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Conversational Threads

New Yarns by Bernat

rodezzy | Posted in Knitting and Crochet on

Oh I forgot to mention that Bernat has a new line of yarns.  The bamboo is sooo soft and yummy.  They were $3.99 each at JoAnn’s.

” modern, fair isle yoke pullover in Bernat¯ Cashmere Blend, an ideal autumn cardigan in Bernat¯ Alpaca Blend (both are must-haves for the cooler days ahead), a relaxed hooded pullover in Bernat¯ Organic Cotton, a handy totebag in Bernat¯ Felting Wool, a charming embellished cardigan in Bernat¯ Soy Blend, a lovely elegant top in Bernat¯ Bamboo Blend and many more. Check out all the wonderful design ideas!”

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist


  1. rodezzy | | #1

    Well, there are no comments concerning the yarns, so I guess if the yarn doesn't cost $10.00 and up per skien, it's not good.  Oh well, to each their own. 

    1. katina | | #2

      I don't think it's any 'snob' factor at work here, Rodezzy. Everybody likes a good deal, but not everyone on Gatherings knits. I'm not in the US, so can't see these yarns; I used their CottonTots a couple of years ago and was very pleased with it.


      1. rodezzy | | #3

        O. K. sorry for insinuating, I guess after reading some other gathering threads verbally trashing certain places, prices and things, I got sensitive about it. 

        1. katina | | #4

          Maybe the response is a variation on the old saying: "No news is good news."


          1. rodezzy | | #5

            I guess.  Well, I'm restraining myself from buying any yarn until spring.  As I have told you today, I need to get sewing.  I have lots to do.  I set forth some Feb. challenges and I need to do those and more.  Happy crafting!!!

          2. katina | | #6

            Send me some of that restraint - I need it!


          3. rodezzy | | #7

            giggle I walk around in a circle talking to myself when the urge to spend needlessly comes over me and it does every time I get some sales flyers especially.  I talk myself down and sit back down.  Then when I get safely home from work, I throw myself in a project or the bed with the remote.  Whichever soothes my troubled soul and itchy wallet (giggle).

          4. RhettaRic | | #8

            Rodezzy, I'm not a yarn snob either!  Just haven't been on much for day or two.  Having a big brunch on Saturday morning.  So I'm playing with getting tables set up, figuring out how to present the food, a little decorating - that's the hardest part.   One thing I'll be making is homemade Danish - some with a cinnamon finish and some with cream cheese filling.  Recipe from Julia's Baking.  Turn out wonderful every time. 

            But I love some of the yarns I can get at Joann's or Michaels.  Haven't yet used any that you mentioned, but I'm sure I will!  Today I went and bought some Moda-Dea washable wool - normally $7.99/skein, but I had a couple 40% off coupons and  a neighbor with me - so that saved me some (just making scarf for her son who just relocated to Portland, OR).  My Must Have I'm working on is out of Paton's Merino wool.  Love that stuff.  I got that for $3.00/skein online at Joann's WITH free shipping.  So I loaded up.  But I do a lot felting - slippers, bags, sometimes hats.  It's great for that, but also soft enough for sweaters. 

            Whatcha knitting at the moment? 

          5. rodezzy | | #9

            I have a scarf on needles by my bedside that I pick up and put a few rows on when I want, other than that I'm trying to get back to sewing.  I have a baby quilt on tap that has to be ready by the first of May for a customer.

            Wish I could be at that brunch, sounds like fun and great eats!

            I get yarn from a multiple of places, online, at discount stores, Joanns, Micheals, and anywhere I see something I like.  I got a magazine in the mail last night from a yarn/pattern company (can't remember the exact name right now), and I saw some self patterning fair isle yarn that would be interesting to try out.  May get some later when I can.  I'll bring the book Monday (if I remember) and give more details about it.  I've purchased online from Herscheners too.  Probably not spelled right, but you probably know and have their catalogs too.  I really want to make myself a felted bag, but I don't have time right now, or the wool.  Maybe I'll catch up in the spring for next winter season.  Does those felted wool projects feel rough and/or if not, what brands do you recommend?

