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Conversational Threads

New Members please say Hello

Cherrypops | Posted in Gather For A Chat on

Hi all,

Would all the newest members for 2007, please say a quick hello here.

Tell us what interests you and share a little about yourself.

Please fill in your profile too. It helps us help you. Location is always a good start, so other members don’t send you on shopping trips overseas unless it’s online shopping, which i am looking into!

CherryPops ( Australia)



  1. jojo45 | | #1

    Hi cherrypops,I have received many welcomes from the gang.what a fun group.I am a

    Intermediate sewer and have found many of the tips very helpful.I am a RN in the

    recovery room and I sew and alter  clothing as a side job.

    1. Cherrypops | | #2

      Hi there JOJO,

      Thanks for replying, and mentioning you have added comments to this forum.

      I will use the advanced search engine to find you and your information.

      Hope to see you soon. Glad you are enjoing this site.


    2. fabricholic | | #6

      Hi Jo Jo,My sweet mother was a RN in the recovery ward at University Hospital in Birmingham, AL. She passed away last May. She was very good at what she did. Welcome to this website. Marcy

  2. ineedaserger329 | | #3

    Hi Cherrypops!!!

    I am a new member and just stumbled on you posting. I have been a busy little bee on this site and have already made postings and such. I am in Pennsylvania and am in the intermediate sewing group, if i had to choose one. I am actually trying to work on my skills and hope to start a small dressmaking Business in the next year or so.... I am always interested in getting advice from other sewers as I am young and I am finding that many skills come with time and experience... But I am learning

    1. Cherrypops | | #10


      I have read a few of your postings and responded. I like to see the 'busy little bees'. I hope you do very well with your sewing projects.


  3. colleendg | | #4

    I am new to this message board and wanted to say hello.  basically, I'm a quilter but also do home dec and some VERY limited clothes.  we live in bucks county PA, are retired and travel often and love it!!  i try to buy fabric wherever we go (as any sewing does).  thnaks for making me feel welcome


    1. ineedaserger329 | | #5

      Welcome!!! I didn't think I would meet anyone from my area within the first day of being on here! I'm located nearby in Chester County, PA! Good luck on here, everyone is so nice and very helpful, I just wanted to say hello.

    2. Cherrypops | | #11

      How wonderful to meet you. You will have so much fun here. I joined late last year and have been welcomed and have made lots of new friends.

      Please read through the Quilting and Home Decor Discussions. Feel free to add your comments, it may just be what someone needs advice about.

      You never know who is around the corner.

      CherryPops (australia)

  4. jacksgranna | | #7

    Hi,  I am new too.  Jumped on just yesterday while trying to decide on a new machine.  This is a great site!  I haven't really sewn a lot.  Used to work full-time at the University here, but now I am working only part-time just helping out when they need it. I have realized that I am definitely in my "creative time of life."  Therefore, wanted a newer than 40-year old machine!  They are so exciting now! 

     I have made  curtains, some lined drapes (which are difficult for me), dust ruffles, pillows, but am having fun now making decorative things for children's rooms where I can be totally creative and fun.  Used to sew clothes when my daughters were young, now I'm sticking to aprons only!  Looking forward to doing some embroidery on my new machine.  I am in Ft. Collins, CO.  Thanks to all for the great discussions.  I have a lot to learn! and this site will be a big help in that process for me. 

    1. Cherrypops | | #12

      Welcome jacksgranna,

      so glad you found us all. i have made new friends and gain so much knowledge about sewing and I know you will as well.

      do you have a favourite apron pattern. what fabrics and trimmings do you use?

      children's projects are fun, i have made quite a few things for my son (5) and his friends. keeps me from going crazy when i am stumped on a dress pattern for myself.

      i too am excited about machine embroidery. been too busy at the moment. still deciding on a machine.

      enjoy your time here.



      1. jacksgranna | | #33

        Sorry I'm replying so late. I don't look at my email too often sometimes! I'm just wanting to make some aprons for my daughter (who wears one everytime she cooks, which is probably everyday!) and her friends who will all be gathering to run or walk the Title9 race in Boulder on Mother's Day. I thought it would be a fun project. I love to make things to give away! My Mom used to make aprons and she had a slip over cross-over variety she liked. I found the pattern the other day - Simplicity for $2.00! I just bind it with tape probably, unless I get brave! I also enjoy making the big letters for children's room (their names) and decorating them. I make them often - for my daughter's friends or when someone has a new baby. I used to make them plain, but now have fun with them. I use a different fabric for each so that's fun to combine the fabrics. Gotta go now, my lunch break is over and I have an appt.!!! Thanks.

        1. Cherrypops | | #42

          thanks for sharing with us.

          would love to hear more from you.


    2. MaryinColorado | | #27

      Hi and welcome!  I am west of Denver and go to Greeley/Ft. Collins area often as my son and dil live there!  They are new to sewing, any suggestions on fabric shops up there besides the big chains?  Mary

      1. jacksgranna | | #32

        Hi, One you may not know about is Sew What. It's on east Mulberry. As you're heading towards the interstate it's on your right, shortly before the big Ft. Collins Nursery. There's a big carwash for trucks in front of that area. She has very pretty home dec fabrics. There's also another one further down on E. Mulberry, some kind of a discount fabric store I think, it's crammed with stuff! I've only been in there once, but I remember lots of fringe, etc. It would be worth a stop too. I haven't gotten to sew on my new machine yet, my daughter and grand baby were visiting for a few days, and now I'm at work. Hopefully soon. Thanks for responding!

    3. ctirish | | #62

      Hi, I wanted to say hi, especially to someone from CO. I lived in Boulder for six months back in 83-84. I had some great and not great times there. I helped out in my daughters sewing class and they were light years ahead of the rest of the country on kids sewing. I am in CT now and back here we were still doing a skirt and a top for sewing. In Boulder, both girls and boys had to take sewing, and they had a choice of wallets, tote bags, slippers and a vest. I had fun doing it, they were great kids.
      I think about CO all the time. Are you a native? Welcome to Gatherings, enjoy and don't be afraid to ask any question? As we used to say at work, there are no dumb questions, only dumb mistakes. jane

      1. jacksgranna | | #67

        Hi Jane,  No I'm not a native.  There's a joke in CO that there are no natives!!!  I've lived here for 22 years however! that's a long time!  Been a long time since I thought about that.  I guess I'm getting old!  I grew up in Louisiana in a small town near Lake Charles, moved to Lander, WY for 10 years, then to Ft. Collins to finish college at the University and been here ever since.  I love CO! and don't think I'll ever leave the state.  Of course my two daughters are here and I don't think they'll ever leave either.  They are both in the Denver area. 

        The Boulder sewing class sounds great - it is a very progressive city, you know?! I'd love to live there too, but fairly expensive!  My Mom always used to talk about how she loved going to CT where her sister lived for years.  I was there once, for a conference and a friend and I rented a car and did some sight seeing.  I don't even remember exactly where we were, it was probably some 10 years ago.  I do remember going to Mystic though! We had seen that movie and just had to go to Mystic Pizza and eat!  I do remember it was a beautiful area too. 

        Thanks for the welcome!  I'm sure I'll be asking some crazy question about something soon!  Sue

        1. ctirish | | #69

          Sue, Never a problem to ask questions...ever. Bring them on.... it keeps the brain chugging along.

          When I lived in Boulder they had al these bumper stickers that said " Native"; it was sort of funny, you would watch people try to buy one and the people at the small stores  would question them about all these events you should know about if you were a native.  We were there only 6 months courtesy of a large employer in Boulder. 

          1. MaryinColorado | | #70

            I am a "transplant", my hubby is  "seminative" my son and grandchildren are "natives", I guess my daughter would be "adopted native".  We would have to plaster the entire car with bumper stickers!  I moved to Boulder in 1970, then went back and forth to Virginia a few times and traveled around the states a few years before settling down here.  Now I am ready to travel again and maybe move to a warmer climate or at least near a big lake or ocean.

          2. Cherrypops | | #71

            Hi Mary, You are more than welcome to stay with me! CherryPops

          3. MaryinColorado | | #72

            Oh!  Wouldn't that be fun?!!!  I love the beach!  The water!  The sun!  Oooooooooo, I'll have very sweet dreams tonight!  Of course, we would have to include a little fabric shopping and sewing on our holiday!  Mary

          4. Cherrypops | | #73

            Better get in quick My fabric store is closing in June! We would love it together. CherryPops

    4. craftyjudy01 | | #125

      Have you gotten a new machine yet?  I, too, am looking - think it's a toss-up between the Brother Innovis and the Babylock Ellegante.  What's your choice??

