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Conversational Threads

O.K. What Are You Guys Sewing for June?

rodezzy | Posted in General Discussion on

June is here and I’ve started some projects.

I am crocheting a top (pics in Knit & Crochet Thread) for an Aug. Dance.

I need to make some stuff for the lazy days of summer.  Chicago has started their summer festivals in the city’s downtown park.  I hope to go to at least one. 

I have a denim jacket that I want to embellish with beads.

Not to mention the quilting projects.  Whew, I had better get busy on those. 

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist


  1. kbalinski | | #1

    Pattern Review's June/July contest is about using the stash, so that's my plan.  Sundresses, pj pants, aprons, anything to lighten the load!

    Question:  Any recommendation for working with oil cloth?  I want to do a water repellent apron for my daughter, so needle & thread recommendations?

    1. rodezzy | | #2

      Ooooh, I've never worked with oil cloth.  Help somebody, I'm at a lose here!  giggle.

      O.K. here I found this site real quick.  It gives a description of oilcloth with answers for needle and thread.



      1. kbalinski | | #4

        Rodezzy, You Rock!  Thanks for the link, it's exactly what I was looking for.

        My little ones love to play in the kitchen sink, but always end up soaking wet.  Maybe this way, they can stay dry!



        1. rodezzy | | #6

          Sounds great.  Yea, that site seemed to have all your answers.  I bet you have fun with them anyway.  Wet or dry...giggle.

  2. sewchris703 | | #3

    My personal goals for June:  I drafted a blouse and skirt.  They are fitted but I still have to cut and sew the linings and finish them.

    Also I started the crocheted lace inserts for a new nightgown.  I need 2-4 of them, depending on whether I want them on the back as well as the front.  And then on to the crocheted beading for the neckline.  I'm using the Edwardian Underthings camisole pattern from Folkwear as the nightgown.  I'm omitting the drawstring at the waist and lengthing it to thigh length on me.  It will be a pull over instead of the buttons down the front.  http://folkwear.com/romantic.html


    1. rodezzy | | #5

      How pretty that nightgown sounds.  I looked at the pattern and it is great!  You are going to feel so rewareded for all of your hard work.  Please send pics when finished.  Are you crochet beading yourself or using an already beaded yarn.  Isn't that incredible that they have yarns that are already beaded?  They cost an arm and a bustle (giggle) but they are yummy.  I don't have any.  I'm waiting to catch some on a really good sale.

      And what pattern are you using for the skirt and blouse?

      Edited 6/4/2008 10:34 am ET by rodezzy

      Edited 6/4/2008 10:53 am ET by rodezzy

      1. sewchris703 | | #7

        I'm crocheting the insertions and the beading, using the directions included in the pattern.  The blouse and skirt are patterns I drafted myself. 


        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #8

          Will finally finish the prom dress today.  I'm not happy with it, but family say it is fine. 

           How do you know when you are being too picky with your work? 

          Then  I'm on to sundresses for myself and my 3 lovelies and pj pants for my nephew.  He wanted some with tractors on them.  Saw it all over the place before christmas, but now when you need it can you find it... walked into a shop and there was a remnant with just enough.....

          1. rodezzy | | #11

            That's great.  Why aren't you pleased with the dress.  I'm sure you did an awesome job. 

            Actually I don't have the true knack for sewing clothes for people.  I can't translate the measurements to cloth.  And with the economy today, I may have to use my sewing and crafts skills for living expenses.  And that's nothing to giggle at! 

          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #15

            It is a Simplicity Jessica McClintock #3878.  Normally I stay away from Simplicity because they "fit small" and usually need a lot of alterations to the pattern to fit a normal healthy body.  Daughter , a busty babe, wanted the whole bodice in satin.  By the time I altered all the bodice pcs, including the overlay pce, I forgot to add extra width to account for the less stretch in the satin.  So the satin doesn't gather over the bust and the gathers are not as neat over the waist.  Was supposed to tack down the overlay along the princess line in the net overlay, but that would not look good in satin.  even with a prick stitch, the satin would pull and shift.  Wanted to hold the folds in place with beads or pearls but daughter said no, it would look ok smooth over bust.  However. she keeps fiddling with folds over waist.  I'm not happy either.  The rest is great.  Just have to adjust top of gown to pull in a bit as gaposis is happening at the top.  She lost weight during rugby season.  I told her not to!  Not sure how to fix it and prom is tomorrow!  ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH

            Edited 6/5/2008 10:47 am ET by ThreadKoe

          3. damascusannie | | #16

            Instead of altering, can you get a hold of some body glue? You heard me right! It's used by dancers, actors, figure skaters, etc to keep costumes from shifting. It was life-saver when the MOH in my daughter's wedding lost 10 pounds when hockey practice started (and she's just a coach!) Instead of having to try an alter a difficult bodice, we just glued the thing in place. It looks like a glue stick and washes out at the end of the day.