          6. RhettaRic | | #10

            No, the felted stuff is not rough - very nice.  I will NEVER go through a winter the rest of my life without a pair of felted slippers!  (Think of Scarlett O'Hara's tone of voice re the turnips or whatever it was) The clogs are great - absolutely do NOT look homemade.  I recommend the Paton's Merino wool.  Look for Joann's or Michael's to have it for $3/skein.  http://www.elann.com has a felted bag pattern that I just love, but have yet to make.  It is shown in pink with music notes on it.  http://www.knitpicks.com has very reasonable yarn. 

            So I have to finish the boucle jacket I'm making and very soon (have wedding to go to and I want to wear it).  Unlike a lot of people on here, I LOVE making jeans or cords.  I know you can easily buy them, but I get a kick out of making them.  I've made three pairs of jeans and two of cords.  I do have a quilt cut out that I'd like to get to one of these days.  Like you, I'm really getting into the sewing right now.  I got a fantastic deal on a Pfaff Creative serger and I bought a used Viking Designer I.  Haven't done much in the way of embroidery, but what I have done is soooo fun! 

            If I only didn't have to work...

          7. rodezzy | | #11

            That purse is gorgeous.  It's so me.  I used to sing in high school and a band, that bag brought back fond memories and my love of music makes me wish I were a jeanie and could blink it done for myself. (giggle)  Lovely. 

            And I've been to that yarn site before, because I want that circular knitting needle set.  I love the color of them.  I'm going to get them too one day!  Just you wait and see.  Do you think they are worth it?

            Actually, I don't want to sew now, I have to sew now.  I have to make that baby quilt.

            I want nothing more than to knit a wearable piece.  I've knitted a poncho and gave it to a young lady I know, she loves it.  I have been looking at tons of patterns and printing patterns, I have a VHS tape and lots of pattern books, free and purchased. And a couple DVD how to for knit stitches and knit a longs.  But I haven't quenched my thirst by knitting an actual wearable item.  I don't have the yarns I want either.  So, I'll bide my time, because I will knit something wonderful eventually this year.  Like the way I am pushing myself? giggle  If I state it....I will do it?  Wait until I get my hands on some yummy yarn.  I'm saving those yarn catalogs and checking out the yarn sites and sales.  Meanwhile, I do have that scarf on my needles, it's a pretty yarn, but I crocheted a poncho pattern from it that I wanted really badly, but I ended up giving it to a good, good friend.  She loves it.

            The round ponchos don't look good on me. 


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          8. katina | | #12

            Hey Rodezzy

            What about a dramatic shawl?

          9. rodezzy | | #13

            Nah, I want to knit a sweater, cardigan, vest, jacket or coat. Something I can show boat.  Shawls are nice in spring though.

          10. starzoe | | #14

            I may have mentioned this before, but have you tried http://www.garnstudio.com for free patterns? That is a Norwegian site, translated into English (both American and EnglishEnglish). There are hundreds of knitting patterns free to download. They are from DROPS pattern books, stylish and well written. There is also a forum for knitters, very helpful. It will take you a good long evening to go through all of them.Elann.com has really good yarn bargains, fast shipping. They are in Vancouver but go over to Roberts Point in the States to mail their parcels.

          11. rodezzy | | #15

            oooooooooooooooo yes, I have seen lots and lots of their patterns.  They have some of the most beautiful patterns I have ever seen.  I love the styles there, that's why I am practicing my knitting.  I know they have crochet too.  I drool over there patterns, print some out and I haven't had the courage yet to try any.  I love that site! So original, very high end looking patterns.  Love, love, love them.

          12. katina | | #16

            You have plenty of courage! We'll walk you through it.


          13. RhettaRic | | #17

            I think I'd like those needles too!  BUT I already have my Denises (love them, but not for everything - depends on the yarn) and I have the Boye interchangeables too.  Not too wild about them and only use if I HAVE to.  But if I were to do all over again, YES, I'd buy the ones from Knitpicks! 

