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kayrosie | Posted in General Discussion on

Well I am about done with the bridesmaid dresses and of course, one would not work, and it would be my own daughter.  I had the top about done, and wham, it won’t fit. I measured and all. But I made it longer and when I did that it makes the back look like it has tails.  Thank goodness I have enough material to make a new top.  I will cut out a new one and make it just like the pattern.  I was bummed. I had it ready for final fitting.  Anybody have any ideas why this happened.  I guess you can’t length it and make it look good.  It just would not work.

The pattern number Simplicity 7219 and it is the one that has the little cap sleeves.


  1. jjgg | | #1

    Where and how much extra length did you add to the top? and is that all you did to it? How long are you trying to make the top? (where on the hips do you want it to hit) What didn't fit? Its a cute pattern, what color are the bridesmaid dresses?

    Edited 3/7/2007 2:17 pm ET by jjgg

    1. kayrosie | | #2

      we cut it apart where it said to and added like 4 inches, so it would hit right at the hip, well when we did that we should have enlarged it around a little i think also. It just does not lay right.  I think it will look alot better just cut the way the pattern is and it will lay good and no problems. That is my hope anyway.  I might allow a little on the sides of the back since that is where the problem seems to be. Has button and buttonholes for th closure. 

      They are choc. brown.

      1. Josefly | | #4

        Well, one of nine isn't bad in my opinion. Or I should say 8 of 9 is great! But I sympathise - all that work, and then to do it over! I think if you lengthened the bodice on the lengthening lines, instead of at the bottom, you're right, it would also need to be widened. Four inches down further on the hips would be wider than the high-hip length the pattern shows, for most people. I can imagine that you lengthened it where you did in order to preserve the scallop pattern at the hem. But I think you would have to lengthen from the bottom, continuing the flare at the side seams and maybe at the bottom of the vertical darts, too, to just skim the hips. If you lengthen and widen, you'd have to re-draft that scalloped hemline and the facing for it too, if there is a facing. I think the high-hip length is very flattering, but some people feel better with a longer length. Good luck with whatever you decide. Eager to see photos of all the girls with their dresses on. The chocolate brown is elegant - my daughter was in a wedding last June and the bridesmaids all wore that color - gorgeous!

        1. kayrosie | | #5

          I guess I didn't think about widing the bottom since we were lengthing where they told us too.  Well anyway, for my one daughters which is a different pattern but the same thing happened, I put in a gusset at the side seams. Nobody will ever notice, making it shorter then so it does not stick out and look funny, the other one for my other daughter I am just making another one.  It has the scallops one the bottom and I had it all lined and everything.  Won't take long though.  I am sure it will turn out all right.  I will send pictures when I get them all done, and then I will send pictures when they are on the girls. It has been a fun project and I really like doing it.  Just wish I was a little bit better at fitting them perfect.  They do look good though.  Thanks to all of you for all your advise and help.


          1. jjgg | | #6

            What Josefly said is correct, adding 4 inches is a lot to add and if you didn't widen it for the flair of the hips you were just extending down the narrow waist area. The "lengthen /shorten here' marks are usually for small differences such as moving the waistline up or down 1/2 inch or so. adding 4 inches you have to concider what part of the body this fabric has to go around.
            Good luck with your sewing, and have a great wedding (who is getting married?)

          2. kayrosie | | #7

            Our son is gettting married, and I am making nine dresses.  5 bridesmaid, 2 junior bridesmaid and two flower girl.  I have them about done and ready to go to cleaners for a good press job.

            I was having trouble with the one. I think I might have fixed it yesterday.  I took the dart out of the back and hopefully that will fit.  Will see.  I will send pic. when I get all done.

