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Conversational Threads

Non-Sewing Chat Thread

Cherrypops | Posted in Gather For A Chat on


I once again became sidetracked in a message about all things sewing, started talking about families etc.

JanF got me thinking and I thought her idea was great and would be good to start a chat about us.

Anything we do, the weather, location, family things, photos etc that isn’t about sewing.

Surely we don’t all sit and sew all day/night. Lucky some of us can and I wish I could but I can’t. Other responsibilities.

Anyway, I hope more of you will share in this post.

We can reply to ALL or just  to the member who replied to US. Just remember it is a public forum, anyone can access details and photos, so please be careful what you write, what photos you share, etc.

If you don’t wish for your message to be viewed by everyone please use the “Reply Via Email” at the bottom of screen. This way only the member you are responding to gets the message and be sure to check your personal email spam/junk folder or you may miss it.

CherryPops Sydney Australia

Wife and Mother to an adorable 6yr old son ( thanks members who also think he is handsome! )


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  1. Crazy K | | #1

    Hi!  What fun!  So nice to see a photo.........makes writing so much more personal.  And, yes, you have a very handsome young man there!! 

    I live in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.  I am a retired grandmother of 22........and yes, just remembering birthdays is nearly a full-time job!  We have lived in our present home for nearly six years and this is the first time I've had lots of room for sewing, fabric and all the stuff that goes along with it.  I am using most of our basement.  I have windows and lots of lighting so it works great!

    I have lived in the midwest my entire life.  I grew up on a farm and now live in the city...........a big change but I like it.  Besides being retired I help my daughter with her daycare and sew for charity.  I like to garden (flowers nowdays) enjoy walking for exercise.



  2. Crazy K | | #2

    Sorry I didn't attach a photo...........I couldn't find one on my computer to send!!  Have to work on that!


    1. Cherrypops | | #3

      Hi Kay,

      This will be a good 'get to know you'.

      wow 22 grandchildren, what a joy that must be. Thomas will be a very busy adult to give me that many..lol

      He's not interested in a 'girl-friend' yet but has girl friends. I hope he can wait a bit. His buddies have girl-friends.

      I live on the east coast of Australia, Northern Beaches of Sydney. about 20 mins north of Manly. It's a lovely place to live, beaches are great. Weather is kind today, getting cooler yes, hard to say what our winter will be like, changes daily.

      Hubby has just finished taking out the weeds in the front and back gardens. We have newly planted natives, bottlebrushes in pink, white, red and mauve. Hard to find just the right plant for our soil. The plant tag says one thing and the Botanical Books say another. With the drought we need plants/trees that can tolerate hardly any water. Next weekend we hope to get the golden rocks to put on top of the dirt.

      Always busy here at home, sewing or otherwise.

      Please have a look for a photo. I know you don't have any troubles posting them.







      1. Crazy K | | #4

        You're heading into winter and we're just beginning our summer.  We've had dry spells as well but finally got some much needed rain last weekend.  Our trees and plants are nice and green and some of the flowers are now in bloom.  Do you have snow there or just colder weather?  I have a second cousin who lives in Australia and has for most all his adult life.  He is now in his late 50's, a teacher and married to an Aussie.  I met him for the first time as an adult this past Christmas when he was back 'home' visiting his mom and sister.  I must find out what part of Australia he is in.

        Today is our "Memorial Day".  It is the day that we set aside to honor our fallen military men and women from all wars.  We also take time to remember all of those who have gone on before us...........at least that is the custom it my area.  It is a national holiday for us.

        My grandchildren are fun although only one lives nearby.  He also has twin step-sisters but they visit usually on weekends so I don't see them often either.  The little guy that lives close is the only child of my youngest....my daughter.  Dawson has spent lots of time with use since infancy so he and I are really close.  His mom does in home daycare and I help her each day so I really see him almost every weekday.  He turns 5 this Oct.  The rest of the grands are either too far away to see often or are older and so involved in their sports, school, jobs, etc. that we don't see them often......some years Christmas is the only time.

        I am still thinking about finding a photo to share.  I haven't had many taken in recent years and have to find one I can scan!!


  3. JanF | | #5

    Hi Anna -marie - i remember seeing this photo - you look a very happy duo!
    All that lovely sun too!
    I have an old schoolfriend married to a Newzealander but living on the outskirts of Brisbane. She is a deputy head of a junior school there - but i realise its hours away from Sydney.
    I keep promising her a visit - but Hubby can't sit still for the long flight! - and to be honest - I dont fly that well myself - but possibly when we retire I might persuade him! I'd love to see Sydney Harbour etc.
    We made New York last year so possibly we'll get there!
    I'll try to attach some photos - but can't always find any I would like someone other than family to see - you know - looking fatter than I think I am - more wrinkled than I hope I am and usually laughing like a drain - so big gob open wide!!
    i'll try - cos i would hope some others take u up on the idea of a No-sewing chat - I haven't always got problems to solve - or being doing something extra sparkling on the design front that i want to show off.
    like a lot of people, lots of my sewing is sometimes basic and particularly functional and definitely un-inspiring!

    1. Crazy K | | #6

      Hi Jan,

      Good to hear from another non-flyer.  I don't mind it but hubby is a 'white knuckle guy' before we ever take off!  It would be a dreafully long flight from where I sit, I'm afraid.

      I'm having trouble with the photo as well.  I think it's a wonderful idea and makes the whole forum much more fun/personal or whatever.  I don't have any really recent photos except for some that family members have snapped when I wasn't looking.........not good.......and come to think of it, I don't think I even have copies of those.........could use them to scare the bats away at night! ha ha

      Where are you located?  I'm midwesterner as you probably have already read.   I, too, hope more jump on this and write non-sewing things.  It's so interesting to hear of weather, customs, hobbies, etc. in different parts of the country or the world.


