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Conversational Threads

New Member

user-197424 | Posted in Gather For A Chat on

Hi. My name is Kathleen.  I am a new member to the gathering.  I love to sew, and I love to buy fabric, and I can’t get enough of buying fabrics.  Any other fabriholics out there? Love to meet you. 


  1. MaryinColorado | | #1

    Hi!  Welcome to the forum!  I think you will enjoy all the great information and friendly "chatter".  I am also a fabriholic, and also a threadaholic!  There are so many types and colors and blends.  Mary

    1. user-197424 | | #2

      Hi Mary and thanks for the welcome.  I am limited to the amount of fabrics stores in my area.  We have several JoAnn stores and a store called Cutting Room Fabrics which have large varieties of fabric such as wools, wool gab, wool crepe, bridal, etc.  When I go to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, I go crazy at Vogue fabrics.  I would really like to visit the fabric stores in New York.  I wish I knew of a trip to New York in which I could go.  I just started buying Gutterman thread by the request of a friend.  They say Coats and Clark is not as good as it used to be.  What other threads do you use and suggest.  I do a little of machine embroidery too.

      1. MaryinColorado | | #3

        I prefer Guitterman and Mettler polyester  for sewing. For heirloom I use cotton.  For embroidery, there are so many great ones out there.  My all time favorite is still Sulky 40wt. Rayon for most machine embroidery, I try many others also.  Different threads for different projects.  I am not crazy about polyester embroidery threads though.  I really like the blended threads and varigated threads for embroidery too. 

        Right now I am doing art type techniques so am using lots of different thread weights and products in the sewing machine, embroidery machine, and serger.  Also learned free motion embroidery and threadpainting this year. 

         YLI Perle Crown Rayon, Silk ribbon, and Glamour are lots of fun for bobbinwork like Bonnie Lynn McCaffery does.  You might want to check out her website at bonniemccaffery.com.  She explains how to do DigiBobbi which is upside down embroidery with larger decorative threads in the bobbin.  It is great fun!  These threads are also fun to couch under the decorative stitches and in the serger loopers.

        What do you enjoy working on at the moment?  Mary



        1. user-197424 | | #4

          I love fashion sewing.  I love the different fabrics types and creating outfit.  I have an embroidery machine/sewing machine that I love.  I have done some embroidery on it, but I would like to do more.  Viking came out with a tool that does free motion which connects directly to the machine along with stitch regulating.  I would like to take some more embroidery classes to learn how to apply embroidery to the clothes that I make.  When I do embroider, I use Robison-Anton thread and I have also used medeira thread.  I have Coats and Clark that I bought from a sewing expo and it looks okay on fabric when I embroider.

          1. MaryinColorado | | #5

            Hi!  I have the Viking D1 and the Rose embroidery machines, although dear grand daughter calls Rose hers.  She is twelve and keeps it at my house until she is much older.    I love to do free motion work on both machines.  I use the clear free motion foot.  Thanks for telling me about the new foot with stitch regulator, I will definitely go try it out as soon as it is in stock.  Haven't been in to the dealer's lately, it is so hard to control myself and my spending in there. 

            Since DH built my tables, I bought a clear plexiglass frame that fits around the D1 to create a flat surface for larger items.  I really love it.  Mary

          2. fabricholic | | #6

            Dear Mary,

            I know I have talked to you before.  I was Trans Am Lady.  I had to set up a new account and they wouldn't let me use that sign on, for some reason.  Anyway, the reason I am writing is there was a post about a great internet source for thread and I have lost it.  Do you happen to know what it is?  Maybe you were the one that posted it.  I want a great decorate thread to serge around some flannel for baby blankets.  Do you have any suggestions?


          3. MaryinColorado | | #7

            Hi!  I thought you seemed familair right away.  It is too bad that you couldn't use Trans Am lady again.  Love that name and car!

            My favorite thread for serging the edge of baby blankets is YLI Success Serging Yarn.  It comes on a spool that looks just like thier Perle Crown Rayon.  It is acrylic and very very soft.  I think I ordered this from nancys notions.com 

            I don't remember the online websites that you mentioned.  Did you try searching the archives?  nancy's notions, YLI, Sulky, and most of the thread and sewing machine companies sell thread packages, but you probably know that already.  Sorry, I couldn't help more.   Mary

          4. MaryinColorado | | #8

            Someone suggested threadsandmore.com on the embroidery machine thread.  I don't know anything about them though.