          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #17

            I still had to understitch the lining, so I topstitched instead, and ran a narrow bit of just stretched elastic on the inside. It snugged it in a touch, just enough to curve the top of the bodice inwards a bit. I am also putting a waist stay inside to hold everything in place. I used a steamer on the bodice and finger pressed the folds in place and It looks a lot better. Now I know why they put ribbon roses on the front of the dress pattern! I think I'm just too picky. I will post a pic after tomorrow when I figure out how.
            I have seen body tape but not body glue. I will have to see if I can get some just in case.

            Edited 6/5/2008 3:00 pm ET by ThreadKoe

          5. rodezzy | | #20

            You are a sewing wiz lady.  I wish I had money to have people like you sew for me.  Alas, I had better get it together myself. 

          6. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #21

            I can crochet and knit Rodezzy, but not near as fast as you, and I certainly cannot design like you can. The best I can do is an afghan or a fairisle sweater now and again and they take me months to do! I inherited my mom's yarn stash when she passed away, and I have no Idea when or how I will ever work my way through that many balls of afghan wool. Perhaps multistrands on a huge hook?

          7. rodezzy | | #27


            Weekend lapghan.

            I haven't knitted it, but it looks great. 

            And as for doing what I've done, if you can read a crochet pattern, you can make anything.  Then after you follow a few patterns, you'll start making up your own designs.  I'm no miracle worker, I'm just heavy and the average pattern for anything mode of needlework doesn't fit me.  So I make up stuff.


          8. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #30

            Thanks for the link. Looks like a fun knit for a Christmas gift or two.
            Got to check out the rest of that site. Cathy

          9. mede8 | | #22

            I'm sorry to ask such a silly question:  But ...just how (and where) do you get the glue out at the end of the day.  Giggle!  i.e. do you just toss her into the shower ...dress and all ...to get the glue out?  After all,  the dress is glued TO THE GIRL ...right?

            Of course, I'm just kidding ...in a way.  But really ...how DO you remove the glued dress from the person wearing it.  (I'm sitting here laughing as I ask this question!)

          10. damascusannie | | #23

            The glue's good, but not THAT good! We had to periodically re-glue Susie's dress during the dance (water-soluable is sweat-soluble, too!) to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. I tried it too, as my dress wanted to shift and allow my bra to show. Amazing stuff, and it was no problem peeling the dress off at the end of the night. And it does wash right out of the clothing. I almost never dry-clean anything and we just handwashed our dresses in gentle soap and the glue came right out. A quick shower removed the residue that was on me.Annie in Wisconsin, USA
            ~~Doodlestein Designs Quilt Patterns
            ~~Finely Finished: Machine quilting worked on a treadle sewing machine.
            See patterns, quilting, and National sewing machines at: http://community.webshots.com/user/damascusannie

            Edited 6/5/2008 4:40 pm by damascusannie

          11. mede8 | | #25

            Thanks so much for your thoughtful explanation.  I'm going to see if I can find some here in Portland.  It would be great to use to keep my bra straps in place ...and no problem for me as I never sweat.  Well ...not sweating is a problem because it's not healthy not to sweat ...but ...that's the way my body was made for some strange reason.  I suspect it might be different if I lived where it really gets hot.

            Anyway, I'll check on line too, to see if I can find the glue.  And thanks again.

          12. JuLu1945 | | #69

            I use a body glue called "It Stays" It is in a bottle like a roll on deodorant. I get mine from Clotilde.com. I use it to keep my bra straps up and also my socks from sliding down into my Crocs.

          13. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #26

            That really does sound like wonder glue! I have a couple of shifty straps that could use a couple of dabs of that myself. I was wondering myself about how to wash it out Mede8, and probably had a similar visual to yours :) Thanks for the tip Annie, will really look for it here, and if i can't get it, will pick it up on my trip down next week.

