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Conversational Threads


rodezzy | Posted in General Discussion on

These were my Oct. Challenges.

1.  Make a coat out of the fleece I purchased today.  Got to pick a pattern and buy the notions if needed. Made a jacket instead.

2.  Finish crocheting the coat I started & worked on last night out of Crochet! Magazine  Only have right front, sleeves and hood to do.  (whew!) Never touched it but to move it. (giggle)

3.  Knit the cabled purse I bought yarn for today after practicing and seeing how incredibly easy knitting cables are.  I have a awesome pattern for a cabled sweater that I just love and I promised myself I would learn to cable in order to make that sweater.  It’s beautiful.  I’ll find the pattern and show you guys next time.  Made a ribbed fabric instead. 

4.  Make a list of coat fabric yardage from my stash of coat patterns and start searching for material.  I want a black & white houndstooth.  Making my 2007/08 Fall & Winter Outer Wear gear (giggle).  Check yardage from materials in stash.  Pulled fabric and all coat patterns.  Made none. 

5.  Study Threads Magazines steps for sewing fur and gather materials.  I have some red fox fur I took off a second hand shop jacket I bought last season.  Want to make a purse and winter hat band.  Threads Magazine had a great magazine article on faux fur and fur sewing that’s been sitting by my bedside for the last month.  I look at it and read it, and stare at it, and I’ve GOT to do something! (smile)  That was easy to do.

So my November challenge from this list is:

1.  #2 complete that crocheted coat.

2.  Make some holiday presents.

3.  Have a good Thanksgiving Holiday week off work and enjoy family and friends.

Done in Oct. 2007:  3/4 finished w/black purse, Childs robe, Brown Poncho, five scarves, knitted/crocheted blue poncho, twin sized quilt, Halloween costume, various other projects in photo gallery and other threads, items mentioned above.

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

Edited 10/29/2007 3:31 pm ET by rodezzy


  1. SAAM | | #1

    I've been following the monthly challenges for a while now and have been using them as inspiration to get busy. Now it's time to join officially. Last month, I did make a houndstooth coat for my youngest daughter — Burda 8292. I began altering the pattern for a corset for my eldest and got the lining for a dress for my middle daughter. In November I hope to finish the corset and the dress — especially the dress. My middle daughter has been waiting for it so long she's beginning to think I love her sisters more. It is an autumn brown raw silk with a rayon lining. I'm using Vogue 7362. I've had this pattern forever, it seems. I'm making the view with long sleeves. The pattern doesn't call for lining, but I thought the dress would hang better and would be more comfortable with it.I figure two projects are enough as I am also working on getting my house ready to sell next spring. Sherry

    1. rodezzy | | #5

      That sounds great.  Welcome to the November rush.  I'm looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast with a fried turkey.  Other than that I guess it's work, sew and sew.

  2. MaryinColorado | | #2

    Such a busy girl!  I am so proud of you!  I can't wait to see the red fox made up!  Mary

    1. rodezzy | | #6

      Thank you, and you remembered about that red fox fur.  Yes, that's another project, but it won't be in November.

  3. solosmocker | | #3

    I'll jumpstart my November list. Thanks Rodezzy for getting it going. * I got my two christening gowns done. Yippee!
    * My felted red dogwood bag was mailed out to DD last week! Yippee!
    * Bought patterns, pulled pieces, and cut and ironed the tissues for my next bag blitz for Christmas presents. So that's what I got done in October. Now for November's goals:#1 Make two more felted bags for Xmas gifts.
    #2 Finish current bag in process for DD's MIL. It is the foundation pieced drawstring bag. I have the piecing and quilting all done and now am ready to start construction. This is actually my number one priority.
    #3 Start on a requested Christmas dress for DGD Sophie who is three.
    I don't have a clue what it will be at this point.
    #4 Start some smocking for the future twins. That was actually part of October's goals but here it is again!
    #5 I have a curio cabinet I want to refinish and use to put all our family fotos in. It is quite large. I worked in a furniture store before retiring that went bankrupt. In came the liquidators and I worked for them. We had this beautiful curio that the warehouse had dropped and all the glass sides and front were broken. It sold in the store for 799.00 The case was not harmed at all so I bought it for 50 dollars. I can get the glass for it for about 20.00 locally and I just want it in a different finish. Have to get the things to the consignement store that are now standing in my basement painting area.
    This is one I am really excited about so hope to start soon. There is lots of carving on it so we'll see.
    #6 Make myself a knit top, Simplicity 4076. I think this will be second in priority as I really need some tops and I also want to work out a sloper on knit tops and make more. Once again, thanks Rodezzy for starting this off. It's a tough time of year to get goals done but lets keep motivating each other.