          3. HeartFire2 | | #8

            Hi, (I'mm jjgg on a different computer)
            Congratulations on your sons upcomming wedding, I'm sure all the dresses will turn out beautifully

  2. User avater
    blondie2sew | | #3

    Wow Kayrosie,I have been missing you..you have been busy busy lady!! Thanks for updating us all on your coming to the finish line!I know we got to see proto types way back when like before Christmas do we get to see a real deal?Can't wait to hear moreBlondie aka Connie

    1. kayrosie | | #9

      I will try add some pic tonight when I get home from work. If I can remembre how to do them.  I have one bridesmaid dress done and pic. taken of her in it. I have them all about done but she has been the only one home to try it on.  I will send a pic. of the flower girl dresses and juniior bridesmaid before I did the final fitting so they are still big. I will have pic. of them next week.

      They all turned out good. I am worried about the little things like a slip up of the rolled hem on one or two of the them.  NOt perfect but who is going to inspect the hems.  They will walk down and go by you they won't notice the hem.  Be lucky if they don't trip.  HAHAH

      This has been the most fun project I hve done.  I have did it with love and I am so glad she let me do it for her.  I have not been stressed well maybe a little.  Thanks for all your help everybody and your patients with me in listening.


      1. User avater
        blondie2sew | | #10

        I can't wait to see them I will check in to see..And you know we are, Are own worst critique!! You are right know one will know about the rolled hem..I don't think I have ever had a totally perfect rolled hem..I aspire for that it is different with different materials!!Projects are fun when you are stretched a bit out of your comfort zone and I call that a good stress...so no worries!! That was a positive stress..What a statement don't you think!! ha ha haBlondie

        1. kayrosie | | #11

          I am trying to figure out how to do the pic.

          So if I can finally get this one pic. to go. The first pic. i sent of bridesmaid dress was before I took it a little. The next pic. is when I have taken it in a little. Don't you think it looks better.  I have not had them pressed good either. That will make a big difference.  I know my worse critic.  The other one is the flower girl dress. I think it has turned out very good.  Cute isn't it.


          1. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #13

            Hey Kayrosie,I got two pics posted and one is of the dress I don't know which one it is as I didn't have anything to compare..but the flower girl dress is posted and what a beautiful dress that lil girl will feel like a chocolate princess!!I love the bridesmaid dress is wonderful too!! You did good posting but as you see only 2 got posted..Give yourself a huge pat on the back job well deserving of many applause!!Blondie

          2. kayrosie | | #14

            okay did this work.

          3. kayrosie | | #15

            nope will try again


          4. kayrosie | | #16

            okay lets see if I got the right one now.


          5. Josefly | | #17

            That is a beautiful shade of brown. I can't tell you how much I admire you for your willingness to take on such a huge project. I'm sure I would have freaked out long ago!The flower-girl dress is so sweet. Are those fabric "flower petals" in the hem of the tulle? What princesses those girls will be!Have fun at the wedding, and I'll be looking for more pictures. Thank you so much for sharing these with us.

          6. kayrosie | | #19

            Yes they are flower petals in the hem.  It was supposed to have 6 layers of tulle on the top of the dress but we wanted to put in the flowers around the bottom like we had seen at a store.  So we had to figure out how to do.  I had the time of it. Had to make sure we bought the right width of tulle first.  Because it needed to be wide enough to fold it and then go clear around the skirt in one seam in the back.  The first was a joke. I had the wrong size, thought we figured it out but would not work. The dress ended up inside the tulle.  You definetly learn from all your trys.  It is working out good. I pressed them some last night seeing if I could get by having them done.  But going to take to cleaners and have them pressed and some just steamed.  I do not want a large crease in the one that is on the bias  It is just supposed to float and roll down.  Will see how I do.  I am looking forward to the wedding and all the pic.  It is always a let down after it is over though. What will I have to do. 

            I told my granddaughter no dress for easter this year made by grandma.  She pouted.  So who knows maybe I will get busy and get her one done. Will the first time in 12 years that I have not made one for her. SPOILED.  She loves them.  Grandchildren are to be spoiled I guess.

