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Still …No Threads!!

sewslow67 | Posted in General Discussion on

Tomorrow is the 20th of September …and I still have not received the latest Threads magazine …that just about everyone in the world has already received!  And there is no mail delivery again until Monday, Sept 22nd. 

The big question:  Is anyone else in this boat with me or am I sitting here alone?

And yes, I did call customer service again, and they gave a reasonable excuse (this time, i.e. labels got screwed up), but it doesn’t make the frustration of waiting any easier.  They eased my pain somewhat though, by adding a couple of issues to my subscription.  Still …I am anxious to read what most have memorized by now. 


  1. User avater
    ThreadKoe | | #1

    I only just got mine. On Tuesday. After waiting forever. And looking at it on all the mag stands for a long time. I Hate It. 3 WEEKS after it arrives on the newsstand. A month almost after the others here start talking about it online. I am sorry dear Threads Subscription People, but that is really, really not fair. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS! Please. Cathy
    Sorry darling, meant to address to our editor.

    Edited 9/19/2008 7:40 pm ET by ThreadKoe

    1. sewslow67 | | #4

      Thanks, Cathy; I actually suggested to the very nice gal that I talked with that they send the Canadian and overseas subscriptions a week or two in advance of the US subscribers, so that we would all receive them at the same time.  They won't do it, of course, but I felt better suggesting it. 

      She laughed when I told her that if they didn't put out such an outstanding magazine, none of would care when it arrived ...but thankfully, that is not the case. 

      1. User avater
        ThreadKoe | | #9

        Boy o Boy, did I ever sound CRANKY last night! Sorry friend, must have been really tired. Guess when you are looking forward to a little bit of niceness in your life so eagerly.....patience is hard. I hope your issue arrives soon, I really need to discuss the button article with someone soon or I will BUST! Cathy

        1. sewslow67 | | #10

          No problem at all; I feel the same way about the continual "way-too-late" deliveries, i.e. cranky!  I have a book on making jewelry out of clay, and it has some great ideas in it (if I remember correctly ...I need to dig it out for sure and check) about making buttons.  If not buttons, then the way they did some of the beads would work great for buttons.

          We are going down to Portland, OR for my medical in the middle of Oct., and I will bring back my 3-in-1 when we do so I can scan some things in to share (will give proper credit however, to the authors); also my beading supplies, which I miss even though I haven't had time to work on projects recently.  I saw some great bead buttons somewhere recently, but don't recall where. 

        2. sewslow67 | | #24

          My Threads came today ...my Threads came today!  Can't talk now ...must go and read everything ...; lost enough time already.

          Edited 9/22/2008 8:03 pm by sewslow67

          1. victoria0001 | | #25

            Congratulations and a gold star for patience...........it is a great issue & you'll enjoy all the extra information in this one.  I particularly enjoyed the photos of the "plumped up" mannequins - they looked like people I know.

          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #26

            Yaayyyy! Let us know when you have come down to earth! tee hee Cathy

          3. sewslow67 | | #29

            Thanks for checking in; I'm here ...but still devouring the new issue, between working and a few Gathering posts.  I agree with everyone that it is a terrific issue; but I'm not sure that I'm one to judge either, because I always seem to find something that is interesting, helpful, or just plain inspirational.  Other than straining at the bit for it to arrive, I have no complains.

            I hope you have been able to discuss buttons with someone, as I remember that was something that particularly interested you.

          4. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #30

            No, but that is ok. Lots of other things to talk about. Cathy

          5. Gloriasews | | #27

            Finally!  Mine arrived today - so now we can get our 'fix' :).  Hopefully, it's as good as everyone says it is.


          6. jatman | | #28

            Has anyone in Europe gotten theirs yet?  I've been getting my magazine a lot earlier than I expected....until this issue.  I'm getting ready to move so I wanted to get the magazine first before I changed my address with Taunton so it's a little frustrating.


          7. jatman | | #31

            After my post yesterday saying I hadn't received my issue - I got it today.  There really did seem to be an issue with the labels as there is a paper label on the outside covering what is usually written on the grey packaging.  And inside, where there is a piece of paper with my info on it I got a piece of paper with someone else's info on it (a subscriber in NZ!).  Anyway, those of you in Europe, Australia and New Zealand - it should be getting to you soon. 