          14. Ocrafty1 | | #18

            Our local JoAnn carries 'Hollywood Fashion Tape."  Its aq double sided tape you can use on your body and clothing.  Works great and comes either in pre cut strips or on a roll.  The strips cost about $6.


          15. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #19

            I saw some the last time I was in JoAnns when I visited the outlaws in Vermont. I haven't looked for it here tho. I'll have to see if I can get out tonight for a bit and have a look at the closest Fabricland. Possibly at the local bridal shop. They actually carry a pretty good selection of lingerie supplies and stuff. It's a good thing Daughter fit into my (old) good strapless bra. That sure kept costs down!

          16. Teaf5 | | #31

            Beauty supply stores, salons, and lingerie departments also carry the Hollywood Fashion tape. It really, really works, even for those of us with sensitive skin!

          17. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #32

            Good to know about the sensitive skin part. That's important. Just ushered my beautiful baby out the door to prom. Think I'll go take a little nap now. Cathy

          18. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #51

            Just got back from the outlaws in Vermont.  Managed a quick trip to Joanne's and picked up that tape.  Neat stuff.  Thanks for the tip.  Now I will have some on hand for other times in the future.  Thanks again.  Cathy

            P.S.  Nephew was handsome in shirt and tie.  Didn't realise Grade six graduation was such a huge event.  Just too cute tho.

        2. rodezzy | | #10

          Wow, that's so interesting.  What a beautiful and delicate gown this is going to be.  We will be priviledged to see it.

    2. Ocrafty1 | | #9

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for that link!!  I've been looking for patterns exactly like that for an elderly client who loves to wear vintage clothing.  She loves the lace and netting and has found several vintage pieces for me to repair/alter for her to wear. I was dreading drafting patterns for her.  I've not had formal training in drafting patterns (just what I've learned on my own) and this will be so much simpler.  Can't wait to show her the site!

      I'm still working on that special wedding dress (LOL) Waiting for the client to show up for a fitting...she's late.  I'm gonna have to slow down for a couple of days....cut the end off of my little finger on my left hand 2 days ago...man, is it sore...but gonna be OK.


      Edited 6/5/2008 10:09 am ET by Ocrafty1

      1. rodezzy | | #12

        Oh dear, how did you cut your finger?  Rotary cutter?

      2. GailAnn | | #13


      3. sewchris703 | | #14

        You're welcome.  I've been using Folkwear Patterns for about 30 years now.  They have gone out of business and come back more than once.  At one time Taunton Press owned them.  I first found them at my local fabric store and for a while in the 90s, I bought them from a business that searched for out of print patterns.  Now I order them from the website.  My goal is to eventually own every single one.  Whether or not I ever sew each pattern.  I just love the historical information included in the patterns.  And the fact that , other than sizing them for my body, I don't have to do anything to modernize the fit.


  3. mede8 | | #24

    I'm making sun dresses as pants usually seem to hot to wear when the temperature gets too high.  That said, the fuller pants in a rayon (you know, the pull on kind) feel great with a huge top of the same fabric.  The new sundress pattern I'm making first is McCalls #5658.  My only problem with McCalls is that they are usually cut too large so I have to make sure I start with a smaller pattern.

    I made sun dresses for my daughter last year, but she decided that she no longer wants to wear dresses, so wore them as nightgowns.  Thankfully, I made all of hers in cotton knits.  Chuckle - chuckle!

    Back to fibers:  I've come to the conclusion that I'll only sew with natural fibers anymore as they are so much more comfortable to wear.  My only exception is natural fibers with a bit of lycra.  And ...they really must be easy care.  About the only time I use my iron with any serious intent is when I'm sewing ...nd then I'm dead serious! 

    BTW,  I love all the ideas on this topic.  And your top for line dancing sounds terrific.

    1. rodezzy | | #28

      Sounds like you've got things under control.  I hate ironing too, but I end up doing a lot of it during the summer months.  I don't have money to send jeans to the cleaners and I don't like creases in my jeans.

    2. rodezzy | | #29

      Oh, if you look in the thread for knit and crochet you can see the top in it's basic construction.  Remember, it's not fine tuned yet.

  4. tadochas | | #33

    Jean jackets are always getting embellished.  I would love to know what a fiber artist might do -- I have a degree in art history, and I have seen too much that would have been better undone --  I am sorry to be so blunt -- and then I think I want to find a jacket that is not my best one -- what if it fails -- I still want a pretty jacket to wear


    An aside -- having had -- I have written this before and feel so mortified -- 2 failed back surgeries.  I have gained 20 lbs.  After doing aerobics or running every day for the last 20 years, I cannot stand the sillohetee I create.