  5. Crazy K | | #8

    Hi all,

    I stumbled upon this just a couple of days ago.  What fun!  I live in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota......a retired grandmother of 22.  I have been sewing since I was a child and am mostly self-taught.  I am 'barely' an intermediate sewer.  I do mostly easy to make and easy to wear clothing for myself and others.  When not sewing for family or doing machine embroidery (that's such fun!) I try to to do sewing for the homeless in our area.......fleece hats, scarved, hooded scarves, etc.


    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #9

      Hey all I just wanted to Say a wonderful Welcome to all you who have just found us here at gatherings!! I have enjoyed all the wonderful thoughts and ideas and the atta girls!!I can't wait to see more of you all around here!!Blondie

    2. Cherrypops | | #16

      Welcome, thank you for sharing.


  6. Fanshawe | | #13

    Hi, I've been lurking for a couple of months now...I really enjoy the "vibe" at this board, everyone seems knowledgable but friendly! I've been sewing for close to 10 years I suppose...I tend to go in phases and not sew for a time, then get back into it again. Lately, though, I have been really trying to keep on track, and increase my skill level. I'm fairly quiet, mostly lurk, but enjoy everyone's conversations!

    Edited 3/22/2007 3:39 pm ET by Fanshawe

    1. Cherrypops | | #14

      Hi and Welcome,

      Yes this is one of the better discussion groups. We should all get together and write a book about sewing. :)

      Don't stay too quiet, we will wonder where you are.


  7. Crazy K | | #15

    I have a question........does anyone else procrastinate when a project is special and you're afraid it won't go well?  I'm having that trouble and I hate myself for it!  I promised to make a valance for dgs and his theme is castle/dragons that kind of thing.  I found some really cute and scary dragon designs to embroider and I also found some beautiful crepe-back satin in a color that looks like metal.....pewter, maybe.  I have charcoal to trim the valance.  I am so dragging my feet with the embroidery.  I need to do it as we're planning a trip to see this family in a few weeks and I want to take the valance along.....completed!  The biggest crazy of this is that I only had to purchase one yard of the fabric and it wouldn't break the bank if I have to scrap it and start over............so WHAT is my problem????

    Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this??

    1. Cherrypops | | #17

      Thank you for your question CrazyK.

      This discussion is really for those who want to say a quick hello (thank you for doin so) and inform us on what they sew, quilt, knit, embroider and the like.

      I would suggest that you Please begin a new post within Gather For A Chat and title it appropriately. And Add this question there.

      In doing so I feel you will get more responses.



      Edited 3/22/2007 9:20 pm by Cherrypops

    2. fabricholic | | #18

      The best thing for you to do is get your machine set up and get the fabric hooped and just start. I drag my feet all the time and this is the only thing that gets me in the mood to sew is to start doing it.
      It sounds like it will look nice. Hope you post pictures.Marcy

      1. Crazy K | | #19

        I know you're right............seems that I just have to been in the mood.....and of course, not too tired.  Hoping this weekend brings some undivided, quality sewing time..............

        1. fabricholic | | #20

          Amen to that. I want to get something accomplished.Marcy

    3. Teaf5 | | #28

      Sounds a lot like performance anxiety, and it hit me bad when I needed to cut into my wedding dress fabric thirty years ago.  The fabric cost a fortune per yard, and I was terrified of making a mistake.  Of course, because I was nervous, the likelihood of making such a mistake was far greater! Almost any activity is more successful if you can find a way to relax while doing it.

      To take some pressure off yourself, think about this:  If the child you are making this for likes dragons, he's probably not very particular about the details, which aren't going to show from way up on a valance anyway.  It's also very likely he has already forgotten that you promised to make it, or he has changed his mind and is interested in robots now.  Consider your audience as someone with whom you are sharing rather than someone you have to please with perfection, and the whole project will be a joy rather than anxiety for you.

      Home decor is not an irreversible commitment, and most people don't fixate on it once they get used to seeing it in their homes.  The person who puts up the wallpaper will forever see the mistake he/she made, but no one else ever will--even if it's pointed out.  If you can't find a way to make the project enjoyable to yourself, then maybe it would be better to abandon it and go buy some cool wall stickies for the child instead.

      1. Crazy K | | #29

        Thank you Teaf5.......you are absolutely correct!  I have plunged forward now....started this a.m........and have two of the four designs embroidered.  The first one has a boo-boo but like you said......it isn't visible at a distance so I'm not losing sleep over it.  The second one stitched out beautifully and I didn't goof either! 

        I hope PJ is still liking dragons.  His Daddy made his bed in the shape of a castle with bed platform on top and a play area below.  It's precious......even painted to look like stone/block.....castle-y.  PJ is six so I'm not sure how long this dragon thing will last but the valance should last much longer........I'm certain of that!  Mom can either pass it on or just get rid of it when PJ is no longer interested.

        I'm getting excited because in about 3 weeks we're packing our car and heading south (Texas) to visit this family while Dad is home on leave.  Now I just hope I can get the rest of the valance to work.  After the designs are done I'll have to make the valance but I've made them before and its just straight so that should be o.k.

        Thanks again for your kind words of encouragement.


        1. MaryinColorado | | #31

          I think it is so cool that his room will reflect all that love and talent in your family!  You are blessed to get to see his face when he receives the valances.  How fun!  And warm....Texas....I am jealouse as it is damp and rainy here lately, although good for the growing things and critters, I would love to feel the warm sun bake these ole bones!  Have a safe and happy trip!  Mary

    4. craftyjudy01 | | #124

      Sounds like a great project you have in mind and you definitely are not alone in your procrastinating!!!!  I am into machine embroidery and scared to death every time I try something new - afraid the thread will break or screw up the design - so I think about it a whole lot and sometimes, actually get around to doing the project.  I have a Brother PE150 and want the new Brother Innovis 4000 or the Babylock Ellegante - can''t quite make up my mind-  I hear they're made by the same company and they definitely are alike in so many ways.. But I want the continuous hoop and can't find anywhere that tells me it is available for the Babylock.  Had it demonstrated at the Brother dealer so I assume the same hoop should fit.  I know there are built-in continuous hoop stitches on the Babylock buyt the dealer didn't tell me there was a special hoop available for it.  I'm still debating - it's a big decision -- it will be my last machine, I'm sure.

  8. dressed2atee | | #21

    Hello everyone, I'm Tee from Baltimore.  I love to sew!   I'm an ASG member and my specialities are proms, weddings, gowns, etc.  I am branching out in to the embroidery world.  I just bought a Pfaff 2124 and love it! 

    I'm in the middle of planning a weekend sewing retreat...never done it or been to one before.  Ideas or advice are welcome


    Happy sewing!!!

    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #22

      Welcome Dressed to the Tee!!I am excited to have you about here!! We will always welcome more knowledge of your specialities!! Thanks checkin inBlondie

    2. Cherrypops | | #23

      Welcome dressed2atee,

      I would love to read more about your specialities, as I know others would to. you will enjoy embroidery. a lot of members over the past few months have written so much good hints tip and general information.

      When you get time please post photos, we love ooohing and aaahing!

      I wish you well with your Retreat. Let me know how it goes, and hope others can share advice or guidelines.

      CherryPops (australia)

    3. fabricholic | | #24

      Hello Tee,I am glad you have joined us. Have you already gotten a retreat in mind, or just in the planning stages?Marcy

      1. dressed2atee | | #25

        Hello there, I have tons of ideas and have found a couple of retreat houses in MD.  I am waiting to hear if the dates I had in mind are available. 

        I am in the process of contacting suppliers for "freebies" to use as door prizes.

        1. fabricholic | | #26

          So you are in charge of whole retreat?

          1. dressed2atee | | #30

            Looks like it :)  I plan events all the time so no biggie.  I have found lots of ideas and suggestions from other members.

  9. mo12mo | | #34

    Hi, my name is Mo.  I just signed up today.  I live in Portland, OR.  Hope there are more subscribers here in Portland.  I retired last June and have been so happy to have more time for sewing.  I mostly do tote bags and garment construction, but I'm thinking about giving quilting a try.  Got some paper piecing patterns at the Puallup Expo...figured it might be an easy way to get started.

    I've been a Threads subscriber for years and I'm looking forward to reading the discussion boards. 


    1. Cherrypops | | #41

      Welcome Mo,

      I am an hour north of Sydney Australia. On the east coast. Love my beaches!

      Thanks for saying hi to us all. Look forward to reading comments from you too.