            I don't know why I can't get the other picture to download.  I have tried it several times.  I did a different way it still gets hung up.  I even left it working when I was pressing the dresses thinking I was not giving it enough time but no it didn't go.  I have deleted it reloaded it and all. Who knows. Will take another one this weekend and try again.  Thanks for your kind comments.  I missed my calling I think. I would love to sew and make bridal party things.  But so many girls like to go buy.  Not much of a market unless they are your children. 

          7. kayrosie | | #20

            Okay I think I got this to work now. This is the dress after I had altered. Do you think it looks better than it did before. She likes the way it fits better.  

          8. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #21

            Yes to answer your question!! it looks like it really is tailored made just for her..oh yeah that is because it is! Great job! Thanks for being patient with posting the pics and not giving up!! All of us get to benefit for your perseverance!!Blondie

          9. kayrosie | | #23

            Thank you for hanging in with me.  I finally got it from a friend of mine that I sent it to.  Glad you liked  it I am thinking I might take it in a little more.  It seems to still be a little big on her right in the middle. Will try it on her again this weekend.  My other daughter will try hers on and then I will finish it.  My goal is to get them to the cleaners and get them back next week. I will be all done with them and that will be off my mind.

            Now I am trying to figure out something to put in the out of town quests bags that you are to do.  I have some Avon stuff and will get some other little stuff I guess.


          10. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #24

            Not that you don't have anything else to do with your time,but I have a suggestion....if you have any left over lace or fabrics and such why don't you get some wonderful smellie stuff and make some sachets for your little gifts...(by the way I didn't have a clue until you mentioned the etiquette of out of town guests with the bags) Well I learn something new everyday!! Now I know..I hope I didn't offend any of my out of town guests almost 20 years ago I didn't do that..But what a wonderful thing to do!!Hope my tid bit will get some more creativeness flowing.Blondie

          11. kayrosie | | #25

            That is a wonderful idea I thank you for thinking of it.  I might be able to whip up some of them by the time of the wedding if I start now.  Like I could make little pillow satchets or something.  Thanks.  So far I have little Avon bottles lotion, shower gel, shower gel for men and women both, and then my boss and I fixed little tablets of paper up.  We had some like construction paper that had been cut in 3 by 10 pieces made little books up with them. They can use them for messages or just something to write on when at the motel or when needing some paper at home.  I have tried to  think of something else and you just helped me.  Thanks again.


          12. flossie | | #26

            Kayrosie, when do you find time to sleep! I think you are a very warm and generous person and your family are very lucky to have you.

            I am sure the wedding party are going to look absolutely beautiful and like everyone else I am looking forward to the photos. Will you be making your own outfit as well?

            Best wishes Pauline

          13. kayrosie | | #27

            No I have had my dress for several months. I didnot do that. 

            My daughter got it a store that she works for.

            It is nice and I like it.

            I am sure the wedding party is going to look very good to me.  I will be very proud of them and I enjoyed doing them.


          14. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #28

            No Problem...I just thought that would be a great touch for the memories of the wedding..You are more than welcome! Just don't curse me if you dive into it and you think why did I do another project..ha ha ha! But the simple ideas of little pillows shouldn't be too bad..corral others to help you sew them shut and fill them and such!! Isn't that is what we are all here for is to make more work for us all ha ha ha..NO just kidding the great ideas when you think you don't have any left..especially when you just finished that incredible project of all those dresses no wonder you need a bit of us to get those creative thoughts going again...Lots of smiles to you!!Blondie

          15. kayrosie | | #29

            I am going to start looking for stuff to use tomm.  I can surely get some of them made this weekend.  Should be a simple task.  Hahaha

          16. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #30

            Cool make sure you post those little gems too so we can see your creations!!Blondie

          17. kayrosie | | #31

            Will do. I am working on them today.


