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Sloper (Sure-Fit Designs)

lafroggue | Posted in Fitting on

A number of years ago I invested in a sloper kit for blouse/dress, shirt, pants. The company Sure-Fit Design may or may not be in business anymore. This is what I am trying to find out! They definitely do not have a web site!!! I want to replace my Stylus, that is, the ruler with all the curves in it. This kit is so marvellous, I have used it every time I needed to re-visit my body shape, and without fail. It just gives you the wearing ease, then when you compare the sloper pattern pieces with the pattern you want to use, you can tell easily where you need to add/remove ease, etc. A more advanced sewer would be able to design own garments straight from the sloper. Please! if anyone knows of this company let me know!!!


  1. User avater
    artfulenterprises | | #1

    I know of them...own the set.  My ruler wore out long ago although I think it may still be floating around somewhere.  Not sure if the company is still around altho I think they were based in Oregon (possibly Portland?)  however, you may want to consider my solution.  I had a favorite ruler that I had made in design school using a couple of layers of tag board.  After many years of use it was looking pretty ratty so I took it to a company called TAP Plastics.  They used it as a template to cut me a nice new ruler.  Don't remember what it cost me but it was a nominal amount.  Maybe $10.  I'd suggest using a lightweight gauge if you intend to have them cut  a slot at the 5/8" seam allowance marker.  Not sure how accurate that would be either.  But they could definitely give you the outline.   Meantime, good luck with your search!

    1. lafroggue | | #2

      thanks a bunch! I may well have to do something such as what you did! You gave me the idea to try e-Bay,as well.

    2. sewslow67 | | #3

      Would it be possible for you to take a picture of your ruler and post it for all of us to see?  That might be very helpful to many, and I know that I would appreciate to actually see what you are talking about.  Thanks in advance if you can. 

      1. User avater
        artfulenterprises | | #4

        Sure I'd be glad to post a photo...might take me a day or two though. Are you actually wanting to see the ruler I had made at Tap Plastics or are you wanting to see the ruler referred to at the beginning of this thread? (from Sure-Fit kit)

        1. lafroggue | | #5

          I don't know why I got a notification of your message, as I hadn't asked to see the said ruler. In any case, I am the one who originally started this thread, looking to find a new ruler, since mine has worn out. In the end, I did find a contact whereby to reach Glenda who started Sure-Fit Design many decades ago. Turn out that the company retire 3 years ago, as I am sure Glenda did too. There is absolutely nothing left of the company, so I will undoubtedly find a plastic company in Alberta where I live to build me a new one, similar. The big plus about this ruler was that it has the seam allowances built into each curve, so that you can simply trace them. I have never seen that on any other ruler. Thanks for all who took the bother to answer, in one form or another, but my problem is now solved, as I know what to do next.

          1. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #8

            So sorry lafroggue,
            I thought I was responding to sewslow! I'm glad you found the answer to your question.
            Someone else in the thread expressed doubt over finding a plastics fabricator, but I think TAP plastics is online and could probably take care of your ruler by mail and email. Just guessing here though.

        2. KharminJ | | #6

          Hello ~Can't claim to speak for anyone else here, but I think I may be, anyway:
          Please, pictures of *both*!
          Now that we've heard that Sure-Fit could be part of Annie's next "history of sewing" thread (heh, hint!), it would be useful to have a visual of what to look for in the thrift store!Good fortune to you in finding a plastics fabricator. You might also try Vocational Training schools - could be an interesting project for the students!Bright Blessings!

        3. sewslow67 | | #7

          I would appreciate a picture of both please, and if you would identify which is which, it would be very helpful.  Thanks so much for doing this for us.  I'll be out of town for a few days, but will check when we return next week. 

          1. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #9

            To sewslow and Kharmin 3:I can certainly send the TAP plastics ruler I had made from my tag paper template but I don't think I still have the Sure Fit ruler although they are "similar" in shape. However, the Sure Fit ruler has cut outs to mark a 5/8" seam. (Which, by the way, I never use...only 1/2" or 1/4" seams unless there is a special reason to make a seam allowance wider.) Perhaps Lafroggue is able to scan and post her ruler? I suppose I could make a small sketch or something. :0) I have an online class today, but perhaps I'll be able to post tomorrow.

          2. Cherrypops | | #10

            I also have the Sure-Fit Kit.

            Will check which rulers are there and get back to you all.

          3. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #11

            Thanks Cherry Pops! In the meantime, here are a few photos from my SureFit Kit...but if you have a better photo of the large ruler that would be wonderful. Will have to add the fotos of my improvised ruler later today...I can take a better foto once the sun comes up!
            #2 and #3 are 2mb files....full size. The third one is a shot of an actual template/ruler the kit specified as an Armscye Template. You could print it out, tape it together and have one made if you had to have it!While these rulers are coveted by many because of the novelty of having a seam allowance marker, I personally find the Fairgate Vary Form Curve Ruler #12-124 the single most versatile French curve tool on the market. Shown here in this photo of some of my favorite tools which I posted recently in another thread.