  10. User avater
    TwilaTee | | #35

    I'm new! I've been coming to this board for a couple months and love it! You ladies are amazing! Thanks for all the atta girls and help.
    I live in Las Vegas, I'm 32, mother of 2 boys, I have been sewing for as long as I can remember. I sew pretty much EVERYDAY. (I know that caps are for shouting.... :) but that's a lot of sewing) *giggle* I have a little business from home making home dec... One day when the boys are big I'll try and get some jobs doing theatre work, costumes and the like. But for now I'm just really enjoying staying at home and playing on the computer! lol

    -I tell everyone I meet about this forum! You guys are really wonderful.
    I have no sisters, none of my close friends sew, my mother sews but is very inconsistent about it, you ladies are really my only outlet for idea bouncing. (husbands don't count!) So thanks for being really good to me. :) -Twila

    1. Cherrypops | | #40

      We Love having you here too !

      I understand what you meant by 'husband's don't count'! ;)


      1. MaryinColorado | | #45

        oooooooooooh! That is a loaded comment!  Some of those husbands sew too ya know...."not just for us girls!" 

        You sassy thing you!

        1. Cherrypops | | #47


          I know husbands can sew. I have one!

          He sewed the curtains in my son's bedroom and taught me how to!

          He also has a look at my machine if it goes strange on me (to save $$$).

          His mother taught him very well indeed. (he cooks and cleans and does the washing too).

          CherryPops :)

          1. MaryinColorado | | #48

            We are so blessed!  Sometimes I have to admit I take my hubby for granted, but then again, I don't want him to get a big head!  ha ha  I love to steal his tools for my sewing room, it drives him crazy now that the kids are gone he thinks he should be able to find his tools!  Not a chance.  His wooden drywall thingamajig is about 5' tall and has a crossbar like a level.  It is lightweight wood and is the best thing ever for measuring fabric and getting those edges straight!

            I also "stole" his flytieing lamp, it has a great big magnifying glass and can adjust alot for both hand and machine work.  ha ha

          2. Cherrypops | | #51

            Sharing is fun..I was shown how to fix car engines many years ago. I spent a lot of time with the guys and their cars growing up.

            Now hubby and I complement each other. It's great.


          3. MaryinColorado | | #53

            We are going to get scolded for getting off topic.  Naughty naughty

          4. Cherrypops | | #54

            Yeah Probably!

            And it was my topic too!

            Ok back to welcoming new members, sorry everyone.


          5. MaryinColorado | | #49

            He sounds very talented and his Momma did a great job teaching him!  Mary

          6. Cherrypops | | #50

            Thank you . She did it tough. A lot frowned upon her for raising her son 'like a girl'. This was in the 1960's. Now he is an electrical engineer. studied hard. and works hard at his job now. He is a great dad too.


          7. MaryinColorado | | #52

            Can't say enough about raising well rounded, open minded children!  They are more artisticly and creatively inclined too!  Also more appreciative and know how to share both the work and the fun.

            My hubby came by it naturally, his family didn't really approve of men doing "womens work".   Thank God he is such a great guy!

        2. Cherrypops | | #55

          My husband wrote a suggestion for a member on another thread. she is trying it out.

          1. MaryinColorado | | #56

            cool beans!!! 

          2. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #64

            "cool beans!!!"Too funny...can I interject here....You Mary are the second person I know of that says that!! You made me smileNow on with the welcoming...I love to see all the new names here!! Great ideas with great minds!!Welcome to all thus far and I am assuming I will say that again soon to more!!

          3. User avater
            TwilaTee | | #57

            That other "member" was me!! Ha Ha! your completely right! I was only kidding about husbands opinions not counting! Of course they count a lot. I was only trying to say, that I value the forums input, and that it means a lot to me, because you all understand the abilities and limitations of our medium. (That sounded really smart.... I'm proud of that statement LOL) My husband is very talented in many different things, he just doesn't know beans about sewing. :) Thats why I chat with you lot, you keep me interested and brighten my day!
            *big hugs!* -Twila

          4. Cherrypops | | #61

            I know you were kidding :)



  11. User avater
    rubyminky | | #36


    I'm new to Threads and the forums, though I know my mum posts here! She recently gave me the first issue of Sew Stylish. I have been sewing for years - thanks to Mum - but since leaving home I think I've stayed at the same level. I can figure out how to copy things but I don't always do it very skilfully!! All my fault as I'm usually anxious to finish and wear it.

    Looking forward to lurking for some good tips...


    1. Cherrypops | | #39

      Thanks for popping in. I look forward to reading your comments on all things crafty. CherryPops

  12. foxygrannie | | #37

    Good evening Cherrypops,

    I found this site through a link from an arts and crafts television web site.   I am so very glad it followed the link!

    I am from Kansas City, MO, the heart of America.  I am an advanced beginner.  I have made clothes for my daughters.  I have recently started sewing again after nearly 20+ year hiatus.  Did not realize how much I really missed it until I designed and made a saddle bag for my wheelchair.

    I have already posted a question to the forum.  I was very pleased with the responses that I received. They were very helpful.

    Thanks for the welcome.  I am happy to be a part of the community.

    1. Cherrypops | | #38

      Thank you Foxygrannie. I am happy you found us. Enjoy! CherryPops

      Edited 3/26/2007 11:11 pm by Cherrypops

  13. DENNIS123 | | #43

    HI TO ALL.







    1. Cherrypops | | #44

      Welcome and Thank you for joining the discussions. A pleasant and friendly reminder: Please refrain from typing in all Capitals. It is considered Shouting!

      There is a thread titled "text in all capitals" if you care to read it.

      I look forward to reading more comments from you. (written in small character letters)


    2. MaryinColorado | | #46

      I think people take your skills more seriously when you value your work enough to charge for all the care and expertise you supply.  You are one of a kind and deserve to be fairly reimbursed for what you put into it.  Now raise those prices and see what developes!

      My husband used to help all the neighbors for free, they took full advantage of him and all his knowledge and skills day or night.  It took time and energy that could have been spent with his own family.  The sad thing is they really didn't appreciate the value of his giving heart.   They also spent a fortune on "professionals" without blinking an eye at any cost for other things.  We now enjoy helping others but on a much more limited basis. 

      1. DENNIS123 | | #58

        You're right. Especially when someone brings somebodys re-do's (whick i hate to do), then they don't mind paying for sure.

        Yah, your husband can make a good living helping people like that.

        Thanks for reply

  14. HR | | #59

    Hi All

    I have taught all my working life and written in the sewing field  (for Australian Stitches) in the last 15 years, especially techinical articles. I have retired in the last 2 years. Dressmaking, patchwork, knitting and recently machine embroidery (for clothing mainly) are my 'specialties' and taught pattern alteration and fit as well as tailoring and dressmaking. They all blur together to do anyting well. I miss sharing  ideas and sometimes need a  bit of motivation. I have just discovered this site and now will possibly sew less and read more! I enjoy helping others with their sewing and fit problems and can always learn from others who may have more current knowledge than me.



    1. Cherrypops | | #60

      Welcome HR, glad you found us. You will have a fantastic time getting to know us. We do have fun. We also get sidetracked sometimes and talk of our 'non-sewing' sides. Most of these are in 'gather for a chat' and as you have seen above these comments do end up throught other discussions. It's just our way!

      Enjoy reading and please share your knowledge with us.

      CherryPops (australia)


    2. MaryinColorado | | #63

      Welcome to our little chathouse!  I look forward to your input.  You have enjoyed a creative career many of us would love to experience!  I am a retired nurse and have been sewing most of my life.  I prefer creating unique garments but rarely sew for myself the past several years due to fitting issues, which I detest!  Mary

  15. kalypsew | | #65

    Hello all,


    My name is Kate and I have sewn since I was ten....so 41 years now.  That's scary.  Anyway, you'd think I'd be pretty good by now....I'm okay....could be better.  I love threads and just about every other sewing mag....love fashion sewing mostly....home dec....a little quilting...no embroidery. 

    I teach English.  So, with summer coming...I hope to put my sewing skills to use and make some fabulous outfits. 

    or I'll just watch my margaret islander dvd's.


    1. MaryinColorado | | #66

      Hi!  Welcome!  Hope you enjoy our chats!  There is always something new to learn or improve for all of us.  Mary

    2. Cherrypops | | #68

      Hello Kate,

      Thanks for sharing a little about yourself and your love of sewing. you will learn new ideas and I would love for you to add postitive comments.

      I feel you will do a lot more reading than posting to begin with, but don't be shy, add comment. supporting our fellow sewers is what this forum is all about.

      don't be afraid to ask questions either there is a wealth of knowledge throughout this site.

