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Conversational Threads

Project Runway – has anyone watched it

ctirish | Posted in General Discussion on

I have to ask if anyone has been watching “Project Runway”  this past few months.  I have been just hooked on these people doing all this designing and sewing in such a short time. 


  1. lovestosew | | #1

    Yes, I have watched most of the episodes. The speed at which most of them seem to get their garments made is absolutely mind-blowing. I am such a slow sewer that it's pathetic & I'm very picky about fit. I missed tonight's episode (the reunion) but I'm sure I'll see it sometime this weekend. If one can ignore the ugly comments, then it is a very entertaining / educational show. And, this show might just be the thing to promote garment sewing to a wider audience! :)


    P.S. I want my sewing space to be as large as the PR workroom - what a great work space.

    1. ctirish | | #2


      I totally agree about the size of the workroom - it is wonderful. And I could go for the Tress Emme salon before I wore anything  I made out would be great too. I am staying up way to late to watch the reunion show and I will probably rewatch it tommorrow. I just deleted all of the shows off of TIVO and I am already wishing I had saved them.  I agree about the language, actually I sent an email to them, because I was telling friends to have their kids watch it.  I can't wait for the next season to start again, but I am sure it won't be for months.   jane

  2. Ralphetta | | #3

    I got hooked on the show the first season.  It's stimulating to watch them solve problems.  If you haven't listened to Tim Gunn's pod casts, you should go to BRAVO.com and listen.   I didn't realize until I heard him talking that the contestants are informed of the next challenge right after the current one is finished.  No wonder they look exhausted, they hardly have time to sleep.

    It really gets my creative juices going and I want to jump in and play!

  3. lilah | | #4

    I'm hooked on it, too.  DH ordered the first two seasons for my B-day.   I didn't jump on the bandwagon until this season.  I couldn't watch the whole thing last night, had to get up early this AM.

    1. ctirish | | #5

      I will definitely have to check out Tim's podcasts? The reunion was fun they gave each other some ribbing which was fun to see?  Jeffrey seems to have mellowed a bit although he stood by what he said to (I forgot her name) Mom's.  It was entertaining, I did not finish watching the whole episode. Maybe Saturday morning. I can't wait for the finale next week, it should be great..

      I wish we could go somewhere to see all of the outfits they made up close and talk to the designers.



      1. kayrosie | | #6

        What time is this show on and what station. We have dish network and live in central time zone.  Iowa for a matter of fact.  Let me know. i would like to watch this show.


        1. SewNancy | | #7

          It is on Bravo on Wed night at 10pm ET. They have been running repeats for several hours before the new one. It has 2 more episodes to run, the process leading up to the final runway show and the runway show at
          Bryant park and the winner.
          Go to http://www.projectrunway.com Also, take a look at the blog http://www.projectrungay.com. It is a very funny critique on the show.

          1. kayrosie | | #8

            Thanks I will do that.  I have heard that is very funny



          2. JanF | | #57

            You might like to check your message - http://www.projectrungay.com only is a page of gay sites - or was this what you meant?

          3. SewNancy | | #58

            No it is their take and comments on Project Runway. The correct adddress if http://www.projectrungay.blogspot.com Sorry about that.

        2. Ralphetta | | #9

          I live in the midwest and tape it for my neighbor who has dish.  She can't get it, I don't know if she could get it for a more expensive package.

          It's on BRAVO and they usually rerun it several times during the week after it starts on Wed.

          1. kayrosie | | #10

            I will check that out.  Thanks for the info.  We have the top something. Costs us to much money but my husband has to have the old western shows.  So I bet we get it.


          2. ctirish | | #11

            They have been showing parts of the season on weekdays.  If it isn't this season show's it is last season. In either event they are very entertaining.  The language can get pretty bad so if foul language bothers you, keep your mute button handy... I use it on a regular basis.




          3. kayrosie | | #12

            I plan on checking that out this week if I can remember. I am the worse person about watching tv.  I forget there is something on. I willmake myself a note.


          4. Ralphetta | | #14

            I don't think you need to worry, you can catch it later.  They air it 2-3 times the first night and then several times during the week.  I enjoy watching some episodes several times.


