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user-217847 | Posted in Gather For A Chat on

Hi, Cherryp,

have you seen the latest Stitches Magazine, if not theres a wanderful letter in the section (Letters to the editor), from a lady in Texas, it’s a great read. Seems our mags. are eagerly awaited on also.



  1. Cherrypops | | #1

    Hi Wombat,

    My latest is Vol 14:11..I havent' seen the new one yet. I will look for it. Great to read others are interested in Australian Stitches. I have been buying for the past few months now, and have found it helpful.

    Cheers, CherryPops

    1. User avater
      susannah_sews | | #2

      Hi ladies

      touching base - yes, Stitches is a very useful resource.  I find the technical stuff excellent, although the style/design ideas aren't as insprirational as Threads. 

      In the last issue, (I think it might have been the yearbook) there was a really interesting article on using invisible thread to attach embroidery thread to resemble hand-done chain stitch.  I can't wait to try it.


      Susannah (from the state that just won the Pura cup)

      Edited 3/26/2007 2:25 am ET by Susannah_sews

      1. Cherrypops | | #3

        Hi there,

        I feel as you do with regard to stitches.

        We three might be starting up a little aussie thread! aussie shopping sites for fabrics, patterns, magazines etc.

        That would be very helpful.



        1. MargieT | | #4

          Would love to join in.


          1. Cherrypops | | #5

            Great! You have helped me out before.


      2. MargieT | | #6

        Have just been to your beautiful state - pity about the cricket.

        1. user-217847 | | #9

          Morning to you also Marg,

          what part of the country do you live?

          Perhaps I am nosey, maybe just a little.


          1. MargieT | | #10

            I live in Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.  Where are you from?

          2. user-217847 | | #16


            my appologies, I should have said. Newcastle  (Newcarstle said with tongue in cheek).

            wombat or Lee 

          3. user-217847 | | #17

            good morning to you cherrypops,

            have you always lived in Sydney?

            are you Sydney savvy and where do you purchase your fabrics?







          4. flossie | | #18

            Hi I live in Rowville - SE suburb of Melbourne. I buy fabric from Lincraft, Spotlight, Darn Cheap and a couple of fabric stores in Dandenong that have some ex-manufacturers stock. I am lucky that these stores are fairly local to me (less than 10km). I sew mainly for family but do some paid dressmaking occasionally (deb dresses, bridesmaids and dance costumes). I have always sewn and my mum bought me my first sewing machine when is was 11- now I am 55 and I hope to be sewing for many years to come!

            My Stitches magazine arrived last week - I think I will try some of the ideas for blouses as youngest daughter needs "office wear" for new job.

            Regards Pauline


          5. Cherrypops | | #19

            Good morning wombat,

            I was born and bred in Brisbane. I met my husband there while he was on business 10yrs ago. Fell in love, packed up and moved down south. have loved living on the northern beaches.

            my mum handsewed linens, never used a machine.

            while in brisbane i worked part time in a handcraft shop, my friends mum sewed, crocheted, knitted and sold at different markets. she has retired now. I learnt a lot about sewing from her. I would help her out on weekends.

            When I met my future mother-in-law (she sews etc too) I learnt even more. She helped me put my wedding garments together. My wedding dress was done by a professional close to home. and is continuing to help via emails.

            When in brisbane i shopped mainly at Spotlight, Lincraft and Gardams. I visit my parents each year so always go back to those stores.

            In sydney i still use spotlight, lincraft and will be heading out to fredtheneedle soon. I have relatives in Penrith, so can visit both. http://www.fredtheneedle.com

            I bought organza fabrics from Surry Hills for my wedding.

            Am waiting on the mail order catalogue from Fine Wools Direct. Hope to get over there one day.

            I have poked around in Bargain Upholstery Fabrics at Seaforth http://www.bargainshopper.com.au/sydney?cid=11485&pid=169803

            And time permitting i will head to Tessuti Fabrics and Buttons.  http://www.bargainshopper.com.au/sydney?cid=11485&pid=169807

            If the above links don't work use http://www.bargainshopper.com.au click on fabrics left menu for sydney

            I have quite a stash i must get through, mainly knits, i will probably make kids t-shirts and matching head bands.

            Also I am about to start with garment alterations for the parents from my son's school. little by little, word of mouth and placement of business cards in the offices and school uniform shop, keep me out of trouble.