      CherryPops (northern beaches, sydney australia)

  16. Ruthmarie | | #74

    Hi CherryPops,

    I had been trying to find this site, and stumbled on it in an email message.  I sew professionally and belong to PACC and ASG.  I also do a little quilting, beginner, and started my business in 1985.  I have mostly retired from sewing "just anything"  that comes along, and concentrate on tailoring for a business client.  Also do some alterations.  Looking forward to the discussions.  Ruth in Milwaukie, Oregon

    1. MaryinColorado | | #75

      Welcome Ruth!  We can certainly use your knowledge on clothing construction and tailoring!  I look forward to your posts!  Mary

    2. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #76

      Welcome Ruth!!Yes I second what MaryinColorado posted!! We are so excited you have found us!! We will welcome all your expertise in garment construction as you may have already seen there are alot of posts concerning everything!! I live on your side of the country...WA

    3. Cherrypops | | #88

      Hello and Welceme Ruth!

      Wonderful to have you here. I would love to hear more from you about your sewing experiences.

      A question has been raised regarding ASG:

      http://forums.taunton.com/tp-gatherings/messages?msg=6580.1 Would be so kind as to add your thoughts to this discussion.


  17. cropnstitch | | #77

    Hi, I have been posting on other discussions, thought I would stop here and introduce myself.  I have noticed that there are other Coloradoans here, and I am one, also.  I am a native:)  I have been sewing since jr. high, but not for pure pleasure until about 10 years ago.  I love making things for my home and for others in their homes. 

    I would like to add a sad sigh that my Hancocks is closing.  Not fun!  Have a great day. 


    1. Cherrypops | | #78

      Hello and welcome Trish - cropnstitch,

      Glad to see you are getting around on the discussions. Thank you for sharing a little of yourself. You will make a lot of new friends.

      Yes, it is a shame Hancock's is closing. A lot has be talked of on that subject throughout the forum.

      As an Australian, I have not visited the US nor Hancocks. I know how you feel, my large fabric store is closing soon. Yes there are others but i will need to travel further.

      Enjoy reading and adding comments throughout the discussions. I learn something new each time i sign in.

      Anna-maree - cherrypops (Northern Beaches Sydney Australia)



    2. MaryinColorado | | #81

      Hi and welcome, fellow Coloradan!  Hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do.  I am hoping that some of the Hancocks will stay open.  Have you tried http://www.Equilter.com?  They are located in Boulder, I have been very pleased with thier products and customer service.  I am a tactile person though and love to touch the fabrics before chosing.

      I would love to have a favorite local retailer to buy fashion fabrics from, like Rayons, cottons, cotton knits, and silks.  Do you know of any between Ft. Collins and Colorado Springs?  It would be worth the drive I think. 

      Glad to have you with us!  Mary

      1. cropnstitch | | #85

        I am very tactile like you.  I don't see the point of ordering fabric unless it is a standard like drapery lining or something like that.  I like the new JoAnn's at Centerra.  They have a great deal of home dec. fabric.  Have you tried the stores on Mulberry--Sew What and Mill Outlet?  Mill Outlet is my favorite.  They tend to have a larger variety, not just home dec.  and they have a bigger store in Colo. Springs that they can order from.  Also, for quilting, the Fig Leaf and the Quilter's Garden are supposed to be good.  I don't quilt.  Sorry.  Tried it once and just didn't see the point.  I had a great neighbor friend that quilted like no tomorrow and then she moved back to Montana.

        I am glad to know there is someone here who loves to sew.  I get weird looks when I get my big smile on my face about sewing.  I get an acceptable nod when I add the scrapbooking part into the conversation.  Fabric, paper, I love it all!


        1. MaryinColorado | | #86

          Thanks, I will check them out!  Mary

        2. MaryinColorado | | #89

          My son and daughter in law live near Greeley so we are planning a shopping day to check them out.  She said she has driven past them so I am looking forward to it.  We always go out to eat and make a day of it.   I am west of Denver.  Where are you located?   I want to join ASG and hope they can help me with fitting issues. 

          I like your "callname" Mary

  18. pghreader | | #79

    Hi, I just learned about this forum today, because a friend and I were discussing our sewing projects.  It looks like a great group!

    I'm in Pittsburgh, PA.  When I'm feeling perfectionistic, I'd say I'm a beginner sewer, when I'm not such a perfectionist, more of an intermediate.  I just do it so sporadically that I forget a lot in between.

    I just got back from a trip to Bogota, Colombia, where I went a little crazy in a fabric store full of inexpensive knits, so I'm gearing up to make some new clothes. 

    Also, I'm a librarian, and I get to buy the craft books for the public library here.  I'd love to hear about other people's favorite sewing books!


    1. Cherrypops | | #80


      Thanks for joining. You are right this is a great group.

      Wonderful to have a librarian with us. A few members have written about their favourite sewing books here:

      http://forums.taunton.com/tp-gatherings/messages?msg=6513.1 Please read and add your valuable comments.

      Have a look through the Photo Gallery. many gorgeous items have been created and shared by us all. In time I hope to see some of your work also.

      have lots of fun getting to know us

      regards, CherryPops


    2. MaryinColorado | | #82

      Hi and welcome!  The more the merrier!  We all have something to share here and are happy to have you join our little discussion group.  Wow!  Columbia must have been a fascinating place to be!  How wonderful!  What do you think you will make first?  Mary

    3. MaryinColorado | | #83

      Two of my favorites are: Secrets to Successful Sewing and Serger Secrets, and of course, Threads magazine! 

  19. cannee | | #84

    Hi from Canee here.  I have sewn since before high school, but really learned to appreciate it in high school home ec.  They don't teach it like they used to!  I've made my own clothes through the years, but not recently, did some of my children's clothes, made curtains, did lots of mending, tried quilting.  I think that small projects are more in my line, now.  Just don't have the time or patience to finish big projects even though I am retired (where does the time go???).  I am really interested in creative sewing (embellishing, picture quilts - small, of course, and just creating with fabric).  I'm an artist at heart.  Hope to learn lots from all of you.  I'm from SC, 5 adult kids, two grands, wonderful hubby, love to travel, garden, walk, take pictures.  Cannee

    1. Cherrypops | | #87

      Hello Cannee,

      Welcome to this fun and very knowledgable forum.

      you are not alone in creative sewing, have a browse around the discussion topics.

      members who are also into 'creative' work might want to pop in and say hi to you too.


  20. krichmond | | #90

    Hi Cherrypops:

    Just signed up although  I have visited the Gatherings site frequently in the past before an account was required for access.  I am currently a stay-at-home mom and sewing has been my main hobby since I was a teenager.  Before I had children, I worked for about 3 years at a tailoring shop and learned a lot about fitting garments - although I did not usually  perform the stitching part of alterations (I did determine the fit problem, pin corrections, disassemble and mark seams for re-stitching).  For the past few years, much of my sewing has consisted of repairs to and lengthening of my child's wardrobe (an active boy with a loud and marked preference for sweatpants and t-shirts).  I have found a bit of time here and there to make a few items for myself (mostly dresses for special occasions).  I love reading Threads and other sewing magazines for ideas and techniques to inspire me.  I also have an embarassingly huge stockpile of fabric (quite a bit of it from the year I worked full-time at a fabric store) and currently restrict myself from purchasing more unless I intend to sew something from it right away.  Or it's too beautiful to pass up.  Or it's a really, really good deal.  You get the idea......

    1. Cherrypops | | #91

      Hi Krichmond. Yes I do understand you! You will fit right in here. Hope to see more of you. I too am a very happy stay at home mum to my 5yr old son. I have just begun alteration work for his school. Have sewed for many years, mainly for myself and family.

      Hope you are enjoying your Easter Weekend.

      CherryPops (raining today, northern beaches sydney australia)

    2. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #92

      Welcome to this wonderful world of gatherings!!I can't wait to hear more from you...Don't be shy to pipe in!!

  21. emme | | #93

    Hi CherryPops.  I'm not a new member,but I wanted to say hello and thank you for your help on some of my past discussions. You always seem to be there, just like a friend around the corner. Thanks to the internet our world is getting smaller all the time.  I'm from New Jersey and have interests in home dec, clothing and most recently  quilting.   My children are grown and out of he house but always seem to need window treatments of alterations. I live in central NJ and I am always looking for fabric stores other than the usual chains.   Good to chat with you and thanks again for your help in the past and I'm sure in the future.

    1. Cherrypops | | #107

      Hello emme,

      sorry for the delay in responding.

      how thoughtful and very kind of you to write those words. it was lovely to read them.

      Thank you for thanking me, i greatly appreciate it.