          5. fabricholic | | #9

            That's the website. I looked it up and that is the one I wanted. It has all kinds of thread, serger and all.Thank you.

          6. ctirish | | #25

            Hi, I am new to the forums..I was looking for some motivation to get going this morning. I saw the posts on the threadsandmore web site - that is a sponsored site - what that means is anyone who pays a fee for advertising can have their 'e-store' listed.  If you are looking for good thread at good prices - I would do a search and then compare prices - don't forget to check shipping - sometimes that adds a great deal to the price and you don't realize it. As for the what to use on a baby blanket - I have used everything from Wooly Nylon to sulky rayon. If this is for a new born or infant I would go with YLI's Success Serging Yarn  - it comes in several colors and is soft to the touch.  It is used in a serger - I believe in the  loopers. I haven't used it in a while.  Be careful to pull your threads through and tie them rather than using "fray check."  Fray Check and other like it can dry to what feels like a hard piece of plastic in the blanket(learned this one the hard way - when the baby cried.) Pearl Crown Rayon is noce for older babies and children - the colors are vivid. I use the primary colors variegated for the edge of blankets.  Well, Good luck - if you just do a search on 'sewing thread' you will get well over 5  million sites.

          7. fabricholic | | #28

            I had trouble when I was about to purchase some of the wooly nylon on line.  I asked for help at that site and never heard from them.  I guess they are just too big to be bothered.  There wasn't the chose of colors that I had hoped.  I ended up buying some Maxi-Lock Swirls at the local Hancock's.  I noticed the Fray Check turns into plastic.  I think there is another product that is softer, but I can't remember the name of it.  Do you use rayon in the serger? 




          8. ctirish | | #32

            I use rayon in the serger,  it looks wonderful when used in the loopers. It can get expensive, using it in the loopers.  What type of problem did you have on a site about Wooly Nylon.  I have so much thread collected - rayon, polyester, cotton, silk; it is amazing the many different types of thread out there.   Nancy's Notions is a great site if you need help with anything they sell.  I wrote an email a couple of weeks ago about a rolling cart that was shown on their website that said it wasn't available. They called me on the phone the next morning to help me with my request.  Is there a question I can help you anwer?

          9. fabricholic | | #35

            I tried to put in my order to threadsandmore, but it wasn't going through. It said if you need help, type it in here. I did that, but never heard back from them. I am looking for some lavender colored wooly nylon.Marcy

          10. ctirish | | #38

            Hi, I did some research and found a few sites that carry all of the colors Wooly Nylon comes in as well as Woolly Nylon Extra. The Wooly Nylon Extra is thicker and they recommend it for better coverage when doing blanket edges or any edge you want to cover completely. The sites are: http://www.beaconfabric.com  $4.90 each ; http://www.threadart.com  $2.99 each ; http://www.sews.com $5.30 each.  Those prices are for the original Wooly Nylon.  I did not check shipping costs. I was on one site where the shipping was a standard $8.95 - that is crazy.  One of the sites has color cards you can print - they said the colors are closer to the thread if you print the car. Evidently it is difficult to get a screen image to match the thread colors. Good Luck  

          11. ctirish | | #39

            Hi, did you check out any of the thread websites?  Unless Jo-Anns has a 50% off sale on thread I find buying it in a store to be very expensive.  I try to buy a range of colors every time it is on sale.  Have you gone to any of the ASG meetings? I am curious to see if they are different from the ones here? 

            Happy Sewing, jane

          12. fabricholic | | #41

            I bought some thread at Threadart.com.  It came USPS.  I got 2 lavender wooly nylon, 1 holographic thread, 2  2mm silk ribbon, and 1  4 mm silk ribbon.  Can't you use silk ribbon in the loopers?  I bought the ribbon to play.  I can't find my receipt right now, but I believe it was reasonable.  When I find it, I will let you know.


          13. ctirish | | #42

            I'm glad you found a good place to buy thread.

            I have never used ribbon in the loopers but would love to hear from someone you has used ribbon in a serger for anything. 

          14. MaryinColorado | | #43

            I tried silk ribbon in the bobbin for bobbinwork and couching with invisible thread in the needles, it was okay but prefer glamour and other things, Perle Crown Rayon is my favorite.

            I also love Perle Crown Rayon in the loopers, it has lovely results.  Have not put the silk ribbon in the loopers yet as it doesn't go very far.  I think it would be neat to try it with the chain stitch used on top of a garment for decorative work.  You would actually put the right side  of the garment facing the feed dogs so the looper thread (ribbon) would show on the right side. 

