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adelinarose | Posted in General Discussion on

Hello Everyone,

I read your entries all the time and learn a lot from you all. This is my first entry.

My question to you is, are peplums dated now or are they considered classic or else vintage look when worn today? Thanks. Any response is appreciated.



  1. User avater
    Thimblefingers | | #1

    It would appear that peplums are coming back into style.  Several new patterns have come out with them.  My favourite is a Vogue (don't have the number because I'm at work).  I love peplums and am looking forward to again wearing a silk peplumed top I made years ago.  I just need to make an updated skirt to go with it!

    1. adelinarose | | #2

      Hi Thimblefingers,

      It is great to finally get a response. I thought I had asked a silly question.

      I really love peplums myself and with all the embellishment that's going on right now I am thinking of doing one for myself with just that. I was looking at Style.com and noticed that there were a few in the 2007 RTW category but mainly ruffled. It seems ruffled and sheer is the way they 're going this spring. What do you say?


      1. Teaf5 | | #3

        Peplums are so flattering that I've worn them without concern for trends in fashion; however, I usually make tailored rather than ruffled ones, as I'm very curvy and don't need to accentuate that fact.  A peplum blouse dresses up slacks, works wonderfully with skirts, and looks good with jeans; a ruffled peplum is a nice way to wear the new sheers without looking fussy.

        All over stores, magazines, and real life, I've been seeing tops that are not tucked in, so the peplum is definitely in again.

        1. adelinarose | | #14

          Hello Teaf5,

          Thank you for your response. I agree with you. I rather like peplums and can understand the need to go structured, rather than fluffy when you're curvy.  I hve a semi triangle type figure so peplums are important to me.


      2. jatman | | #4

        Hi Lynn,

        I saw your post a few days ago and had to think about it for a while.  What is 'in style' seems to be so subjective.  I've seen long skirts, short skirts, pleated pants, flat front pants, low waists and high waists all in the same season and sometimes by the same designers.  I'm just not sure what's actually in style anymore.  So, in the last several years, I've decided that only thing that is in style for me is what I look good in and what I'm comfortable wearing.  I've also decided that even if it isn't something that actually looks 'in' right now, as long as it can pass for vintage, I'm ok with that, too!

        P.S. I've always loved the look of peplum jackets and blouses.


        1. Ralphetta | | #5

          I agree.  Don't you think that the thing that would make peplums look out of style would be if they were paired with those giant shoulders and sleeves of the 80's.  A peplum is only one part of the picture.  What you pair it with, would make it look "new" or "dated."

          1. jatman | | #13

            Hi Ralphetta!  You are so right about the giant shoulder pads and sleeves - that is exactly the difference between what would look 'now' and what would look dated!


        2. adelinarose | | #15

          Hey Jatman,

          You're so right with regards to 'what's in style'. Today it really seens to be anything that looks good on you, your personal taste, and if you wear it well. I personally like peplums so I will just go ahead and work on my own impression, without regard to what the popular designers are saying. Thanks.



  2. fabricholic | | #6

    I know I have seen a lot of peplum styles. I will look for the jackets, but there is one for a blouse in Vogue patterns. http://store.sewingtoday.com/cgi-bin/voguepatterns/shop.cgi?s.item.V8196=x&TI='8196'&page=1


    Edited 1/7/2007 7:39 pm ET by fabricholic

    1. ctirish | | #7

      Ok,Now I am totally confused by the different ideas of a peplum. I thought it was a blouse or jacket with a ruffle, or flounce around the bottom. After reading the postings I wasn't sure I was correct. So I googled peplum and it came up with various listings. One definition agreed with mine but then I found this link, http://www.amazon.com/Sleeve-Peplum-Fitted-Blazer-XOXO/dp/B000GBP4WM and it shows a jacket that looks to me like a shrug described as a Twill Short sleeve Peplum fitted blazer by XOXO. Is a peplum always made of a sheer fabric? I am interested because I saw a great jacket in a catalog and I have been wondering how to make it. It is called a Embroidered Voile jacket: http://www.orvis.com/store/product_choice.asp?pf_id=94PY&dir_id=832&group_id=862&cat_id=8331&subcat_id=8332Lately, I have been fidning lots of ideas in clothing catalogs - the only problem is you really don't see the garment in person. Any thoughts or comments appreciated.

