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Sew Stylish

Tatsy | Posted in Talk With Us on


I understand there is a new issue of Sew Stylish coming out. When will it be available?



  1. sewslow67 | | #1

    I ordered it already, and I think they told me that it would be available sometime during the first week or two of May.  Here's the link if you want to check this issue out.  This will give you more information about this particular issue. 


    1. Tatsy | | #2

      Sewslow 67,

      Thank you for the response. I guess I can stop bugging Barnes and Noble for a few weeks. 


      1. sewslow67 | | #3

        You are most welcome, Tatsy.  I like that publication too, and find that it is a nice complement to my most-loved "Threads".

        Have you seen the craft stylish publications "Gifts to Sew" and "Quick Stuff to Make"?  I'm generally a "slow sewer" (as my name indicates ;-) because I like detail and to meticulously finish the "innards" of my garments; but some simpler projects and quick ones are nice for small gifts and stocking stuffers for all the grand kids - and they seem to like them quite a lot. 

        1. Tatsy | | #4

          I've seen those magazines, but they don't tempt me. Making jewelry is fun, but other than that, I'd rather sew garments or knit sweaters, or make long strips of tatting, which is where the name comes from. Learning to tat was a rather civilized rebellion against my mother because tatting was one of the few thread arts she never learned. She was trained as a milliner and did real lace making in school, so the standard was set pretty high at our house. 

          Have you seen the magazine Piecework? They have some fabulous articles on some pretty sophisticated crafts like intricate knitting patterns. One that I especially liked was on shirreting, which is a kind of crocheted rug making that produces a nap with patterns that can be nearly as intricate as a Turkish rug. I should probably track down the book that explains how to do it. That would be a good way to reduce my scrap stash.

          Happy sewing.

          1. Palady | | #5

            >> ... shirreting ... << 

            More on the art Tatsy refers to can be  found at -



            There was a booth in the Market Place during the Chain Link conference in Manchester, NH  July 2004.  I was pleased t ostop and chat.  I've had the tool & info for some years.  Unsure exactly how I came to purchase it.  Circa 1960's?  Perhaps from a magaizne article.  As with most needle arts, there's a learning curve.  MO, completed projects have a place depending on the need.



          2. sewslow67 | | #6

            I'm not much of a crafter Tatsy, although I do enjoy making jewelry.  I've done a lot of bead work, but have recently begun learning wire working ...and quite like that as well - although beading is my favorite.  What I liked mostly about the other magazines that I mentioned was the small sewing project ideas; i.e. slippers, travel cases, cute little handbags for the granddaughters, etc.

            As for knitting ...well ...I made a sweater when I first went to college, and it turned out to be a joke.  Typical of a freshman, my first project was quite complicated, with all sorts of design on the yolk and several color changes, which were very poorly executed.  I finished it, but it was downright pathetic. 

            I did crochet several sweaters for my babies, which was no problem since they were small projects and no color changes.  Oh ...and I did knit a neck scarf a couple of years ago ...only because I loved the yarn. 

          3. Tatsy | | #7

            We had four sons and I can't begin to guess what their wives enjoy. I did make a bracelet for No. 4 son's wife for her birthday, and she enjoyed it, but my son had to tell me exactly what to make.

            My second son's wife is so crafty I can't compete. She does the most wonderful things for her kid's birthdays. For our granddaughter's second birthday she had a fairy/butterfly theme. She hung butterflies all over the garden fence and bought yards of tulle to make skirts for all of the girl invitees. She ran out of time and sent me upstairs to make the skirts. It was so simple--two folds of fabric, one long casing, scissors, and a skein of coordinating yarn. I'm glad I was there. She was trying to make it too difficult on herself. The girls were enthralled and they looked darn cute.

    2. Mema | | #14

      I ordered it last week from Taunton and received it last Friday.

  2. pjjing | | #8

    I was glad to find the spring issue of Sew Stylish at Kroger today.  I started to order in online from Taunton but the shipping was almost as much as the magazine.  I think the magazine is worth the price but the shipping was prohibitive for this old gal.

    1. Tatsy | | #9


      Thanks so much! I'll start calling around to see who's got it in town, but they probably won't get it until next week or the week after that. Their suppliers, I think.


    2. sewslow67 | | #10

      Thanks for the new information.  That's interesting too, because, when I sent in a pre-order, the shipping was free ...but now the magazine will be sent out much later than when the stores get it in.  I even called them, to confirm when they would ship, and the woman who answered said that it would be shipped in May.  I think I'll just wait until I see it in the stores after this.

      1. User avater
        MichelleinMO | | #11

        I got my order of SewStylish a week ago.  I ordered it way back when Taunton sent me an advertisement for free shipping.  I am a charter member and have subscribed to SewSTylish since the first issue. 