            I have done flatlocking on the serger also for decorative work using YLI polyester invisible thread or Sulky Rayon in a contrasting or matching color depending on the look you want, then run the ribbon under the flatlocking with a bodkin. 

            You could also use one of the beading feet on the serger and run the ribbon through the channel instead of beads. 

            The silk ribbon is fun to work with and flexible, I initially tried using polyester ribbon to get the stitch right to save money.  It was stiff and didn't work in the loopers well.

            Hope you will let us know what kind of results you are getting with this.  I look forward to hearing how it works out. 

            Thanks for the inspiration!  Guess I'll have to pull some of that cool silk ribbon out of my stash and try it again.  My arthritis has been bothering me too much to sew but this will be fun to do in the mean time.  Mary


          15. fabricholic | | #44

            Hi Mary,I thought we had lost you. Long time without hearing from you. This silk ribbon is on a spool. I am just now learning how to thread the new serger. If I don't thread it in order, it doesn't work, I have found out. I can't embroider right now. If you look at my post in embroider, you will find out why. I had some black corduroy that I am making my grand daughter pants with and wanted to put a little embroidered animal on the pant leg. Oh well, maybe some day I can embroider.Marcy

          16. MaryinColorado | | #45

            Hi!  Yes, I haven't been here for awhile.  Trying to get some work done around the house since my daughter and three grandkids moved out.  I had monovision contacts and am new to unlined bifocals so had a hard time reading the computer screen at first.  It is quite an adjustment in both cases.

            You got the 936 didn't you?  If you look at where the last few looper threads are going, you will be able to rethread without rethreading the entire machine.  It took me a few tries to get it right, but it works.  Also, did they show you how to switch threads without rethreading?  These techniques are real timesavers when you like to change the looper threads alot like I do.

            I will order some of that silk thread on a spool this time so I don't have to put it on a bobbin.  Is that from threadart.com?

            Those black cords will be cute with embroidery.  Sorry to hear about the problems with the new emb. machine.  Can't they just give you a new one in exchange?  Did you get the software?  They gave me a loaner machine just like mine when mine was in the shop so that is another suggestion.

            Nice to hear from you.  Mary

          17. fabricholic | | #46

            Hi Mary,
            Yes, I have the 936. Do you mean, I need to study the way the loopers are threaded before I un-thread it? The only way I know how to change thread is to tie the new thread on to the old thread. This worked better on my old machine. I haven't sat down with the dealer on the serger, yet.
            I did buy the silk ribbon on a spool at threadart. I got some wooly nylon there, also. I'm going to put it on some flannel that I double to make baby blankets with and I serge around the edges.
            They did give me a loner and one problem I was having was that the bobbin thread was showing on the top of the embroidery. I am using my own memory stick and this is still happening with the loaner and loaner embroidery unit. Marcy

          18. fabricholic | | #47

            Oh, by the way, Mary. I have mono vision with my contacts, also. I am having a hard time seeing my paperwork and I have heard that after a while, some people can't use the mono vision anymore. Tell me about the no line bi focal lenses.

          19. MaryinColorado | | #49

            It took a few weeks to get used to the unlined bifocals with the computer and sewing.  I loved them right away for driving, it was a whole new world in a way.  I could see landscape details so much more clearly.  I  wore the monovision for so long that I didn't realise what I was missing.  Things like the details on leaves and branches of trees are much sharper with the glasses than contacts.  I am very happy with them.

            They told me to wear them constantly and not use contacts for at least a month.  I was pretty scared and really did not expect them to work for me.  What a pleasant surprise!  I can't believe I am saying this but I might not bother with contacts again.

            Why is it harder to tie on the new threads with the new serger?  Did you put the tensions at zero when you pull them through?  I find it easier to do them one at a time, otherwise I forget to reset the tensions and make a mess.

