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Conversational Threads

Quilters Do All Hoop?

MaryinColorado | Posted in Creative Machine on

Does anyone have the Husqvarna/Viking Quilters Do All Hoop?  Is it a worthy investment?  I think I am going to buy one this week.  Mary


  1. Crazy K | | #1

    Hi Mary,  Yes, I got one and I do like it.  I made hot pads/trivets for daughter and used it on that and have used it other times as well.  Haven't been doing much in the embroidery line lately but I have used it enough to make it worth the investment.  One appealing thing to me was that I can do clock faces and designs that will fit pillow fronts..............that's just me!  Haven't done any of them yet, however!!  Life gets in the way.  It has two inner hoops......one for thin and one for thicker and you turn the clip to get your tension and then snap the thing down.........much easier on the hands! 

    There.......you have my nickel's worth.............


    1. MaryinColorado | | #2

      Thanks so much!  I will pick it up tomorrow.  I have to take the machine and embroidery unit in and leave it till at least Saturday.  That will slow me down some on my sewing but sounds like it will be worth it.  It always makes me nervous to drop off my machines!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

    2. MaryinColorado | | #3

      I called the shop, one of the other ladies said they are warning everyone it may take two weeks.  I told them it would have been nice to know this ahead of time, it may have affected my decision.  The original lady said it would be $15.00 for this upgrade but when I paid for the hoop, she refused to charge me for the upgrade saying "well, I'm not sure that it's fifteen dollars! 

      I've dealt with this dealer for several years, recently my "gut feeling" is that I don't trust them.  If I'm not happy when I get my machine back, I'll have to call the owner.  They have two stores, this one no longer has Vikings on the floor.  It's all Pfaff and Brother.  (The owner writes a newsletter with alot of Christian references,  so hopefully he has integrity.)  

      I'm probably just being a "nervous Nellie" as I really take good care of my machines and expect the same from others.  They're important to me. Mary

      1. Crazy K | | #4

        Hi Mary,  I guess I got lost somewhere............I bought the hoop and installed it with the CD that came with it and I did the upgrade on the machine when it came out via the internet.  Do you do your own upgrades or take the machine in??

        I don't blame you for being nervous.  I had to send one of my machines in to headquarters due to a noisy bearing and don't think that didn't make me nervous!!!!  I had sent it back to the dealer repair 3 or 4 times and they said it was fine.  Well, it was not fine and the sales gals at the store agreed that is was NOT fine.  It is fine now..........Husq. in Ill. replaced a bearing and it's fine.  It was a brand new machine so it was warranty.

        I think you will like the hoop........the twisty thing for tightening the hoop makes it easier on the hands and that should be a good feature for you with your arthritis.  Even though I don't quilt, I have used the hoop for those designs that are just a bit too large for the 5X7 and on the hotpad/trivets I used the shell stitch that came with the hoop.  Just needed something to hold the whole thing together. 

        Hope you get this resolved.  The service industry just isn't what it used to be..........like so many other things!

        Happy Stitching!


        1. MaryinColorado | | #5

          For the Designer I, I had to take in the machine and the embroidery unit.  I told them the machine had been upgraded this year already and it has an icon for the correct hoop.  They needed to change out the light grey button on the emb unit with a dark grey one for some reason.  They said they needed both.  The hoop box was sealed but did not come with a CD.  I guess that must just come with the one for the new Designer. 

          I thought if they sent them out, they went to Ohio.  Is it Illinois now?  That's where most of my family lives so I am just wondering.  Mary

          1. Crazy K | | #6

            You're right, it is Ohio........my error on that.  I had a Designer 1 before I upgraded to the SE.........I thought I did my own upgrades with the computer.....but that was before the Quilters hoop.  I may be mistaken but if you go to the Husq. website and click on Designer updates.....it will give you the upgrades for the Designer 1.  As long as you have the ability to hook the machine to your computer, you should be able to do that.  My machine came with a cord with a special end for the machine and a USB for the computer.  If your hoop came with no CD, then it may need something different for the Designer 1.

            Happy Stitching!


          2. MaryinColorado | | #7

            I usually download the upgrades to a disk and program them into my D1, they said this one is "special".....that means they want $$$ but it should be well spent with the easy to clip hoop. 

            Thanks for your help.  I was hoping to get some designs for in the hoop potholders, coasters, etc. for gifts to make.  I love those "crocheted" snowflakes too!  They are just as pretty as the ones that are crocheted by hand.  I like to hang them in the windows and put them on gifts too.  Mary

          3. Crazy K | | #8

            Hi Mary,

            You will like the Quilters' hoop.........if for no other reason, the twist and clamp thingy.  As for the snowflakes, they are easy to do.  I bought the pack (from Emblibrary) on sale and spent very little.  I've made a few so it was money well spent.  I gave some last year as gifts.......so easy to tuck into a card.  Thanks for your kind words. 