      1. JanF | | #7

        Ok - i started this to Cherrypops and tried to add a photo - but having trouble finding one - as I said - hate having my photo taken 'cos have a mouthful of teeth (alright now had them "doctored" but still find smiling in a posed photo a difficult one to do!)and had to close down the thread to find an ok one. This is me and my best mates - I'm the one in the front - but it was last New Year's Eve - I had a top on that was miles too tight - and I was also getting quite "tight" when this was snapped!!
        this was taken in the local pub
        had a "lock in" means can drink after hours
        I live near Chester - over the border in North Wales - UK
        a lovely part of the world - to me!

        1. Crazy K | | #8

          Thanks for the photo...........I now have scanned one of me and hubby taken 2 or 3 years ago but I don't know that I've changed too much since then..........maybe added a few pounds but not that much........maybe another silver hair or two!  The color is horrid but I am not handy enough to fix that!

          I think this is going to be fun chatting with others from all over.........

          1. JanF | | #10

            Thanks for the photo too - its a lovely one
            I actually didn't find that many of myself and hubby - he's usually the one taking the photos - possibly I'll trawl through the "real" photos we've got and scan one in - i don't know about you - but its too easy using the digital camera to have no actual copy on display - all saved on disc - and it takes hours to find!
            I wonder is it possible for threads to add a "thumbnail" pic to each person's profile?
            Ive just thought of this - ill send a note to the editor post haste!!

  4. Crazy K | | #9

    O.K....I found the photo, scanned and uploaded it.  You'll see it on the attachment to Jan..........Colors are horrid but at least it's me.........and hubby.

    1. Cherrypops | | #11

      Ahh that's nice.another happy couple..thanks!

      Edited 7/29/2008 4:34 am by Cherrypops

  5. Cherrypops | | #12

    Hi Mary,

    Just read on the other post you had returned. How was your time with your Mum?Thought you might be interested in this discussion. Read my initial post it will expalin.


    1. Crazy K | | #13

      Hi Mary,

      Welcome back!!  I've missed your input.  I've been busy working outside......planting flowers, bushes, etc.  We're finally getting some much needed rain........still way behind in rainfall but at this point, it all helps.

      Hope to hear more from you..........


      1. MaryinColorado | | #14

        Thanks for the welcome back!  Illinois was beautiful,  everything is green and full of life!  My brother took me for a long ride in the country on his Harley (motorcycle).  I could smell honeysuckle, fresh grass, etc.  We pulled off the road to "save" a large turtle from becoming road kill...it turned out to be a snapping turtle!  Must have looked comical to passers by as we tried to manuever him off the road with a long stick which he promptly snapped off pieces of.  As we drove off, he was crossing the road again! 

          The weather was perfect but a bit windy so lots of chances to have the top down on my new convertible.  (midlife crisis car!) It was my first trip by myself, 1,000 miles each direction, terrible storms in Nebraska with tornado and flood warnings made it a real adventure.  Not much fun alone in a hotel!  Mary



        1. fabricholic | | #24

          Hi Mary,I've just got to ask, what kind of car did you get? My car only has sun roof now. Old Trans Am had T tops. It was fun, but too hot in the summer.Marcy

          1. MaryinColorado | | #25

            This is so funny, I always try to buy "American" and am a real stickler about it.  After studying all the possibilities from SUV's to sedans and sports cars and test driving many vehicles....I bought the Volkswagon EOS 2.0T hardtop convertible with sunroof!!!  Oh my, so much Turbo power I have to really watch my speed!  It is Eismeer Blue, I call him Skye and my license plate holder says "I'm not driving too fast, just flying too low"  (my son, the pilot, got a kick out of it). 

            We like to take drives in the mountains and it handles beautifully.  DH smiles the entire time he is in the car.  My big yellow lab loves sitting on his quilt in the back seat and letting his ears fly.  The kids call it a "transformer" after seeing the roof work.

            (http://www.volkswagon.com has photos of it)  I have never enjoyed a vehicle so much!  Hope this doesn't sound braggy, that's not my way....just having such fun and it will be a good one to tow if we ever get our motor home. ( No more "midlife crisis car, now I'm rockin my fifties!")  he he Mary

          2. fabricholic | | #26

            I know your not bragging, I asked. I like the transformer idea and saying it is flying too low is so cute. I couldn't get website to come up, but will try later. I am glad you, your husband and your lab are enjoying it. I like the Volkswagen station wagon. Now, my daughter says that she is interested in one that is sort of a wagon, but not. She said they race them and there are a lot of ways to make it look really cool. She does not need a little car right now, with the baby and her fiance'. I know a friend of mine bought an older Jeep to pull behind their motor home. Something about it can be pulled. We have yet to go camping in our travel trailer. Hubby is really getting antsy about it. I had to take 2 days because I got sick and I don't know if I had that much sick time built up. I am saving a week before Christmas. It was fun last year when I did this. Enjoy Skye.

          3. MaryinColorado | | #27

            I've seen those little ones that they race, looks like fun for the right person.  I saw a video of them on a beach.  I just emagined what it would do to these old joints.  ouch! 

            Two of my grandkids are councellors in training at a youth center.  They learn leadership skills and help with the younger kids.  The 10 year old gs will be spending his days here.  He is so active, after three days he is allready bored!  Oh dear!  He went swimming one full day, to the comic book/sports card store/ put in the veggie garden with dh, library.  Guess I'll get some paint and let him paint the picket fences and little barnshed.  Then don't know what else to do with him.  Any ideas?  We have xbox and lots of games but he is more physically inclined. 

          4. Crazy K | | #28

            Hi Mary,

            Is there a playground nearby?  When I have one little guy here and he gets 'ants in his pants' we walk or go to the nearby playground where he can work off some energy and grandma can sit on the bench and watch him!!!!!  Works for us!  With a ten year old, painting might work great.....or get a start on your Christmas cookies if he likes to bake!!!!!!!  ha


          5. fabricholic | | #29

            I don't know, maybe, a soccer clinic. Check out your community gym. Ours has day outings, basketball, and different activities. Maybe you have a BMX track you could take him to, if he likes that sort of thing. Does he like skate boarding? What are his interests?

          6. MaryinColorado | | #30

            We live in the burbs of a large city so there are lots of things that cost money, no problem there.  But our daughter is a single mom of three.  Her ex is evil incarnate now, no child support, doesn't even see the kids when they visit the aunt and uncle he mooches off of and lives with.  He goes in his room!  Quits or gets fired from any jobs. 