            Those baby blankets sound darling!  Why don't you just watch the serger video and jump right in?  You should love it, I promise.  Wish you lived closeby, we could have a serger marathon!  Mary

          20. fabricholic | | #51

            Hi Mary,I thought you meant that you have the bifocal contacts. I have the progressive glasses that I wear when I get home from work, but I can actually see better close up without them.I tie the new thread to the old and just run the serger. I didn't know that you are supposed to turn tension to zero and pull them through. That is really cool! I have watched the threading video. I tried it first by myself, because watching the video didn't make much sense. After I fooled with it, I went back and watched the video. It made more sense then. I also thought the colored coded dots were lavender and purple. I didn't realize the one was blue. I have serged with it and I love it. I got some swirls serger thread for a blanket that had some turquoise in it. It turned out good. Oh, I would love to have a sewing buddy. E-mail is the next best thing. If I run out of things to serge, I get my pitiful looking towels and serge the edges of them.

          21. ctirish | | #52

            Marcy, Not to interrupt your conversation but if you run out of items to serge you should check out  http://www.maldenmillsstore.com.  I drove up there last week and the quality of their fleece is just wonderful.  I have not had any of it for a few years and had started buying different brands at the the local Fabric Place or JoAnns.  Now I don't want to sew with any of the old fleece.  Malden Mills makes the Polartec fabrics that are used in a lot of high quality jackets and pullovers. Their prints are so clear and their isn't any fuzz that comes off when you are touching it.  I  know Lands End and LLBean both use it. I bought the cutest lightweight yellow fleece with outlines of dogs and bones on it. I want to make some sleepers for the grandkids out of it. And I bought this fleece, navy with white  snowflakes on it, I can't wait to use that for a pullover or a jacket.  I bought so much material I can't believe it. Lots of work to do.

            I just got new contacts because I couldn't see anything distance or closeup.  I had the mono vision setup - I only wore one contact because one eye was actually what I needed for closeup viewing. This time I wasn't so lucky, I am on my second set of trial contacts trying to preserve my mono vision. I got to the point where I could not tell the difference between my contacts in or out.  My last contacts I could wear for 30 days without changing them - I loved those - it was so nice to wake up and be able to read the clock and the TV.  These  new contacts I have to change every 3 weeks, but I now have 20/20 vision for the first time since 5th grade. For some reason my stigmatism has gotten worse - I didn't know they could get worse, I thought that was one of the benefits of contacts, but it allowed him correct my sight to normal. I still wear some generic reading glasses on and off when I am sewing, doing machine embroidery and reading maps.  It just helps to see the little things.  With having a one yr old around - I get crazy when I can't find a pin or those little plastic connectors they use to put the price on clothes.  I can never find the other piece, even when I am careful.

            I want to try and do some ribbon decorations on some garments but I am scared to do it. I keep putting off working on my projects when I need to do something new.  Well, I need to get up at 5 am and it is now 12:55 am  so I better at least get some sleep before my little one shows up in the morning.  I hope she is in a better mood than today, she was so clinging today. Take care jane



          22. fabricholic | | #53

            Hi Jane,I have a 16 month old grand daughter. I'm making her corduroy pants with embroidered animals on the pant leg. I finally got an answer about why I am getting bobbin thread on top of the design. I wasn't loading bobbin, correctly. I am a visual person, so I just looked at the pictures. When Husqvarna told me that I wasn't getting bobbin clicked into tension, I went home and read how to load it and, sure enough, it does click in a little slot. I did a sheep on a test cord. and it came out beautifully. Now I am siked. Thank you for telling me about the website. Doesn't fleece do well being serged or overlocked? It's so pretty.
            I know what you mean about putting off a new project. My husband wants another wrap and because his old one has elastic, just in the back, I have been hesitating on it. Isn't that silly?
            Do you sleep with your contacts in at night? I don't. I had a opthamologist say that it was bad for your eyes to get that dry. I am using mono vision because I need bi focals and the contacts were too expensive. I have heard that they are cheaper now. I hope your contacts work for you.
            About the sleepers, do you sew sacks or pajamas with feet in them? My GD slept in the fleece sacks all last winter. This time, my daughter found some pajamas with feet at the Babies R Us store. She kicks off the covers. If you have pictures of the sleepers, I sure would like to see them. Have a good weekend.

            Edited 10/13/2006 11:21 am ET by fabricholic

          23. ctirish | | #54

            Hi,  I should be sewing little pants for my granddaughter, your sound adorable, I just ordered Nancy Zieman's safari CD to get some cute animals.  I have the Martha Pullen CD named  "Boy oh Boy" and the animals and vehicles are cute, but they are definitely for boys. I am hoping the ones from Nancy Zieman are  better for girls.  What embroideries are you using for the corduroys.  I don't have any pictures of the sleepers. Today I took a 6 hour embrodiery class - where we embroidred jeans.  You could do some that you were making prior to cutting out or some premade ones with the inner leg seams taken out.  I forgot the cords to my machine, the card to write the designs to use in my machine. We had such a time trying to figure out work arounds. Where I took this class is not where I bought my machine, so they did not have extras or demos I could use. We found a cord that would workbut we could not get a card to work in the machine. It was interesting to say the least.