    Does anyone know how to take off the lbs.?  My Father suffers from the same thing.  Two replaced knees and he can scarcely walk -- but at least 40lbs.  he is so embarrassed --- I would do anything to make him feel like the handsome man he was without  all this weight.


    1. sewelegant | | #34

      We all know... it's been said again and again... the only way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories than we need for the energy we exert.  Unfortunately that means only about 900 to 1000 calories per day for the sedentary, so in order to not feel so deprived the best advice is to read the labels and seek out the low fat, low sugar foods we enjoy.  I have been struggling with this weight issue for 30 years and knowing it has to be a lifestyle not a quick "diet" fix has finally gotten to me.  In the diabetes education class I went to I found I could count carbohydrates instead of calories and by keeping that below 200 the blood sugar would not go out of control, but, believe me, those carbs add up fast!  Then in order to lose weight too I try to not eat foods high in fat.  This has resulted in a 20# loss in two years, but that's not good enough so I am trying to make myself get a little more choosy.  By the way... whoever said an apple a day should get a star.  It really does help to fill you up in a satisfactory way so makes an excellent midafternoon snack for me.

      If you have access to a pool, that is the way I exercise.  I tread water for 20 minutes to 1/2 hour and it keeps my arthritis at bay.  I did not feel I would be able to keep afloat the length of the pool when I started and now feel a bit deprived and stiff when I don't go.  I like this better than going to a gym and it helps to strengthen the muscles too.  Did I mention toning?  It does that too.

      Now, if I could just lose my "apple" tummy I would be so much happier about sewing for myself!  But we all need clothes and nice fabric makes you feel special so I try to make nice things to wear.

      I noted that you live in Wisconsin.  My daughter who lives in Illinois uses the YMCA pool.  Do you have one near you?


      1. User avater
        ThreadKoe | | #35

        Have posted pics of finished prom dress under Photo Gallery Pretty in Pink Prom Dress if anyone is interested. I promised to post and I have. Cathy

        Edited 6/8/2008 6:01 pm ET by ThreadKoe

    2. rodezzy | | #40

      Well, I am truly a person who feels that "if you like it, I love it." 

      I embellish to my liking...I wear what I like.  I'm not going to say that I love everything I see, I'm just saying, if the person wearing it likes it, "who am I to say it shouldn't be."  If it is in a contest for a prize and I have to judge, I will judge accordingly to what is looked for according to the rules of the contest and what is expected.  Someone has to win, therefore judging is needed.  Outside of that, I think that the old saying is "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

      For your personal jacket, you should probably make some sketches of what you may want to see on your personal jacket.  Having an art history background, you should have a good concept of what you like and don't like to wear on your clothing.  Flip through some applique books, look at some sites with appliques, and sites that sell embellished denim outfits.  Decide what medium you would like to use.  Appliques, hand beading, embroidery, quilting, couching down other fibers and threads, silk ribbon embroidery, etc.  It's a personal choice. 

      Only you can decide what is your flavor for a denim jacket. 

      I am full of ideas, and lots of them are never realized.  Lots of them are.  But, I stay true to myself in the final product.  If I feel too challenged, I abandon the project.  If I feel confident about it, I follow through.  It's up to me.  No one else.  I don't let others challenge me past my own personal challenges.  I'm not embarrased about failure.  It's a part of life and to me, especially now at my age, failure is a normal process in creativity, and life is too short to cry over spilled anything

      So, reach into your own creative heart and soul for your own expression of art to embellish or make your jacket.  That will be the best design.

    3. damascusannie | | #41

      Keep a food diary--it really helps you stay on track with your calories. Be careful when cutting fat, because you can also lose protein. I found that a high-protein, high-fiber diet worked wonders. Lots and lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies. LOTS of water. At least one ounce of water for every two pounds of body weight. I weigh 130, so I need to drink 65 ounces of water a day--that's about half a gallon. That's on top of any other fluids you drink. Eat a good breakfast to jump start your metabolism in the morning. I like a bowl of high-protein cereal, a half-cup of unflavored yogurt "sweetened" with stevia, and some fruit. I'm lactose-intolerant, but can handle yogurt. My reward snack is half a cup of low-fat frozen yogurt with some dark cocoa stirred in and some almonds for crunch. I eat it slowly and make it last as long as possible! Really read your labels and avoid high-fructose corn syrup. It does two things: 1) It suppresses the hormone that tells you that you are full so you feel hungry all the time.
      2) It converts to a fat that your body can't use, so it's very difficult to flush it from your body. You are better off eating sugar than high-fructose corn syrup.I avoid any artificial sweeteners as well--they lead to toxin build-up in the body.