      1. proegge | | #110

        HI to everyone!  I just joined a few minutes ago too.  I have posted my first question and am hoping it comes up soon so I know I did it right! 

        I have been sewing since I was little, and do mostly home dec and garments.  As I said in my question, I am currently interested in couture and would love to find someone out there to correspond with about it.

        This looks like a really great site!


        1. Cherrypops | | #111

          Hello and Welcome proegge,

          This is such a fun filled fantastic forum, you will enjoy yourself. We share, laugh and cry together. I have made many new friends and learnt so many new things.

          Your couture question has shown up, well done! Be patient, I am sure other members will help you soon. I have recently purchased Claire Shaeffers Couture Sewing Techniques, through Taunton, waiting patiently for its arrival. Unfortunately I cannot offer experience with this yet. 

          Have a great time looking around here.




          Edited 4/13/2007 6:57 pm by Cherrypops

  22. Jenster | | #94

    Hi, my name is Jennifer and I'm new here-- I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and I just started sewing back in November of 2006. It stared out as a "gee, I've always wanted to sew so maybe I will buy a cheap machine and try it" kind of thing.. now, several classes, machines, and a serger later, I think maybe I qualify as "obsessed." :)

    I look forward to exploring the forum and learning from those here who have much more experience than me.

    1. MaryinColorado | | #95

      Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of sewing and this forum!!!  Wow!  You progressed much quicker than most of us.  You must be a natural!  I also am obsessive about it.  It is great that you have all the right equipment, it really makes it alot more enjoyable!  My sewing room is overflowing, fabric storage is all over the house of course.  When I decided to cut down on fabric, I ended up with a small dresser full of threads as that became my new "got to have it" as I experimented with different techniques. 

      I have a sewing machine, two sewing/embroidery machines, a serger, a steam genereator, etc.  Now I don't think I could live without them.  We want to downsize to a smaller home so I will have to really edit the sewing paraphanalia.  Mary

    2. Cherrypops | | #96

      Welcome Jennifer,

      You will certainly gain experience here. MaryinColarado is just one of our many friendly and talented ladies who will help you out, no matter what questions you may have. No question asked is seen as silly.

      As you read through the discussions I hope you are able to share some of your thoughts.

      I too am obssessed! Too many postings here on the forum, too many patterns, too much fabric, I own 2 machines, now need an embroidery only machine. Not enough time in the day!

      Enjoy your time reading and getting to know us.

      CherryPops (sydney Australia)



    3. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #99

      Welcome Jennifer,Obsessed is Great!! But I use the term "Passionate" Well that is truly a fancy way of saying Obsessed!!As you will see around here we all have got bitten by the Sewing Obsessed Bug....

  23. User avater
    VKStitcher | | #97

    Hi Cherrypops & everyone,

    I've been mostly lurking here for a while, dropping in occasionally when I have spare time at work (don't tell my boss!)  I enjoy reading and learning from everyone's posts.  I guess now is a good time for me to come out and introduce myself!

    I live near Raleigh, NC (USA) out in the country on the farm where I grew up.  My parents live across the road, and my sister lives in the house where my Dad grew up.  My husband & I built our house 2 years ago, after living in Raleigh for many years.  It's quiet and peaceful out there, and it's nice to be near family.  Hubby is from upstate NY and loves living in the South, and he is dearly loved by my family!  We have 2 cats (no kids), and we both love to cook (and eat!).  We've started planting our garden, so we'll have lots of fresh veggies this summer!

    My Mom taught me to sew when I was about 6.  I started out making Barbie clothes from scraps that were left over from dresses Mom made for my sister and me.  That was many moons ago, and since then I've made lots of things--clothes, quilts, purses, doll clothes, comforters, slipcovers, and drapes.  I love my Janome machines (MC 4800 and 300e), and I'm a member of the Raleigh chapter of ASG.

    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #100

      Welcome VikkiThanks for coming out to us!! It is much more enjoyable when you show up and not just lurk...ha ha haI am excited to here of your wonderful days sewing Barbie Clothes..I have my two daughters sewing..and that brings wonderful joy to hear when you say you love it...so we will see...I have a 10 year old and a 5 year old...I live on the other side of the country..WASo pop out more often!! I know we would love to see your work in the gallery and gleam from your knowledge as well

      1. User avater
        VKStitcher | | #102

        Thanks for the warm welcome, Blondie!

        I still remember the first Barbie outfit that I made.  I cut two holes in a rectangle of blue fabric, put Barbie's arms through the holes, wrapped it across her chest and sewed on a snap to make a top.  Mom showed me how to cut the skirt and make a casing for the elastic.  Voila--a new outfit for Barbie!  That was well over 40 years ago!!  The last Barbie dress I made was for a friend's daughter--a black satin strapless sheath with a detachable tulle overskirt.  Quite an improvement, I think!  :-)

        I hope your daughters will continue sewing with you, too.  You'll enjoy working on projects together.  My Mom has started sewing again since she retired, and it's fun for me now to go fabric shopping with her, help her with her quilts, show her new patterns, and share my Threads magazines.  Now she even asks me for help.  :-)

        BTW, I've been to Seattle a couple of times, and have driven up to Vancouver, BC.  Washington is a beautiful state!

    2. Cherrypops | | #103

      Hi Vicki,

      Welcome. Wonderful to have another talented lady introduce themselves. I look forward to seeing more of you. I live in Australia so I am asleep when new posts are added. It's nice to wake up to a beautiful day and meet new people.


  24. smidgin | | #98


    I joined today. I love everything to do with sewing. My mother and grandmother both sewed and passed the knowledge and joy of sewing down to me. I started learning as a child making doll clothes and doll-size quilts. Than I progressed to stuffed animals and pillow tops, eventually, I started making rag dolls, animals and full-sized quilts. My mother also taught me to crochet, knit and embroidry. I have continued the tradition of making gifts for family and friends and also for selling for extra money.

    I look foreward to hearing from other "fellow" crafters.

    Love to all.

    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #101

      How exciting you have a wealth of creativity to share with all of us!!So don't be shy!!

    2. Cherrypops | | #104

      Hello smidgin,

      I love sewing too and was thrilled when I found this forum last year. My mother taught me how to do basic hand stitches, but i would rather be outside playing so I didn't make too many things. Now though, as a mum who has just started alterations for my son's school, uniforms etc. that knowledge has come in very handy.

      Unfortunately I never grasped knitting or crochet, and embroidery will be done on the machine. but i do like to do cross stitch.

      Enjoy your time reading and getting to know us. Look through the photo galleries for inspiration. a lot of time, effort and love has gone into these projects.

      I look forward to reading your comments throughout the forum.

      CherryPops (sydney australia)


  25. kellybird | | #105


    I just joined a few minutes ago. I'm an intermidiate sewer - learned many years ago in the 7th grade. I make REnasissance Faire costumes for family and friends & regular clothing for my daughters & myself (occasionally for the husbands too). I'm looking forward to learning from all of you. We live in Delaware, having moved here a little over two years ago from Texas.

    1. Cherrypops | | #106

      Hi Kelly,

      Great to have you with us!

      If you need advice on how to find your way around the forum, using the advanced search function, or if you need help on attaching files, please ask.

      We are all here to help you out.

      Take your time to sift through the many informative messages. Would love for you to be able to share more of your experiences.

      Have fun.


  26. SewFit | | #108

    Hi, Cherrypops,

    I've been a member for a few months....pop in and out when I find the time and occasionally add a comment.   I've been sewing for over 50 years....(I'm a very YOUNG 60) I taught myself to sew on a Montgomery Ward treadle machine given to me by my grandmother when I was 8.    I have 2 grown children and when they were small I made most of their clothes, coats included. (I'm waiting for grandchildren)   I had my own small custom and alterations  business for about 3 years in the late 80's.    I was state winner (Virginia) in the adult division of the Make-It Yourself with Wool contest in 1986 and I worked with the 4-H teaching children to sew for the contest in 86 and 87.  My background is in sales but I work as a pastor's administrative assistant at a church.  My husband passed away last year and since then I have resumed sewing regularly. It's so wonderful to get back to it.  I've purchased two new sewing machines and a serger in the last 2 years and I have a room in my apartment that is dedicated to sewing....I can close the door and leave the mess.   I sew clothing for myself and I do alterations for a few people.   In the  2 weeks before Easter I constructed about 20 costumes for our church Palm Sunday and Easter services.   I'm a native of Virginia but I have been in North Carolina for about 7 years.  

    Happy sewing!


    Edited 4/12/2007 8:02 pm ET by SewFit

  27. AmberE | | #109

    Hello to everyone new here from the editor. What a great post! I love hearing all these new voices!