      1. Josefly | | #8

        You know, it's confusing, what a peplum is. The first link you provided shows a "peplum fitted" jacket. I think of a peplum as a separate piece sewed to a jacket or blouse at the waist, perhaps ruffled, but maybe simply smoothly flaring out toward the hips. The second link you provided is an example of this, and it's very pretty. The first jacket does flare out from the waist, but doesn't appear to have a seamline at the waist joining a separate peplum piece.

        1. ctirish | | #10

          The peplum is showing up in two catalogs and two patterns - so maybe the peplum is going to be the next "new" fashion item to arrive on the scene.
          I really like the ones I have seen in the lightweight fabric with the way they flare at the waist. It will be interesting to see if it becomes popular.

      2. Ralphetta | | #11

        In modern times a peplum is a short flared, gathered, etc. skirt-like extension attached at the waist of a dress, blouse or skirt.

        In ancient Greece there was a scarf-like wrap worn by women which was called a peplos.

        1. ctirish | | #12

          I found another adorable blouse for spring. Now I have two ideas to try and figure out if I can make them myself. This one is from Orvis also, http://images.orvis.com/orvis_assets//prodimg/67LRM7SE_lg.jpg
          the back has a cute touch too.
          http://images.orvis.com/orvis_assets//prodimg/67LRRSW_Alt.jpgI will have to read the article more carefully in this month's magazine on how to copy your favorite garments. It might be a little harder without the garment. jane

        2. adelinarose | | #19

          Hi Ralphetta,

          What is a peplos. What about those princess line that have an exaggerated flare. sometimes even gussets added. Wouldn't this be a peplum too? I mean the flare is not added to the waistline, but cut into it.



          1. Ralphetta | | #20

            All I know about a peplos is what I read in my reference book and put on line.  I agree with you about one-piece tops that flare at  hip-length being considered peplums.  I just mentioned the peplos earlier because someone had sighted a shrug that was labeled a peplum.  I wondered, at the time if maybe it was a translation problem and thought that might explain peplos being confused with peplum.  Am I making sense?

            Definitions can become a mine-field.  I remember how annoyed I used to be in the 80's when people referred to tights as leotards.  I guess I thought everyone knew what a leotard was.  (Obviously too many ballet lessons in my past.)

          2. ctirish | | #35

            I thought I was the only one who saw red when people called tights leotards. The other one that used to get to me was when people called tutu's leotards. You are right too many ballet classes. Oh, to have that flexibility!!!

          3. Ralphetta | | #36

            One time my daughter (14 at the time) went strolling through the kitchen in her leotard and tights and my friend stared at me and then growled, "Thighs that firm should be illegal."

      3. adelinarose | | #17


        I like the two designs from the sites you suggested. I  personally did not think that the first one was actually a peplum, but just a princess line top. I guess anything that flares out below the waistline is considered so. With the jackets going up higher and higher I guess there is probably some new definition. I  would love to hear what others think.



      4. Teaf5 | | #38

        As clothing evolves, so does language. The word is derived from peplos, which was a separate garment. By the 1600s, it was a separate piece attached to the waistline of a bodice, just as the sleeves were separate and attached to the bodice with laces or ties. Then, by the 1860s, the peplum was a sewn-in lower part of a bodice. I guess that the flared princess-style, since it gives the same flattering line, is now being call a "peplum," too!On your second point, I like using clothing catalogs for inspiration on fabrics, colors, and lines, but I always try to go try on a similar garment first to see whether a certain style will work for me. The catalogs are good for ideas for developing a wardrobe or combination of separates, but the models are so unlike my figure that it's hopeless to assume the garments will look anything like that in real life! No matter how beautiful those wrap blouses are in a catalog, there is no way they will work for me...

        1. Ralphetta | | #39

          Thanks for the info about Peplos!  I should know that but didn't remember.

        2. adelinarose | | #40

          Great info Teaf5. Now I am into researching all this. Thanks.


          1. Teaf5 | | #41

            You're welcome! I work next to a major university research library, and I enjoy perusing the collections on blustery noon hours....