    4. User avater
      ThreadKoe | | #43

      About the jacket. A lot of jacket embellishments are done on another fabric or backing and then applied to the garment. That way it can be saved and re-used again when the garment wears out. It is also a lot easier and lighter to work on than a full garment. Sometimes it is done on the pattern pieced before construction, so if you don't like it, you can replace the piece before you make the garment. Something like nailheads or beads can be temporarily "glued" to see if you like it before you finish. Cathy

  5. jane4878 | | #36

    I'm working on a mint linen Armistice blouse (Folkwear) for me and it's actually going quite well. I've spent a couple of afternoons on it and it's about half done--for me that's a miracle! I screwed up and forgot to add 2" to the length of the vestee that I added to everything else. So it's time for a little creative ruffle adding. I don't have enough left to redo the piece.

    It's been a blue time for me. Last Thursday I found out that my father is suffering from metastatic prostate cancer in his spine and is now on morphine. He's senile and in a nursing home, but he was very happy and content there. He's 2000 miles away and that's always been hard, but now especially so. I've been given time off work and I'll fly east this week to see him. I'm praying he doesn't suffer. Sewing and playing the piano are keeping me sane right now. Maybe I'll bring some sewing with me and weasel my couturier sister into helping me. :^) It'll help keep my mind off things. Sorry to be a downer.

    1. sewchris703 | | #37

      I did the Armistice blouse way back in the 80's (when I only had to size up from the 14 to a 16).  I want to do it again after I'm done with the blouse and skirt.  I'll have to draft it from scratch this time as my body is all over the chart now--pattern size 16 in shoulders, about an 18 in bust and 22 in stomach.  I'm leaning toward turning the back waist gathers into darts and lengthing it so I can wear it outside my pants.  And no waist tie.


      1. jane4878 | | #38

        Chris,They've redrafted the pattern. It's multi-sized from S to XL (or 2XL). It's quite generous sizing too. I find the waist tie a nightmare to turn rightside out (thanks to Fasturn it worked this time). That's a good idea with the darts instead. It's quite a boxy blouse.

        1. sewchris703 | | #39

          That's good to know.  Spending $16-$20 for a duplicate pattern is better than spending a couple of hours redrafting it and making a muslin.  Thanks.


  6. DesignandSew | | #42

    I will be creating the dress in the attached sketch.  I have a nephew who is getting married in August and his mother needs a dress!  I threw the sketch together because I know the styles she likes and her hangups about her body and ta da! The perfect dress for the mother of the groom.  Trust me, she has the looks and body to wear this...she does not look like your typical mother of grown children.  I'm going to NYC next week and will pick up her fabric while I'm there.  Great timing for a trip!

    1. rodezzy | | #44

      Lady you are the one!  That dress is great.  She is going to be so thrilled, and going to New York to buy the fabric, she won't stop talking about this one.  You will have made her the bell of the ball.  I can see that smile on the pictures now, the pride of having her son married and looking her best on his special day.  How wonderful. 

  7. dressed2atee | | #45

    Hello everyone, 

    I'll be working on 2 white 2-pc gowns for June 27; and I have 2 weddings (Sept - three dresses & Oct - ten gowns).

    I hope to get myself a couple of dresses in there somewhere!

    Happy sewing

    1. DesignandSew | | #46

      I'm afraid to do the math on the hours of sewing to hours until wedding day minus sleep time.  Do you do anything other than sew:)

      1. dressed2atee | | #47

        I don't even want to think about it.

        Believe it or not I work full time---I have every other Monday off and when it falls on a holiday I get an extra day.

        I usually do some sewing everyday...try not to do any on Sundays.  When you make the same dress over and over, it gets easy.

        I'm going to Vegas for a week in August so I want to at least have the Sept dresses finished completely before I go, and the Oct ones fitted and waiting for last minute things.

        anyone from Vegas logged on!