            Happy Stitching!


          4. MaryinColorado | | #9

            Which water soluble stabilizer did you use on the snowflakes?  I have several here that are different thicknesses or strengths.  Haven't done any freestanding lace designs in quite a while.  Did you use cotton embroidery thread?  I have some thread that looks like mother of pearl I am thinking will look good.  Hope I get my machine home in time to mail out the gifts or everyone might end up with chocolate and coffee this year.  Mary

          5. Crazy K | | #10

            Hi Mary,

            I used two layers of Floriani Wet 'N Gone.......with rayon embroidery thread, both top and bobbin.  I layer of stabilizer might work but I used two for the extra support.  It also leaves enough residue after wetting so they stay nice and stiff.

            Hope this info helps.


          6. MaryinColorado | | #11

            Thanks, I'll pick some up when my machine is back. 

            I'm going to a serger club Saturday at another dealer to make a serger crazy quilt Christmas stocking.  That will be fun.  Mary

          7. Crazy K | | #12

            Hi Mary,

            I was reading a tutorial from Kenny at Emblibrary regarding free-standing lace.  His favorite WSS is Sulky Ultra Solvy.  He tested different ones and that seemed to be his favorite.  I went out and picked some up this evening.  Figured I would try it and see.  I do like most of the Floriani Stabilizers but they aren't as readily available in my area.  I have to drive partway across the metro to a sewing machine dealer that carries them.  I have a JoAnn ETC just 2 miles from home and they have a full line of Sulky products.  Figured I would give it a whirl.........and I had a 40% off coupon to boot!

            Happy Stitching!


          8. MaryinColorado | | #13

            Thank You, that is good to know.  I have some of that here so will use that when I make the sergercrochet scarves too.  I have only used the Floriani No Show Mesh Fusible so far and I love it!  I love that it is flesh colored so is nice for sheer fabrics, and it feels softer next to the skin.

            I had forgotten to check out the tutorials from Kenny at http://www.emblibrary.com lately.  They are great, arent they!  It would have been great to have those when I first started doing machine embroidery!  I had to muddle through.  I have a drawer full of stabilizers that I rarely use.  I tend to use my favorites over and over until I run out. 

            My hands are improving!  I'll be ordering those snowflakes after I get my machine back!  Mary

          9. Crazy K | | #14

            I'll let you know how I like it after I've used it as well.  Hope that will be soon!  So much to do........so little time!

            Glad to hear you're hands are better.  My hearing is gone but the rest of me works fairly well for my age.  

            Happy Stitching!


            P.S. - I just used the Ultra Solvy.  My personal opinion is that the Floriani did a better job for me.  I had to throw the first two snowflakes away after the needle punched through the stabilizer and then pushed the thread down..........they were nearly done, too!  It could be the design........so, I put a new needle in and tried a third one, using a different snowflake design.  That one stitched out just fine.  It's drying now........I'll update after it dries and I can look at it.  I'm still not sure if it is the stabilizer or 'operator error'!!


            Edited 11/8/2007 2:17 pm ET by Crazy K

            Edited 11/8/2007 2:17 pm ET by Crazy K

          10. MaryinColorado | | #15

            It doesn't sound like "operator error" when you have had such success with the same designs already.  Either the needle or the stablizer are likely the issue, don't you think?  Mary

          11. Crazy K | | #16

            It could have been that the needle needed to be changed.  Also, the first design was one that didn't stitch out quite as nicely as the others using the Wet 'N Gone either.  I looked at the one that finished just a bit ago.  I still think the ones I did with Floriani Wet 'N Gone are a bit nicer.  Maybe its just me..........I like the stiffness that stays with the Wet 'N Gone and the open areas seem to be more defined.  Guess I'll stick with what works for me..........at least with the snowflakes.

            Just thought I'd pass this along.........after all, we all learn from our mistakes and in the form we can gain from the mistakes of other!!

            Happy Stitching.............hope you get your machine back soon.


          12. MaryinColorado | | #17

            Thanks for letting me know about the Wet N Gone preferance.  I'll have to pick some up.  You can always use the heavy Solvy  for serger crochet or on top of fleece and velvets, to sandwich angelina fibers or thread scraps.  

            Do you save your embroidery thread scraps?  Mary

          13. Crazy K | | #18

            You know, I do not.........however, I have been told that I should.  You can take plain glass balls and stuff colored thread in them and, viola.....instance ornament!  I do save the pieces of WSS though.  I guess you can liquify them and have some really awesome starch!

            My snowflake is dry now and I stand by my earlier comment.......its Floriani for me.  Maybe because its more like cloth and the needle doesn't make holes, etc.  I hooped the Ultra Solvy really tight and it looked pretty good until I soaked the gunk out of it.  I wish I could take a close-up photo to send you.........even DH could tell the difference.