            Money is extremely tight for them so we help with meals, clothes, school supplies, school sports,medical co pays, you name it.  We do alot with them but this whole summer thing is causing some anticapatory anxiety.  DH retired and works part time so they can do some woodworking and such, I will sew a bit with him. 

            He goes to archery classes on the week end, cub scouts, very outgoing and athletic.  Even the YMCA and Youth Centers here have a large fee even with scholarships it is about $65.00 to $200.00/wk. for one child.  Then we have the problem of being fair to all three even though 2 of them are teens.

            He is just so quick and smart that he gets bored easily and finishes tasks quick as a jack rabbit.  When I was a kid, we didn't dare say we were bored....it led to lots of chores!  He just says "okay"  and then "now what?"....lol...any help will be greatly appreciated!  Mary

          7. Ralphetta | | #32

            If any of the kids are interested in music or theater, most cities/suburbs have free community theater projects for kids.  It requires a commitment and someone to transport them back and forth, but in return the kids often get valuable training for nothing.  The directors are often on the staffs of area colleges.  In other words you get "free" what college students are paying money for!

          8. fabricholic | | #33

            O.k. I get it, she's on a tight budget, like most of us. I know what you mean about saying you were bored as kids. Come cook, clean, put up your junk, clean your room. Painting a fence sounds like it should keep him busy. Nothing is cheap now days. He will just have to be bored, I guess. He does need a cheap hobby that he can work on at your house.

          9. MaryinColorado | | #31

            Yes, he skateboards, thanks, there is a skateboard park I can drive him to.  I had forgotten about that!  You are a gem!  Thanks so much!

          10. Crazy K | | #34

            Hi Mary,  I just read through the different threads regarding the bored grandson.  We have a couple single moms in our midst so I truly understand the tight budget.  Maybe you're trying almost too hard to keep this guy busy every minute.......and its causing great stress.  Maybe he would enjoy some activities but also some 'quality grandma and grandpa time' mixed in for good measure.  Chances are he'll remember those more simple times with you when he grows up than all the fancy-smancy activities that try to put everyone in the poor house!  Does he like to fish?  That would cost initially but its a hobby that could stay with him for a lifetime......and who says he needs an expensive pole to start??!  My nearly 5 yr. old grandson just discovered fishing and he's having a ball.  This kid is high energy too but he's loving the fishing thing.

            O.K.......you got my nickel's worth.  With 22 grands, we have to be careful, too, so I know you can't just keep doing and paying for this little guy.  Kids these days need to learn that there are fun things to do that don't have to cost lots of money.  It's hard but don't lost sleep over it, Mary.  It will all work out in the end..............


          11. MaryinColorado | | #35

            Yes, he likes fishing.  Maybe his grandpa or uncle (my son) can take him.  It used to be a family tradition but has dwindled these past few years.  Thanks for the suggestion.  Mary

          12. Crazy K | | #36

            Great!  I was never very good at fishing but I remember all my kids thought it was the greatest adventure..........even my daughter!!  They have fun and can explore nature a bit at the same time.  I have some grandsons who love it as well.



          13. Cherrypops | | #37

            Hi Mary,

            Love the car!...Thomas wants a 'herbie' .

            Well as you may have heard Sydney and Newcastle Region copped a battering of rain, floods and wind over the past few days. Me and my family are well. We spent the weekend out west at Dubbo ( the country). No rain there, and that is where they need it!. We went to the zoo. http://www.westernplainszoo.com.au/ . It was wonderul. Thomas fed a galapagos tortise ( the large ones) and we scratched/tickled her neck. He loved being so close to the animals. Driving past the farms, he saw sheep which had been shawn for the first time. It was an adventure. Nice to get away from the city for a little bit.

            The rain has passed, but still chilly, I met a lovely couple at school today. They flew over here from Texas and are staying for 3-5yrs. Their two young daughters are beginning school today. I was dropping off their uniforms which needed hemming.

            Hope you are well.


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          14. MaryinColorado | | #38

            Thanks, he's a beautiful machine!  Tomorrow he goes in for his first oil change.  My grand daughter and I went shopping today and bought lots of goodies at a Beauty Supply store.  She is going to teach me to be a "girly girl", I am more of the sporty type so it will be interesting.  She loves my new short hairdo.  Wednesday we are going to have a "makeup and nails party".  She is 13 and so much fun. 


          15. Cherrypops | | #39

            How wonderful for you both.

            Can't wait for "princess (mary) diaries".

          16. MaryinColorado | | #40

            I am too politcally outspoken to ever make it as a princess!  ha  I just responded on the "starting a new thread" thread....if they start monitoring us and our responses I don't think it will be very interesting.  They will probably kick me off the first day for "infringements".  I find some of the best info by accident when I read threads that initially don't interest me.  It is like a happy surprise, a secret garden hidden away, a treasure. 

          17. Cherrypops | | #41

            I am getting to read that one...a lot of topics since my last visit.

            pattern review is very 'stick to the topic'. gotta be careful over there.

            i too have found hidden delights throughout the threads. thats what makes this forum different.

            i subscribe to the main discussions that really interest me, so when i am away for a while, i get the email to say new posts are added. Then catch up with the new discussions when i log in.

            Every website forum has moderators, gatherings is no exception. they come out of hiding when absolutey necessary and delete messages etc when they see fit.

            All this is explained in the 'house rules' on the main page. I haven't noticed any posts of late where the comments have been too awful that it has been deleted or whatever.

            i only read what i want to read and what interest me. i get lucky and find 'sidetracked' issues are interesting, sewing chatter that keeps me informed.

            Provided you post topics in the appropriate category then there shouldn't really be a problem. If you have a 'sidetrack' thought start a new post redirecting people to the initial post.

            all's well in the sewing world.