            Maybe that should be your first felting project!!  Sounds perfect.  Hmmm, Rodezzy, sounds like you're putting a lot of pressure into this first wearable item....  I've made quite a few.  Some winners, some losers.  It's awful to spend all that time knitting something and then not like it!  I made a beautiful sweater out of scratchy/cheap wool.  It looks gorgeous, fits great, and I've NEVER worn it.  Tried it with a Tee under it.  Still no go.  But I think the one I'm working on now will be my fave...

            Can't wait to see what your choice for the big item of the year will be.  Well, it's one hour til brunch time (take a look - http://www.knittingpearls.blogspot.com)   Guess I better get in there and start cooking something else!

          14. rodezzy | | #18

            Well, RhettaRic:  I spent the entire weekend on that baby quilt and called the customer today who commissioned the quilt as a gift for someone else and said that the colors and theme are inappopriate and that the baby room was a greenish color.  The mother is from India and father from here.  So, I need to make a traditional babish, baby quilt.  Good thing I asked, and I have time to do that, I have been going through some baby quilt designs, and I do have some beautiful baby quilt designs I have wanted to do, so I will purchase the appropriate fabric this weekend and do what I have to do.

            The Betty Boop quilt which begged to be made will find it's rightful owner in time, all of my quilts do.  I made twenty-seven 7 1/2" blocks over the weekend and have nine more to make.  I planned on 6 across and six down.  That should make a 42" x 42" center design and then add some borders and that should make a good size lap quilt.  I should make the borders to round it out to about 8" more.  50 x 50 is a good sized lap quilt. 

            Oh, how I do go on, I'm very excited now about the quilt.  That's how it goes with me, now I'm very in to it, and want to see the finished product.  Now, about knitting.  Knitted about two rows on my bedside knitting project.  Each right before going to sleep.  It relaxes my hands after all of that rotary cutting in paper piecing.

            Loved the site, especially the granny afghan.  The is a very demanding pattern she crocheted.  Loved it.  Loved all of the site actually, you are very talented and creative.  And that has been my greatest fear, making a sweater I can't wear, so that's why I'm taking my time.  Usually something will beg to be made, and all the pieces will fall into place, it usually does.  I'm looking forward to what will be also (giggle).  That's why I don't do good with making things on demand for people, I am so project driven.  I don't make good stuff on demand.  Thanks for communicating with me and I put your site in my favorites.

  2. Josefly | | #19

    Hi, rodezzy. I've FELT the bamboo yarns, but still not tried them. I love the way they feel. I still have some bamboo knit fabric that I haven't sewed up. It feels great, too. Someone - I think it was on this site - once mentioned that the bamboo yarn didn't hold up well, when knitted into socks. Made me wonder if it holds up well on a garment that gets less abrasion than socks would. Surely a sweater would last longer?

    Happy knitting.

    1. rodezzy | | #20

      I imagine it should.  I don't plan on wearing anything forever, I gave that up long ago.  At my age, there is no forever.  Today means a lot to me, I have too many ideas, suggestions, patterns, fabric, yarn and things to make anything "forever" in my life now.  I'm constantly making stuff now and I wear it "now."  Forever don't need no clothes.  Today does.

      1. Josefly | | #21

        That's a very freeing way to think about it. However, I'd want to get more than one or two wearings of something I put the effort into. I was surprised about the bamboo yarn - I wouldn't have thought it had been in production long enough to discover that it wasn't durable.

        1. RhettaRic | | #22

          Socks just take a beating - more than any other item, I think.  My first socks were out of acrylic, which I thought was indestructable.  First time I hit the floor and felt a cold spot, I just about panicked.  Sure enough, big ole hole.  I think if you want forever, you'd better use a wool or wool blend with some nylon.

        2. rodezzy | | #23

          Well, I have not done any experiments with any of it or bought any or done anything with any of it.  So I don't know anything about it's durability. 

          But I can't imagine that if you made a sweater out of it, that you could only wear it once or twice before it fell apart.  Unless you were doing gymnastics in it, in the woods, or rolling down hills in it.  Or jumping through firey hoops.  That could be a little hard on any fabric.