    2. rodezzy | | #48

      That sounds beautiful.  How wonderful to make something so lucious and beautiful as a wedding gown.  I know that they will be great.  I hear the thrill in your voice.  I can't even fathon doing that much sewing, I'm sweating at the thought.  (giggle)

      Thank goodness for talented folk like yourself.  Happy sewing.

      1. User avater
        purduemom | | #60

        I have been following the progress of everyone's June projects. What an industrious, creative group you are.  I look forward to checking out your pictures.  Once school finished and I returned from our end-of-year D.C. trip, I was desperately in need of some quality creative time.  I placed 4 projects on my June list:  1)  Indiana Spiral wall quilt for my classroom.  2) Fibonacci sequence wall quilt for my classroom.  3)  New school tote.  4) State Fair wool contest suit.

        #1 and #2  My algebra classroom is screaming for new decor and I have had fun selecting designs with mathematical inspiration. I have posted a picture of the Indiana Puzzle (logarithmic spiral) in the photo gallery.  I figure if I add a small card explaining the mathematics going on in the quilt, my students might realize there is more to math than just a bunch of number and letters!  Next up is Fibonacci.

        #3  The fabric was purchased back in March...I finished it (see photo gallery) this morning!  I wasn't sure how I wanted to attach the straps - I really wanted to try to make it work with supplies I already had.  Amazing how there seems to be a boost of creativity at 2:00 in the morning.  Using large buttonholes, I created a kind of fabric buckle and am quite happy with the way it went together.  It almost makes me ready to get back to school.  Oh, surely I didn't mean that; must be the sleep derivation talking!

        #4  Skirt is waiting for lining and zipper.  It is BWOF 10-2006-106 and I love the fit.  Jacket, a great yellow and gray houndstooth from Novi last year is waiting to be cut out. 





        1. rodezzy | | #61

          Wow, you are making up for lost time, I'd heading over to see the pics in the photo gallery.  Your work sounds divine. 

          I must have moved to soon, nothing there.  Anyway, I'm looking forward to both the quilts especially the one with the math.  giggle

          Edited 6/25/2008 3:53 pm ET by rodezzy

        2. Gloriasews | | #62

          I'm dying to see your wall hangings, but I don't see them in the Photo Gallery.  When did you post them?  What an industrious woman you are!  Enjoy your summer.


          1. User avater
            purduemom | | #63

            Whoops, easily distracted...dogs wanted out as I finished typing so I let them out.  While out there, I decided to finish vacuuming the pool.  After about an hour I realized I had never posted the pictures.  Ah, so goes another crazy summer day.  Luckily, DH was not too hungry when he came home as I decided to post pictures before putting dinner in the oven.  I am blessed to have a guy who appreciates my creativity and the quirkiness that goes along with it!


          2. Gloriasews | | #64

            You've got that middle-age ADD, eh?  You start one thing, see something else that needs doing, do it, see again something else, etc., etc., etc. - & then you're tired by the end of the day, can't figure out why, & realize you didn't do the first thing that you'd planned :).  I looked at your pictures & left a comment on that thread.  You have, indeed, a great husband who is understanding.   He's a keeper. 

            What colour will you do your daughter's bag?  When everyone sees them, you'll probably be making a bunch at Christmas.  Happy sewing!


        3. sewchris703 | | #65

          Now I'm jealous.  The crocheted inserts are done on my nightgown and the neck beading is about half crocheted.  I can't finish it until I cut out and sew the nightgown.  And I'm using all my will power to not do that until I finish my top and skirt for the wedding (July 12th).  But life (aka work) has been getting in the way.  The top and lining have been sewn.  I need to sew them together, line the sleeves and attach them to the top.  The skirt is not cut out but I do have the lining bought.  Instead, I have put buttons and buttonholes in 32 Holbein shirts; made uncounted 15th C. hose, Thorsberg Trousers, and Anglo Saxon Trousers, Anglo Saxon tunics, some early gowns, and several 15th C. gowns.  As well as having to sew bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and flower girl gowns at home for the bridal shop.  Oh, and 6 more cloth diapers for my granddaughter because my son-in-law didn't pack enough for their week long visit.  I'm going to have to take one or 2 days off from work so I can sew for myself.


          1. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #66

            That "work" thing always gets in the way, doesn't it!  In spite of it, you've been quite productive!  :-)  I can't say the same for myself, although I have completed a knit top this month.  This weekend I plan to make the coordinating capri pants so I'll have at least one new outfit to take on vacation next month.