            How's your life and sewing progressing?




          6. ricstew | | #20

            I am planning a trip to Sydney! Whoo hoo havent been for ages! Years since I have been into the city!


            What are recommendations for fabric shops in the CBD? I will have to go to Fine wools of course but there must be more around? Cant seem to find many in the yellow pages! I remember a really cool little button shop but I dont rememeber where!

            but I will only have a few hours and will probably be on foot while hubby is at a seminar.............



          7. Cherrypops | | #21

            try 'all buttons great and small' at newtown. http://www.allbuttons.com.au/


          8. Cherrypops | | #22

            Sydney fabrics: http://www.tessuti.com.au/

            also do a search on http://www.truelocal.com.au for fabrics in sydney cbd.


            Edited 3/30/2007 7:08 am by Cherrypops

          9. ricstew | | #23

            Many thanks Cherry! I have written these in my diary! I was pretty sure it was king st for the button shop! I am glad to see it hasnt closed down!  I think this is gonna take some serious planning............



          10. Cherrypops | | #24

            I haven't been in to newtown for the buttons myself but i did purchase lovely fabrics from surrey hills for my wedding years ago.

            Take your time and wear comfy shoes! I hope it doesn't rain, ill have my fingers and toes crossed.

          11. MargieT | | #26

            I seem to remember an ad for a button shop at The Rocks in Sydney - on Nurses  Walk.


          12. ricstew | | #27

            Thanks Margie........I havent been to the CBD for many years and wonder if all the little places I knew are closed. I dont remember the names and I bet I couldnt even get there now as everything must have changed. My biggest problem is once I get to Penrith I am ready to come home. And I am not even in the city yet! The traffic and noise are killers.........

            I cant imagine paying $75 for 3 buttons but I do like to look!



          13. Cherrypops | | #28

            Penrith has 'fred the needle'. http://www.fredtheneedle.com/default.aspx in York Street. I will be going next month, visit family as well.

          14. user-217847 | | #25

            Hi there Cherrypops,

            Thanks muchly for the infomation, I will check out the sights. We used to have a Lincraft and a number of fine fabric stores but Spotlight soon put an to them which is a shame. I don't know whats on offer on the central coast so that leaves Sydney. I've heard about Kerryn's Fabric World in Maroochydore, I should look into that. I was given a sewing machine for Xmas when I was 14 never took the lid off till I was 17, I hated sewing Looved all the theory though my mum sewed my projects she was a very good sewer and between us we passed all my exams. I lived in Balmain for 3 1/2 years gaining my nursing degree, that machine and I travelled back and forth on the train and I taught myself to sew. Along came dd and I got better, then she decided she no longer wanted frills and thing, a 10 year gap along came 3 neices improved even more now they want me to sew all the labels they can't aford to buy, my learning journey continues It will never be over or at least I hope not thats why I love the forum and all the marvelous and knowlegable ladies I really am delighted to be part of the gang.                                                                              Health matters Thyrotoxicosis (Thyroid) under control, for the moment, Liver condition holding it's own Blood Sugars and Insulin out of kilter, interferring with eye sight.  All sewing projects on temporary hold, grey mid length skirt, silk jacket won't take long to finish once I get back to it, Quilting by corrispondence at least two months behind I'll catch up. Taking the time to learn to control hands and fabric sandwiches by doodling (machine quilting). Got a great husband, threads overlocker and machine, fills bobbins can hoop for embroidery even cuts out for me can't get him to sew though says he does'nt have the time.

            Buttons, I seem to remember a button shop some where near the Queen Victoria Building, I remember the shop because it cost me $75 for three buttons.

            Once again thanks for the sights,



            Edited 3/30/2007 10:35 am ET by wally wombat

            Edited 3/30/2007 11:01 am ET by wally wombat

          15. Cherrypops | | #30


            Home yardage, york street sydney, down from QVB closed 2006. I don't know if they re-opened or where if they did. Don't recall the button shop.

            Spotlight Dee Why ( my closest) is closing on June 30. Don't know where/if they are re-locating.

            Thanks for the update on your health. Mine hasn't been too good of late, my husband does what he can for me sewing wise and home wise. he's one to keep!

