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Paper Dolls Barbie Dolls and Teddy Bears

Cherrypops | Posted in General Discussion on

To catch up please read “announcing a new arrival”, post #7, 11  +onwards.

  • Who here loves Dolls and Bears?
  • Who here sews/knits clothes for them?
  • Who has a collection? and of which type?

I have ‘The Australian Women’s Weekly Craft Library” softcover book “Dolls and Bears to make and dress…1997

It was $1 at the thrift shop in excellent condition and the pattern sheet was still stapled.

I was going to sell it but i showed DH and he suggested not to rush as i may like to try some patterns.

Knits for dolls barbie, heirloom, golliwogs and bears.

I don’t knit but that’s ok. My ma has knitted dolls from Jean Greenhowe. I am waiting on one more to complete the set.

I have all sitting happily on a shelf. They are my mates!


  1. User avater
    Becky-book | | #1

    The first sweater (jumper) I knit was for a little bear I had made out of an orphaned sock of my brothers (brown knit). I still have him sitting on a table in my bedroom.  Actually he isn't a bear (NO ears or muzzle).

    Now I make dolls and critters for the grandkids, and clothes, sometimes matching.

    What is a golliwog?


    1. Cherrypops | | #2

      What is a Golliwog (golliwogg)

      The earliest Golliwog is the hero in books of verse written by Bertha Upton in the 1890's, and illustrated by her daughter Florence.

      Though the original Golliwog character was a kindly fellow always lending a hand to those in trouble, later authors portrayed him very differently. Over the years he became a rascal, was often up to no good, and even portrayed as a mean spirited character. Consequently his reputation slid and because of his poor reputation and dark color, he began to be considered "politically incorrect."

      English children and children of the commonwealth countries are those most likely to have heard the stories and played with the dolls.

      The earliest golliwog dolls were hand made rag dolls make by mothers and grandmothers in the image of the storybook character.

      Excerpts taken from http://www.golliwog.com

      What do they look like?


      http://www.gollydownunder.com/golly%20products.html Australian site, has tea pot covers and complete gollys in sewn and knitted outfits.

      Becky, I had one when i was a little girl. I never knew what happened to it. Last year I bought a replica pattern. Still waiting to be made.




      1. User avater
        Becky-book | | #3

        There were similar looking dolls in American culture, called Pickaninnies.  Some say Uncle Tom's Cabin is the beginning of this type of character (1852).  I have seen various styles ranging from brown to black, with different types of hair.  Very politically incorrect now days.


        1. Cherrypops | | #5

          Uncle Tom's Cabin is also where my husband knew them from. I knew them from Enid Blyton and Rupert stories.

          I will make mine (sentimental i guess) but no more.

          Didn't realise they were still politically incorrect. There is a company here that sells applique patterns and pins (brooch) with golliwogs, mammy's, pickannies and they go like hotcakes.

          :) CherryP


      2. fabricholic | | #4

        I like Molly Golly on that website. They are cute. Looks like a certain kind of rag doll.Marcy

        1. Cherrypops | | #6

          Marcy mine was a soft rag doll type doll. smaller than my hollie hobbie (which I still have and in her original dress and hat).

          1. fabricholic | | #8

            I think the Hollie Hobbie was way after my time. Is she the one without a face drawn on her?Marcy

          2. Cherrypops | | #10

            My hollie hobbie does have a face. A soft doll around the 1970's.

        2. Cherrypops | | #7

          I had a look at your dolls through google images. I love midge. she reminds me of samantha stevens - bewitched. the hair, the cute nose. Is this a similar suitcase to the one you mentioned?


          :) CP

          1. fabricholic | | #9

            She does look like Samantha Stevens. No, the case I had was twice as wide and now that I think about it, it was probably a Tammy Case instead of Barbie. I could get all of them in their, though.Marcy

          2. Cherrypops | | #11

            That's great none could get lost. All happy together.

  2. User avater
    Becky-book | | #12

    This discussion prompted a photo shoot, starring Junior Brown, one of the first dolls I ever made (circa 1965).  He wears the first sweater I made and is stuffed with mom's stocking shreds.


    1. Cherrypops | | #13

      I love him!!! Very cute. It's great you've kept him all these years. Thanks Becky.

      I am hoping more photos from other members will follow, including mine.


      1. User avater
        blondie2sew | | #15

        Yes mine will be here soon of my uniform Barbies My honey is headed home so hopefully within the week I can get my dolls photo shoot ready and I will post them for y'llBlondie

        1. Cherrypops | | #16

          Good to hear KenDoll is on his way home..:)

          1. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #17

            No Darlin he is my GI-Joe!!! Blondie

          2. Cherrypops | | #18


            Gotta love a man in uniform !!!!!