          18. MaryinColorado | | #42

            My 10 yr. old grandson is spending the night, thanks for the idea about the zoo.  It would be fun to take just him and have a special day.  He loves tigers and has a huge collection.  We used to buy them zoo memberships when the kids were little, that way they could go as often as they liked and got news of all the special events.  I don't think they have gone for quite some time.  Great tip!  Mary

          19. Cherrypops | | #43

            looks like you will have your hands full with him?

            we have yearly memberships for Taronga Zoo (sydney) allows entry into Western Plains ( Dubbo New South Wales) and also the zoos in Melbourne and Perth. I had a weekend in Melbourne but no trip to the zoo. Hubby had a work dinner and he took me to see the Great Ocean Road with the 12 apostles - giant rock stacks that rise majestically from the Southern Ocean. http://www.greatoceanrd.org.au/index.asp click on highlights and have a look around the place - victorian coastline.

            There is so much to see and do here in Australia, but i'd still like to go overseas.

          20. Gloriasews | | #52

            Thanks for the website, Anna-Maree.  I am in the midst of reading Bill Bryson's "In A Sunburned Country" and am enjoying it immensely - he has a way with words (lots of laughs), but, more importantly, lots of really interesting information about Australia - an incredibly interesting country!  Unfortunately, I will never be able to go there, but this book is almost like being there - just too bad there weren't pics to go along with it & a better map.  Guess we can't have everything! 

            Glad to know the recent storms didn't affect you & your family.  There are still pics & articles about it in our newspapers (Canada) - bad storms!  Weather seems to becoming stranger all over this planet.  Keep your comments coming.  (I was surprised that this thread has already gone into the archives)!  Maybe there is a limit as to how many postings can go into a thread, as this one could go on forever!

          21. Cherrypops | | #53

            Hi Gloria,

            I'm glad you are enjoying Australia through reading Bill's book. I have glanced through it in bookstores. How is Canada? Canada is one area my husband would love to visit.

            The archives already? It does get down the list as new topics are presented to us or replies keep bringing archived ones up to the top again. I started a discussion called 5'4" and under...... ages ago and it got over 100 hits. it's somewhere down the list.

            I subscribe to a few main ones so discussions don't get lost. the email notification is good.

            A little rain again today, and much cooler also. My son is home from school today (tummy bug). Only has 4 more days and is on 3 weeks holidays. Mid-year we have 3.

            I will have him help me bake cookies during the hols. He loves reading and our library is close, and of course start him sewing.

            I will be doing some more school uniform alterations, the best time is holidays when the clothes aren't being worn.

            Houswork today, I am meeting distant relatives for the first time tomorrow. They live out west (penrith) and are driving over for lunch.

            Keep well.

            * * * When you said The Archives, I looked under The Archives Discussion Thread but didn't find it. It is still where I first placed it "gather for a chat". just a little further down the list.



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            Edited 7/29/2008 4:39 am by Cherrypops

          22. Gloriasews | | #62

            You only have 3 weeks holidays down there?  Our summer school holidays go from the end of June until Labour Day, then 10 days at Christmas & 10 days spring break in March.  Our weather here is nice today - sunny, warm (22C) - perfect for me - I can't stand it when it goes above 25C - then becomes too hot!  Guess it's because we're so used to the cold winters, falls & springs (we only get about 4 months of summer, sometimes a bit more if the spring warms up early & winter arrives later.  So, if you are ever lucky enough to come to Canada (very expensive trip!), do come in the summer.  If you can't stand your winters, you will certainly freeze here during ours! 

            Several years ago, relatives came from Australia for Christmas.  Family here bought them warm winter clothing, but they hated the cold - they left on Dec. 26 to spend the rest of their holiday in Hawaii!  Wimps!!!  We northern folk are a hardy lot (& we're used to plugging in our cars in the winter & driving in snow & ice).  Of course, we have our furnaces going in our homes all winter (& even on chilly days in the summer if it's raining & only 6C outside, just to take the chill off for a few minutes).

            We didn't hear about the toy recall here - good thing you didn't have the wooden ones.

            Hope your family reunion today goes well - you were probably cleaning like mad yesterday, eh?  Take care!


          23. Cherrypops | | #63

            Hi Gloria,

            Our school and holiday times are sure different to yours. My schools began Term 1 in late januaray....there are 4 terms consisting of 9-10wks at school, then, a break of 2-3 between. July is the 3wk break. term 4 closes 13 December. then return to school late january 2008. We do have 'long weekends' throughout the year also.

            I'm happy to say today is sunny! no winds either. really lovely.

            My hubby agrees with you ....i will freeze in Canada. Hawaii does sound Great...lol

            The family reunion went very well. House was clean, cooked lunch, and my son behaved!..lot's of info shared. I have just contacted another cousin in the UK, she is very excited about hearing from me. we are the same age too.

            Trying to keep little one occupied over the hols. I mentioned earlier The Train Shed, we are going tomorrow night. (sat). for thomas train rides. We have tickets to see Disney's Nemo on Ice. looking forward to that. Will spend the time catching up with friends and visits to the local library.

            Hopefully get some sewing done.

            Take care, A-m





          24. Cherrypops | | #64

            Hi Katina,

            At my slow pace I'm probably going to be starting my summer clothes, winter will be gone. If you like, read all the above posts. I've been busy with other things. Family, school, ( gotta get my work resume in this holiday). so i can start working in the preschool before the end of the year.


          25. katina | | #65

            Yes, I'm about to start reading - sounds interesting.

            Have a good weekend.


          26. Gloriasews | | #66

            Yah - your school holidays are really different!  Your son is probably really excited about your planned activities during his holidays - does your hubby also get time off work to join you?

            Good to hear your family visit went well & that you have another cousin to contact (hopefully by e-mail - it's so much faster - but then, I still appreciate real letters, but most letter-writers are SO slow in responding).

            Your hubby would have to plan your trip to Canada for July or August if you don't want to freeze, but we have been noted for freak snowfalls during those months, too, that don't last.  June can be nice, but usually rainy (this month, for sure, with lots of thunderstorms).  September is USUALLY gorgeous with autumn colours & warm temps, but, again, we have had snow & bare trees then, too, during some years - what we can be sure of here is weather happens!