        I find it one of my most essential magazines as it goes over the basic information I want to know such as how to make a bound buttonhole and a welt pocket.  How to read a pattern such as the backside yardage, notions, different views.  It covers all the basic stuff such as hand stitches.

        I adore Amber Eden for starting this publication and begged for them not to take it off the market.  This is a supplemental issue to help bring us up to the level of understanding all the Threads articles that are a little above my head. 

        I look forward to this issue each Spring and Fall.  If you know someone new to sewing or just sewing for a short time this would make a great gift.  Sign up with Taunton and you will get their free shipping offer I guarantee it. 

        This is the best magazine ever in my mind.  I love it!  I think it is highly under-rated.  If you haven't looked at an issue I challenge you to pick a copy up and thumb through it if you really want to learn how to sew well.



        1. MomaDeb | | #30

          Sew Stylish and Threads are my 2 favorite magazines that I would read from cover to cover sew many times.  And the are kept safely stored to be reviewed for new inspiration when needed.  

  3. sewcrazykathy | | #12

    I was in my local Cleveland/Akron area Joann Fabrics yesterday (Sunday, April 19th) and they had it in their magazine rack!  I'm going to use one of my 40%  off Joann coupons to buy it next week.

    1. Tatsy | | #13

      I found it at Jo-Ann's but left it in the rack. All that restyling reminds me too much of the days back on the farm when I had to wear my cousin's worn-out party dresses to school and my mom used to unravel sweaters to get yarn for new projects. Hip-hip-hooray for quality fabrics at discount prices and the time to do my own designing. Retirement is wonderful.

      1. Ocrafty1 | | #16

        I looked at it today when I was at JoAnne. It was recommended by one of the editors for the suggestions on bust fitting.  I wasn't impressed and left it on the stand. I think it is good for those who are beginning to sew, but I've been at this long enough that most of what was in there was old hat. If one of my daughters started sewing again, I'd probably buy it for her.


        1. Tatsy | | #17

          That was pretty much the way I felt. Their first issue was a scene stealer, but the later ones have been ho-hum. That article on reading a pattern would be terrific for a first-time sewer.

          1. Ralphetta | | #18

            I agree. The first issue was really impressive. Since then it seems more appropriate for beginners. I think it's great to have a publication for them, so Threads can continue to aim for the more advanced sewers.

          2. Ocrafty1 | | #19

            Here, Here!!!!  But from what I understand, Sew Stylish only comes out 2X a yr.  That's not gonna help new sewers much...


          3. dawn | | #20

            I bought it only because I've always been buying them as they come out.  This one was a lot more basic than the others and not nearly as inspirational.  I probably will look more closely at the content in the future.


          4. Sancin | | #21

            Ditto, Dawn. I purchased the latest and the next day gave it to my cleaning lady for her and her daughter who only sew occasionally but want to improve their skills for simple things. I am going to find my other copies and give to them as well. I think that darning and mending articles would be good for this publication as well as some home deco articles, which I don't like to see in Threads. How hard is it to make pillows!!

          5. Ocrafty1 | | #22

            My sentiments exactly!


          6. sewelegant | | #29

            You may find this statement silly, but I didn't mind tackling coats, ball gowns, designer dresses, etc., but a pillow or drapes?  Oh my, that seemed like a real challenge!  Can you believe I never sewed a pillow until I was in my 50's?  I do not know what my problem was, just perspective, maybe.  A dress could be worn and no one inspected it very closely, it seemed, but drapes and pillows?  They would be on display for everyone to inspect closely, especially if they knew you made it, AND decorator fabrics were expensive so maybe I was just afraid of making sloppy mistakes I would have to live with for several years.  I know better now, but I'm still a bit awed when I see the beautiful drapes and pillows that professional sewers come up with.

          7. Sancin | | #32

            I, and I believe others, were not intending to belittle anyone's need for references and basic sewing magazines. All of us agree that Sew Stylish is needed magazine. It is just that moderate to advanced sewers don't want to spend time and money with a magazine that covers basics and Threads is the only publication like itself. We want the inspiration of Threads. Many of us who have been sewing a long time have already collected books and magazines that we use as references. I haven't been quilting as long as I have been sewing so I still buy quilting magazines that have new or unusual techniques, but I don't subscribe to them as I do to Threads. Giggle - now that you have made pillows, do you still think they are difficult? They are essentially straight seams that are turned - so no one sees the stitches ;-) Now embellishing them, is another thing, but Threads presents lots of wonderful embellishment articles that can be used on pillows. Keep smiling and sewing - every new item is an adventure, if you allow it to be.

          8. sewelegant | | #33

            Yes, I finally decided I could make a pillow when a friend of mine was making lovely ones and she seemed to own a sewing machine for one reason only... mending.  I too, am a seasoned book collector and did have several home dec books, but they were mainly just fun to look at items.  My problem is I always need a pattern, I am not a creative sewist... just a fine tuner of my craft. 