  28. jgrue | | #112

    I had subscribed for years to threads and just happened on this website when I was trying to decide what to do with my back issues of Threads; that's how I discovered Gatherings. It's been fun.

    Reading all the different posts really motivated me to get back into sewing plus the interest from three of my granddaughters who wanted me to make dresses--and I even did a hat and sun dress for one this week. I wish I was one of the sewers that sews fast like my sister instead of trying to make each detail perfect. My daughter has started sewing and I am trying to just focus on the outcome--she sews fast and her kids love everything.

    We moved from IA about 7 yrs ago to CA and I gave away so much of my fabric stash but I have some good ones just waiting for me to get to work on them. Comments in Gatherings has also sent me to my pattern file and I've found some that I really would like to use again.


    1. foxygrannie | | #113

      Hello jgrue,

      I was just checking new members this morning and saw your name, the grue caught my eye. I am also a grue. Just curious, are we somehow related? The rue is unusual.  Just curious :0).

      Edited 4/14/2007 1:45 am ET by foxygrannie

    2. Cherrypops | | #114

      Wonderful to have you with us!

      Don't miss taking a peek at the Photo Gallery, Many great garments and projects will ensure motivation and inspiration.


  29. tmorris1 | | #115

    Hi everyone;

    I have posted a couple of answers to questions already, and thought that I should probably let you all know who I am, and what I do...

    I learned to sew from my great grandmother when I was 5 yrs old. I love using couture techniques (no zig zag or serger) and challenge myself to make every garment just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. I have a small, but very successful business making period costumes for film, and am starting to venture into some technical equipment (makeup totes, tripod bags, sandbags, etc) as well as doing wardrobe consultations for the wealthier women around town.

    I love to share my knowledge with others (probably why I am here,) so please feel free to ask questions. I design and make all of my own clothing - the only RTW I own is my socks!!!! lol

    I have posted a question regarding industrial machines, as I am doing research before buying my first one. I know, I cant believe that I don't have one by now either, but they scare me so much that I haven't even used one yet, so any info or feedback you guys may have would be great.

    Nice to meet you all, and I will try to keep it shorter next time

  30. User avater
    mrsbeast | | #116

    I am new to Gatherings this year and, after much hesitation, just recently made my first posting (about my "Paris coat"). I really appreciated the supportive responses and wondered why I was so nervous about joining the discussions. Thanks for the nudge.

    Sewing has been part of my life since I was about 12. When my girls were little (they are 24 and 21 now (how does it happen so fast?!) I sewed alot for them. The sweatsuit pattern for sizes T1-T4 really got a workout! Then I went thru an emotionally trying time for several years and felt my creativity was lost. The simple act of restoring a patchwork vest by hand not only drew me back to my sewing, but served as a metaphor for healing. Many years later I am exploring new techniques and ways of being creative as well as using my talent to help others when I can. Your postings tell me you agree we have a wonderful passion!

    By the way, my husband has a penchant for nicknames...Mrs. Beast is one of them. Rest assured he is a kind, loving man and not a Beast at all!

    1. Cherrypops | | #117

      Hi Mrs B,

      Give a nudge anytime!

      Yes it is a passion. Thanks for reading my posts. I love the support and friendships from afar too.

      Now that my son is in school I am able to spend more time in the sewing room. More alteration work is on the way. Word is spreading and I will be doing the Teacher's clothes!

      I have been asked to make two bean bags/cushions one boy one girl fabric from my 'class mum' for a raffle soon. Picture is here, http://forums.taunton.com/tp-gatherings/messages?msg=6298.3 .

      We do love our husbands, mine is mr fixit!


  31. user-258013 | | #118

    Hello. I'm new to this forum but have been an active participant at Cooks Talks for years. I'm in my mid-fifties, contemplating retirement, and have developed a sudden urge to sew again. I feel like Rip Van Winkle-so much has changed in the sewing world, I don't even know where to start! I'm hoping you can help inspire me and give me specific advice about how to get my sewing groove back.

    I live in the SF Bay Area and work as an advanced practice nurse. Mostly, I need things that are washable and look good under a lab coat. My favorite designer is Eileen Fisher-although most of her clothes are too delicate and expensive to wear to work- and I love my threadbare collection of CP Shades pants/ shirts. I'd be happy if I could duplicate them.

    I used to sew almost all my clothes, but haven't done more than the occasional alteration/ repair or home decorating project in about 15 or 20 years. I don't remember exactly why or when I stopped; IIRC, I was too busy at work and I needed so many suits it was just easier to buy them all from one designer and have everything mix & match.

    Back in the 1980s, I attended a lot of classes at The Sewing Workshop when Marcy Tilton owned it and Sandra Betzina taught fitting classes. Thanks to them, I knew how to alter any pattern to make it fit me perfectly. I even had a list of alterations to make to any pattern. That was a long time ago; my weight has changed and more than one body part has moved south. So, I've got to start from scratch there. Any advice? I subscribed to Threads, ordered some back issues of Threads that had fitting articles & purchased a few books. And I've been reading this forum.

    I once had a sewing room, but that was a few homes ago. I still have a place to sew, although it was not designed for that. I have discovered that presbyopia also applies to sewing! Who knew, last time I sewed much I had perfect vision, LOL. Yikes, I need a much stronger light and some sort of magnifying glass if I ever hope to sew after dark again. I see that the equipment choices I made many years ago-a Bernina 1130 and a White Superlock 534-are considerd classics. I'm taking my Bernina in for a reconditioning, but I never liked threading/ fussing with the tension on the White. I have avoided using it for 10 years; I'm not even sure it works anymore. I thought about buying a Babylock that automatically threads itself until I found out how much it costs. Since I liked my old White, I may just buy a new White 2900 w/ automatic tension adjustment for $300. Does that sound like a good idea?

    Shopping for patterns on the internet seems like such a great idea. But there are so many more choices now-all with a different fit-that I'm not sure where to begin. And wow, there's another thing that has gotten really expensive!

    Last but not least, about a month ago I went to my old favorite fabric store: Poppy Fabrics. They are right near my house and I pass them twice a day. They were always so convenient for thread and interfacing, etc. Now when I'm ready to need them again-they are closing after 30 years of business. So, I need a new fabric store as well. Once again, perhaps the internet will be useful, but where to start?

    I'd really appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks!

    1. GailAnn | | #119

      Good Morning Marie Louise:

      My daughter (at 30) is 14 months away from her Masters degree in Nursing.  I really admire anyone who has made it through that gruelling course of study.

      Sorry about your fabric store going out of business.  Mine too, Cy Rudnick's in Kansas City.

      Question:  How can home sewing flourish if seamstresses can't buy good fabrics?

      Back in the day..........Singer, Maytag, perhaps other Sewing Machine Stores offered finer fabrics, classes, and fashion shows.  They may have to step up and stand in the gap again, if they want to continue to sell machines.  Gail

    2. starzoe | | #120

      Welcome to the forum, I am a relative newcomer myself, and enjoy this forum immensely and although I have been sewing for over sixty years I love to pick up new techniques and ideas. You may be interested to know that the current issue of Threads has a long article on how to copy ready-to-wear pants.

    3. dionna | | #123

      welcome i know you are going to love it

      1. rodezzy | | #141

        Loved the picture - You Too Hot to Pop!  Great outfit.

    4. User avater
      VKStitcher | | #130

      Hi Marie Louise,

      Welcome to "Gatherings"!  You'll find lots of friendly folks, helpful information, inspiration, and encouragement here.

      I occasionally pop over to "Cooks Talk", but I'm mostly just a lurker.  Even though my husband used to manage a restaurant and we both love to cook, I'm a little too intimidated to add to the conversation of the great chefs over there!  :-)

      As for getting back into sewing, all I can say is just jump right in.  It sounds like you have everything you need to start--equipment, knowledge, skills, and desire--you just need a project!

      I recently finished a t-shirt (see post 7130.62) that was easy to make and comfortable to wear, and may be similar to the Eileen Fisher styles that you like.  Check out the "The Perfect T-Shirt" pattern at http://www.PamelasPatterns.com.  You mentioned going to The Sewing Workshop--have you looked at their patterns (www.SewingWorkshop.com)?  I haven't tried this pattern line yet, but there are a couple that I'm interested in.

      As for fabric, nothing beats actually seeing and feeling it.  Too bad that Poppy's is closing.  Maybe someone here can recommend other stores near you.  I have been pleased with the knits and blouse fabrics from Nancy's Notions, but otherwise haven't done very much online shopping.  But the more I hang out here, the more online sources I discover...

