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Sewing Machine Covers

GranJanice | Posted in General Discussion on

Hi Everyone,  Does anyone have a Husqvarna Viking Designer SE?  I want to make a sewing machine cover for my machine.  I did find a website that gives general instructions on how to measure your machine to make your own cover.  The instructions are quite easy to follow.  But, I was just wondering if any of you have this machine too and if you have made a cover for it.  And, if so, where did you find the instructions?  Thanks for your help.

Edited 3/2/2007 1:34 pm ET by GranJanice

Edited 3/2/2007 1:34 pm ET by GranJanice


  1. Alice in Atlanta | | #1

    I've always wondered why a person who sews would buy something as simple as a sewing machine cover.  Think about it.... now does that make good sense OR good use of your sewing machine??  I just made two of them, on for each, out of left over drapery material and it's a breeze.  Even if it doesn't look too good on the first attempt you've invested only a small amount of time.  Truth be told, I will have to redo one since my measurements were a little short not having noticed I should have measured from the base not the top which is smaller.  All you do is wrap a piece of fabric the width plus seam allowances around from front to back leaving plenty of room for length which can be cut later if not used.  Make a template of the width (sides) which is the measurement of front to back (about 5/6", will look like the opening of a tunnel either squared or rounded, and join.    By the way, as long as you're at it add some pockets to the front and maybe even the back for accesories, add velcro to pocket (inside top)and where it will be placed on the machine cover but do it BEFORE the construction.  You'll figure it out once you get started.  Happy sewing.

    1. GranJanice | | #2

      Hi - TRUE - why use a sewing machine cover if you like to sew.  But, if I am leaving my machine open at night or for extended days into weeks I like to cover it to protect it from dust. 

      I like to keep the dust off my sewing machine and serger.  I feel it protects them.  I guess I am from the old school - when we first learned to type - in typing class - we always were taught to cover our machines.  I guess I still have the habit.  I even have a cover for my computer keyboard.

      Thanks for the measuring info. Have a great day. 

    2. spicegirl | | #4

      For What It's Worth:  (sorry, I really don't care for abbreviations)

      My machines are long and tall.  The hard and semi-soft covers that came with them require some dismantlement of the machine ----- who wants to mess with that!

      Sooooo, wanting a quick fix, I covered one with an old embroidered runner that belonged to my Grandmother and covered the other with a piece of fabric.  Liked the look of the old textile, so I am planning on visiting the local flea market to check out something old and embroidered (they are not very expensive) to replace the fabric.

      1. sewfar | | #5

        We had the same thought  but since my embroidered runner was too  narrow to fully cover my Elna,  I extended the sides with some shear fabric left over from making curtains, sewed up the sides and boxed the corners...much like an upside down tote bag sans the handles.  Now  I have a delicate , airy cover that I enjoy looking at and it stays put. 

        Edited 3/2/2007 5:09 pm ET by sewfar

        Edited 3/2/2007 5:33 pm ET by sewfar

        1. Cherrypops | | #6

          I too have covers for my machines. The ones that came with them. They keep the dust off like GranJanice said. They only go on them at night.

          Who knows maybe when I have the time to make I will. I am getting an embroidery only machine soon, so i will play with the designs and measure up the machines for covers.

          I may even do one for my toaster!


          1. MaryinColorado | | #8

            Please let us know about your research on embroidery only mach.  as my DIL is  hoping to get one.  Mary

          2. Cherrypops | | #9

            Ok Mary will do, It will be under the Machine Embroidery Thread with an appropriate title for discussion.


          3. Alice in Atlanta | | #10

            It's me again.  Here's why I made a cover for my 2 machines, the toaster, coffee maker and Kitchenaid mixer.  After my daughter died and her house was gutted and up for sale I couldn't bring myself to simply throw out her drapes.  They were shifted from one spot to another ad nauseum yet I just couldn't throw them out.  She'd had them made to match her sofa and an easy chair and was so proud of how it looked.  Then on day it struck me while watching something on TV.  I hope she's smiling down from somewhere saying, "Mom, your really clever....and cheap".  They think I'm stingy but then I don't owe money and MY house is w/o a mortgage.  I'm not cheap, I just know how to manage my money.  BTW, she committed suicide on her birthday Dec. 4, 2004,  she was also my best pal.  (-11 had taken it's toll on another flight attendant who saw a terrorist in every face!