            I finished the Bill Bryson book yesterday & can say I thoroughly enjoyed it!  Your country is very unusual, with an interesting history.  The plants & animals were astounding (that are located nowhere else in the world) & it's unbelievable the amount of outback that has never been surveyed.  Needless to say, the book was a real education in itself!  Now I'll have to read some of his other books.  Too bad this book had no pics to go along with the commentary, but I did see a large picture book at the bookstore (horribly expensive, though) that had pics of everything I read about, so I enjoyed looking through it - I was really pleased to see a photo of the Bungle-Bungles, as I'd never seen one anywhere before).  Will have to look at the library for more - like you, I LOVE the library - I usually take out 10-11 books every 3 weeks & I can order them on-line, so I can just drop of my present books & pick up the others & I'm out of there). 

            Enjoy your holiday adventures!


          27. Cherrypops | | #67

            Hi, I just realised PEI is Prince Edward Island. You are lucky. Being a mad fan of Anne of Green Gables and LM Montgomery, I would love to visit Cavendish.

          28. fabricholic | | #68

            We have something else in common. I love Anne of Green Gables the movies. I just bought the Christmas DVD. I want the first one, when she was little.

          29. Cherrypops | | #69

            have you seen this website? http://www.gpei.ca/greengables/index.php3

            You can go for a virtual tour through Green Gables Home. Click on the different rooms eg: sewing room, on the floor plan. a new screen opens and you can zoom in and out of the room, and using all keyboard arrow keys to 'walk around' 'look up and down' in the rooms. it's good. Has links to show visitors around the area too.


          30. fabricholic | | #70

            The bedrooms are so small. I would suffocate. LOL

          31. Cherrypops | | #71

            Yes they are!

            Probably why Ann spent her days daydreaming, wanting more space. Well she branched out and got the life she wanted.

            Great family story, I have the first dvd. I will try and have thomas sit through it.

            He enjoyed Enid Blyton's The Famous Five dvd's. He must be a historian like me.

            Love the family adventures.

          32. MaryinColorado | | #72

            I just popped in to say "hi".  I went to Steamboat Springs with my brother and some friends.  It's in the mountains a few hundred miles away.  Had a wonderful wonderful time.  Enjoyed camaradarie and the hot spring pools were so therapeutic!  We stayed in a condo with beautiful scenery all around.  Glad to be home tonight. 

             So much to catch up on.  Tomorrow is my pinweaving vest class, dgd is going along.  Then I need to make shams and pillow covers for Mother's bed to match the quilt I made her.  Also want to start on the jean jacket. 

            Can't wait to check out the Green Gables website, thanks.  

            Hope all is well.  Mary

          33. Cherrypops | | #73

            Hi Back!

            Green Gables hey, LOL...another one who enjoys Anne Shirley.

            Lots to do this week for me too. Be back soon, same sewing time, same sewing channel....LOL another tv series...

            Hope you can settle in to get your work finished. glad you loved your time at SS. I will google it.





          34. JanF | | #59

            I haven't read this book - but I have enjoyed his others!
            Of course when u read the bits relating to your own area - you immediately recognise what he's on about!
            Re. keeping track of threads!
            I'm still trying - now going to add this to my chosen threads (I'm sooo slow) just realised I can track it if I add it to my favourites when I have posted this up(notice on the screen - which obviously I have totally ignored all this time!!)
            Next time u post - before u click continue u might see what I mean!

          35. Cherrypops | | #60

            I'm very glad you can keep track of your discussions now. It will be easier for you.

          36. Gloriasews | | #61

            Thanks for the hint, Jan.  I just posted a message on another thread & didn't see yours until now.  Will do that in the future.

          37. Crazy K | | #44

            I've been waiting for a photo of the new hairdo!!  Maybe you could have it taken after your makeup and nail party!  Sounds like fun........do you have room for one more????  LOL  I love those kinds of things with the girls........so much fun!!  I'm not a real girly-girl but I do like to keep my very short hair looking somewhat civil and I do a touch of makeup each morning.  Guess I started that when I worked in an office and the habit just continued.  Now I NEED makeup........I really didn't way back when!! ha ha  As for the nails.....well, that's another story. 

            Have a GREAT time, Mary!


          38. MaryinColorado | | #45

            I am a bit camera shy but will try to get that done this week.  I really need to get back into the sewing routine now that my block is gone.  I lost eight pounds!!!  I am hoping that will help when I start on the sloper.  I want to buy a couple of new bras first so the full bust adjustments will be more accurate.  Have you ever been "fitted" for a bra?  I am considering it. 

            Yesterday I had on a pair of jeans and realized I could take them off without unzipping or unsnapping them!  Oh my goodness!  It was shocking!  Guess that means I really need to do some alterations right now.  I worked as a seamstress in a dry cleaners in my early 20's.  I learned so much, but hated it.  It was in Va./Maryland so there were alot of dress uniforms for servicemen and officers.  It's too bad I didn't get to do more of the actual fitting.  I mostly did the ripping out and stitching.  I should take a fitting class.  Clothes are too expensive to replace these days.


          39. Crazy K | | #46

            Wow!  Congrats on the weight loss!!  That always makes a person feel 'rejuvenated'!!  I have given up on weight loss and just try to get the activity level up to 'tone' a bit.  That doesn't work too well either, I'm afraid!!

            No, I have not been fitted for a bra but my daughter keeps telling me I should try Victoria's Secret.  She isn't large but she won't buy anything else (she waits for their huge semi-annual sales!).   She also got a very large busted friend to try and now she is sold on them, too.  I'm thinking it might be not a bad idea to try.  If you do and have good results, let me know since I think from your description we might be in about the same shape in that department!!  LOL

            Good luck!!


          40. MaryinColorado | | #47

            I've heard good things about V.S., but I would like alot of coverage for a smooth look, especially in knits.  Maybe VS is a good place to start.  I was thinking of going to one of the large department stores.  It would be nice to get someone with alot of knowledge and experience.  I think I will make a few calls first, maybe you need to make an appointment? 