            Happy Stitching!


          14. Cherrypops | | #19

            wow! another great tip...save those threads for ornaments.

            my mother-in-law swears by Floriani stabilizers. she recently bought some "one was the sticky back stuff for using with things that are too thick to hoop and the other one was the No Show Mesh Fusable for stretch fabrics and sheers.  I have used the iron-a-way topping and I like it a lot".

            Living in different part of New South Wales the craft shows are on at different times so Mum buys from them, the stockists are out western sydney so I buy from them online. She is just starting to shop online...another pc lesson...she says.

            She will be spending xmas with us, so I will have a few lessons on hooping etc and show her my Janome 350e working. She has the Des 1.

          15. Crazy K | | #20

            I love the no-show mesh.  I have done some shirts in knits for sons, s-i-l and grandson with some very heavy designs and used two layers of the mesh and it turned out great.  The stabilizer was enough to support the heavy designs and the mesh didn't make the area too stiff.  Bachelor son wore his after several washings and it still looked great........btw....laundry is NOT at the top of his list for perfectionism!! ha ha

            This forum is great......learn something new all the time, huh?

            Happy Stitching!


          16. Cherrypops | | #21

            you certainly do learn somethin new each day.

            I'm still on cottons but have plenty of knits in my stash ( practice drawer)

            I've been popping from here to there answering yours and mary's replies....we need a round table and lots of coffee and chocolates.!


          17. Crazy K | | #22

            Oh.....so funny.....I have a cup of coffee and just ate 3 little Hershey's dark chocolate bars leftover from Halloween!!! Your comment couldn't have come at a better time.  

            This forum has make the world just a little smaller.  I never imagined being able to 'chat' with people from all over the globe regarding our shared love of sewing. 

            Happy Stitching!


          18. MaryinColorado | | #23

            Thanks for your input on the Do It All Quilters hoop!  I love it!  They had my machine for about 17 days, now the bobbin thread is pulling to the top.  Ooooh!  That chaps my hide!  I will take it back in as soon as I get the time.  I've had such great luck with my Vikings except when the "wrong" person works on them even though I request that only the dept. manager work on my machines.  They will get an earful this time as the gal forgot to write that on my slip. 

            I love the Floriani no show mesh stabilizer.  Hopefully they will have the Wet N Gone in stock so I can try it.

            I wrote to emblib and asked them to make designs for an MP3 player.  Thier covers for the IPODs are so cute, all done in the hoop with great tutorial.  I'd love to make them for gifts.  Merry Christmas!  Mary

          19. Crazy K | | #24

            Hi and Merry Christmas!  I'm glad you are happy with your hoop.  After I recommend something I always hope that I haven't led someone astray!! ha  I like mine.  I do like the Floriani stabilizers as well.  Even Emb. Library is using them some now and like what they've used.  They have such cute things.  I've made about a dozen snowflakes now.........most are gone or spoken for.  I've been embroidering winter/Christmas designs on white hand towels to give as small gifts.  Made hooded bath towels for daycare kidlets for Christmas..........fun! 

            I can understand your frustration with the repair department!!  Some just don't have the 'gift' for fixing things!


          20. MaryinColorado | | #25

            Love those hooded towels too.  I have two great nephews to make them for this year as well as bibs.  I'm also going to cover some diapers with pretty fabric for burp cloths, my mother suggested this saying it would look so much nicer in church, if my dressed up niece didn't have a diaper over her shoulder.  ha ha (The older kids like the hoods sewn onto thier body size towels for swimming too, or a patch or handles or embroidered tag so someone doesn't try to "claim" thier towels.)  Mary


          21. Crazy K | | #26

            I found some really nice plush generous sized bath towels on sale right after Thanksgiving and bought matching hand towels.  Made nice hooded towels that will work now as well as a few years down the line. 

            I'll try to attach a pix ....or two.  The one pix of the 3 doesn't do justice to the designs or the colors.  Not sure what happened there.........the close ups are better.

            I make toddler bibs for some of the children, too, but since DD has fancy burp cloths (called burpies) in her line I don't do those.........don't want to compete with family!! ha ha  The bibs are different in that mine are for toddler aged kids while hers are infant size.


          22. MaryinColorado | | #27

            Those are so adorable!  Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.  You sure seem to enoy making so many gifts.  The special people in your life are twice blessed to have you in thier lives.  Mary

          23. Crazy K | | #28

            Thanks for the kind words, Mary.  I do enjoy making gifts.  The embroidery bit just makes it a little more personal and special.......and its fun for me, too!!

            Merry Christmas!