    Edited 10/30/2007 10:58 am ET by solosmocker

    1. rodezzy | | #4

      You are so welcomed.  I just wanted to keep on track myself.  So much to do and so little time. 

      Why do we always start in September for Christmas, having we heard of Christmas in July? (giggle)  The show "Simply Quilts" w/Alex Anderson had a Christmas in July show.  I guess we are too busy having fun in July, me and the grands were in Disney Florida. 

      So your list looks pretty long lady, but I'm sure you will get it done.  That curio was a good deal.  Lucky lady. 

    2. SAAM | | #7

      I admire how you and Rodezzy have such extensive goals for the month. I wish you good luck with them all. I love the pattern you've chosen for your knit top. Which view are you going to make?

      1. susanna | | #8

        Just jumping in here. I figure if I put it in print, I'm more likely to live up to my own challenge. So here goes:

        1. Finish off the red and white chair cushion, and table cover for the Festival of Trees setup I'm doing. By November15th.

        2. Make grocery bags for my coworkers using recycled material. By November 30th.

        3. Stitch together a few Christmas stockings for the bazaar at work. By November 18th.

        4. Make a table topper for the long round table skirt I just made. Maybe in white linen with brown linen border. Maybe with embroidered green leaves on the brown. Maybe with some beading too. I'm sure this will last into winter though.

        5. Make some mittens. Can't find any of my mittens or gloves! ASAP

        6. Continue adding strips to a pink and white quilt for my grandaughter. Long term project, best done in bites.

        7. Plan for December very carefully. Our whole extended family has joined in a One Gift Only (and it has to be homemade) gift exchange this year!


        1. SAAM | | #9

          Wow! What a list. It sounds like you are going to be quite busy. I'll be rooting for you.Sherry

        2. User avater
          VKStitcher | | #11

          Hi Susanna,

          I have found that writing down what I want to do makes it more likely to get done.  You've got quite a list of challenges for November!

          I like that idea of One Gift Only gift exchange.  Although, some of my relatives aren't so crafty, so there's no telling what might turn up!  But some homemade cookies or candy would be nice.  :-)

        3. SAAM | | #14

          Wow, what a list! When you get everything done, you will definitely be ready for the holidays. You'll probably also need a rest. The one gift idea sounds good, makes things more manageable. Good luck with all of your goals.Sherry

          1. solosmocker | | #15

            Yippee!!! finished my drawstring bag today. You have all seen it already as I made an exact duplicate of the one I posted in the gallery. So that will be in the mail tomorrow AM. I am so glad its done. Now on to my top. I will try to cut it out tonight. I did start doing some handwork last night on one of my felted bags. I decided to try the machine blanket stitch and it looked beautiful. I am going to nix some of the handwork and do the blanket stitch by machine. The holiday and twins are looming fast so I have to find all the shortcuts I can that won't sacrifice quality. So things are moving along on this first day of November and what I consider the first day of the "season".

          2. rodezzy | | #16

            Great job.  You are on a roll.

            I haven't started anything except shopping on the 31st. I bought lining fabric.  How about that! 

            Inspired by the tapestry jacket and other lined coats in the various threads, I decided that I would challenge myself to lining some of my coats/jackets. 

            I bought enough plain lining fabric to do three items. 

            One is even a vintage Vogue pattern!!! and I (giggle) will line it....and I also bought Batiste for the underlining and I will be making my own shoulder pads from batting and ........ whew, I'm tired just talking about it. 