            The teacher was Jennifer Stern who does beautiful work.  If you click on this link you can see one of the outfits she made for the International Quilt Festival / Houston. She won one year, the next year she was the Judge's Choice and this year I hear her outfit is different from what she has done in the past and stunning.  It takes her months to make an outfit.  http://www.berninausa.com/events/bfs2004/fashion04/stern.html .

            Take a peek and let me know what you think. I have no idea why this changed fonts.



          24. fabricholic | | #55

            Hi Jane,

            I got the designs from Hatched In Africa.  I love their designs.  I bought heirloom Christmas, also. 

            You had a six hour embroidery class?  You must have learned oodles of new techniques.  I looked at Jennifer Stern's work.  Are you sure that didn't take years, instead of months?  It is gorgeous.  That is one serious outfit.   Is it applique, also?  I wish I could take some classes.  I can't get caught up with mundane work at home to do anything, it seems.  I am having a baby shower for my niece next month and I have been picking out invitations, cups, plates, napkins, table cloths and some flowers for outside of my house.  Now I have to get busy cleaning.  I am not the best house keeper.  I have so many magazines that I will have to hide and then there is my messy sewing room.  Well, I will probably just close the door to that.  My sewing machine is calling my name.  I need some time off of work.  I am taking three days in Nov. and a week in Dec.  I can't wait!  Have a good day and thanks for writing me.


          25. MaryinColorado | | #48

            That is so unacceptable!  I don't know if it is a tension problem or what!  Are you using the fine bobbin thread?  Both machines have the same problem?  Maybe it is a stabilizer problem.

             I don't know how heavy the corduroy is, but I think I would use a heavyweight black cutaway stabilizer with it.  If this will be too harsh close to the skin you could add  a soft tearaway under the hoop.  I would also use a water soluble stabilizer on top of the cord because of the nap.

            Hope this helps! Mary

          26. fabricholic | | #50

            Hi Mary,No, I think it is not the machine or embroidery unit causing this particular problem. She got it to embroider beautifully on the demo unit. I think it has something to do with the memory stick or how the design loaded onto the memory stick. Does anyone know about this? I have e mailed Husqvarna Viking, but have not heard back.Marcy

          27. AmberE | | #40

            Hi, and welcome from the Threads staff. I am the editor of the magazine and am thrilled to have you as a new member of Gatherings. I agree the sewing can be a solitary sport, and that's what's so wonderful about Gatherings. Looking forward to hearing more from you.Best,
            Amber Eden

      2. From my Stash.... | | #37

        Re your wish for a fabric buying trip to New York. Peggy Sager of Silhouettes Patterns feels the same way as you do. If you go to her website, you will not only see pictures of last fall's trip to New York, but also the sign-up for this year's trip. I haven't looked at it since early summer so I don't remember the dates this fall  so it may be past or full, but basically you get yourself to New York and then the group meets and visits various fabric sources over the weekend.

        Have fun looking at the pictures and dreaming about it.


  2. Anny | | #10

    Hallo and yes I'm also a fabric-holic. Here in the Netherlands there are less and less places where you can buy good fabric. Not many people are making their own clothes. They don't teach it anymore at schools.

    I have a group of friends and every 5 weeks we meet at my house and we discussed the things we've made - do the fitting.

    Bye Anny


    1. user-197424 | | #11

      I have never had any sewing friends.  I was the only person among my friends that did any sewing.  I have met people at the two fabric stores I frequent that sew and when I go we sit around and talk about sewing machines and the projects we are making and going to make.  We get ideas from various magazines such as Vogue, W, Elle, and our newest venture, the Speigel catalog.  We look at the new fabrics coming in and imagine what we can make, and make it.  I wish I could sit around with some friends and sew.  It would be fun.

      1. TJSEWS | | #12

        Where do you live?

        If you live in the United States, I would recommend looking at the American Sewing Guild website, http://www.asg.org.  Click on the tab "Chapter Info" to see if there is a local chapter near you. 

        If you don't live in the US, perhaps other posters have some recommendations....