          I'm just saying that I don't worry about having something for the next ten to twenty years at my age.  I don't save the "good dishes" anymore, and I drink out of crystal cut stem glasses because they look pretty while drinking my juice.  There are no towels in my bathroom that I don't use unless the trims are very delicate.  I may go to the store in heels and a skirt and all the trimmings as if I just came from somewhere special, and I did, my home because it makes me feel good.

          And sometimes I wear jeans, sweatshirt, sneakers and a plain everyday coat and look just like everybody else.

          I don't like wearing the same thing constantly anymore.  That's just me.  I don't want a "classic" style, "classic" design or "classic" anything.  I want fly by night fashion and color sometimes to brighten my excursion.  I want to feel a part of something special.

          I don't want to look like anybody else walking down the street, all the time.  I want a compliment on my originality and workmanship, design and technique.  I want people to ask questions about how I made something.  I stay age appropriate and covered appropriately with my clothing, but I do like color and unique design.  As long as "I" look good in it, it's fine by me.  No one else, but me.  And I do get the right kind of compliments and questions when I wear an original design I've put out there for "me" to wear.


          Edited 2/20/2008 11:04 am ET by rodezzy

          Edited 2/20/2008 11:05 am ET by rodezzy

          1. Josefly | | #24

            I love that attitude. We rob ourselves of joy in so many ways - and life's too short for that.Joan

          2. rodezzy | | #25

            oooh, thanks.  I braced myself for the bashing I thought I was going to get.  I can take, mind you, but I'm glad you agree.  Life is short, and at this end of the ride, I intend to do as much as I can to be happier than I've ever been, always waiting for the situation to get better, or hiding in the background.  The situation is Now!  Nothing's better than Right Now.  smiles all around!

          3. Josefly | | #26

            You're an inspiration. I'm sort of amazed you thought you might get "bashed." You never have to defend your point of view - I think it's interesting and useful to know how friends approach living.

          4. katina | | #27

            Quite right, Josefly. Yes, Rodezzy, you have nothing to defend! I'm older than you and red's my fave colour - it's also a basic colour, in my opinion. Here in Europe, ladies my age dress far more conservatively than in US, but I just do my thing. Interestingly, people often (genuinely) think I'm younger than I am. I'm not particularly well-preserved, nor do I strive to appear younger - guess the bright colours fool them.


          5. rodezzy | | #28

            Thanks to both of you wonderful ladies and sewist. 

            I really have enjoyed sharing with everyone on these Threads.  I love the reaching out and teaching, sharing and caring I have witnessed on this thread. 

            It's wonderful to hear from and be able to talk to and share with people from around the world.  It truly is amazing, and I enjoy it all. 

            This is the best discussions group I've witnessed and I'm humbled to be a part of it all.

          6. katina | | #29

            Yes, it certainly is. Well done Threads!

          7. Josefly | | #30

            Amen to that. This is a wonderful forum, in so many ways. I also dress in a way some may think inappropriate for my age - denims and t-shirts, some rather loud colors and patterns. I laugh at myself because comfort and cheer are about the only two things I care about in clothing. I like to have fun with clothes, but I'd rather be comfortable than stylish any day, so I tend to look like an old hippie, I think, with wide-toed, unattractive shoes! Oh, well, that's me. I remember when I was a girl, seeing my grandmother, who was probably only in her late 40's or 50's at the time, wearing lace-up oxfords with broad 2-inch heels, stockings rolled down with an elastic garter to below her knees, or heaven help us, to her ankles! What's her name? - Ruth Buzzi - on Laugh-In in the 60's - was a perfect image of my grandmother in the 50's. Perhaps I owe it to my 6-yr-old grandson to give him an image like that to snicker at. What do you think?

          8. rodezzy | | #31

            You go girl.  Sock it to 'em.  I know there are those reading these few threads and boy I can imagine what they think.  Giggle out loud!!!!!  Have it your way.


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