            Don't know when I'll start, or if I'll get it done, but I've made the first step, I purchased all of the supplies.  Now let's just see if I do all of that to one coat! (ha ha)

          3. SAAM | | #17

            Hi Rodezzy,Go for it! You are going to have a beautiful coat when you are done and you will be so proud of your accomplishment. The coats you make are already wonderful. This is like putting the icing on the cake. If you get overwhelmed, you can always buy some ready-made shoulder pads to make things a little simpler.Sherry

          4. rodezzy | | #19

            Thanks for your support.  I'm kind of looking forward to the coat project.  This weekend I will have the girls (Dominique and Taiha), so Dominick wants to make the bolero she started last spring.  I'm teaching them to sew.  Taiha says she wants to be a fashion designer and has lots of drawings that I'm saving to show her when she makes it (or not smile).  She doesn't really show much interest in sewing.  But that may change in her later years.  She's only 9 now. 

            However, Dominique does really good and takes her sewing a little more seriously.  I love letting her soak up everything I have to give her in that department and she also asked me to teach her to knit, which I started last spring with her.  She's 11 now. 

            When the weather warmed up, they were gone.  I saw them when I took them to Disney in July.  I haven't seen Dominique but once, so I'm really looking forward to seeing her this weekend.  I'm taking them to a quilt show on Saturday.

          5. solosmocker | | #21

            Kudos to you for passing along those skills to your grands. I remember with great tenderness how my grandmother did the same for me. I thank her every day in my heart and they will you. If you need any help with your lining project just holler. We are here for you.

          6. rodezzy | | #22

            Thanks, I will.  I'm sure I'll get stuck on something (giggle).

          7. SAAM | | #23

            Hi Rodezzy,It's great that you are sharing your skills with the young people in your life. I have a niece who's ten who wants to be a fashion photographer when she grows up. She's been going to sewing camp for the last couple of years since my sister (her mother) doesn't sew much at all. This past spring, I had my niece come to visit from Indianapolis, and she, my youngest daughter, and I had a sewing week. We had so much fun and my niece got to learn some more advanced skills. Later, in summer, my daughter went to visit with my niece and they both went to sewing camp together. My niece made a summer outfit and my daughter made her first jacket (without my help!). I think it's so important to nurture our budding sewists.

          8. rodezzy | | #24

            Oh that was wonderful.  Where are sewing camps held.  I guess I could look it up on the internet.....next week.....almost time for me to go home for the day.

            I'll look it up and maybe my girls would like to go.  Thanks for the info.  Teaching is a joy and I put them right on the sewing machines.  I didn't give out a lot of dos and don't.  I just showed them how to thread the machines, how to guide the fabric and gave them fabric to practice on and one night they decided to make doll pillows without me, and I just let them have at it alone.  I was in the next room of course, but not by their sides.  The machines are manual machines, nothing fancy.  They haven't used my serger yet.  Nothing to worry about.

          9. SAAM | | #27

            My sister found the sewing camp. She's in Indianapolis, I'm in Baltimore, so I'm not sure how she heard about it. It's run by a woman who is now offering "sewing camp" for adults as well — sewing time to work on projects when you might want help from someone more experienced. I think it's a good idea; perhaps we'll get more adults sewing as well and those starting out won't feel like they have to go it alone.

      2. solosmocker | | #10

        I am not near the pattern right now but its the 3/4 sleeve with the surplice V top, shirred side. That latest article in Threads has me convinced that this will be flattering. I am only worried about the length. This first attempt at this pattern is using a cherry red interlock, nice weight, and I am doing it as a muslin. I have done the full bust adjustment to the pattern already but after researching a bit on these tops, it seems my petite length will need a little more tweaking. Once I have this worked out on this attempt, I have a gorgeous metallic 4 way stretch I want to make it in for the holidays. Its a green and black small plaid with flecks of gold, actually pretty subtle. From what I've read this pattern goes together in a couple of hours so gotta finish that bag and squeeze this into the lineup. solo