      Let us know how it goes.  I'm sure you'll be fine once you get started.


      1. user-258013 | | #135

        You are right, I just need to jump in and sew something. But I'm worried that if it doesn't fit, I'll get frustrated and give it up. So I wonder about starting by taking another fitting class, or sending my measurements to that place that makes patterns for you. (I was excited about that until I read some reviews on them.) But making a gingham dress doesn't seem very exciting!

        Edited 9/15/2007 10:38 am by Marie Louise

        1. User avater
          VKStitcher | | #136

          I agree, a gingham dress isn't quite the style these days.  But I would suggest that you start with a simple item--a skirt or t-shirt--that has a fairly loose, comfortable fit.  Pick out some inexpensive fabric.  Measure yourself, measure the pattern, make any alterations that you know you need, and cut out the pieces, leaving enough extra seam allowance to play with to get the fit right.  And start sewing!

          Some people use muslin for the test garment, marking adjustments right on the fabric, and then use the muslin as the pattern for the real garment.  Usually I just buy inexpensive fabric that I like, and then if the garment turns out OK, I can actually wear it.  And if it doesn't fit, then I've usually spent more time than money on it.

          If you think you need a refresher course on fitting, or if your shape has changed a lot and you need different adjustments now than before, then go ahead and take a class.  Lots of things I make don't fit just right the first time, but I figure out what's wrong, and make adjustments.  Sometimes I decide I just don't like the style, and try another pattern next time.

          Sewing is a lot like cooking--do you always get perfect results the first time you try a new recipe?  I don't!  So I add a little something, change the cooking time, or tweak the recipe to make it better the next time, and I always learn something every time.

          So just get started, and don't get discouraged if it isn't perfect the first time.  The more you sew, the better you'll get.  And ask questions--there are lots of talented folks here that can help you if you run into a snag.

          1. Phoebe3 | | #137

            Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've been sewing for the house forever, but I only moved on to clothes a couple of years ago. I'm retired and I have plenty of time, but I'm more than a bit of a perfectionist, so progress is slow.  I've finally made pants that fit well and, thanks to threads, I can install  a truly invisible invisible zipper. That's about it. I have yet to make anything from a knit that I'm 100% happy with. Design and style is just as important to me as fit and construction. I'm also interested in making handbags, due to the fact that really great ones cost more than a good used car.

          2. Cherrypops | | #138

            Hello Phoebe,

            Glad you could join our growing group.

            Have you seen the handbags our members have made? They posted in our Photo Gallery section.


          3. Phoebe3 | | #139

            I've just started looking at the handbags. I'm a shameless idea thief.

          4. Cherrypops | | #143

            I'll fess up...I do it with Ready to Wear!

          5. celkalee | | #140

            Hello everyone! So glad to have found this forum again. I popped in a couple years ago but did not have time to get involved. Now retired RN, live in Pa, with DH and 17 1/2 year old Basset Hound with "issues" as my dil always says! I learned to sew on my Grandmother's old Treadle machine. Never looked back! I lost interest in garment sewing during my busiest years simply as a time issue. We used to have great Sewing Expo's in our area, but no longer. The entire sewing field has changed dramatically. I took two Martha Pullen schools a few years ago, but the sponsoring machine dealer bailed out on that, I am not sure why. She is a great person with a fantastic business sense. I suspect the interest level was waning.  I am an avid quilter and embroiderer, hand and machine. I am working on a "car coat" right now and looking for fabric to make some cool weather T's. I am fortunate to have to have a dedicated sewing studio, with lots of stuff and more fabric than I should admit to. That is a quilters dilemma. I go to G-Street Fabrics in Rockville, Md. about once a year to stock up but plan to order some on-line fabrics too. Thanks for the warm welcome, wish me luck with the coat:-)  

          6. Cherrypops | | #144

            Hi and welcome,

            What a treat to take Martha Pullen classes. 'Maryincolorado' on this forum has fantastic comments about her.

            Let us know how you go with you 'car coat'. (if you haven't already- i have yet to read recent posts). and be sure to post a picture of the finished garment.

            CherryPops (australia)

          7. stitchagain | | #150

            I have been a new member for the summer and have really enjoyed all the knowledgeable discussions of sewing and patternmaking.  Sewing since about 30 years ago when I was an adolescent asked to make a bridesmaid dress for an older brothers wedding (imagine- 2 layers poly chiffon, french seams, big bow in the back).  The dress was completed with a lot of help from my other brother and his wife.  When in college I got into sewing the new outdoor fabrics-polar fleece, nylon.  Worked for a fabric store and as a seamstress for theater.  I have made a few quilts, like to bead, dye, stencil.

            I have such a desire for knowledge.  Never school trained in this craft but I have been lucky enough to work around genius people who had great skill.   My Threads issues I have saved are very valuable for all their information.    This forum is also a great resource.



          8. Cherrypops | | #151

            Hi stitchagain,

            You have found a wonderful 'family' here. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Look forward to reading more from you.



          9. fiberfan | | #152

            I am pretty new here as well stitchagain.  Nice to see someone else who likes to dye fabric.  Do you stencil fabric?  with dyes and/or paints?  what kind of items?

            Joanne - aka serious fiber nut <g>

          10. stitchagain | | #154

            I'll try paint and dye to stencil with but really like using a stamp pad that filled with Fabric dye and a stencil brush.  I have made stencils out of a variety of materials but find the most luck with refrigerator paper that you can iron on.  There is a product I have but have not really figured out what to do with : Shiva Paint Sticks.



          11. fiberfan | | #155

            I haven't tried a stamp pad for surface applications of dyes, I have seen instructions for making them.  I will have to try that.  Thanks for the idea.

            Here is a blog entry about a scarf with Shiva Paint Sticks  I use Paint Sticks on some fabric to make a purse last summer but haven't done anything with the fabric yet.  One side has some leaf rubbings, I really like that effect.

            Joanne - so many ideas, so much fiber, so little time

          12. Cherrypops | | #156

            Hi there,

            Noticed you are a new member, and just wanted to welcome you to this fantastic forum.

            If you could spare a little time and tell us a little about yourself and which areas of sewing you enjoy the most.........we love getting to know everyone. We know who to direct others too and call upon ourselves if we get stuck.


            CherryPops (australia)


          13. Lilith1951 | | #157

            Sorry, how rude of me to skip this step.  I live on the eastern shore of Maryland, U.S.A., and work in a local health dept. full time as a clerical worker.  I've got about 5.5 years till I can retire and my favorite thing to do with my spare time is sew, crochet and read, with gardening being a distant 4th place.  Mostly I quilt and sew home decor items, though I used to make most of my girls' and my own clothing when they were little.  Not casual clothes, but mostly what we wore to church and what I wore to work.  It was great fun to make their homecoming and prom dresses when they got older and I look forward to making a wedding dress sometime. 

            I've been sewing since I was in high school, but didn't really do much till I was pregnant with my first child back in 1970.  I needed cheap clothes for work to get me through and that's when I got into sewing earnestly. But my absolute favorite things to make are baby items, which I mostly do for charities.  Newborns in Need gets some of my things, but also the Healthy Start program where I work, as well as sending things to Pine Ridge Reservation on occasion.  I used to make cloth dolls for sale, and my favorite part was making the clothing, so I finally realized there were REAL babies who needed things and I could satisfy that yearning and help others as well.  It's a joy to crochet little hats, booties and blankets, along with sewing quilts, receiving blankets, etc.  I occasionaly make larger quilts for charities for adults, too, but it is so time-consuming to make a large quilt and I can get so much done for the babies in much less time. 

            That's my sewing story.  Nice to meet all of you!

          14. Cherrypops | | #158

            Thanks so much for sharing.

            You are among friends here, many are/were in your situation.

            Enjoy reading and please share your knowledge where you can....we love stories and advice.

            Cherry (australia)



          15. Crazy K | | #159

            Hi Lilith1951,  Welcome aboard!  I read your post and saw that you send to Pine Ridge.  I recently saw an article in a mag. regarding their needs and have made 10 double flannel receiving blankets which I plan to send out there.  I have more flannel but just haven't had time to do more yet.  I hope to do some children's clothing, pjs, etc. as well.  I am retired but I help my daughter with her in-home daycare as well as sewing for her new business endeavor.  She manages to keep me busy!

            Happy Stitching!


          16. Lilith1951 | | #160

            Hi, Crazy K, yes, Pine Ridge is one of my favorite places to send things to.  When you are sending things you've put your time and love into, you want to be sure that they will be truly needed, used and appreciated wherever they go.  It's all I hope for when I give my handmade things to strangers.  I've been sending to Pine Ridge for a number of years and I'm confident of their ability to access the needs of the reservation and make sure the things I send get to where they are most needed.

