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Saran Wrap

Terri_Lewis | Posted in The Archives on

I am looking for an article I saw in late 1998 or early 1999. The article was about wrapping up someone in plastic wrap, marking it, cutting it off, and making a fit pattern (sloper) out of it. Does any one know what issue that is in? Please let me know!



  1. JAFlavin | | #1

    I was just looking for an article I had read online regarding the same technique.  Going through my files, I found my original scribbled notes (thank God I can be a pack-rat from time to time!).  Go to http://www.Fashion-Incubator.com and look for the saran-wrap pattern maker.

    I hope this info is still useful to you, six years later!!!  Gotta love posts!!



    1. KathleenFasanella | | #2

      Wow, I'm amazed there is still interest in this topic (I'm the author/originator). The links to the tutorial series are:http://www.fashion-incubator.com/mt/archives/saran_wrap_pattern_making_method_1.html
      http://www.fashion-incubator.com/mt/archives/saran_wrap_pattern_making_method_2.htmlOn a related topic, I've written a post that may describe the causes of fitting problems that no one seems to have noticed before. If you have problems getting bras to fit (cups are splayed apart and you're always yanking the front neckline of shirts down) this may describe you. It is a question regarding the shape of your rib cage. Most people have an oval shaped rib cage. Some of us tho, have an egg shaped chest. This post has more details if you think this may affect you.
      http://www.fashion-incubator.com/mt/archives/a_question_of_thoracic_shaping.htmlI'm hoping to get more feedback before I have to close off comments to the post (comment spam proliferates on older posts). I'm hoping to convince a bra pattern designer to design bra patterns to fit us -no affiliation, I just want the patterns :)
      ~~~~Nurture people, not products~~~~

      Edited 5/4/2006 11:56 am by KathleenFasanella

      1. smr | | #3


        I thnk that this is a problem for many people.  I come from a family with more depth than width....that said it is a real issue for fitting.  I just posted my comments on your site...

        Truly your website is the greatest because you bring up topics that are so relavent and not discussed. I thnk you put out ideas that give a voice to issues thae manufacturers should and maybe one day will address.

        I went through years of thinking it was "just me".  I have absolutely forsaken the "Big 4" and am making patterns from clothing I already own and like. No matter what I do to a normal pattern I just get too frustrated.  The idea is to enjoy the creative process of sewing and not recreate tje wheel with every project.

         I actually read an article last fall in a magzine, last fall,  that discussed why bras will never fit.  Naturally it was at a beauty salon, when I went back 6 weeks later the magazine wasn't there anymore.  I think the name of the magazine was called "Lifetime".  If anyone out there read this I would love to get a copy of this article.

        Thank you so much for all your efforts....they are greatly appreciated.

      2. JAFlavin | | #4

        My sincerest apologies for anyone who might be offended by a perhaps-off-topic question (I'm new at this posting thing, so please forgive me if I'm making a huge posting faux pas!), but Kathleen, I've been reading some articles at Fashion-Incubator and am so curious as to your opinion on the Sew/Fit Company's method of pattern altering.  You see, I've been home on maternity-related bed rest (33 wks and 5 days pregnant, and still counting!) for the past 3 weeks.  Since then, I've been devouring sewing-related books from my public library and came across the Sew/Fit Company's Manual... excellent reading... not at all light, but for that I love it!  Anyway, as you probably already know, they advocate sliding and pivoting.  What has your experience been with this method over others? 

        And back to the Saran Wrap pattern making post, I can hardly wait to try my hand at this!  I'm 5'1" tall, have a petite frame altogether but was "blessed" with a 36DDD cup and a tush to match!  With a small rib cage and bone structure, I'm wondering how on earth I'm going to dive into making Vogue-like clothes for myself!  Hoping to get to the goods asap without having to waste my time re-inventing the wheel.  Along that vein, I'm really hoping that using the Saran Wrap idea will help me zip through pattern adjustments!

        Any insight at all would be hugely appreciated!