            I guess you can see, I am working on my image.  When I was a nurse, I was so active (and younger) that I stayed in fairly good shape.  Also, had to look professional so I did wear make up and did French manicures and wore my long hair up or in a French braid.  I had an incredible uniform wardrobe that has since been donated.  (Some are now Halloween costumes).

            For several years I was very ill and comfort and cleanliness was all that mattered.  Now I am very physically improved and discovering life again!  Thus, the new image to go with whoever it is I am evolving into.  Mary

          41. Crazy K | | #48

            Sounds like you on well on your way to 'evolving'!!  Too many times as people age they 'let themselves go'.  I guess I try to do my best with what I have to work with!! ha ha  I did the nail thing for a few years but the time and the expense of upkeep got to be too much.  I also found that longer nails are not good for picking up straight pins!!! LOL  Sewing is more important than nails I guess. 

            There is a bra company named Wacoal.  I think they're only sold in better department stores and they also have a website.  They are the ones  that claim that so many women are wearing the wrong size because they've never been fitted.  Oprah is mentioned in their website!! They carry some very sexy ones (I just looked at their site!) but also some in the larger sizes............might want to look.  I just typed in Wacoal bras in my search engine.  That worked.  My daughter says V.S. is the best but then she isn't as buxom as her mother!!!!! ha ha  That may be a place to start.  They have good quality bras and probably much cheaper than the other company.........don't know, haven't checked.

            Anyway.........good luck with the new you!


          42. User avater
            Becky-book | | #49

            Hope this gets to both of you, never tried two at once before!

            About Victoria's bras... see msg 6869.16;  Teaf said that she had a very good experience there.

            Hope this helps,


            PS I wanted this to go to Crazy K also, guess I goofed!

            Edited 6/12/2007 11:27 am ET by Becky-book

          43. Crazy K | | #50

            Thanks!  No, it didn't come straight to me but I saw it!!  I am seriously thinking of giving it a whirl.  My daughter will drag me in there if I don't quit talking about it and just do it!!!!  My biggest concern is the support and the straps.  I have found some Playtex with a 'gel' strap that is so much more comfy than the narrow things that dig in.  It's a joke for me........straps slipping........never.......there is such a groove on my shoulder, they can't go anyway!!!!!!!  LOL

            I guess I need to just go into a store and see what they have. 

            Thanks again for the prompt!!


          44. Cherrypops | | #51

            Hey, glad u found us. I just read your kind words at the other discussion. Enjoy the laughs here and the getting to know us more.

            Unfortunately on this forum you are unable to post to multiple members. It would be easier. I don't like double posting, just hope the other member sees it, which is what crazy k did (saw your msg). I do sometimes post to the second member with a quick 'look above, I included you also'. at least they get the email notification too.

            have fun reading.


          45. Cherrypops | | #85

            Mary do you still have the Volkswagon EOS 2.0T hardtop convertible with sunroof? an do you still love it!

          46. MaryinColorado | | #86

            Oh YES!!!  I am so glad that I have it!  I am really enjoying driving with the top down, especially in the mountains nearby.  We've had record breaking heat waves here so have also had many days when it was actually too hot and I have to use the air conditioning, no change on the gas mileage or the way it handles, plenty of power.  I love this car!  I think I will keep it till the wheels fall off and then will get another VW, there's nothing like them, in my humble opinion.  It's so reliable and a sturdy, comfortable, powerful little car, not just cute.  I get around 24 mpg in heavy traffic and the mountains, and average 31mpg highway, the top was 36 mpg on a long highway trip.  That really helps with gas prices so high and it takes 91 octane which costs a bit more too.  (Have you seen the new Tiquan?  I saw it yesterday, they say it's a cross between a Tiger and an Iguana, interesting concept.)  I'm so impressed with VW, I'll probably never buy anything else.

            I love fairies, well, when I renewed my license plates this year, they actually have PXZ (pixie) on them, I didn't order this, it just happened.  Everyone thinks its Kizmet or something.  Too funny, huh?

          47. Gloriasews | | #87

            Hey, Mary, why don't you post a pic of your cute little car when you post the pic of your cute little puppy in the new harness you're making?  We'd all love to see.  Maybe your hubby can take an action shot of you cruising down the road, top down & hair flying :)


          48. Ralphetta | | #88

            dog, harness, car, hair blowing in the wind....this has all the makings of an episodic adventure for youtube!

          49. Gloriasews | | #91

            Not youtube - we need the adventure here! :)  Some of us live vicariously through other's adventures :)


          50. MaryinColorado | | #90

            Ha ha, funny you should say that.  Trying to take pictures of the puppy gives a whole new meaning to "action shots"!  Waiting to see how they turned out so I can post. 

          51. Gloriasews | | #92

            Good!  We await the action - & we'll all smile.  Hope the pics turn out OK.


          52. JanF | | #89

            Hi Mary - in another vein - i should have known you would be a VW fan! Ive been driving Golfs for a while now - love the power and economy both. My husband is a car freak - had loads of different ones - mostly classic/sporty stuff. We don't need the bigger versions - around these small lanes where I live - it would be OTT. I have decided to keep the current model till the 4wheel drive golf comes out that is supposed to give great economy - and then we will get one - just in time for full retirement!!
            DON'T get me talking about cars - I moan about Pete in the garage all the time - but equally I do love a good performance myself!!

  6. MaryinColorado | | #15

    Great idea for this thread.  I posted Mom's little quilt in the photo gallery.  Can't figure out how to decrease the size, any hints?  No quilt shops in her area so I will have to bind it properly next visit, Walmart didn't have enough quilt binding so had to just stitch on some regular double fold, not happy with the results, oh well.  She decided to use it on the bed instead of as a throw, I would have made it larger.  Now she wants matching pillow covers.  So glad she likes it.  Mary

    1. Cherrypops | | #16

      Hi Mary,

      Love the quilt, gave instructions on how i re-size my photos over there.

      Lucky you a harley ride, and driving topless.....lol....i love them all.

      Jan F gave me the idea of starting this discussion, and i think its a great one as well.

      Working my way through the instruction manual and making a few small designs.

      I've got lots of ideas for xmas, hopefully i can do those.