        Edited 10/31/2007 12:50 pm ET by solosmocker

        1. SAAM | | #13

          Hi Solo,It sounds like you are going to have two beautiful tops. The plaid with gold sounds fabulous, perfect for the holidays. Plus you do such beautiful work, I know they will be smashing. You'll have to post pictures when you get them done.I made a similar top from a Vogue pattern for my daughter several years ago. She requires extensive full bust adjustments (she's an H cup) and I was concerned about how it would look on her. It came out beautifully and the style actually really balanced her proportions.Sherry

    3. Crazy K | | #18

      Well........my October challenge was not to be.........so, I'll try again.  Maintaining at least a bit of sanity is at the very top of the list.  Daughter found a house, placed an offer, had the inspection and..........bad furnace......not just bad, but unsafe.  So, there is a fly in the ointment.  We are hopeful that all can be resolved........as they say, it's only money........of course an expense she didn't plan!  I did make a pair of nice soft lounging pants for my local grandson.  He's staying for the weekend and the pants are a hit! 

      Now.....for my list...... cut out and stitch the apron (it's an easy pattern......why do I procrastinate!)........stitch out the eagle w/flag on a rtw shirt.......make a few lace snowflakes (machine free-standing lace) at least two embroidered bibs for daycare 'grand' babies ......and then there are the grandkids.........what to do for them????  Maybe as I sew the things I have in mind, other ideas will pop into my noggin.......

      As a side note: If the furnace issue is resolved I have two weeks of helping before moving day............hopefully the last two weeks of the month I can be productive!! ha

      1. rodezzy | | #20

        Good luck, hope everything is resolved in a time (not to expensive) manner for your family.  Would love to see pics in the photo gallery when you have a chance to finish.  No hurry.

      2. Crazy K | | #25

        Hey.........two free-standing lace snowflakes done today!  Not much but it is a start.  I have a 5 yr. old grandson here for the weekend (since last night) while his mom is at the Baby Show in Chicago with her wares.  This kid is not one to sit quietly while grandma sews so for me to get TWO snowflakes done with him here is nearly a miracle!  I may try for another one or two tomorrow!!  Yippee!  When I get a set done, I will take a pix and post it..........


        1. SAAM | | #26

          I can't wait to see your snowflakes. What a great way to look forward to winter and the holidays. Are they sewn or crocheted or made by some other technique I haven't thought of?Sherry

          1. Crazy K | | #28

            My snowflakes are machine embroidered.  They are called 'freestanding lace' and done on water soluble stabilizer.  After the stitching is complete, you rinse them in water and let them dry.  They are very pretty.  I made several last year for those 'little something' gifts. 


          2. SAAM | | #29

            The snowflakes sound elegant. Do they retain body when the stabilizer is washed out? It sounds like they would make great gifts.

          3. Crazy K | | #30

            Yes, they do.  The residual effect of the stabilizer keeps them nice and stiff.  I guess if they would go limp one could dip them in a strong liquid starch solution and let them dry..............a bit like the doilies of days past.

            I got two more done today.........hopefully I can get the other two of the set done and get them rinsed, dried and photographed so I can post a pix soon!


          4. SAAM | | #31

            I look forward to seeing them.Sherry

          5. Crazy K | | #32

            Got the first set done......six!  Whew!  Grandson was good and found thing to occupy his time so I could sew a little. 

            See attached photo.  The pictures really doesn't do them justice but I'm not a good photograher!  I tried.  The designs are from Emblibrary's freestanding lace.  I've tried others but didn't have nearly as great results as I do with these.

            Happy Stitching!


          6. SAAM | | #33

            Kay, these are amazing! And so beautiful. It's hard to believe that they are just thread and stabilizer. Fabulous!Sherry

          7. Crazy K | | #34

            Thanks for the kind words.  I don't feel that I can take credit........just sit and watch the machine do its thing!  It is amazing to watch as they're created.

            Happy Stitching!