    2. cynthia2 | | #9

      I've never worn a peplum-style blouse or jacket, but thought I'd give it a try this year.  I just finished Vogue 8194 (http://store.sewingtoday.com/cgi-bin/voguepatterns/shop.cgi?s.item.V8194=x&TI='V8194'&page=1).  The pattern went together very easily and a soft (but not sheer) silk worked perfectly.  I made the long-sleeve version and I really like the way the flared cuff echoes th peplum.

      1. adelinarose | | #18

        Nice pattern


      2. fabricholic | | #21

        Hi Cynthia2,This is so cool. I have the pattern you showed on my wish list. I would love to see a picture of your blouse.Marcy

        1. cynthia2 | | #28

          Hi Marcy.  Here's a photo.  The pattern runs a bit short.  I'm 5'6" and needed to add about 2" to the bodice.  Best, Cynthia

          1. adelinarose | | #29

            Nice one. How do you upload your pics?


          2. cynthia2 | | #32

            Hi Lynn,

            When you post a message there are five "buttons" below the posting box: post, preview, spell check, attach files, and cancel.  Just click on the one that says "attach files" and then highlight the photo file that you want to attach.  It's really simple.  You might want to try it with a message just to me or another friend here on the board to see how it works.  (When you click "reply" you'll see that you can reply just to me or to everyone.  Good luck.  Let me know if you have any trouble and maybe we can touch base by phone and I can walk you through it.  Cynthia

          3. adelinarose | | #34

            Oh Thanks. I did see the buttons but I could not figure why the new screen would not come up. Apparently my Browser was frozen, so I had to restart my computer. Thanks very much.



          4. fabricholic | | #30

            Cynthia2,The blouse is beautiful. Did you make this a long time ago? The material is very nice. Thank you so much for posting the pic. We need to do this more often in these discussions. It gives me so much inspiration.Marcy

          5. cynthia2 | | #33

            Thanks Marcy.  Actually, I just finished the blouse last week.  I bought the fabric at last year's Sewing Expo in Puyallup.  There's a fabric store from Toronto that exhibited last year.  I'm hoping they're there again this year.  Cynthia

          6. cafms | | #43

            I just found out I am going to the Sewing Expo and have mailed off my registration.  Just wondered if you had any suggestions for fabric stores in the area besides at the show.  We are staying in Auburn and getting there a couple days early so would like to shop some.  Also, anything you might know about the show itself that would be helpful.

          7. cynthia2 | | #48

            Sorry for the delay in responding.  We've been without electricity due to ice storms since last Saturday morning.  Just got power back earlier today and getting caught up on e-mails.  Let me check with my cousin who lives in Seattle for the names of some good fabric stores.  If you haven't been to the Expo before, you're going to have a great time.  I'll be going up for the Expo as well - maybe we can say 'hi'.  I'll write again when I hear from my cousin.  Cynthia

          8. FitnessNut | | #47

            Just to get totally off-topic....Do you remember the name of the fabric store? I live only a few hours' drive from Toronto and get there several times each year. I welcome the opportunity to shop in a good fabric store, so the name would be most appreciated. Thanks.

          9. cynthia2 | | #49

            I'm sorry, but I don't remember the name of the store.  The Expo hasn't listed their exhibitors yet, but as soon as that list goes online I'll take a look and see if they are going to be there again this year.  I'll remember the name when I see it.  More to come.  Cynthia

          10. FitnessNut | | #50

            Thanks for looking for me. :-)

          11. cynthia2 | | #51

            Hi Fitnessnut.  Sewing Expo finally posted the list of exhibitors and the fabric shop from Toronto that I mentioned in my earlier post will be at the Expo again.  It's called The Wool House.  The address shown is 80 A Dufflan Road, Toronto Ontario M6A2W1.  Phone: 888-839-9914.  Their listing didn't include a website unfortunately.  I bought several lengths of fabric from them last year and have been very pleased with the quality.  Looking forward to visiting their booth again this year.  Cynthia

          12. FitnessNut | | #52

            Thank you very much, Cynthia. I've made a note of their address and look forward to visiting them the next time I'm in Toronto.

          13. jatman | | #31

            Cynthia2 - that is just beautiful!  Really pretty fabric and I love the peplum!