          18. MaryinColorado | | #22

            Wow!  You really accomplished alot making all those formals!  I do think the bridesmaid dress looks better after the final alteration.  I love the chocolate brown!  The flower girl dress is adorable!  Pat yourself on the back!!!  I am so impressed!  It has been a mission of love the bride will always appreciate and remember from you.  Mary

          19. kayrosie | | #32

            Okay I am going to try and attach some pictures

          20. kayrosie | | #33

            okay that did not work let me try something again


          21. kayrosie | | #34



          22. MaryinColorado | | #35

            How beautiful!!!  Congratulations!!!  Looks like all your efforts paid off, they look excellent.  I like the variety of styles used, they are all lovely.  Mary

          23. fabricholic | | #36

            All of the ladies look gorgeous. Wow, the dresses look great on them. I know you are happy. I think it is wonderful how much you enjoyed this and, in my opinion, it was a huge undertaking. I could never pull it off. Thank you for sharing this experience and the pictures.Marcy

          24. flossie | | #37

            You should be very proud of yourself  - a wonderful job. They all look lovely - the colours are beautiful and create a very elegant appearance.

            Happy Easter

            Regards Pauline

          25. kayrosie | | #38

            I tried to get more pictures on but the dumb thing will not cooperate.  Oh well, I will try later.


          26. kayrosie | | #39

            okay now I got four to load.  these are all the dresses that I made for the wedding. I think they turned out good. 

          27. Josefly | | #40

            What a beautiful wedding! Thank you for the photos, and congratulations on a job well done, and still sane. :>)

          28. SAAM | | #41

            Hi Kayrosie,I've been following your journey with these dresses and just want to tell you that they came out beautifully. I was particularly interested because I was doing the same thing last year. I only made three bridesmaids dresses, but I also made the wedding dress for my daughter's best friend. I can really appreciate all of the work you put in to these wonderful dresses. Now, I guess, you'll need a vacation! :)

          29. kayrosie | | #42

            Thank you all for the kind words.   It was fun and I would do it again.  I loved doing every minute of it.  Even though I sometimes had to take them in, tighten them up, take them out and all. It was fun.


          30. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #43

            What more can I say to you that hasn't already been said!!Incredible....Amazing....True Elegance.....Beautiful.....You totally rocked the wedding party!!Now you can breath...What are you going to do with yourself these days!!

          31. SAAM | | #44

            I know what you mean about all of the fitting. The bride I was sewing for lost weight shortly before the wedding. During her supposedly "final" fitting her petticoat was literally falling off her because it had become too loose. We had a good laugh and I headed back to the sewing machine to take it in.

          32. kayrosie | | #45

            Hello all, well I can say that I can't seem to go to the sewing room.  Everyday I say I will get there tomm.  Clean it up put things in order and get back to sewing.  Haven't done that yet.  I got to get up off that couch at night and do something.  I really need to clean my house up really good. Maybe this week. 

            I also need to get busy and make my girls some spring clothes.  I am going to make myself do that. 

            Thanks for all your kinds words.   It was fun and I had a great time doing them.


          33. solosmocker | | #46

            The dresses are all gorgeous. You did an amazing job on what to me is a monumental undertaking. Congratulations on your success and all my best for the bride.

          34. ctirish | | #48

            Wow, you did a great job on all of those dresses.  I hope you realize what an incredible effort that was; you need to take a break for a couple of weeks. Don't worry  nothing in your sewing room will put itself away, it will wait for you....lol...sometimes I wish it would clean itself up - it would be such a help sometimes.  You deserve a nice rest and a day at a spa.  Now, reach behind yourself and pat yourself on your back and say - great job....

            A creative endeavor well done - jane

          35. kayrosie | | #18

            one more time and then I am done

            For some reason it gets hung up. I have no reason why. Did them just like the other two.  I will try again tomm.  Maybe.


          36. dressed2atee | | #47

            I think both gowns are beautfiul.  I really like the flower girl one! 

            great job!

        2. kayrosie | | #12

          Okay I could not get it to go on there so here is the dress after I altered it a little. Will see if this work.


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