          8. katina | | #32

            Yes, I have mine


          9. sewslow67 | | #33

            Good Morning Gloria; have you come up for air yet, or are you still glued to your chair with the new Threads sewn to your lap?  giggle

          10. moira | | #34

            I'm in the UK and my issue still hasn't arrived, but the irony is that I'm about to go on holiday in the USA so it will probably arrive HERE when I'm THERE!

          11. Gloriasews | | #35

            I've been savouring mine in bits & pieces so that it's not finished in a couple of hours.  I actually held off looking at mine until last night!  Of course, I'll go back & read some articles over again.  You're right - lots of inspiration & information in this issue, yet it seems like a thinner volume (or is it just me)?  Wish it were a thinner me, instead - haha.

  2. moira | | #2

    Nah, you're not alone! I'm in the UK so it has further to come, and I don't know when I'll get mine. I've kind of come to accept it and try to avoid reading people's posts in advance.

    1. sewslow67 | | #5

      I had the same problem when I lived overseas, Moira.  However, in those days, I never saw them on the news stand and ...we didn't have the Gathering group with whom I could discuss the latest issue.  Your avoiding the discussions on the latest is a good idea ...but not so sure I want to avoid those either.  After all, I would have too many discussion threads to catch up on later, and I prefer to stay current.

      Good luck on getting yours very soon ...and do enjoy it with  arrives.  ;-)

  3. Gloriasews | | #3

    Ours should come this coming week - we're always a couple of weeks later than the rest of the world, it seems - & it won't change, so you may as well accept it.  Patience, patience, patience, my dear :)  I've been waiting eagerly, too.


    1. sewslow67 | | #6

      Oh, Gloria ...such motherly (and wise) advice.  Many of my friends would say I've got the patience of Job ...but I don't think that is always the case.  Like most folks, I dole it out where it is really critical.  Other times ...I'm like a very old teenage ...and want it now!  giggle

      My dad used to say: "Life is not always fair ...so deal with it"!  I guess that applies here too, huh? 

      1. Gloriasews | | #11

        Actually, we're like little kids waiting for Christmas!    We know there's a treat coming - it's just so hard to wait, though!  :)  I have to keep telling myself to be patient!  Maybe Monday, I hope.


  4. starzoe | | #7

    I'm in B.C. - just got mine yesterday, but I think that part of sending Threads off to Canadians early is just bunk, the mag has been in the stores for almost a month at least.

    Edited 9/19/2008 10:44 pm ET by starzoe

    1. Beth | | #8

      Mine hasn't arrived and I live in northern California. If it hasn't come by next Friday, I'll ask Taunton about it. There are 4 houses in this subdivision with the same street number and we all get each others mail from time to time.

    2. Gloriasews | | #12

      Magazine go at the bulk rate, so other mail takes priority.  Too bad, eh?  Other magazines we have coming in the mail from the States usually arrive within the week that they appear in the stores, so I don't know why Threads is always so late, either.   Hopefully, since you've received yours finally, mine might be here on Monday.


  5. victoria0001 | | #13

    I live on the west coast and just received my Threads magazine on Friday, Sept. 19.

    Must say that it was worth waiting for but I wish we could receive it prior to looking at the magazines on the stands.  Excellent articles this issue.  Hope you get yours on Monday!!

    1. sewslow67 | | #14

      Thank you, Victoria; I hope your optimism proves to be true for me and others here in BC.  We are all very disappointed in the Threads staff in that they just can't seem to "get it together".  The fact is, they have a fairly small staff - so there is no excuse for the top person not communicating the problem to the responsible employee and solving it ...once and for all.  I supervised over 300-employees and always knew what was going on;  and frankly, I would never have tolerated this kind of sloppy performance.

      Edited 9/21/2008 10:37 am by sewslow67

      1. marymary | | #15

        I remember that we used to get our magazine prior to it showing up on the news stands.  That was the norm.  I remember once not getting mine in a timely manner and buying the issue.  This was all pre-Internet.  I hate that the new issue shows up on the website before I have mine.  I can't imagine having to wait as long as some of you have had to.  It is inexcusable!