          5. kayrosie | | #15

            So it comes on on Wed. on Bravo at what time. I am going to make a note to watch it this week.  Everybody has been talking about it.



          6. Ralphetta | | #16

            The new episode airs on Wed. on Bravo.  I'm in the midwest, so I'm not sure if the time is the same.  I see that they are rerunning all the episodes  back-to-back that day so it's a little confusing.  I believe the new one would be at either 8 or 9 CST.  They usually run the new one twice and then there is some other show and then they rerun the new one a third time.

            I would guess it is 8. 

          7. kayrosie | | #17

            Okay we are on the same time.  I am from the Midwest too. So I will try and remember to check that out. The only trouble is I like One Tree Hill and it on at that time I believe.  I have yet to catch it on this season though. Something always seems to come up and I am gone.  I will try though this time to watch it and Runway too. Maybe I can tape one and watch the other.



          8. Ralphetta | | #18

            Yes, just record Bravo that evening and you should get it. According to my paper Runway runs from late afternoon until about 3 a.m.

            They usually run the 2 most recent episodes over and over during the week.  So, if you miss it, check your local newspaper for another time.

            There's no reason to miss your other program.

          9. kayrosie | | #19

            That is what I will do.

            Will have to have my husband record on his tv though.   I am not sure we even have it hooked up since we got the DVD. I don't think it records. 

      2. TJSEWS | | #20

        Don't know where you live...but Macy's in New York City has had a window displaying all of the original winning garments from the current 3rd season.  They update the window every Thursday or Friday.  The window is at 34th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway, closer to 7th Avenue. 

        1. ctirish | | #21

          Oh, that is so great... I wish I could get into the city.. Are they changing the clothes every week?  I am in Connecticut near Hartford.. maybe I can run down on a weekend.. Do you know how long they will be there?  jane

          1. TJSEWS | | #22

            What the window has is a clothing rack and a mannequin.  Every week the mannequin is updated with the latest winning garment.  The previous garment is then moved on to the clothing rack. 

            Thus far, the clothing rack displays all of the winning garments thus far this 3rd season.  Each garment has a tag identifying the designer of the particular garment.

            I don't know how long Macy's will be displaying the Project Runway garments.  I assume they will stop once the season is over.  And I don't know whether they'll do it again next season so get to the city soon if you can!

      3. michellem | | #35

        I would love to go to the fabric stores the contestants go to.


        1. Ralphetta | | #36

          me too...as long as someone else is paying the bill!

          1. ctirish | | #38

            Well, Jeffrey won Project Runway. I want to be sick. I believe how they treat people should be part  of the judging. He should have been out after he insulted the woman on the Everyday Woman show.  I am so upset I can't remember the name of the woman who was her daughter.  The outfits they all did were amazing, I will say. I am going to watch them in the morning in slow motion. Right now, I have to finish a Dalmatian costume for my granddaughter, Cate. She is four months old and she is a dalmatian for Halloween and her big brother Sean is a Fireman. They have a party at 11am on Saturday, so I need to be finished tomorrow so I can get it in the mail.   so wish me luck....

        2. ctirish | | #40

          I have seen several people talk about going to the stores that Project Runway uses to shop. I will say there is a store in CT down near the City that has a web site where you can order fabric. I have been to this store and the fabric they have is beautiful and the prices are good - he gets excess fabric from the designers and end of bolts when they do a run.  The name of the store is Banksville Designer Fabrics. He has a web site but I can't remember the exact name. There is an additional site called Denver Fabrics and they have designer fabric too. 

          1. MelyndaR | | #41

            I'm a total PR fanatic.  Love it.  Love watching people making beautiful things.  My daughter was heartbroken when Allison was auf'd during the Recyclables challenge. 

            This is a little bit off topic, but not too much... :)

            On Project Runway, I see them use a thin (probably 1/4") black tape on the dress forms when they are draping.  Does anyone know what this is called?  I've done a few google searches for "dressmaker tools" and such, but I've never been able to find it. 



          2. SewNancy | | #42

            You can get narrow black tape at a drafting supplies store.

          3. MelyndaR | | #43

            By drafting, do you mean an art supply store?  We have a couple of chain fabric stores around here, but nothing that caters to patternmaking. 