        1. user-197424 | | #15

          Thanks.  There is a group somewhere in my neighborhood and one on the west side of the city, in which I was told the one on the west side of the city is better and gets involved in more things.  I wonder if I joined the one on my side of town and if I did not like it, could I join the one on the west side?  I have meaning to joing the American Sewing Guild.  They usually are advertised at the sewing expo. 


          1. TJSEWS | | #16

            I think ASG is very accommodating.  You could visit each group once before deciding which one to join...

            As for me, I started out in one group that was physically closer to where I live but I then called the ASG main office and requested that they switch me to one that was farther away but took less time for me to get to.  (The first one is very close to New York City and the traffic was just too much.)  It was not a problem.

            I recommend joining.  There's nothing like spending time with people who share your interests. 

          2. user-197424 | | #18

            That is a good idea to visit the individual groups first.  I did not know you could do that.  Thanks for that bit of information.  I will call this week to get more info.  I love sewing and everything about it and sitting around people who love it too would be wonderful.  Thanks.


      2. Anny | | #13

        Hallo ms beau,

        Nice to have an answer.

        Two years ago I went to the fabric store and hang an announcement where in I asked for interessed ladies (who already can make their own clothes] to come together at my place. The group started with 4 and now we are with 7 but we feel free to come or not.

        We fit the new sewed clothes, discussed about every thing, we admired the things that we have made and the new books we had orderd. And our gadget [most from Nancy's notions] becouse it is hard to find things in our newbourhood.

        I sometimes work for a wholesaler in fournituren {threads, buttons, needles and so on} and I tell him that I order things quicker in de US than order it from one of his stores.


        1. user-197424 | | #14

          Hello.  That is nice to have people come to your house to sew.  That is a good idea.  You must have a pretty large area to have 7 people.  How many sewing machines do you have?  Or does everyone bring their own?  I love new gadgets.  I get a lot of good ideas from the girls at the fabric stores.


          1. Anny | | #17


            The area where I live in is in the centre of small Netherlands (Europe) I think that in te 5 small villages together lives: 10 max 25.000 people.

            The others bring their own sewing machine with them. I have a Bernina 153 and a Huskylock serger.


          2. user-197424 | | #19

            That seems like fun.  I would not mind getting something like that together.  A friend of mine had thought about a lock in for a weekend and sew all weekend long.  Just bring our projects and just sew away.


          3. ctirish | | #26

            Hi, Our ASG chapter is having a  weekend by the shore where you can take a class or two or just walk the beach and talk with other sewers...

            The ASG has "neighborhood groups'  they are groups of sewers like us that get together usually once a month to do a project, or see a presentation - every group is different except they need to do 1 or 2 projects a year for charity.  If you don't have a neighborhood group near you - you can always start one.  It does not have to be an elaborate group - just friends getting together to meet and sew. 


            now, I really have to go sew - if anyone is on here this early - I need motivation to sew - I need the outfit for tomorrow if it is cool enough.  I have been sewing since I was a child (on and off) and I still panic when I have to make something for me to wear out to an event.



          4. LindaFaye | | #27

            I use to have a sewing friend a long, long time ago.  We would get together on the weekends and have "a great sewing frenzy"!  That was such great fun!  I've long since lost touch with this friend and for a long time lost touch with sewing.  I am really trying to get back into it now and a sewing friend would be the greatest thing.

            I've been thinking about joining the local American Sewing Guild that I've found out meets in the next city one Saturday of the month, but I don't know much about it.  I've got to do some research on the Guild to see if it's something I'd really benefit from.

            Linda Faye

          5. user-197424 | | #29

            I just inquired about ASG just this past week.  One of the group officials emailed me back and told me about a meeting just next week on Tuesday.  She said I could sit in it.  I am going to go to see what it is all about.  I will tell you about it when I get back from it.

          6. LindaFaye | | #30

            Ms. Beau:  I would really appreciate it if you would let me know what you find out after attending the meeting.  I really need something or some one to inspire me in my sewing quest.  I just don't want to join something that is expensive and then it really not be what I need to learn new things.  I'll look forward to hearing from you.  LindaFaye

          7. user-197424 | | #31

            I will let you know.  I am looking for something interesting and inspiring.  I don't want to be bored out of my wits.  The group needs to be challenging and interesting just like the Threads groups. 