      Thomas' teacher gave me 4 large bags of fabric from her mother's cupboard. I feel loved, great quality and vintage, retro, great selection of tweeds perfect for now.

      Best get back to the ironing...yuk..

      nice to see you back and glad you enjoyed your time away.


      Edited 7/29/2008 4:34 am by Cherrypops

      1. MaryinColorado | | #17

        Did I tell you about http://www.emblibrary.com?  They have lots of free tutorials and projects that are precise and easily understood.  If you sign up for thier newsletter, you get info about thier specials that are incredible prices.  I love thier designs.  You are going to have so much fun creating beautiful things with your new machine.  Just remember, the same principals apply as in sewing:  the right fresh needle, the right thread, patience.  Nice tight hooping without stretching the fabric takes a bit of practice, the right stabilizer can make all the difference in how the designs stitch out.  Let me know if you need help, I'm no expert but have been machine embroidering several years now.

        My grandson had a Thomas bedroom!  We used to watch the tv show togeather.  I think it is so cool that Ringo Starr of the Beatles is the conductor!  Mary

        1. Cherrypops | | #18

          My Thomas loves Thomas Train, Nanna has done his tracksuit pants with the characters, he has all the dvds, lots of train sets etc, we are hoping to go out west to The Train Shed. http://www.thetrainshed.com.au/ . have a look. it's a fun place. Anna-maree

          1. JanF | | #19

            Oooh - this takes me back to when my kids were little - i thought i'd just click the link to se if it was thomas the Tank engine that i read for ages to my two!!
            Love it!

  7. JanF | | #20

    I watch the program about these bike artistes occassionally!
    Presumeably its the same ones - Father and son doing most of it in US - I think the artwork/design is amazing - but bikes dont interest me per say! - I'm more into cars 'cos Pete has always been a car fanatic since i before I met him!!
    Thats why he's always in the garage!
    So are u a biker family?

    1. Cherrypops | | #21

      Hi Jan,

      We got our table booked for the upcoming fairy lights night at The Train Shed. I haven't told Thomas yet. He will love it, unlimited train rides!!! I will post photos ( i call it the country, perfect sky no street lights, get to see the stars.)

      He's been wanting to go back for a while now and when I got the email about it I jumped at it.

      In July we are going to see "Disney's Nemo on Ice" performance.

      Gosh I take him everywhere, he was the youngest at Dein Perry's "Tap Dogs" show. Loves the dvd, even tries to tapdance with them.

      I prefer cars to bikes, but will look at both. My ex has loved cars, bikes and boats, all the boy toys. I helped him work on the cars engines. We went to the car shows/races. After we separated he started working in the bike industry. Just fascinating to see what parts he makes, how they are built from ground up and of course the art work is amazing.

      My hubby likes cars and planes. Thomas is crazy about cars, trains and planes.

      We take Thomas to the car and plane shows. Just loves it! Thomas had his first helicopter ride, with daddy, late last year at the Airforce Base out west, while I was on holiday at my mum's in queensland. He gives me the nightly phone call saying, " I went on a helicopter today". One up on me!

      We go where we can when we can. Thomas likes Taronga Zoo (not far from home) and the Australian Reptile Park up north. I'm terrified of snakes, but he has this inner peace with them, the animals know it too. He is like that with most animals, maybe he will be a vet. We visited Australia Zoo (steve irwin's home) last March. Stayed with mum and drove up. It was Thomas' 4th birthday present, and his first time on a plane too.

      We try and keep life fun and interesting.





      Edited 7/29/2008 4:35 am by Cherrypops

      1. MaryinColorado | | #23

        I can tell that you are wonderful parents!  There is no greater gift that you can give him!  My son always loved airplanes and now he is a pilot, in school to get his commercial license.  My youngest grandson, 10, also loves animals and wants to be a vetrinarian.   I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I was a tiny girl and did grow up to be one.  You never know where life will take you.

  8. MaryinColorado | | #22

    Thanks for the link, I sent it along to my son.  He and his father in law and my brother are into Harley Davidsons.  They go to shows and rallys, the big one in the states is Sturgis in South Dakota every year.  They tried to talk us into getting a bike, we got the convertible instead!  DH calls it our "Harley", with trunk space, a top for bad weather, and we don't need a trailor for those long distances!  lol  I love riding on them, if money were no object, we'd probably get one.  We did go to a bike rally in the desert in Laughlin, Nevada and met them on the road.  It was interesting and fun!  Also road on a Riverboat which I loved!  We also went to Las Vegas, which dh and I don't care for, cities are not our thing.  Mary

  9. MaryinColorado | | #54

    Did you hear about the recall on "Thomas the Tank" toys?  Some have lead paint, I think it said the company will replace them for you.  (dh said he thinks it is just the red ones)

    Are you making sweatsuits for Thomas?  They are fun and easy to make, really fun to embellish!  What are you working on?  I know you have been busy with school uniforms!  Mary

    1. Cherrypops | | #55

      No I hadn't heard about the recall. I will look into it further. We haven't bought many for a while.

      I do need to make my Thomas more track pants. Nanna made some with embroidered Harold the Helicopter and others but they are now too short.

      I haven't really had a chance to do anything for myself lately. Julie ( tom's teacher) gave me another 3 large bags of fabric. I am sorting that out. Her mum around 80yrs doesn't sew now so I get the goods. Also looking through my vintage patterns from the 40's which will suit the tweeds in the stash.

      With the rain about it's hard to wash and dry the fabric in the sun. being woolens i don't really like using the dryer incase they shrink too much.

      Hope you are able to have your sleep in.


      1. MaryinColorado | | #56

        If his pants fit, except for the lenght, why not cut them off and insert a strip of comparable fabric? 

        Ohhh, you lucky girl to get all those fabrics!  Have fun sifting through them and daydreaming what to make of them! 

        McCall's M4975 is the pattern I will use to make my winter coat this year.  It's a Palmer/Pletsch for faux fur or fleece.  I always make everyone hats, scarves, and mittens with embroidered accents.  Maybe I'll start early this year instead of my last minute Holiday rush.