          2. sewchris703 | | #67

            Fortunately, I love my work.  I get to sew historical clothing and special occasion clothing which I love and I get paid to do it.  I get to have my cake and eat it too.  But it can lead to little time to sew for myself.


          3. User avater
            purduemom | | #68

            Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see the nightgown. Victorian white 'pretties' are one of my favorite vintage garments. In our bedroom, 'Maggie' is wearing a full length white eyelet Victorian gown with some type of lace that looks like a combination of tatting and needle weaving. One of my favorite blouses from my middle school years was a white gauze peasant blouse with a crocheted inset around the neck and little crocheted sleeves.  I have always wanted to recreate it but do not have the skills to create my own crochet pattern.  Maybe one of the Folkwear patterns would work. 

            Are cloth diapers making a comeback!!! Kudos to your daughter. I have been out of the baby business for a few years (my youngest is 20). I would be curious to hear how you make them.


          4. sewchris703 | | #70

            The nightgown will be pink gauze with black crocheted lace when it's don.

            I adapted an old diaper cover pattern from the 70's (I think; the price was $1.15) to make the diapers contoured.  I lengthened the back flaps, sewed elastic to the leg openings and the back, added Velcro.  There are 6 layers in the crotch area, white flannel lining and fun flannel prints on the outside.  I also made some with cotton knit that worked out quite well.  I'll see if we can get some pictures of my granddaughter wearing them next time they visit.  I first made them for my son when he was born, 10 years ago.   Cloth diapers are making a comeback but not as the prefolds that I first used 30 years ago.  They are more like disposibles.  http://messageboards.ivillage.com/iv-ppdiapers


  8. User avater
    VKStitcher | | #49

    Hi Rodezzy!

    Can I jump in now, even though it's the middle of the month?  We've had house guests for 3 weekends starting with Memorial Day, so I've been busy with things other than sewing!  But I have managed to buy a pattern for capri pants (McCalls 4844), and get the fabric washed for the pants and coordinating top (Stretch & Sew 324-View C)  I hope to at least get the top cut out this weekend, and start sewing them next week.  It will be a challenge to get both pieces completed before the end of the month, but that's my goal for June.

    1. rodezzy | | #52

      Any time is a good time to sew.  Jump right in and make those beautiful capri's.  I know they are going to be awesome.  Like that splice wrap top too!

      Edited 6/16/2008 11:49 am ET by rodezzy

      1. jane4878 | | #53

        Back in the saddle again.  My dad was in way better shape then I'd been lead to believe.  He didn't recognize me at first and later I explained to him that I had eye surgery so I didn't have to wear glasses anymore, he burst out: "Oh, that's why I didn't recognize you! You don't wear glasses anymore."  He's way more on the bit then we give him credit for :>) 

        However, I came home to a total pigsty.  I was really angry at my kids for not cleaning anything.  My husband put a second light in my sewing room/office over the sewing machine.  It's GREAT...I was having a hard time seeing with the ceiling light behind me.  I'm finally getting everything cleaned up, so I can start sewing again.  My husband doesn't back me with the kids' discipline, so they don't do anything.  I'm working so I can't get at them to make them do a decent job. 

        I went hunting around Ottawa for fabric shops.  My sister wouldn't drive me to very many places--it was a very frustrating trip.  Next time I'm renting a car and staying in a hotel!  All of them have closed or only sell decorating crap--virtually NO fabric.  One place had a ton of beautiful decorating and some fashion fabric.  Very expensive.  Exquisite trim and hand beaded lace.  They had the most amazing gold/tan coloured lace that was so heavily beaded it weighed down like chain mail, but felt like silk on the skin.  Over $200/m.  I bought a remnant and some on sale poly charmeuse to make those Thread's crinkled shawls for my DD's.  Obviously no one sews and the rich have gowns and suits made for them from very top quality fabric. I won't complain about what we have locally!


        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #54

          Hi Jane,

          You must have been into C&M Textile. They have fabulous stuff.  Too bad I didn't know you were here. I would have loved to meet you and taken you around!  Next time you head east, let me know and I will take you around to the few places we have left.  Rockland Textile would have been one you would have liked.  Most of  the better stores are gone but there are a few spread here and there.  Depends on what you are looking for.  Cathy

          1. jane4878 | | #56

            I think you're right, Cathy.  I was reliant on my sister and things were rather tense. I plan to head back with the hubby and I'll let you know.  That would be fun--I'll have to ditch the DH first :^)  If I had my own vehicle I could have gone to Cornwall as well--I think they have more stores.  My sister near Cornwall had a wedding to attend when I was there.