          4. lafroggue | | #14

            You mention other rulers. Any of them have the built in seam allowances??? I would love to get my hands on one, for the sake of efficiency! Please let me know!

          5. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #15

            Unfortunately, I don't know of any rulers that have a seam allowance slot. Many years ago when Burda patterns first were introduced to the U.S.A. they offered a chalk marker that was adjustable to make it easy to add seam allowances. It looked like a tracing wheel with a little cartridge of chalk powder on the side which slid from side to side to make different widths of seam markers. (It wouldn't do much for a patternmaker though since it was intended to mark fabric.) But I know that tool hasn't been on the market for years. I'm afraid the only "best" advice I can give you is to buy an 18"x2" C-Thru Ruler (one without a metal edge...those are for quilters) and learn to use it with great efficiency. It doesn't take any time at all to mark seam allowances with a C-Thru once you have a bit of practice under your belt. Just learn to swivel the long edge around a seam and mark as you go always marking a line squared from the point where the ruler touches the seam line. Easy breezy.

          6. lafroggue | | #16

            Many thanks! I live in Northwestern Canada. But next time I go Edmonton (nearest city in Alberta) I will be looking into this!By the way, I was able to connect with Glenda Channing recently! She told me that the business (and herself, no doubt!) retired three years and that there was NOTHING left of supplies. Now we know!

          7. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #17

            You're welcome...glad I had a bit of info that helped you satisfy your quest...
            best to you....

          8. MarshaK | | #18

            Hi, this is a bit off topic, but I was intrigued by your mention of Edmonton being your nearest city, it's mine too. Your name also suggests you may live someplace near to my area? I'm in Two Hills. MarshaK.

          9. lafroggue | | #19

            I am in St. Paul. Wow! common interests? maybe we should connect?

          10. MarshaK | | #20

            St Paul. Hey that's great, I'd like to connect with another Gatherings person. I met Gloriasews this spring at the Creative Stitches Sewing show in Edmonton and we continue to e-mail each other. She's moved to BC, but let me know there is going to be another Creative Stitches show in Edmonton Oct. 3&4. Do you go to the shows in the city? I'm wondering if you work anywhere in St Paul, might I have seen you? If you've ever been to Two Hills, you won't have seen me, I stick close to home and play with my sewing machines etc. If you'd like to continue this outside  Gatherings, just e-mail me. Marsha.

          11. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #21

            Somewhere in my sewing room, (misplaced right now) I have a sewing ruler that has a curved end for armscye and crotch curves on one side, and squared on the other. It is quite large, perhaps a foot long by six or so inches wide. It was made possibly by Dritz or another common notions company a few years back. It has slots along the edges of both the curved and straight edges for marking a 5/8 in seam allowance. It was clear plastic with red markings. One of my DDs "borrowed" it a while ago or I could tell you the company name. I have seen them still in the stores, but not that commonly. Cathy

          12. lafroggue | | #22

            Great! Please e-mail me if and when you locate your ruler!Many, many thanks! Connie aka lafroggue

          13. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #23

            The last time I was in Fabricland here in Canada, I did see one, if that is any help. Cathy

          14. lafroggue | | #24

            thank you! I will look

          15. sewelegant | | #25

            It sounds like this is the ruler you are talking about.  Again, I am sorry I cannot make the picture smaller, but this way you can read everything on the ruler.  I purchased one in a quilt shop in Deerfield, IL. and when I broke it I found another one in JoAnn's... that was about 2 years ago.  I do not see anything on the ruler to tell who makes it and I have not seen it again so I am taking better care of this one.


          16. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #26

            Yes, that is the one. Or very similar. Mine is so worn, the lettering is starting to fade. I actually am debating another as I used mine a lot. When I can find it. It seems to have grown legs as I still cannot find it. Cathy

          17. lafroggue | | #27

            ARe you sure you are posting to sewelegant??? Thanks anyway, I appreciate having seen the picture too. I have seen this one around but don't remember when or where. I showed my husband my Sure-Fit Design ruler and he thinks he can cut one similar with one of his wood working saws. Just need to find the right plastic.lafroggue

          18. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #28

            You should be able to order anything you want in the way of plastic from these folks:

          19. lafroggue | | #29

            Great! Many thanks!

          20. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #12

            Rats...I hit the wrong button. Here's the .jpg of the Vary Form Curve and other tools.

            Edited 9/3/2008 9:27 am by artfulenterprises

          21. User avater
            artfulenterprises | | #13

            Ok Ladies,Here are two photos of the template given to me by Suzanne Stern (my inspirational draping instructor) when I was in design school and used for many years. I then had it made into a plastic template to which I added a suction based handle. (the handles can be purchased in stores or catalogs where they sell sewing notions).

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