          9. User avater
            Deana | | #24

            Thanks, Ralphetta. Yes, that's the idea, exactly. Sew Stylish was created to allow Threads to remain more advanced.

          10. kbalinski | | #25

            Can I love them both?  I refer to my Sew Stylish for basics that I've never learned (my favorite is the formal wear issue), and I love Threads for the masterful inspiration it provides.  Yes, there are articles or topics that appear in both, but I don't mind.  I'm just glad to see that there is (well-illustrated) support out there for everyone, new and seasoned veterans.

            Kristine in Michigan

          11. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #26

            I loved the Red Carpet Issue also! It was a one stop issue for everything to do with formal wear. The last issue was very basic, and as a handy reference, esp. for All zipper insertions, I will keep it. I did not have a quick reference for an exposed zipper insertion. I also liked the idea of one pattern, many ideas approach. From the pattern's beginning, to how to read it, to how to change it for fit or for embellishment. Nice. It is a good reference for a beginning to intermediate sewer. Cathy

          12. User avater
            Deana | | #28

            Thanks Cathy, for telling us what you liked about the latest issue.

          13. User avater
            Deana | | #27

            Thanks Kristine! Glad to hear you find something in both Sew Stylish and Threads to pique your interest.

        2. User avater
          Deana | | #23

          Hi Deb,

          Sorry to hear you found this too basic for your needs. But, yes, Sew Stylish is geared toward the beginning sewer and is more fashion driven in terms of inspiration.

          1. MomaDeb | | #31

            Thank you for taking up for the beginner.  I am neither a beginner nor an expert, but what I am is self taught.  And what I keep trying to do with each project is improve my skills.  And with the focus on fashion it makes learning fun.  I also use these articles to inspire the young women I work with to learn a new skill and not be intimidated by sewing.  Do you all remember when you t ried to read your first pattern and were scared to death to cut that piece of fabric because it cost so much.  Or the way you felt when you finished a project and your friends all wanted to know where did you find that.  I started up a free sewing workshop after work.  Women had machines in boxes that had never been taken out because they were scared and intimidated.  No more.  We sat down together, I read the manuals and now these women are sewing.

          2. GingerThreads | | #34

            Any chance that Sew Stylish will be published more often? It is at the perfect level for me, and I do wish it would come out at least every other month like Threads, which I also read, but which somewhat above me yet. Sew Stylish inspires me to sew and to be excited about everything to do with sewing, like fabrics, notions and machines. Right now I am learning all that I can about sergers before I make my next big purchase.Thank you for publishing Sew Stylish for those of us not at the Threads level yet. We are hungry for MORE!R. Miller

          3. nikkisewz | | #35

            Hi Ginger,

            Right now SewStylish is two times a year (Spring and Fall) with special issues in between including Quick Stuff to Sew.

            We also love the publication, so if you would like to see more, please let us know through letters and emails to the editors.


          4. katina | | #36

            Hello Nicole

            It's quite possible I'm missing something here, but didn't Taunton launch Sew Stylish as a magazine one could subscribe to, and then almost immediately cancel it and the subscriptions?  It was announced that issues would appear at intervals. And now, if I'm understanding you correctly, it's possible it will be published more frequently, if Taunton feels there's sufficient demand?


          5. nikkisewz | | #37

            Hi Katina,

            Currently there is no plan to increase the frequency of SewStylish, but we are always open to the possibility of satisfying a demand.

            SewStylish launched as a subscription magazine, however it changed to a newsstand-only publication shortly after. It was never cancelled, which was a bit confusing since the subscription option was taken away.

          6. katina | | #38

            Thanks for the clarification.


          7. peggyv | | #40

            I am probably an intermediate sewer and I love both Threads and SewStylish. I would like to see SewStylish about four times a year. I particularly like to see how just one pattern is reinterpreted with different looks from the runway.

          8. MomaDeb | | #41

            I agree.  I love to seewhat and hear about what others are doing. Then see if it is something I can adapt for my taste and life.

          9. Ceeayche | | #43

            I agree with Peggy-- four times a year would be good!

          10. MomaDeb | | #39

            Loved all the wonderful quick easy projects they had to offer.  Would love to see Sew Stylish back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          11. User avater
            Deana | | #42

            Hi MomaDeb,

            As Nikki stated above, Sew Stylish comes out 2 times a year. Spring and Fall. The next one is due out in August.


  4. User avater
    Deana | | #15

    Hi Tatsy,

    The new issue of SewStylish hit the newsstands last week, so you should find it at your local store soon. Check out this announcement on our home page https://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/6882/new-sewstylish-on-newsstands-now.


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