      3. ctirish | | #37

        Have you worn your new blouse yet? Were the sleeves a problem? Whenever I see sleeves that are flared at the ends I wonder how am I going to wash my hands, pick up food at a buffet, all sort of little worries. I always push my sleeves up because when I didn't have time to sew or shorten they were always 3-4 inches too long. Can you push the sleeves up?

        1. cynthia2 | | #42

          Yes, I've worn the blouse.  The sleeves are meant to be long -- the end of the flared cuffs hits right about halfway down the hands.  The only problem I had was washing my hands without getting the cuffs wet.  Working at the computer was no problem.  You can't really push the sleeves up unless you narrow the sleeve width at the wrist.  I will likely narrow it about 1.5" next time I make it just because I like my sleeves a bit tighter at the wrist.  I'd say go ahead and try the pattern in a nice soft fabric.  You'll find the flared cuffs fall beautifully and don't generally get in the way.  Cynthia

    3. adelinarose | | #16

      HI Marcy,

      Those are some nice patterns you showed us. Peplums are not only frilled though, they can be flared as well. I also thought they had to be re-attached to the bodice but a definition I read recently, I can't remember where right now suggested that it could also be cut into the garment like you would with a princess line. Thanks.



      1. fabricholic | | #22

        Hi Lynn,I don't know the definitions, but I have always loved the look. They make the jacket or blouse more feminine.Marcy

        1. User avater
          Thimblefingers | | #23

          The Vogue 8317 is my favourite peplum pattern out right now.  If I had a camera, I'dtake a picture of the silk top I made which I referred to in my first post in this discussion.  The owner of the ladies wear where I did alterations brought back from Thailand 3 pieces of the same silk and gave to 3 ladies.  She challenged us each to come up with something interesting as she felt that we would each do something unique and exciting with it.  The fabric was a bold black, fushia, purple stripe dupioni; however, when I went to work with the fabric I discovered that the left half of the fabric was fine but the right half of the fabric was off-grain so that the stripes started slanting  downwards halfway through the cloth (the stripes were crosswise).  I attemped to straighten it but had no luck.  So I decided that I would have to use so that this problem was diguised in some way.  That's where the peplum came in.  I created a fitted bodice with the on-grain portion of the fabric and a unique sleeve that is almost impossible to explain.  The neckline is a scalloped V, the front has button loops and little single rhinestones set in black, the sleeves are 3/4 fitted to the elbow with the same loops and buttons and scalloped edge.  They are designed to pouf out in an unusual way that accentuates the stripes.  I then used the off-grain portion of the fabric to create a very full gathered peplum also with a scalloped edge (I had a very tiny waist back then - I can still wear it - BEFORE supper!).  Making the peplum very full and scalloping the bottom edge disguises the slight off-grain of the fabric.  Because it's stiff, there is also no problem with off-kilter draping.  I then created a wide satin ribbon belt of black with a nice bow in the front.  Fortunately, I wasn't into the big shoulders, so I can safely wear it again with out looking dated - I just need a fresh skirt for it.  I have always loved the peplum look!

          1. HeartFire2 | | #24

            This sounds wonderful, can you post a picture of it? I'd love to see it

  3. fabricholic | | #25

    Hello Adelinarose,

    This is the jacket I was thinking of: http://store.sewingtoday.com/cgi-bin/butterick/shop.cgi?s.item.B4862=x&TI='4862'&page=1


  4. fabricholic | | #26

    Hi again. This is a blouse pattern I have that has a peplum: http://store.sewingtoday.com/cgi-bin/butterick/shop.cgi?s.item.B4455=x&TI='4455'&page=1


    1. adelinarose | | #27

      Hi Marcy,

      Both patterns are great. I think I will probably try the first one. Thanks for sharing it with me.


      1. cafms | | #44

        Maybe peplums are coming back.  Here is one from Dior for $810 in black stretch denim.


        1. ctirish | | #45

          I have to tell you, I did not know sites like that existed. Wow.. I have never seen so many super expensive items in one place. Maybe I will get some ideas..jane

        2. adelinarose | | #46

          Thank you for the link. I think that they have modernized them (peplums)significantly. The waist either seem to be higher or lower. The extensions for the peplums are looking shorter in many pix I have seen. Many times if you are not into sewing and style that much it would n't dawn on anyone that it is actually a peplum. Thanks.



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