          8. MaryinColorado | | #35

            They turned out beautifully!  Mary

          9. Crazy K | | #36

            Thank you, Mary!  They're really are a fun project.  I like that they make such nice 'little something' gifts at Christmas time.


          10. rodezzy | | #40

            Sorry I missed that one, those are beautiful.  You know I just got on the computer this late morning.  So, they are embroidery designs created on the machine.

          11. Crazy K | | #41

            Yes, they are.  Aren't they remarkable??  As I watch them stitch out I am in awe at the machine's ability to create such beauty!


          12. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #42

            Oh my, Kay!  These snowflakes are gorgeous!  What kind of thread do you use?  Do you use matching thread for the bobbin, or regular bobbin thread?

            Edited 11/5/2007 3:40 pm ET by VKStitcher

          13. Crazy K | | #43

            Just an update from the Crazy one!  The apron is done, picked up more white thread to do more snowflakes and embroidered designs on a couple hand towels for some 'extra' gifts.  I can't believe it......I'm actually getting things done! Yippee!  Thursday is moving day for DD so I will be busy tomorrow after closing (cleaning....ugh!) and watching grandson.....Thursday I helping keep the little daycare children out of harms way while movers carry out furniture, etc.  Busy......busy.  Grandson is staying for the weekend whle Mom takes her goods to a retail show in Atlanta.

            Picture is of the apron and the two towels.  Enjoy!


          14. solosmocker | | #44

            Well, you are getting those holiday gifts done! Great jobs!I am back from my visit to NH which included a trip to my favorite fabric store. I purchased there some knit for a top, some Malden Mills fleece to make bags and a great cotton. The cotton could make a great bag too. It is very retro and reminds me of the graphics you see in a Doris Day movie. Colors are great too. I am back until I leave Wednesday before Tday for our holiday visiting in Maine. Since DH is traveling until that day also, I hope to sew my brains out and get a lot of my gifts done. Keep those fingers crossed! While at DD's I worked on and embroidered wool bag and that is close to completion. I think I will stockpile my bags and post all my pics at once, a la Rodezzy, (wink;). How is everyone doing on their holiday sewing? Are we making headway?solo

          15. jane4878 | | #45

            I'm finally mobile enough to get some work done.  I cut out and fitted three patterns on the weekend (I copy all my patterns rather than cut the original).  I have cut the fabric for a jacket http://www.burdamode.com/Menswear%2C_Sportswear,1270778-1128998-1003846-1065208,enEN.html for my husband for Christmas.  It looked easy enough for me to tackle.  I do need some advice though.  It's made of black boiled wool--it's a fairly thin boiled wool about the weight of a suiting boucle.  It says to interface the placket--I'm using a self fabric facing.  Do I fuse a fusible to the facing or do I sew in some organza (or neither)?  Fabric Savvy says to not use interfacing at all. What is my best bet?  There's 3 buttons in the placket. The boiled wool jacket I own doesn't seem to have any interfacing, but it's a softer looser fabric than the stuff I'm using.  My DH wants the version with the stand up collar--I was going to face the neck and collar with 100% cotton (a fun black with a bright pattern) and fuse the interfacing to the facing.  Is this OK?  Also, according to Fabric Savvy, I'm supposed to use Stay Tape on the shoulder and armhole seams.  I'm not sure what that is. Would it be OK to use black foldover elastic binding?  I'm not experienced enough to know what to do.  Thanks in advance for your help. 


          16. solosmocker | | #46

            Stay tape is a tape that has no give. It is put in areas that could stretch out and it prevents them from doing so. Some stay tapes are fusible some you sew in while sewing the seam. Personally I save the selvedges from my lighter weight garments and use those. I definitely see a need for these in your shoulder seams amd armscyes and would definitely do that. As far as the interfacing. I am with SB. I think a boiled wool jacket has a certain sweatery type of feel and look and to add interfacing just doesn't work with this look. I am sure there are others who may disagree and I hope they chime in. Can't wait to see this when it is done. solo

