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Shoulder pads are Baaaaaaaaaaack!

MaryinColorado | Posted in General Discussion on

Tee he, giggle giggle!  Yes, it’s true!  Tyra had them on last week on her show and talked about them.  Personally, I always loved wearing them.  Having small shoulders and bone structure but a “mature” figure, the shoulder pads solve a multitude of “issues” for me!  Yahoo!


  1. stillsuesew | | #1

    I agree that shoulder pads are just what some people need and they have been given a bad name. Let's just hope we don't go overboard again back to the 80's.

    1. MaryinColorado | | #2

      So right, hope they keep them subtle and not like those football player sized ones.  (Alothough they did make everyone's waist look tiny in comparison, ha ha).  Many people don't need them, it would be nice if they make them "optional" in ready to wear so those that don't want them can easily remove them. 

      I like that they improve the look of my posture and make my clothes hang so much better.  So glad I kept a box of them!  Some are even those ones that slip over a bra strap. 

  2. starzoe | | #3

    I for one did not abandon shoulder pads, albeit mine are quite small. I have ok shoulders, they just made clothing hang a good deal better. I put the hook side of velcro on the upper side of the pads and the loop side sewn onto the shoulder seam so they are interchangeable with almost all my tops. Most of the time I also add a snap and ribbon on the underside which takes care of slipping bra/cami/slip straps.

    Unfortunately, I see in the fashion mags that some designers have gone to the large extreme once again with shoulder pads. Even in the current Threads there are a couple examples of attention being on the shoulders.....hopefully we will see the shoulders spotlighted instead of the hanging-out cleavage!

    1. stillsuesew | | #4

      or bare belly buttons!

      1. starzoe | | #5

        Especially on pregnant women!

        1. Cityoflostsouls | | #19

          I would never have a reason to design a maternity dress (or the talent) but one of the TV shows had the contestants doing a maternity dress and it was interesting to decide just how to make them as attractive as possible.  It seems one had very gentle fulness in the center front with a little more fullness on each side of the front.  The idea was fascinating and this dress was very attractive.  Did anyone else notice it?  Project Runway I think.  The accentuation on the rest of them is something I never would have worn.  To me "advertising" just goes so far.  Just goes to show how my mind works-I spent a little time thinking about this! While work waited!  I don't know about me!

          1. starzoe | | #20

            Yes, I watched that program, the winner was a spectacular dress and coat, a really flattering outfit and amazingly modest.Some of the others were laughable, really bad designs, you wonder what is in the heads of some of the contestants. Oh, well, it's just entertainment, I haven't yet picked up any ideas.

          2. MaryinColorado | | #21

            It's been a very very very long time, but I recall "comfort" was important, even when dressing up.  I also felt like it was such a blessing to be having a child that I wanted to honor that with a bit of modesty.  I don't know, I'm probably really old fashioned but just don't understand pregnant women in tight clothing and extreme high heels, it just looks awkward instead of feminine, and dangerous.  Pregnant women in bicinis just make me laugh! 

            The people who made most of the outfits on that episode of Project Runway didn't seem to have a clue.  Especially that chicken and the egg monstrosity!!!

          3. Cityoflostsouls | | #22

            What are they doing to our site?  I had to sign in to get your message!!!! That chicken and egg design was beyond words.  Ugh!  Also had to change my password!  I don't know how that designer ever got on the program but he didn't last long!

            I had a bright red Indian Head top that was like a painters smock that was my favorite but the "egg" part was not obvious!  Who would want to show every curve so everyone can see the baby move!  Or play guessing games to decide your tri-mester! I guess I'm just Old Hat!

          4. MaryinColorado | | #23

            I had a frightening experience once.  I was sitting by a tree at the Washington Monument grounds in the early 70's being very discreet (I thought, the baby was covered with a blanket and I was wearing a large flowy peasant blouse) breastfeeding my infant.  A strange man came and sat down beside me, obviously high as a kite, and just stared like he was fascinated.  I was with a large group of friends that were facing the opposite direction.  I was afraid to do anything that might set him off.  Thank goodness I finally got rescued and they chased him off. 

            I cut the side seams of my jeans and put in a triangle of knit fabric, someone is making lots of money with them now!  My favorite tops were those flowy peasant blouses or long dresses with my first child.  They were harder to find with the second, eight years later in the 80's so I actually wore some "real" maternity clothes then. 


          5. MaryinColorado | | #24

            I pop on and off of this site and have had to sign in almost every time the last few days!  It's irritating!