      2. starzoe | | #17

        I don't believe the mail problem is the fault of the magazine, as I said before, they go in bulk to be redirected by Canada Post (and wrapped in that grey plastic envelope) - at least that is what Canada Post told me.

        1. sewslow67 | | #19

          The Canadian Post gave you the wrong information.  I called customer service and they told me that they had a labeling problem ...that the labels were not legible, and thus they had to start all over again with new labels.  That, of course, is the problem this time.  This I can understand; however, it is a problem that has gone on and on ...thus they need to get it fixed. 

          It seems like blaming the postal service is what everyone does, but that "same old, same old' is wearing thin for most of us.  The post delivery person here said that is generally the case when the magazines "only have a label glued onto the cover".  But when they are in a bag, such as Threads (so thoughtfully encases them ...which I appreciate greatly, because it protects them), then they are most often delivered like regular post.

          Anyway, there was a labeling problem this time, which is no fault of Threads.  For once, they have a legitimate reason ...rather than their usual "excuses".

    2. User avater
      ThreadKoe | | #16

      I was told that the mags are shipped bulk and arrive before the stand date. They are not supposed to be put out before a certain date. But the retailers often put them out when they arrive. That is why they often are on the stands before they arrive in the mailboxes of subscribers. For us that receive our mags even later, it just compounds the frustration. Cathy

  6. User avater
    genevieve | | #18

    YES!!  I haven't received #139

    Once again we are left waiting with no warning of why no new Threads!  I wrote to the editor, and received a message saying they had had "a labelling problem" and please wait..... shades of last year??  !!@X*#!

    1. sewslow67 | | #20

      Are you also in Canada or do you live overseas?

      1. User avater
        genevieve | | #21

        I'm in Australia - and like other writers, I used to get my Threads long before it appeared at the newsagency... but now?

  7. LolliePop | | #22

    I experienced this late delivery problem during the all years I subscribed to Threads. I'd see the current Threads issue on store shelves one to three weeks before I'd get my copy in the mail. I live in a major US city, mind you, so I'm quite certain this chronic tardiness was not the fault of the postal service. I think Taunton arranges for the print order to be sent to a fulfillment center which sends out bulk deliveries to retail outlets first -- before sending out copies to subscribers. When I contacted Taunton about the problem they'd give me the run around and stock line: "we aren't responsible for the post office". I finally got fed up and cancelled my subscription. Now I buy it at the store -- It certainly costs more but at least I don't have to experience the frustration of seeing it at the store week after week while I wait. (But then I'm not what you'd call a patient person . . . )

    1. katina | | #23

      Hi LolliePop

      No need to put yourself down - you shouldn't HAVE to be patient. It's really too bad that this has been going on for years and years and Taunton seems quite unconcerned. When I'm urged to subscribe to this or that magazine, the hooks always involve getting my copy before it hits the retailers, etc etc.


  8. user-61024 | | #36

    I'm in Canada, and just got mine this week, so I understand your frustration.

    There was one issue that didn't come at all and I didn't realize it until I saw the heated debate about a particular article in the letters to the editor in the next issue. A quick e-mail to the subscription people, and the missing copy was mailed quite quickly.

    1. sewslow67 | | #37

      I agree with you; it has been a particularly frustrating experience with this last issue.  However, like you, anytime I've missed an issue, I have found the Threads staff more than willing and efficient in getting the issue sent out to me.  Like I said to them: If they didn't put out such a spectacular magazine, nobody would care when it arrived.

      I'm glad you've got your issue now though, and I hope you are enjoying it.  I've sure devoured mine!

      1. moira | | #38

        I've just spent almost two weeks in the States and saw Threads in the bookshop there - but I didn't even pick it up off the stand! Home to the UK today and at last my issue has arrived, so it'll be good bedtime reading when I have an early night to recover from jet lag.It sounds as though finally everyone's has arrived, but in no time at all the next one will be starting to arrive with the ones at the head of the list!

        Edited 10/7/2008 12:31 pm ET by moira

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