          17. jane4878 | | #47

            Thanks, Solo,

            I have some black selvedges kicking around that I can use for the stay tape.  I've also managed to cut out fabric for 2 Armistice blouses for me (mint linen and spring green dupioni).  I'll try and borrow a digital camera to take pictures.  It's a hassle where I live to get film developed--I have to remember to take it in to a city.  Nothing like being off work to get stuff done.  I bought some presser feet for my Pfaff Hobby, so I get to play with the felling foot on those blouses.  My favorite part is the sewing--cutting is the worst.  I've been doing the cutting on the floor (can't stand yet for any length of time) and my poor knees will be grateful when I'm done.:^)

          18. solosmocker | | #48

            Good evening, sewists! I am back from my holiday visiting and got quite a bit done before I left. I finished one bag, a bag that I love so much I may keep it, and also DGD's Christmas outfit. It is a jumper and blouse. Here are the pics. The blouse pattern is Simplicity 3662 and I am not near the jumper pattern right now but it is a basic high yoke, very simple. The bag is out of some wool I hand dyed about ten years ago and have decided to cut into. The applique is orange (!) cashmere ans some silk suiting in the houndstooth. I lined it with and acetate upholstery fabric and love it for lining. The Christmas outfit for DGD is a blouse, Simp 3662, that is a princess seamed child's blouse with the sleeves cut on. It is very easy to do. No setting in sleeves! I piped it with the jumper fabric. The jumper fabric is one of Joanns Christmas 100% cottons, kind of like a pointsettia toile. It was very easy to do. Hope you like. Now I have to start sewing bigtime first thing tomorrow. solo

          19. jane4878 | | #49

            Really cute!  Your grandchildren are so lucky.  The bag is gorgeous too.  I've started on my DH's jacket.  So far, so good.  The buttons for it arrived today.  I ordered pewter buttons from http://ramshornstudio.com.  The buttons are great, nice and heavy.

          20. GailAnn | | #59

            Hi Miss Jane - I checked out the Ramshorn website you recommended.  Say wholesale only.  Will they sell to an individual?  Gail

          21. jane4878 | | #60


            They have a separate area for retail--click on Celtic Jewelry and then Celtic Buttons at the top and all their buttons, not just celtic, are there.  The Rural Life, Horse and Dog jewelry links are all retail as well.  Their Pay Pal link wouldn't work for me, so I just phoned them and they e-mailed me the link.  I think their Pay Pal link is rather fractious--sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I bought the Viking ship buttons and the celtic horse buttons.  I'd like to eventually buy the matching horse earrings and pendant/pin.


          22. user-217847 | | #50

            Good Day solo,

            I love The Bag especially those handles, very striking. The christmas outfit simply stunning, the print on the tunic is lovely. I just love how it all falls together so wonderfully. Your granddaughter will look beautiful. I wait in anticipation for your next project. What about posting your knit tops?

            love wombat

          23. MaryinColorado | | #51

            As always, your work looks so professionally done!  I especially like the inside of that purse, wow.  Your dgd's outfit is adorable, she is so blessed to have such a loving grandma who makes her beautiuful clothes, as you are to have her!  Mary

          24. rodezzy | | #52

            Oh my Goodness, that is the sweetest little dress I've seen in a lifetime.  Soooo beautiful.  I love it.  I could just hug the little sweetie wearing it from first look.  So sweet.

            The bag is wonderful too.  I love the lining w/pockets and such.  So useful and pretty too. 

            Yes, I'm back from vacation.  I'm so glad to get on and see such beautiful work.  I didn't sew a thing!  So you know I have lots of sewing to do now! (giggle)

          25. jane4878 | | #53

            I was roaring along on the jacket until this weekend and it all went to h**l! I was rabid last night--time to WALK AWAY FROM THE SEWING MACHINE!! The first thing was that even though I fitted the pattern on DH, it was too tight over his belly for the overlap for the buttons. He was wiggling and impatiently insisting it fit OK when I tried it on at the beginning...rrrrrrr... Then I tried to put the braid on and I lost it! Nothing would work. I went to bed and got up and picked all the braid off this morning.The jacket will not have braid, I decided. I am going to put in button loops, so there is no overlap in the front and then it will fit. I hope it looks OK when I'm done. I'll be glad to get this done. I also gave up trying to find the right green for the buttons for the spring green blouse and ordered the stuff to make covered buttons. Should have done that in the first place I guess. I won't get it done in time for the Christmas parties I have on Wed. and Sat. now. I guess eventually I'll get my act together.