          6. Ralphetta | | #25

            I guess it must be my age, but I'm not crazy about all the clingy maternity clothes that highlight the mother-to-be's navel. I find it puzzling. ...too much information..

          7. gailete | | #26

            Yes, what is so fascinating about seeing bare belly or the belly button when it finally pops out the other direction. I made most of my maternity clothes back in the day and they were modest and comfortable and as I carried huge babies, I was basically wearing tents. My hubby thinks it is sweet to see these girls being proud of their belly. What gets me is how they call it a 'bump'. It isn't a bump, its a baby!!!

          8. sewluving | | #27

            Hubby and I noticed that last night on a TV show and I said I just don't find that attractive when these young pregnant gals now need to 'show' the 'baby bump' and the 'belly button'.  I liked the looser more modest covering that we wore back in the late 60's and early70's.  However, back then the mini-skirt was in and I think my maternity dresses were very short however they were poofy and did not cling. 

            Heather in Calgary

    2. MaryinColorado | | #7

      Maybe someone will go to work on creating some more comfortable bras again, if and when cleavage isn't such a signifigant consideration!

  3. rodezzy | | #6

    I never really abandoned shoulder pads either because I have narrow shoulders and wide hips.  I've always loved the balance they give me.  I don't wear them as much as I did "back in the day" but I certainly put them in my coats and jackets to some extend that I make.  I love them.

    1. MaryinColorado | | #8

      I just remembered my favorite winter dress from the eighties.  it was turquoise sweatshirt material with a large cowl neck, and humongous shoulder pads.  Black leather boots and big purse and huge earrings.  It was so warm and cozy, but very in vogue at the time, giggle.  I'd love to find a pattern for it, but would put in smaller shoulder pads of course.  he he

      I wonder what I ever did with the wide curved black leather belt?  hmmmm, wish I still had it, and I need some new black boots~and maybe a black jacket too...I've been wearing browns for so long, but now that I have my hair more blonde would love to explore the black again~ giggle...not like I can afford it...need to focus on gifts for others for Christmas!

      Edited 9/21/2009 4:29 pm by MaryinColorado

      1. rodezzy | | #9

        ssssssssssssssssss HOT!

        1. MaryinColorado | | #11


      2. starzoe | | #10

        You won't need a pattern for that dress, elongate a t-shirt pattern and add a large cowl. I saw some black dresses yesterday while shopping which were almost exactly like the one you describe. I also had one in a turquoise knit, even wore it with a BELT, something long eliminated in my wardrobe!

        1. MaryinColorado | | #12

          yes, I had a wide curved black belt that I wore with it too.  It had doleman sleeves, would love to find a pattern with those because it would solve all my fitting problems in one fell swoop. 

          1. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #17

            What??? You don't have an in depth collection of patterns from the eighties?? :o) Try checking out local thrift shops...sometimes you can find great patterns jammed into drawers nobody every looks at. Usually for .25 or .50! If you were a little closer to Austin I'd let you rummage in my pattern files!

          2. MaryinColorado | | #18

            That would be fun!  Mary

      3. sewluving | | #13

        I was 40 in 1985 and LOVED the big earrings, the shoulder pads and neat bright colours.  Shoulder pads did even out the figure too.  I had earrings to match every outfit and looked really hard to find them as I did not have pierced ears until a couple of years ago.  Still have nearly all earrings from back then.  Luved that time.  Siggggggghhhhhh.  Hair is now more grey and now too am wearing more black than brown.  Where did the time go?????  Enjoying life now too though.

        Heather in Calgary

        1. MaryinColorado | | #15

          Enjoyed your post, I didn't keep the earrings, what a shame!  There are kits that you can get to switch the clip on earrings to posts for pierced ears too.  My girlfriends and I pierced each others ears in high school in the 70's.  My mother disapproved, said only "tramps" had pierced ears!  ha ha  A few years later,  I repierced mine and also my older sisters.  Mom adapted....eventually and now in her 80's is much more tolerant.

  4. gailete | | #14

    I just got some new sewing patterns in stock and even on the knit garments I was noticing the shoulder pads sticking out looking very unnatural. That is the problem. When they don't look real they look ridiculous. Shoulder pads can make a garment look better, but I hope we aren't into those Dallas themed ones again. Oh well I have several thousand patterns from the 80's I better hurry and load into my store to take advantage of this newest fade!

    1. MaryinColorado | | #16

      Too true!  Will be checking your site again soon.  Mary

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