            I was just scoping around for a cheap plaid cotton, poly cotton that involved either pink or purple.  Nothing urgent, my youngest starts Highland Dancing this fall and eventually she'll need an Aboyne dress.  I ended up finding some lovely poly/viscose tartans at Marshall's in Lethbridge.  Dirt cheap--the stuff is $30/m from scotwebstore.com.  Anyway they had this scary looking purply burgundy and orange-red plaid with black, pale yellow and royal blue for $6/m.  I bought some and told my DH I was going to make him a leisure suit out of it ala Herb Tarleck from "WKRP".  The little one LOVES it of course--has the prerequisite purple!  They also had Nova Scotia, Black Watch, Thompson's camel (close to Burberry) and the Maple Leaf tartan.  I bought some of the latter to make a scrub top for Robbie Burns day.  Might go back and get some Black Watch.  The "real" tartans were $13.  I'll post a pic of the scary tartan.

          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #58

            OH BOY, A shopping trip with a new friend, YAY! Yes, there are 2 really nice places I know of in Cornwall. One is an outlet and deals in a lot of good quality cottons. I wish we still had our Marshall's. I used to work at Riopelle (a few yrs back) and dearly miss it. Another nice place for wools and wool blends is on Moody drive in Bells Corners (the Other BC for us in Ottawa) It looks like a sewing machine store from the outside. I shall compile a complete list for you with directions anyhow. The other Really Pricey Place is Darryl Thomas on Bank St. Really nice stuff. Cathy

            Edited 6/24/2008 3:37 pm ET by ThreadKoe

          3. jane4878 | | #59

            Thanks, Cathy. That would be a blast.

          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #81

            for your info here is a link to a shop in Cornwall. http://ccfashion.com Cross Country Fabrics. Although you may know it as Ron's Fabrics. This is the wholesale site, but you can shop retail there when you go to Cornwall. Cathy

          5. jane4878 | | #71

            As promised the scary tartan...Jane

          6. jane4878 | | #72

            Let's see if I can figure out how to attach this.

          7. rodezzy | | #73

            You got it.  Thanks for sharing, great fabric.

          8. jane4878 | | #76

            Thanks, it would make a hideous suit. It'll be cute gathered up into a skirt. My Threads' wraps are drying very slowly. One is still quite damp after 2 days. It's definitely not a last minute thing to whip up.

          9. jane4878 | | #77

            Well I'll be shifting everything into July as well. I get to have FUN this weekend. We're going to another city to a party held by the travel agent who came with us to Tunisia. All his past clients are invited. We have the 2 DD's with us and we're staying where there's a huge water slide. Fun for all ages! It's great to finish June on a high note.Don't know what I'll do for Canada Day (July 1). Have to stay up for the fireworks of course.To all of you--have a fun summer. Also, you're all amazing--such beautiful creations. You keep me inspired to keep chugging along with my sewing.

          10. rodezzy | | #78

            A pleated skirt on a very young girl would be aweful cute. 

          11. sewchris703 | | #80

            My 3rd dd would love to have a pair of hideous golf shorts out that plaid.


          12. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #74

            LOL, just lovely, actually, I kinda like the colours, don't know what I would make from it, but it is FUN. Cathy

          13. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #75

            I think I have given up on sewing June's projects. I am going to put them under JULY. Daughter's graduation is DONE! Her aim was to graduate on the Honour Roll. She did better and Graduated an Ontario Scholar! Mom and Dad are pretty proud. Not too shabby for a kid with a learning disability who put her mind to a goal. Cathy

          14. Ralphetta | | #79

            Your fabric reminds me of a favorite skirt I had. It was an A-line with a C front seam. The plaid chevroned down the front. I'd still be wearing it, but I'm too fat.

        2. rodezzy | | #55

          Welcome back to the world of sewing.  Looking forward to seeing those crinkle shawls.

          1. jane4878 | | #57

            Thanks, Rodezzy.  I might try that tonight--they look quite easy to make.

  9. kbalinski | | #50

    First project finished, and posted to the Photo Gallery, "Little Girls Sundress".

    Next project: Men's dress shirt


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