          26. Crazy K | | #54

            Well, I blew it!  I got the snowflakes and the apron done......but not the rest.  I did change plans from bibs to hooded towels for three little daycare people.......bought the towels.....got them washed........that's as far as it got.  Instead, got DD moved, have been helping her with all the little things in the house that don't work.......or need adjustments.  With housing what it costs today, it makes me wonder WHY people will sell their home acting like everything works in tip-top shape when it doesn't!!!!!!!  ARGH!  So far, DH has cleaned and adjusted the water softener, the furnace has been replaced because the old one was unsafe (read: potential for Carbon monoxide), water heater will be next I'm afraid.......enough hot water for one short shower........max.  And, yes, the house was inspected......that's who found the furnace bad...........not bad enough for the previous owners to have to replace tho.  Washer makes horrid noises...........and on and on........

            Sorry..........I guess I just had to get that off my chest.  So, thanks!  I  feel better now. LOL

            I blew November challenge......maybe I can get most of my things done in December.....before Christmas!!

            Happy Stitching!


          27. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #55

            Well, I didn't quite complete all my November projects, either.  We were out of town for a couple of weekends, but I did manage to get some things accomplished:

             ~ Sew the binding on that Project Linus quilt (the fabric for the binding is washed and waiting to be cut and stitched.)  Done.  And I started crocheting another afghan. ~ Finish a pair of black pants that I started last weekend.  Done. ~ Embroider that set of towels.  Done. ~ Embroider a kitchen towel that my Mom has requested.  I have the design and the thread, just need to sit down at the machine and get it done.  Still yet to be done :-( ~ Make a monogrammed purse for my Mother-in-Law.  Still need to purchase the lining fabric, but I have everything else that I need.  I bought the lining, but have decided to wait until after Christmas to make the purse.  We'll be visiting the in-laws in February, and can take it to her instead of mailing it.  And I'll also make a carrot cake for Father-in-Law, so I'll score points all around!  :-D ~ Make a list of Christmas gifts to make (sewing and baking), and gather the supplies.  Getting done, and I've actually started my Christmas shopping, too!  :-)

          28. GailAnn | | #58

            Madam Solo --  You do have the MOST wonderful 'eye'!  I finally got arround to viewing your bags and Christmas dresses on November Challenge and they are just WONDERFUL!  Gail

          29. solosmocker | | #62

            Thanks so much, GailAnn. It is so kind of you to say so. solo

          30. auntiejean | | #56

            HI Crazy K  I just saw your snowflakes.  they are beautiful.  as an embroidery machine sewer, i would like to know where you bought your designs?  I see you used english netting as a base fabric.  i have some english netting but have not used it yet, any helpful hints? 

          31. Crazy K | | #57

            I bought the designs from Embroidery Library (http://www.emblibrary.com).  It's under free-standing lace.....and I got the snowflake pack.  They stitch out so beautifully.  I used water soluble stabilizer...not English netting.  I use Floriani Wet 'n Gone and have had the best luck with that.  I tried Ultra Solvy but that didn't seem to work as well for me.......altho it did work.  I just didn't like the end result as much.  The Floriani leaves just the right amount of stabilizer in the stitches to give them a nice crisp look.  I use a #11 titanium embroidery needle and sew on an Designer SE.

            The designs were not terribly expensive but I think I got them on sale.  There are six in the pack.  It's fun watching them stitch.

            Have fun with them..........hope this is helpful to you.

            Happy Stitching!Kay

          32. auntiejean | | #61

            Thanks  i have purchased designs from Embroidery.com before and had good luck   Thanks again.  Auntiejean

        2. rodezzy | | #37

          Awesome start for you.  I would love to see pics of them.  How did you make them? 