          3. MaryinColorado | | #19

            My Barbie was just "friends" with Ken.  All my Barbie dolls left thier convertible at home and ran off with my brother's GI Joe in his jeep!!!  He was more masculine and handsome.  Also much more fun. My little brother was always wondering how "Joe"  was able to "drive" around the house!  he he he

          4. fabricholic | | #21

            Oh, that G. I. Joe was stepping out with the ladies. I heard of him but, unfortunately, my brothers were older and never into dolls. I had a Ted doll, instead of Ken. I tried to put him in Ken's clothes, but he was also, muscular and didn't fit into them, very well.Marcy

          5. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #22

            oh my gosh!! You ladies Mary and Marcy are too funny!! I always thought as well that Barbie should've been with GI-Joe anyway!! So I am glad to know that I am not the only one out there that was thinkin that!! Love itConnie

          6. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #23

            Hey everyone I know this is better late then never!!But I promised you all my Military Barbie Pic and here it isFrom Left to rightNavy Barbie, Marine Barbie, Army Barbie and then Air Force Barbie

          7. MaryinColorado | | #24

            Thanks for sharing.  They sure are in good condition!  My grand daughter is a doll collector, I will have to show her these. 

             One of my nieces just joined the marines, she is such a girly girl, do you think they will let her wear her jewelry? lol  She will still look like a blonde Barbie, even if they shave her head! 

          8. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #27

            Wow the Marines?!! What a tough branch of the service..What job is she going to do? Do you know?Myself and of course I am not biased in anyway because this would have been before I met my honey..would have been the AFYes they are in great condition....I bought them of course in my early Adult years like 20 something and didn't have kids and well When I brought them out Giselle just pitched fits on why she couldn't play with them...And I am still saying no ...so dolls we play with and some are just fun to admire and hold!! This I am not giving into!! All the tears in the world won't change my mind ha ha ha and there has been a few

          9. MaryinColorado | | #28

            Stick to your guns on that one honey!  I had the original Barbie in her original box in perfect condition and tons of other stuff.  I let my daughter and her friends play with them, who knows where they are now?   My sister had a Ricky Ricardo doll that melted in her car window (Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball's son from I Love Lucy).  The Shirley Temple has some fingers chewed off by a puppy.  Of course we do have some nice dolls that were protected from too much love, thank goodness I eventually came to my senses! 

          10. Cherrypops | | #25

            Don't let these gals go! They are gorgeous. I loved seeing them....Thank You Blondie2sew

          11. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #26

            Yes me and Barbie...we are are tight!! Won't be letting these go anytime soon!! I think she does the uniforms Proud!!

          12. fabricholic | | #29

            They are wonderful. I might see if I can find some with uniforms. They don't have to be original. I noticed they were all blonde, Blondie. You wouldn't be biased, would you? LOLMarcy

          13. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #30

            Of course I am not Bias Marcy!! Barbie is Blonde!! I know I have seen a few I think on Ebay...kinda did some searching myself when I unpacked mine..I think I saw a few. I didn't see my AF one. Besides the other gals with brunette hair and such are Barbie's Friends can't remember the names..I know one is Midge.. Actually speaking of color I just took notice of her color of blonde..I don't know if you can see if fully in the pics but The Navy, and Army have the lightest blonde almost white..then the Marine one is a little more golden..and the Air Force is a real golden blonde (like a dark blonde) hmmm too interesting didn't notice that before!!!BlondieEdited 4/2/2007 11:57 am by blondie2sew

            Edited 4/2/2007 11:58 am by blondie2sew

          14. fabricholic | | #31

            My Barbie was red headed. My aunt got it with some Carnation labels. I also, had a Midge doll. I noticed that all of yours have blue eyes. Hmmm. I had blonde hair and brown eyes when I was little, but that didn't matter when they mailed me a Barbie with red hair. I remember when it arrived. I had the chicken pox. It sure made me feel better.Marcy

          15. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #32

            Wow Barbie with Red Hair!! Now that was a find...Yeah all of them do have the blue eyes...I don't remember them anyother color..I will have to check out some of my girls' newer ones...Hmmmm interesting...She came to you at a perfect time!! and the Red Hair was in celebration of your Chicken Pox..ha ha ha..just thought I would add that little bitBig Smiles Marcy

          16. MaryinColorado | | #33

            Have you seen the American Girl dolls?  You can order them to look like your child, with a variety of complexions, hair color and textures and lengths, eyes, etc.  http://www.americangirl.com  It's a great magazine too.  Cute ideas for doll/child matching clothes too.  Thier books are great and have alot of history behind them too.  Mary

          17. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #34

            Thanks for the website. Yes I have heard of American Dolls. I think at one time I got the magazine. I haven't embarked on that venture for the girls yet!! But that would be fun.

          18. MaryinColorado | | #35

            My grand daughter loved the magazine, it is full of wholesome but trendy stuff.  Check out the American Girl section at Barnes and Noble, they have several of the books.  Mary

    2. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #14

      I love Jr Brown!! You did a wonderful job!!What a dollConnie

    3. fabricholic | | #20

      Junior Brown is very cute and I am impressed with his sweater. Great that you still have him.Marcy

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