            How far within the Central Coast do you wish to travel. There should be something out your way other than Spotlight. Just thought of:

            * Pieces To Treasure is at MacMasters Beach. Mainly Patchwork but does sell buttons and sewing notions have a look http://www.piecestotreasure.com.au/index.php

            or * Flinstone Fabrics Dungog. 4992 1232. I don't know if they still operate

            Be in touch soon. CherryPops, (northern beaches, sydney australia)


      3. ricstew | | #7

        Boo Hoo my threads isnt in yet! Shall look in the morn tho! An Aussie thread would be good! Where we shop online or "real shops" etc!

        I just recieved an order from fine wools........absolutetly stoked!



        1. user-217847 | | #8

          morning Jan,

          Where are you from? not being nosey,maybe just a tad. just like to know what part of the country I'm talking with.

          Cheers, wombat

          Edited 3/28/2007 12:03 pm ET by wally wombat

        2. MargieT | | #11

          Fine Wools are great aren't they. I love their materials [and  the prices!]


        3. Cherrypops | | #12

          I emailed them Fine Wools for the catalogue. I hope it arrives soon. I want to go over to the store and have a look.


          1. User avater
            susannah_sews | | #13


            An Aussie 'thread'?  Why not??

            I live in Hobart - capital of the island state of Tasmania (fellow Aussies know where this is).  I sew when I can, which is no where near as often as I would like.  My good intentions for sewing over the years have resulted in a formidable collection of fabric, a significant collection of patterns (many as yet unused).  Because I buy fabric, then decide what to make, when I do get around to making things, I often have largish bits left over (and cannot bear to throw them out!)  Sometimes these odd bits come in handy (embellishments and trims), but mostly I just THINK that they will come in handy in the future, so put them away with my stash!  I have been known to do patchwork at times, so this helps me justify my tendencies to horde!

            I started sewing as a child (under my mother's sewing table, making dolls clothes from scraps) and continued intermittently for most of my life.  My birthday present when I turned 18 and left home for university was a sewing machine (since upgraded, but I kept the first one....).  I sewed quite a bit for my two children when they were young.  Son (now 21) stopped wanting things made when he was about 12 or so (although he still asks for things to be repaired).  Daughter, now 18, was very critical of home made things for a few years, but is now developing her own sense of style, and is very interested.  I drafted a pattern off a dress she has (with a few modifications) and she browsed through my stash to find some fabric that she liked.  She is really pleased with the result, and has started sketching  for the next project for me to make for her.

            Like most, I miss good fabric shops.  Mail order sometimes works, but there is no substitute for looking at the colour in natural light, and touching the fabric.  I have purchased fabric on ebay (very much a mixed bag, but some real gems!!).  Fine Wools Direct has also been good.  Another site is http://www.silksewing.com.au.  Reasonably priced (not cheap), and not a wide selection, but very prompt delivery.  (when I bought from them, the fabric arrived in a very solid box, with each length individually wrapped in tissue, AND TIED WITH A RIBBON!!   It was like Christmas!!  The proprietor also emailed me about two days after the fabric arrived to check that i had received it, and that I was happy with it.  Service like that is just so impressive).

            enough for now - better get back to work!

            Susannah (earning money to support her fabric addiction)

          2. ricstew | | #14

            My Stitches still isnt here! Never mind im sure it will be soon.

            I live in the Central West of NSW........a small country town.......even tho I live out of town I do work in town if that makes sense.

            I have always sewn ( is that a word?). My mum taught  me the basics and I made my first three piece suit at 16. Looking at the pics now it is sooo dated ( 1977) but I was very proud of it and wore it to the local show!

            I made stuff for the kids when they were little but they have grown up now! I still make stuff for DD because she is really hard to fit in RTW. I do a lot of heirloom and smocking and sell it on Ebay as well! ( I also make reborn dolls but that is a whole different story!)

            I buy most of my fabric on Ebay as well as the local charity shops........fabric is non existant around here unless you quilt! I have ordered from the States as well . I am really happy with my order from Fine Wools..........altho I miss the touchy feely bit...and I was guessing a bit with what was on the website! I was mostly after lining as I find that impossible to buy. I hate Spotlight........always so messy and disorganised.........but will go when I am in Sydney which isnt often. They never seem to have the pattern I want in the size I want either! I mostly work from Lutterloh now........much simpler........

            I love Threads and Stitches! Heaps of technical stuff so my sewing has improved!