          8. ctirish | | #33

            For those wanting to attend a ASG meeting - depending on where you live there may be one meeting close by or 2 or 3 within a 30-60 minute drive from your area.  I would try a couple before I joined any particular group. You are not required to join a neighborhood group when you join, they tell you where the closest one is so you may attend. I am not thrilled with some of the aspects of my group, but I haven't been an active participant on a regular basis.  A group is only as good as its members, so try to help on some activities and it will be more fun and you will meet more people. 

            On another thought - I went nuts when I decided to sew again and took so many classes one year my mind was exploding from the new information. I also ended up with a lot of unfinished items because they tend to demonstrate and help you with the new technique in class and then you finish it on your own.  The stores  also offer days and evenings of open sewing so you can finish all of your UFO's (unfinished objects/projects).  I am hoping to finish the Christmas ones before this years hoildays.

            Has anyone made the Fabric boxes or the 3D lace Ornaments that I have seen advertised?


            Edited 9/25/2006 10:06 pm ET by ctirish

          9. ctirish | | #34


            Stores in your area and on the Web usually give a discount to anyone who belongs to the American  Sewing Guild. When you join they send you a card for your purse and a couple of mini cards for other places like the PC or telephone.  

      3. thehat | | #36

        just reading your note  I am volved in two quilt clubs and I sew garments and the one group is 15 ladies from my husband`s side of the family and we get togather once a month and bring a dish to pass and laugh a lot and we have made a quilt for every special event and put are hart in it  and we have a show and tell about what we are working on then about then we deceide what block to work on next and who`s place  we have been doing this for 6years this time it is at my place .

  3. photomom | | #20

    Hi, ms beau,

    And I thought I was the only one who has three, yes three closets full of fabric hanging on hangers; and, two, just two, 55 gallon storage tubs. Plus some fabric I haven't put away yet.  I love fabric. I love to touch it, feel it run through my fingers, stand in the aisle, like an idiot, and imagine all the different things I could do with it.  I collect fabric; and I collect patterns.  And at some time down the road a pattern (or more) will meet a piece of fabric (or more), then, voila, an original design happens.  Don't feel bad, I have fabric hanging in the closet that is more than twenty years old.  And, yes,  it is doing just fine hanging there, waiting for just the right pattern to evolve. So, you just keep on collecting.


    1. lovestosew | | #21

      Hi photomom,
      Well, it's very nice to "meet" someone else who loves fabric as much as I do. I too have fabric from 20 years ago and, yes, it's all waiting for the right pattern/inspiration. People even give me pieces that they've had in their closets for a long time. Handling fabric is so much fun - one can daydream about what it could be or just enjoy the feel....
      P.S. Whenever my husband makes a "witty" comment about my ever-increasing stash, I tell him that the fabric is just taking a rest.

      1. user-197424 | | #23

        It is nice to meet you also.  My son keeps asking me, "When are going to use up what you have?".  I tell him that I will, but I can't help myself.  Fabric is so beautiful and when I imagine what I will do with it, I just have to have it.  He won't go to the fabric store with me, unless I am going to run in to get a pattern, zipper, or thread, and then I have to beg him.  It is hilarious.  But he understands.  He asks me when I will start my sewing business, and I tell him I will soon.  I also have many sewing machines, and he tells his friends they are sitting all over the place. He loves to tell people when I wear my outfits I make.  When I get compliments on a skirt, or dress, he quickly says, "She made it!".  He is so proud.

        1. lovestosew | | #24

          Hi there,
          Your son sounds like a wonderful guy - isn't it great that he is so proud of you & your creative talents? I must confess that whenever my husband says "that's pretty" (about something I've made) it's an automatic mood enhancer. I do like to hear feedback and when it's sweet it's so much the better. Sometimes I do get the reaction of "aaaaak, that's bright!" - well, one just has to have a few colorful things. I, too, have several machines and I use them all for various things. I've never found one that can do it all... But, that doesn't keep me from drooling over the top of the line models.
          Good luck with your sewing business!

    2. user-197424 | | #22

      Oh thank God.  I am not the only one.  I just bought 2 116qt tubs because the cardboard boxes are too small.  I bought a 5-shelf cabinet and that still is not enough.  I don't have any closet space to hang any fabric but that is a good idea.  Just when I think I have all of the fabric I could want, something else comes in and I am the big idiot who has to have it.  If I leave it behind someone will buy it and I will miss out.  I am at my two fabrics stores at least twice a week. I told the sales people to put me out, but they will not.  I must say though, they have inspired me to sew more, and get great ideas too.

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