          24. MaryinColorado | | #29

            My D1 is in the shop as when they upgraded it for the Do All hoop, they somehow threw out the tensions so I talked to the repair manager today, he will fix my machine himself and was wonderful on the phone.  The clerk goofed twice and didn't put my request that only that one special wizard be allowed to work on my machine.  So hopefully will get it back soon but am not holding my breath.

            Rose the Viking Rose is humming along brilliantly, thank the Lord!  The quilt for my grandson's October birthday should be finished tomorrow.  All that's left to do  is to serge the outside edges after I curve cut the corners.  Yeah!

            Maybe I'll get the serger crazy quilted stocking finished before Christmas.  Also have to embroider gingerbread girl and boy on a red bib apron, maybe make some potholders with cherries with my new hoop if my D1 comes home in time.  Lots of ideas but running out of time of course.....ha ha, that's a good song of the season around here I'm sure.  Mary

          25. MaryinColorado | | #30

            Hooray!!!  My D1 is home again!  She is sewing like a dream again.  Tomorrow I will check out the embroidery function while putting gingerbread man and girl on red bib apron for DD. 

            I am also going to try to make my kitchen valances and a curtain for under the antique sink out of upholstery fabric that has mountains on it.  Family will be here Monday for dinner so I know this is crazy.  Mary

          26. Crazy K | | #31

            I'm glad you have your machine back!  Having a machine in the shop is nearly as bad as having your one and only car in the shop..........terrible!  I'm glad they fixed it right this time.  You'll be stitching away into the wee hours for the next couple of days I think.  Sounds like you have some very ambitious plans.  I have some ideas yet but not sure if they'll get done or not.  We're heading to Texas the 26th to see our family there.  SIL just arrived home from Iraq......for good this time, we hope.  I got my projects done that I had planned so now anything would be extra.

            Happy Stitching........and Merry Christmas!


          27. MaryinColorado | | #32

            Merry Christmas and Godspeed!  That's quite a trip all the way to Texas!  I am so glad that your son in law has returned safely from Iraq!  We are so blessed to have so many patriotic young people, my family and I are so greatful for all they do for our country and us!!!  Mary

          28. Crazy K | | #33

            Thanks for the good wishes for our safety and the appreciation for Paul's efforts.  He's been in the Army nearly 22 years and will retire this coming fall.  He's ready.......they, as a family, have sacrified enough.  They have a daughter graduating from high school and a son in first grade. 

            Yes, it is quite a drive........from the middle of Minnesota well into Texas.  Sue drove it in one shot last year..........we'll take two days.  I can't stay awake all night to drive anymore..........the eyes aren't as young these days!


          29. MaryinColorado | | #34

            Are you coming through Colorado? 

            Guess what?  The Do all quilters hoop broke!  Ha!  I can't believe it!  The clip part broke when I hooped an apron, not even quilted!  Oh dear, do you think it could be the full moon/winter soltice tonight?  Everyone has been having chaotic things happen all day, too strange!  (I remember many strange things happening in the ER during full moons when I worked there, wonder how they're doing tonight?)

            Anyway, my grand daughter made cherry wink cookies today, we bought groceries, and did a bit of embroidery together.  She's spending the night and tomorrow we will get together with her brothers for cookie decorating and more gift wrapping, getting things ready for the gang on Christmas Eve.  God bless you and yours and enjoy the holidays!  Mary

          30. Crazy K | | #35

            No, we head straight (well, it isn't exactly straight!! ha ha) down I-35 which runs very close to us here and goes right into Belton, which is where the kids live.  If it wasn't for Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Ft. Worth, the drive would be very simple.   We have hit those cities during rush hour and now try all sorts of manuevers to avoid that!

            I can't believe that the hoop broke..........must have been the solstice!! ha ha LOL  It must have had a weak spot.........my goodness, you just got it!  I hope they'll replace it for you.........they certainly should.

            I worked as an EMT for a short time (back gave out so lifting wasn't good ).......and I remember the crew talking about it and dreading the full moons.  We were small town and strictly volunteer crew but if anything crazy was going to happen it seemed it would be during that time.

            Sounds like you're having fun with those kids.  I had my daughter and grandson here yesterday and we made Lefse.  I'm not scandinavian (I'm full German!) but my former mil was Norwegian and she taught me the skill and I have passed it on to my daughter and now her 5 year old son was right in there.  He mastered picking the rolled out lefse off the board and rolling it onto the skillet!  Amazing......we held our breaths each time but he did a super job........better than some untrained adults!  He tried rolling but he couldn't quite get them uniform and the skillet was hot. 

            We're having a small group here on Tuesday and then leaving Wed. a.m.  A long drive but we're looking forward to seeing the Texas kids again.

            Merry Christmas to you and yours.  Wishes for a Blessed holiday season for you and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year..........God Bless.


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