            Sorry to be so dense! 


          4. SewNancy | | #44

            It is usually used for graphic arts so I suppose that a good art supply shop would have it too, but my blue print shop also sells drafting supplies, ie tapes, pencils and paper. They also sell large rolls of cheap tracing paper that I use for making patterns as well as my landscape designing. An auto supply store often has narrow colored masking tape for pinstriping and that would work too.

          5. michellem | | #45

            I was suprised when Allison was kicked off too!  I thought she was good.


          6. lilah | | #46

            I wish anyone besides Jeffrey had won.  He should have been off after the Mom challenge.  I liked Laura's and Uli's, but I was disappointed in Micheal's collection.   

          7. Ralphetta | | #47

            If you listen to Tim's podcast, he points out that Michael did really well when he got feedback.  I think his model, Nazri, made a big difference.  She was so regal and stately that she could  wear things that look a little too Beyonce' on other models.

            Also, at the Bravo website I studied all the clothes and was even more impressed with Laura's stuff.  They said that Jeffrey made clothes that covered a range of needs and that her's was limited.  I disagree.  She covered a different range...her clothes would look good on a range of ages.

          8. ctirish | | #48

            I didn't notice the black tape. what did they use it to do. Did it hold the fabric on the dressform so it wouldn't move?  I am wondering if the tape they use to cover areas you don't want to get paint on would work.  If the tape touches the fabric it would have to be something that wasn't too sticky and didn't leave a residue? what do you think?

          9. meg | | #49

            Not being a couture seamstress; I wonder if the black tape was used to help in the design process.  It appeared to be placed in critical (to the design of that garment)areas. 

          10. SewNancy | | #50

            Some years ago Threads ran an article on a young designer and showed her draping process, on a taped dress form. You could see the black tape through the muslin. It marks the bust, cf,cb, waist, armskye, I think there were diagonal mid shoulder to cf tapes too. I am sorry I don't remember her name or when, maybe someone else does.

          11. lilah | | #51

            Yes, it was used for design purposes.  They would put the tape on the dress form to mark lines and then pin the fabric onto the form accordingly.

          12. SewNancy | | #52

            I am going to Paris and want to shop at the fabric shop they went to on the Paris show. Does anyone remember the name of it?

          13. Ralphetta | | #53

            They are rerunning Runway several times a week, I'll try to watch for that episode and note the name if no one remembers it.

          14. MelyndaR | | #54

            I believe that the store in Paris was called Reine.


            Oh, and SewNancy, I found the tape!  My local Hobby Lobby had a Black Graphic Design tape in 1/8" and 1/4" widths.  I never would have found it if I hadn't known to look in the drafting area.  Thanks so much for the help!

            Edited 10/29/2006 5:10 pm ET by MelyndaR

          15. SewNancy | | #55

            You're welcome.
            And that is the name of the store. I wrote to the Rungay blog guys and they also told me the same and they sent a link to the store with the hours and address.

          16. ctirish | | #56

            When are you going to Paris?  You will have to tell us in detail what their fabric stores are like...well, have a safe trip and enjoy yourself .... we will await your return with anticipation to hear the real story about Paris's fabric ventures. 


          17. SewNancy | | #59

            We are going in March for our daughter's 21st birthday, who is studying in Paris. Of course that is just an excuse to go back to Paris. The last time we were there we were on the way back from India and I had bought way too much fabric there so I didn't visit any fabric stores in Paris. We are really looking foward seeing more of Paris. There is never enough time to do all we would like to. I will definitely take notes on every store I visit and report.

            Edited 11/3/2006 5:02 pm ET by SewNancy

  4. SamJenkins | | #13

    Currently Bravo is airing "Project Runway 3" -- the first two seasons are available on DVD (Netflix it!).  The show is now down to its last two episodes - the first of which (airing on Oct 11) will be the Tim Gunn visiting the finalists at their homes and seeing their workspaces/collections.  The last episode (Oct 18th)  will be the four finalists showing their colletions at Olympus Fashion week and the declaration of a winner.   Usuallly BRAVO does a complete showing of the entire season on that day as well as the Sunday following.