          4. GranJanice | | #13

            Hi - I'm very sorry about your daughter. Janice

          5. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #16

            My Dear Alice,I am sending you a hug from me. And the way I saw your wonderful insight and story you shared with us.. You are not Cheap you just wanted something of her near and I know that is very comforting!! I know she is smiling knowing that mom made great use out of her drapes that she loved so dear... And always remember this..You will never get over her loss and don't let anyone tell you, you should be. Over time...alot of time...bit by bit it will become a bit easier. Those drapes/now covers are her hugs everyday to you..holding you tight!!With tears

          6. Alice in Atlanta | | #19


            Thank you so much for you kind words and thoughtfullness, you  have a kind heart.  I didn't intend to write all that but it just poured out as do the tears sometime.  I will save your letter and look at it when I feel alone.

            Much love to you and yours,


          7. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #20

            Without saying anymore just know that you thought of this as a safe place to fall in the moment and that is a huge compliment to all of us on here!! And it is OK!!Much love backBlondie

          8. MaryinColorado | | #24

            God bless you, Alice, and may His Grace wash over you and your family and help you cope with your terrible loss.  Your daughter is at peace now, her suffering is over. 

            It is wonderful to think that your love of sewing has given you the ability to create this heirloom that you can touch and see every day.  What a wonderful way to keep her close to your heart and honor your memories.  She is smiling over your shoulder every day and I am sure she wants you to remember the best of times.  Mary

          9. Alice in Atlanta | | #25

            Your sweet message brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you for your tender thoughts.  With all my love to you and yours.  Alice

          10. spicegirl | | #21

            I was looking for an embroidery only machine, but couldn't find anything but the big industrial looking ones.  Already bought a BL, but was wondering what you were considering. 

          11. Cherrypops | | #27

            I am considering the Janome 350E

            http://www.janome.com has all the info. look in the dropdown menu list under machines. the 300E was their first one out.

            I previously told maryincolarado i will give an explanation soon in 'machine embroidery' thread.



      2. GranJanice | | #12

        Hi - I am right there with you.  Right now, I use a pillow case cover to throw over it.  Actually, you are right - any table runner or whatever will do too.  But, I like to sew and design things.  I especially enjoy embellishing my work.  So, thought it would be fun to make a sewing machine cover and personalize it with embellishing. Janice 

    3. MaryinColorado | | #7

      If it is too short, maybe you could just add a ruffle, pleated strip, or a band.

      1. Cherrypops | | #15

        Thats a nice thought, I'll add to my to do list.

    4. Josefly | | #30

      I like your suggestions about adding pockets with velcro closure to the sewing machine cover. I'd been thinking about making a cover, but then wondered what I'd do with my tape-measure, pin-cushion, seam-ripper, and the other little tools I usually store on the bed of my machine so that they'll be handy - I would have to take the cover off to access those things - but not with a pocket on the front. Thanks for the idea.

  2. fabricholic | | #3

    Got the machine. Have not made a cover. I guess I am a bad person. Lordy, I barely have time to sew what I want. I remember covering the typing machines, and I think covering the keyboard is smart, all those little crevices. The sewing machine doesn't have that many openings, but it is probably smart to cover, anyway.Marcy

    Edited 3/2/2007 4:14 pm ET by fabricholic

    1. GranJanice | | #11

      Hi - Do you have the H. Viking Designer SE also?  How do you like it?  I tried to work with the sewing machine cover pattern in the Zig Zag magazine, but the instructions were too sparce.  I had to download a PDF and then have it blown up on 11 x 17 paper.  After I did that, I had to still fix the pattern on graph paper according to the measurements on the pattern.  WHAT A JOB?  It is a cover that will cover our SE when you leave the embrodiery unit on.  Anyway, gave up on that pattern - kind of.  Might attempt it at a later date but will do it on muslin first.  There were no instructions as to how to put it together.  Also, I don't leave the embrodiery unit on anyway.  I found a nice pattern on http://www.marcusbrothers.com if you are interested.  It looks very easy to follow.  You just measure your machine.  Have fun.