          I had two grand daughters here with me, 9 and 11 yrs of age.  They kept me busy with a fashion show Sat. night using my old clothes, my sweater coats/jackets, heels and hats.

          Taught them how to embroider their moms names and a heart on some plain stockinet stitched scarves I made in Sept.  I think.  Remember that Red Heart Yarn I was trying to make an afghan with.  I knitted up two panels, one pink and one purple.  I never got any further with that because I had too many issues, well the girls made scarves out of the long panels I had knitted.  I also taught them how to fringe the ends.  They took them home to their moms yesterday evening. 

          It was very simple surface sewing with a large plastic needles.  Just in and out of the holes.  I gave them 1/4 inch tape that is used to mark sewing lines on a quilt to create sewing lines for the names.  Dominique, the 11 yr old learns very fast and did very well.  Taiha had to make several tries at it, but she got it done and was so proud.  I was proud of them both.

          1. Crazy K | | #38

            Hi rodezzy,

            If you go back to 7551.33 you will see the pictures.  They are done on my embroidery machine........rayon embroidery thread both top and bobbin and on water soluble stabilizer.  Then rinsed, dried flat and viola! you have snowflakes.

            Fun, fun, fun!


  4. User avater
    VKStitcher | | #12

    Hi <!----><!---->Rodezzy<!---->,<!----><!----><!---->

    Whew!  I'm out of breath reading the list of everything you did in October.  I didn't finish all my projects, but I came close:

    ~ Finish an afghan for Project Linus.  Done! And another one is started.~ Finish a quilt for Project Linus.  It's quilted, but not quite finished.~ Make a jacket from some tapestry fabric that I recently purchased.  Done!~ Embroider a towel set for a Christmas present.  I already have the embroidery design and thread; just need to purchase the towels.  Need to go shopping for towels...~ Make a list of other Christmas gifts to make, and start collecting the supplies that I'll need.  Right now the list is still in my head...need to put it to paper and make a shopping list.

    I'll be out of town for 2 weekends in November--a trip to Gettysburg, PA to visit family, and to the Outer Banks of NC for husband's half-marathon race.  Fun trips, but it will take a bite out of my sewing time.  We are also hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, but I have the rest of the holiday weekend to sew.  Here are my goals for this month: ~ Sew the binding on that Project Linus quilt (the fabric for the binding is washed and waiting to be cut and stitched.) ~ Finish a pair of black pants that I started last weekend. ~ Embroider that set of towels. ~ Embroider a kitchen towel that my Mom has requested.  I have the design and the thread, just need to sit down at the machine and get it done. ~ Make a monogrammed purse for my Mother-in-Law.  Still need to purchase the lining fabric, but I have everything else that I need. ~ Make a list of Christmas gifts to make (sewing and baking), and gather the supplies.

    That should keep me busy!  The trip to PA will take 5-6 hours, so I'll throw in some hand work or crochet to do in the car.  Happy stitching everyone!

  5. jane4878 | | #39

    Hi everyone,

    I've decided to get back in the saddle and at least start getting back into checking out the discussions.  I had bunion surgery Oct. 24 and it went very well.  Dr. very pleased with the result.  I'm glad I had it done now when I'm not too old and can heal well.  I'll be on crutches for quite awhile.  I've been doing a bit of handsewing and beading.  I didn't quite get my sewing room completely done, so once I can get downstairs I'll bully family members into helping get that finished.  I sent my sewing machine in to be maintained and cleaned since I can't use it right now anyway.  I'm starting to develop cabin fever this week.  I'll start on 2 Burda capes when I can get to it. It's http://www.burdamode.com/Coats%2C_Jackets,1270778-1128998-1003469-1374235,enEN.html I want to do A in marine blue melton for my older daughter and I have some gorgeous charcoal grey Italian boiled wool from Emmaonesock to make C for me.  I've been doing some reading as well--David Coffin's shirt book and I found some of the Bishop method books on e-bay.  I'm really enjoying the downtime though. 

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