  5. susanna | | #23
    My daughter, three people I work with, and I are aficionados of Project Runway. I like the show because I love their workroom & find myself wishing they'd do more closeups and slow shots of the stuff they worked on. The contestants' interplay is secondary to me, really...I just like seeing what they make, but I don't see enough of the garment details!
    1. SAAM | | #24

      I absolutely agree. I would love to see more of the detail of the projects. I get so frustrated when the camera pans quickly over the work without giving the viewer time to relly look at it. I would like to see them spend a whole lot more time showing the construction of the garments and less time on the in-fighting amongst the designers.

      1. sewingfordolls | | #25

        None of them or most of them don't seem very well constructed and how could they be in the short time they are given...A few of the designers (like Laura for instance) seems to be very good at it but most of the others just look thrown together and I think that is why they don't give closeups or detailed looks at the work.

        1. MaryinColorado | | #26

          I like the show and agree, it would be great to see more of the work in progress from a seamstress/seamster advantage.  I love that the four finalists have such extremely different perspectives and personal style.  I do think it is more about style than stitches but the contestants that don't know thier fabric don't last long at all.

          What a soap opera tonight, huh?  Wow!  Very sad to think of getting that far and not believing in yourself enough to follow the rules.  Poor Jeffrey, I hope he didn't sell himself short and give in to temptation.  It doesn't look good, especially those leather jeans that he added at the last minute.............who knows?

          Michael and Ulie are my favorites and Kara Saun...............

          1. kayrosie | | #27

            I watched the show for the first time last night and truthfully can say I was not to impreseed.  Alot of nothing going on I thought.  Lets see some real stuff that we would actually wear.  Some of that stuff was icky. Not for me.


      2. SewNancy | | #28

        You can tell we are all sewers by what we want to see. I agree. I want to see more of the clothing, but that isn't really what sell I guess

        1. ctirish | | #29

          You don't really see much of the sewing itself but usually you do see more of the draping and problems and Tims comments which usually start with - I am not sure what it is you are going for here. - translation - what it is this supposed to be and do have any idea what you are doing. Especially in the beginning when there are so many more people attempting to sew something with the little direction they get. Like the week everything had to be made from plants or flowers or something living in the botanical sense and still have it look like clothing.

          I was surprised with the questions about Jeffrey's work - but what goes around comes around. He spent the entire season bad mouthing everyone and telling them they did not have any brains or skill or talent - usually in very foul language.  At one point Laura asked him why was he here if he thought he was so much better than everyone else. And he had some terrible outfits that not even a total non confonformist would wear.  laura always has the low low cut V-neck - if you could call it that outfits. Uli was alwasy dressing them in these long flowing dresses that she lked to wear. Michael was always trying to make an outfit that went against his talents- he makes good sportswear and he was always doing dresses - I think because that was what Laura and Uli were always doing.  And many of the  more entertaining and colorful people are now off the show.  If they show this  season or the 2nd season from the beginning that would be interesting to watch/ Although last season there were a couple of people who could not get a word out without swearing. I finally sent ae email to the show, telling them I thought they could do a good show without the swearing. Who know what next year will be like ...

          1. lilah | | #30

            I am really hooked on this show.  I especially love seeing the draping and working in the workroom.  I wish they would show some close-ups of the construction details.   IMHO, Season 3 is the best so far.  Season 1 was good, I think Season 2 was pretty dull, except for Santino.  He was interesting, but his designs were not.  Also, he's another trash-talker.  When he was interviewed he said that Laura was a hobbyist and a home sewer and that if a person hasn't made their mark before 40, they are pretty much not going to do anything.  Although his remarks were somewhat insulting, Laura was still very gracious, so I have to admire her for that. 

             One comment about Jeffrey's collection was its impeccable finishing.  I would have liked to see that and see one of the previous garments he had made so we could compare for ourselves.  I don't like Jeffrey very much because he's so abrasive, but I don't know if I believe he cheated.  It was obvious that Keith was dishonest, but Jeffrey, I don't know.  You know, if you are good at something, and really dedicated to it you can get a lot more done than people would expect. 