            I'm sure they will love your double receiving blankets! Did you mean you sew two layers of flannel together or did you mean that you are using double-sided flannel?  I have done both.  When I do two layers, I usually sew them right sides together and then turn them out and top stitch around the edges with a simple decorative stitch or, when I'm in the mood, I sometimes crochet a pretty edging on them.  I'm always pleased with them and they don't have to be "quilted" because the flannel sticks to itself so well. I picture cozy little babies in my blankies and their mommies being happy that their little ones have something warm, new and pretty for them.

          17. Crazy K | | #161

            Good to hear that it is a good organization.  I just felt that it was......kind of going by instinct here!  Yes, the double are two layers........stitched as you do with r/s together, turned and then top-stitched.  Nothing fancy but they are large......I think I made them 36X42 so they'll be good for swaddling.  I wanted to do more before I send but if that doesn't happen soon, I think I will send off what I  have done.  It's turning colder and they will be able to use the warm things now.

            Thanks for the info and support!


          18. MaryinColorado | | #153

            Hello!  Glad to have you on the forum!  In high school, I was to make my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding with the help of her future sister in law.  I only agreed because this woman was supposedly extremely experienced in formalwear.  lol  Our dresses were a simple empire A line with bell sleeves in lavender linnen.  I ended up helping her, she put the sleeves backwards in all the dresses she was to make.  Thank goodness the dresses and the wedding turned out beautifully.  

            Glad to have you here at Gatherings!  Mary

    5. SwissMiss | | #131


      I am a new member.  I just signed up a few minutes ago.  I am a stay-at-home mother of 4, 3 girls, 1 boy.  Ten years ago I quit college to have a family but I nearly finished my bachelor's degree in clothing and textiles.  I consider myself more knowledgeable then the average home sewer but still Intermediate because I feel like I always have something new to learn.  I am excited about being part of this chat forum. 

      Right now I am working on a chair cushion project for my brother-in-law who is building chairs made of old barnwood.  My question is where is the best place to order foam for the cushions.  I need foam that is custom cut to the length I need for the chair.

      1. MaryinColorado | | #132

        Welcome newcomers!  I hope you will enjoy our forum!  Don't be shy, please join in with your comments and suggestions!  I hope you will also send in photos of your latest projects!  Mary

      2. GailAnn | | #142

        Enjoy your time at home!  I wouldn't trade my years as a stay-at-home Mom for anything in the world!  You'll never regret a minute of it.  Gail

        1. Cherrypops | | #145

          Gail Ann,

          I am in my fifth year as a stay at home mum and loving it. This year I have become active in my son's kindergarten. Parent helper with reading and writing lessons and Sewing of course.

          I have offered to replace or repair their Nativity Scene Xmas Play outfits. Received the list - 18 various robes for 5-6 yrs- new please. For those who don't sew it is 'quite a lot of work'.

          I bought simplicity 8153 cheap on ebay. they may have a new packet number out now.  Perfect patterns for what I need. I then found the 12-14 size on Ebay and bought that too. Just in case!

          I will spend my days sewing and nights catching up here for a while.

          We are starting our 3week break. I will be away next week, visiting my Mother-in-law. I'll pop back after that.

          CherryPops ( sydney australia)

    6. stitchagain | | #146

      I love Eileen Fischer too!  I wonder if you have seen any patterns that are similar.  I think what I ejoy about those design are the simple choices of fabric and style- things I would like to include in my sewing vocabulary



      1. user-258013 | | #147

        There are a lot of patterns that look similar-but I'm not quite ready to make the plunge yet.The thing that makes her clothes so special-and makes me willing spend a small fortune on them-are her fabrics. She has the most incredible fabric blends. I have a number of items that are silk/ linen blends, in a nice patterned weave. If I could find a source for fabrics like that, and learn how to alter patterns for my current size, I would be in heaven!

  32. AmberE | | #121

    Thanks to all of you for responding! This is great to see!

  33. cookymom | | #122

    Hello everyone,

    I joined this forum in 2007 because I was interested in sewing again after a 15 year break.  Quilting looks like so much fun,  with all all the colors and patterns that I decided to take a tablerunner class.  I hunted for my even feed foot for my old 1972 Kenmore but it wasn't around so I bought a Bernina Activa and started sewing straight lines. 

    The directions you all give on construction methods are terrific.  My mom, who was a home economist, gave me lessons on her Singer so I could sew for my dolls and teddies.  She taught me several commercial techniques, such as making the front and back of a dress and sewing the side seams last.  I made nearly all my clothes when I was younger, but now threading the needle is a challenge.

    I live in central NH and have almost completed my first baby quilt for my great nephew. 

    This board is great because I have very few friends that sew; I travel to the Fabric Place in Woburn, MA to find quality fabric. 


  34. maggiecoops | | #126

    Hi Cherry pops, I just joined the forum and am busy looking around at the moment. I'm a garment maker, crafter, free motion embroiderer, machine embroider, digitiser and knitter with more toys than time allows me to use. A friend asked me to join as she knows I love my knitting and sewing. I live in England, the land of one sure to get a response topic, changeable weather. I retired from teaching 4 years ago and since then my feet don't seem to have the ground thanks to my friends and family who keep me well supplied with sewing projects and places to visit.

    Besides teaching I was a freelance illustrator, glass engraver, and seamstress, I was married for 40 years and widowed just as I retired. I have 4 children of my own and countless others that adopted me. My husband was in the military so we did a fair bit of travelling and in each new place, as it wasn't always possible to get a teaching post, I did a variety of jobs to help supplement my DH's salary. Well to feed my hobbies and interests if the truth be known.

    I'm looking forward to learning new techniques, chatting with other sewists and reading, perhaps joining in, discussion threads. 

    1. user-217847 | | #127

      Echoing Cherrypops welcome. Join in and have fun.


      wombat Newcastle Australia

      1. Stillsewing | | #128

        Thanks very much for starting this thread and for the kind welcome to all newcomers to Gatherings. This year I have returned to sewing and thanks to reading lots of inspiring posts doing more and more. I mostly dressmake for myself and do some home dec.I notice from the posts that most of the members are from the States or Australia. While is lovely to hear from you all and sewing is indeed international it would be lovely to hear from people nearer home! Home for me is Dublin Ireland where I have lived all my life. I am a retired administrator with a bit more time on my hands. However now that i have restarted sewing I find that the shops selling material are getting very thin on the ground and any help from local members would be much appreciated.

  35. cannee | | #129

    Hi, I'm in SC near Augusta GA.  I'm a retired school teacher and an artist (acrylic paintings, oils, decorative designs on furniture, fabric, beading - you name it) interested in learning all I can about fabric art.  I've experimented some, made a couple of "invented" quilts and a couple of fabric-designed wall hangings, but am by no means a pro (my kids will take what I make and probably hang it when I come to visit :>).  Cannee 

  36. pacuangel | | #133

    Hi cherrypops..am new to the site as of today!  I am from Michigan, love to do heirloom sewing, smocking, quilting actually am interested in anything to do with sewing.  I enjoy learning different techniques used in sewing garments.  At present I want to update my sewing/embroidery machine  and that is how I got here although I do read Threads magazine for great ideas.  Will be looking forward to reading all the information that seems to be in this site.

    1. Cherrypops | | #134

      Hi and Welcome

      You have come to the right place. use the advanced search function to search her previous posts, type in a specific word and you'll be here for hours.

      "amberE" Amber Eden is the editor of Threads, and pops in here too. We love her!

      'MaryinColorado' loves Martha Pullen,

      "solosmocker" does smocking.

      "crazyk" loves her embroidery

      There are so many talented ladies, I'd be here for days listing them. You will come to know us very well!

      Enjoy, and remember no question is a silly question!




  37. Cherrypops | | #148

    Hello everyone,

    Many many thanks for all of you who responded to this thread which I started a long while ago.

    I do hope you are enjoying your visits and continuing to learn a lot, and share your knowledge.

    Cheers, and best wishes, CherryPops (australia)



    1. rodezzy | | #149

      Thanks, I am having fun and enjoying meeting all of the wonderful like minded people that are sharing their knowledge, information and inspiration with me and all of us. 

      You are also a wonderfully sweet person and with some of the Thread responders, I feel as if I'm visiting another country while reading the responses.  It's wonderful to learn about other places and the lingo.  I've had to go to the internet to look up meter measurements and time zones to save in my favorites in order to get on the same page with whats being said.  It's a great learning experience. 

      Thank you Cherrypops!

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