        1. Cherrypops | | #57

          Yes I do feel special. Daydreaming is about it at the moment!

          I looked at the Trains recall, we are lucky, we didn't start with the wooden ones, we went straight for the metal take along range. they were cheaper and keeps him happy. I sent the note off to my friend her son has lots of the wooden set.

          I guess I could cut off pants at knee just under embroidery and add another piece.

          I've sent Ma balls of wool, so she will knit me another beanie and scarf, cause i don't knit. I really feel the cold. even though it isnt as cold here as you get.

          I see some blue sky peeking through the rain clouds. very windy today again. i wish it would go out to the farms.

          till next time.

          1. MaryinColorado | | #58

            So glad you don't have the recalled toys!  I thought of you right away.  We are enjoying the warm weather even though it is cooler than usual.  The grandkids are swimming alot. 

            The older two are councellors in training at a youth/teen center.  It will go toward volunteer hours when they are ready for college.  Also they can be paid councellors when they get older. 

            Today they sanded, stained, and painted signs in the foothills in an open space area.  Learned what to do if they see Mountain Lions or bears.  A 5 yr. old was recently attacked by a mountain lion there.  Funny, they didn't mention rattle snakes so will have to mention that to the leaders.  Alot of folks have been bitten lately so maybe they can add first aid for it to thier teaching.  Tomorrow they help supervise the younger children at a water park! 

            Allie is getting to do alot of the "office" work and loves it. 

            Gregory swam all day, fell asleep and almost missed cubscouts!  We had them all over for lasagna. 

  10. GailAnn | | #74

    Hello Miss Cherrypops and ALL:

    I just noticed this thread topic this morning, although it seems to have been around several months.

    I am SO HAPPY to be a part of this group!  What an interesting, varied, and accomplished congregation you are!  I appreciate that you share personal, vocational, and recreational aspects of each of your lives. 

    It's almost like I've made 20 new friends in 2 months time! 

    Thank you for lifting me up, broadening my interests, improving my skills, getting me organized, off my 'duff', and encourageing me to try new things.  Gail 

    Edited 10/6/2007 10:27 am ET by GailAnn

    1. Cherrypops | | #75

      Hi Gail,

      Yes this discussion has been around for a while now....just gets pushed to the bottom as new topics come in..

      Rodezzy hadn't seen my picture, so instead of 'spamming' the forum I re-directed her here.

      It's been great to be a part of a 'new family'. I'm glad you are loving this!

      I think the first post ever was in 1999. I did a quick search through all Topics. Some members have been with this forum for many years.

      CherryPops (australia)



      1. Crazy K | | #77

        O.K......let's all sing now........Happy Birthday to you.......Happy Birthday to you......Happy Birthday Dear Cherrypops........Happy Birthday to you.............and many, many more!!!!!!!

        May you have an AWESOME day!!

        Best Wishes,


        1. Cherrypops | | #79

          Hi Kay,

          many thanks for your song!

          It's been a great morning! Read my post above to Rodezzy. Saves typing it again.

          I wish this forum would allow you to reply to more than one person at a time.

          I have stitched out two of emblib designs from my purchase. They look good. I just need to remember to 'jog'. I used the Floriani tearaway...love that stuff. Practice makes perfect. Showed mum last week, and she said i'd done good.

          When i get them all done will post photo.

          plod along with the xmas costumes..they are looking great. Teacher will be impressed.

          Time for an afternoon rest with Thomas. Dvd pick - State Fair or Annie Get Your Gun..he likes both.

          Thanks for singing!





          1. Cherrypops | | #80


            Luckily i'm not 'in the thick of it' the bush, we do have a state forest a short drive away, and that has been on fire many years ago. Yes I will be careful, we have had ash blown in.

            I get emails from sewingpatterns.com. i buy from there. didn't need anything this 'columbus sale'.

            Rain and heat send me to the shops..xmas decroations are filling the shelves.

            I sewed in my dining room, when my son was born I moved out he moved in. We all needed more room, so we moved to a house, and I have my own sewing room.

            Glad to know my words of encouragement are close, i will think of you also when I am overlocking/serging.







        2. MaryinColorado | | #81

          Happy Birthday!!!  Belated but heartfelt!  Mary

          1. Cherrypops | | #82

            Many Thanks Mary!

  11. rodezzy | | #76

    Oh, want a wonderful pic of the two of you.  You are as cute as a button and Thomas is a fine looking young boy.  He looks like he is really glued to his mom (giggle).  Thanks so much for the pic.  It's so nice to see who you are talking to.  I'm going to say Happy Birthday now, just in case I forget tomorrow.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET CHERRYPOPS.

    Here I am:


    1. Cherrypops | | #78

      Hi Rodezzy,

      Your so sweet!

      Its 1pm, It is a lovely day. Shared this morning with some girlfriends, I got vouchers for my fabric store and flowers. Their boys enjoyed playing with Thomas. He is not feeling the best today, so is now in the bath and we will watch a dvd afterwards.

      Thomas has chosen colourful beads for a necklace he wants to make me, with dad's help. They will do that tonight. I haven't started beading, there is a show next weekend so we will all go. Thomas is very creative, and it's ok with me if he wants to start designing beaded fashion.

      Thanks for your pic too. I think CrazyK posted her pic in an earlier message here. She has been a big help to me for all things machine embroidery. And has begun singing for me!! see post above this..

      Thanks again, CherryP

      1. SAAM | | #83

        Hi Cherrypops,I've mostly been lurking lately, but I've enjoyed your posts and following your sewing journey. Your voice brings such good cheer to this site. I, too, would like to wish you a very happy birthday. May you have a wonderful year filled with good times, much happiness, and many completed sewing projects!Sherry

        1. Cherrypops | | #84

          Hi Saam,

          Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them.

          It's nice to see the 'lurkers' come out of hiding once in a while. I take time out to read and catch up after being away at times.

          I will visit Baltimore via Google Earth. Easy travel for me..it's close enough to the real thing, although I have noticed it takes a while to update areas.

          Thanks again Sam,

          Cheers, Cp

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