        1. KathleenFasanella | | #5

          smr wrote:
          you bring up topics that are so relavent and not discussed. I thnk you put out ideas that give a voice to issues thae manufacturers should and maybe one day will address.
          you know, that's exactly what I'm trying to do. Thanks for noticing. It's nearly impossible to change the behaviors and practices of existing enterprises so I focus on start ups. If I can get them to form good habits now, I'm hoping to witness changes at retail before I die. I know, I know, my goals/aspirations are much bigger than me but hey, somebody has to incubate change and I'm not doing anything else at the moment so it may as well be me :).-------------------
          JAFlavin wrote:
          My sincerest apologies for anyone who might be offended by a perhaps-off-topic question (I'm new at this posting thing, so please forgive me if I'm making a huge posting faux pas!), but Kathleen, I've been reading some articles at Fashion-Incubator and am so curious as to your opinion on the Sew/Fit Company's method of pattern altering. .. Anyway, as you probably already know, they advocate sliding and pivoting. What has your experience been with this method over others?
          ----------------I'm at a loss here, I'm not familiar with "pivot/slide", only having heard of it on enthusiast sewing sites. I mean, we use pivoting in pattern manipulation and sliding when grading on an x-y axis but I can't know if that is what sewfit means. Sometimes meanings of identical terms are different btwn home and industrial sewing. I don't know of any competing methods for pivot/slide (in the way we mean it which may/may not mean what sewfit says it means); these are the basics of pattern manipulation. I've heard of sewfit but am not familiar with it. We tend to use books like Handford's or Armstrong. Connie Crawford has a new drafting book out that I like, nice and clean, simple, lays flat. As a matter of fact, she'll give anyone who uses my name a 20% discount on the book. She's doing that as a favor to my site visitors, we have no affiliation other than warm collegial relations. But back to sewfit. Just because I don't know of them doesn't mean they don't know what they're doing. We just run in different circles.

          1. smr | | #6


            I've been thinking about this the last couple of days...I think there is a voice to the general population...perhaps sizing and fit will come to the forefront.  Look at the great campaigns with "Don't be a litterbug", stop smoking, taken sweetened drinks out of schools..why not clothing that fits! I laugh to myself, but I think it's a cause...

            I do agree with you that starting with the newer, perhaps smaller manufacturers is the way to go.  Once their popularity grows others will notice.  Look at Chico's.  Although I kind of preferred them 8 years ago, they do have a product that appeals to a certain age group...like it or not.  Soon I began to notice that places like Kohl's were carrying similar products. So, I guess we need to support the smaller, well fit, in order to make change.




      3. Teaf5 | | #7

        Thanks for the links. The second one, which details the process, is especially delightful because she talks about using her son as a model, and I could just imagine approaching my seventeen-year-old with this kind of proposal!

        1. JAFlavin | | #8

          I had a really good laugh over that one, too!  It made me remember the two times that I had my husband bind me up in paper postal wrap using water and a dishwashing basin!  That was great fun!!!   The poor man was just trying to watch a football game!  I could only imagine a 17 year-old's enthusiasm! 

          The article had it all... infomative, useful, and funny!

          1. Teaf5 | | #9

            My seventeen-year-old son might just be a little too enthusiastic about wrapping mom up so that she couldn't move!

          2. Alice in Atlanta | | #10

            You wrote a funny notice that your husband wrapped you in brown paper tape and dishwashing soap but you didn't say how it worked.

            Last week I wrapped one of our discussion members in duct tape, it took 2 hours and it turned out great. Since I'm not into Star Wars I think I might prefer the papier mache effect like yours.  Now would be a good time to do it, not too hot or humid and it could be done outside on the patio.  Also would appreciate any tips.


          3. JAFlavin | | #11

            Hi!  Gosh, if memory serves me....  I recall the instructions saying to wear the proper undergarments, put on a fitted t-shirt that you won't mind cutting into, and have a partner help you.  I honestly don't recall soap, but I haven't had the chance to go back and read my post, so I'm not sure what I was referring to with that ingredient!  Anyway, using a container (like one of those used for washing dishes in) of room temperature water, have your friend dip a 12 inch length of brown paper packing tape in the water, shake off the excess moisture, then have her apply it to your t-shirt clad torso.  Repeat this process all over your body, from just above the crotch up.  I believe the instructions indicated that you should begin with areas requiring definition.... your waist, bust, armpits, etc.  Then fill in the blank areas, being sure that by the time you end, you have a snug form around your entire upper torso about five layers deep.  You want the strips to be entangled with each other well so that when you cut the form off, they will maintain their shape.  However, before you cut the form off, allow the moisture in the strips to dry by using a hairdryer.  Then, have your friend carefully cut a vertical line up the middle of your back, from the bottom edge (typically at or below the hip) to the top of your neckline.  Also at the back of the form, have your friend free each of your arms by cutting a line from the edge of the sleeve in as far as your own arm requires to wiggle out.  Once you're free of the form, simply retape the opening closed, aligning the edges as precisely as possible.  To help ensure precision, have your friend draw two horizontal lines before she makes the first cut  -one at about should blade level and one at about waist level.  Be sure each line crosses the vertical midline so that you can use them as match points when you're retaping.  There are lots of mounting options out there, like putting a sturdy hanger inside of your form then filling it with crumpled newspaper, fiberfill, etc.  You can then either set it on a home made stand constructed from PVC piping, hang it from a chain suspended from the ceiling at your actual height, seal up the bottom by taping on a custom designed oval-shaped cardboard cutout, store it in a closet, etc. 

            I hope this helps!  I've had a lot of fun with this model o' me and, because it's so inexpensive to do, you can create a new one if your figure changes.

            By the way, to make it even more pin friendly, consider covering it with a custom made dress form cover.  Just a suggestion, but not entirely necessary.


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