      1. fabricholic | | #17

        I love it now. I had trouble when I first bought it. I just got it back from being adjusted. There was a photo sensor that was out of adjustment and it was making the zig-zag, are trying to, under the fabric. I found a dealer that is wonderful with them. I will look at pattern. I don't leave emb. unit on either. How do you like yours?Marcy

        1. GranJanice | | #22

          Hi,  I love mine. First, I had a Designer I for slightly over 2 years then I upgraded to the Designer SE 6 months ago.  I just got mine back from having a check up.  It was sewing and embrodiering beautifully from day 1 but then all of a sudden it froze up in the middle of my embrodiery and also when I was sewing some times.  I brought it in and they said they would put a whole new pc board on it.  Well,  it is perfect now.  I have spoken to a few other sewers that have the Designer SE also and they had slight problems too.  But, once they were fixed they are absolutely perfect.  I think they probably had a few qliches in the first manufacturing of the SE's.  I think that is why they knew right away to give me a whole new pc board.  Anyway, it was under warranty too.  I get mine tuned up every year.  It is expensive but well worth it since we paid so much for our sewing machines.  I just finished a 29" wall quilt and all I have to do now is hand sew the binding.  I did the first flower quilt in the new flower quilt patterns.  You can check these patterns out on http://www.northcott.net  They are fun to do.  I used sulky metallic thread for the very first time and it came out perfect.  FYI - I put the metallic thread vertical up on the spindel, lowered the top tension to 4.2, used a topstitch needle 90/14, used my walking foot, used sulky 40 wt in the bobbin,used A 1:2 with 2.5 needle position and 3.0 stitch.  And, by mistake my hand hit the H foot vinyl fabric by mistake.  I can't believe how perfect it came out.  Everyone told me metallic thread breaks.  Didn't happen.  (p.s I only used the metallic thread to highlight the inside small border and the middle flowers.  (I saw this hint on http://www.quiltersnewsnetwork.com.  Well - gotta go.  Let me know if you try the metallic thread. bye -

          1. fabricholic | | #26

            Thank you for all the tips. Mine is under warranty, also. They just adjusted the photo sensor for me. I have never been able to sew with metallic thread even though I love it. Let me know if you have ever used it in embroidery. Thanks.Marcy

          2. GranJanice | | #29

            Hi - Yes - as soon as I try it in embrodiery I will let you know how it works.  What is the photo sensor that you refer to?  I don't know what that is on the Husqvarna Viking Desinger SE.  Do you mean the screen?  Janice

          3. fabricholic | | #31

            No, I don't know where it is in there, but it is there. When sensors are bad or out of adjustment, it can make your machine, say it has an upper thread broken when it does not, or it can zig under the fabric instead of out of the fabric. It will do crazy things. Marcy

          4. GranJanice | | #32

            Hi -oh - o.k. thanks.  How is your Designer SE working now?


          5. fabricholic | | #33

            So far, so good. I haven't had time to do any embroidery, yet. I can't wait to see if that is working good now. Marcy

          6. GranJanice | | #34

            Hi - I am embrodiering a label right now while I am in another room on my computer.  When I bought my first Designer I, I really did not think I would get involved in doing much machine embrodiery since I loved to do counted cross stitch.  Well, you will find out it is addictive.  You never can have enough colors of embrodiery thread.  Enjoy!  Let me know when you try it.

          7. fabricholic | | #35

            I have done embroidery, just not since my machine has been fixed this last time. I had the Viking #1+ that had little cards that you insert in machine. That's why I bought the #1+. I saw it at a sewing expo and actually ended up buying the display that I embroidered on first. I was so hooked because it was simple. I had never experienced anything so creative. I need to do more, though, now that I have this wonderful machine that can do so much more. We are truly blessed.Marcy

          8. GranJanice | | #36

            Hi Marcy,  Yes, I agree, we are truly blessed.  Keep enjoying.  It is nice being able to share all our sewing enjoyments with you and others on this forum.  Thanks.  Janice

    2. Cherrypops | | #14

      Is there much of a difference in size from the Des 1 to Des SE?

      My mum has the Des 1, I emailed her asking if she made a cover for it (i don't remember seeing one on it last xmas). Waiting to hear back and hope to have a photo.

      I don't go machine shopping enuff to notice machine sizes. I take my tape measure everywhere but don't think to use it when looking at machines.


      1. fabricholic | | #18

        I don't really know. I'm like you, have tape measure, but forget to use it. There is probably no big difference.Marcy

      2. GranJanice | | #23

        Hi Cherrypops,  saw your note.  Yes, there is a slight difference in the outside dimensions of the machine - just to the right of it.  The screen is curved more towards you.  It still fit in my same Designer I sewing machine bag.  However, I had to have a new plastic insert cut for my sewing table.  With my sewing table I can use my machine on top of it with my embrodiery unit or take the embrodiery unit off - and push the sewing machine down and insert the plastic insert.  I can then sew as on a flatbed.  Have a great day.

        1. Cherrypops | | #28

          many thanks for your reply granjanice. CherryP

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