery again...they are such luscious temptations these days. The ribbons made me do it! Simply couldn't resist.

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