            I didn't care much for Laura before Finale Part 1.  Pretty funny when her little boy offered Tim turtle poop!  Boys! LOL.  I liked the red dress she had made with the sparkly detail on the inside. Uli's story was interesting, although on one website her bio said that she had been designing clothes from the age of 2 1/2.  Maybe that's in metric years and is equal to about 8 or 10 in standard years.  I still like Michael the best, personality-wise and design-wise.   

          2. ctirish | | #31

            I am not sure about Jeffrey, but what goes around comes around and he certainly has not won any awards for behavior. I understand  they are competing but he just had nothing but demeaning, inappropriate comments about everyone. It's not like he could not control it, he was always polite to Tim Gunn, he chose to be obnoxious. When his child is older I can just see him telling off people when they use language his son? starts repeating.  The judges have never talked about the quality of his work. They have always talked about Laura and Uli's end result being well made and well constructed. They also spoke about Allison's work being so good, but not Jeffrey's, a couple of times they have even questioned the way he put things together. Plus, he has a staff that work for him at his workroom, so it would not have been difficult for him to get some help he didn't think anyone would notice.

            I haven't been especially fond of Laura but she has been honest through out the season. I don't know if she can change her ingrained ideas of everything having that V-neck front. I do like Michaels work, he is creative, thorough and his garment construction has never been raved about but it has never been criticized either. 

            If Jeffrey doesn't get to show his work at Fashion Week, he will have a fit and get upset and blame it on everyone else but himself. If by himself he could do the meticulous work they are taking about then he should have been doing at least some of it all along.  Even Vincent(not my favorite) would say you can't do great work in the time frames they are given, but a lot of people did a reasonable job at it.  Sorry for the soapbox, I just get crazy when everyone goes - oh the life he had and how far he has come.  Everyone has bad things happen to them and a lot of them don't do drugs and tattoos and a foul mouth. If he wants to start a competition about whose life has been harder, I  could easily give him a run for his money on that topic.   I didn't see his mother accepting any responsibility for his prior life, she acted like everything he said came out of Amy Vanderbilt's book of etiquette.  Sorry again for the soapbox. 

          3. lilah | | #32

            I agree, they can't do as great a job with the time constraints of the challenges on the show.  I think Jeffrey should have been out on the Mom challenge.  No matter how your client acts (and Angela's mom didn't seem to be hard to handle to me), you should treat her better than Jeffry did.  None of the moms/sisters  acted like divas.  I think he and Robert just totally resented having to design for a plus-size woman and just threw something out there.  At least Kayne treated Michael's mom with kindness and respect and tried to design something for her.  Robert seemed to be stuck on Barbie-style stuff.  Everything he made would have translated easily into a Barbie design because of the lack of detail and use of the simplest lines.

            I'm anxiously awaiting the Finale Part II.  I do hope Jeffrey's out.

          4. MaryinColorado | | #33

            I went online and looked at all the designs.  My vote goes to Uli!  Michael comes in a close second.  Laura continued with the deep vneck and feathers and sequins, yuck!  No imagination but good quality, still lacks any style sense in my opinion.  Jeffry is just too out there for any venue I can imagaine, they all look like baby doll pajamas with the exception of the leather pants and vest, of course in that ivory color you wouldn't get to wear them out of the house more than once!  Mary

          5. ctirish | | #37

            I am so nervous, waiting for the winner to be announced. I am so glad Tivo'd the show now I can go back and watch the clothes in slow motion.  The judges gave all of them the usual here is what is wrong with what you showed. My fear after listening to them makes me think they are going to pick Jeffrey.  OK, michael, and Laura, are out. so it is between Jeffrey and Uli are left. The families are all waiting in the back room.  OOOOOOOOOOOOh, jeffrey won, I am so disgusted with all of this.  He is talented but you have to be nice and accepting of people. 


  6. michellem | | #34

    Everyone knows not to bother me when PR is on.  I love it.  That is what I would love to do.  To dream up an original idea and make a collection.  I just don't have the technical expertise that they do.


  7. sewcrazed | | #39

    Love love love Project Runway.  All 4 of the final designers were outstanding.  I agree that Jeffery was the most creative in the way of designing, but it was Uli's clothes that I would wear.  Wish they showed more views and details of the clothes.  They are not on screen long enought to really appreciate all the details.  Glad I have TIVO.  I can go back and watch over and over.  Can't wait for the next season. 

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