          3. MargieT | | #15

            One of the problems with not working  anymore is that when I go shopping for fabric I usually have a guilty conscience which I do my best to ignore [and usually succeed!] I'm off to Spotlight tomorrow as they have a 1/2 price pattern sale. Did I mention my pattern addiction?  Bye the way we have just spent a week in Hobart and loved it. We stayed in Sandy Bay.


  2. Cherrypops | | #29

    Hi Jane63,

    I noticed from another post of yours you are Australian also. Which part?

    Have you read this discussion WallyWombat began regarding our Australian Stitches Magazine. This discussion has swung into an 'aussie thread'. aussies helping aussies with fabric stores here in Australia and discussing other items of interest, like patterns. Overseas members have popped in too.

    If you have time please read from the top. you will get to know us aussies. we have added comments many times throughout the forum. you may have already come across us.

    have fun reading.

    CherryPops (Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia)

    1. Jane63 | | #31

      Hi Cherrypops, I also live in Sydney ( Not too far from Miranda) What a funny way to meet a fellow sewer. I Have been subscribing to Stitches for some years and have all the magazines bar on or two. threads and Stitches are my favourite magazines.

      1. Cherrypops | | #32

        Hi Jane, Here is the discussion you are after. Regards Cherrypops

        1. user-262611 | | #33

          Thanks for pointing me to this thread CherryPops. Hi fellow Aussies! I'm from Australia too - about 2 hours east of Melbourne. The only fabric place I have found around here is spotlight, so I am eager to go and have a look at the websites you all posted! If I find any more in my neverending googling I will let you know.Thanks,Leah

        2. Cherrypops | | #35

          Hi Jane,

          How are you?

          I just noticed the Vintage, clothing jewellery textiles Show is on next weekend. 28-29 April at Canterbury Racecourse.


          Are you interested in this style? Send me a message back using 'reply via email' at the bottom of the page, if you think you can go and we can meet there.

          I am planning to attend next Sunday. (prior arrangements Saturday).

          Anna-maree - CherryPops

  3. Cherrypops | | #34

    Hello Wombat,

    I finally got the issue you mentioned had the letter from the lady from Texas.  It is good to know our magazine is loved over there.

    Thanks for posting the machine embroidery sites. I will be very careful and selective about designs. I have seen the prices. Ouch! I do have enough to keep me busy for a while.

    My Ma owns a pre-loved Designer 1. She subscribes to Machine Embroidery and Textile Art, I look through each one when I visit at xmas. She lives near Ballina.

    I go to the sites listed in Stitches.

    Software for my new Janome 350E. I already have Customizer Plus 10,000 and Buzz Tools. Curtesy of Ma. I will look at Embird, apparently it is easier to use then Buzz. I have joined a few yahoo groups. for ideas, freebie designs and general reading on all things to do with machine embroidery/software.

    I will buy the gigahoop/megahoop. Not sure if I need the clothsetter yet.

    What thread do you use for the 11000?

    Mothers Day is Sunday and the shops are open so he will most likely buy then or the day before. I do have enough on my plate at the moment, I don't want to buy it and have it sit in a box.....nah that won't happen...i'll be like a kid in a toy shop!

    Hope this finds you well.



    1. user-217847 | | #36

      hi Cherrypops,

      so nice to hear from you, if you take care with your preparation and hooping you can make do without a cloth setter but when you start with the precission placements they do serve a real purpose. as for threads I like to use Robson Anton, a beautiful thread good coverage. comes in a miriad of colours and shades. oddly enough though when it comes to stitching out the outlines I've only ever used janome Black embroidery thread. I hope I've been of some help. would you mind sharing some of your sites with me? Hoping you got over your  run in with ill health.

      warm regards, wombat

      1. MargieT | | #37

        Hi wombat, I agree with you about the clothsetter - I use it all the time.


        1. user-217847 | | #40

          hi Marg,

          took awhile to get the hang of them as they were all slightly different but then you find it hard to hoop without one.

          chat soon wombat

      2. Cherrypops | | #38

        Hi wombat,

        I thought in time the Clothsetter would be a good investment.

        I will try Robson Anton, my Ma uses Q&A and Maderia. Makes sense about Janome Black for outlines.

        The Australian sites I use:

        http://www.ayeone.com/index.htm I have joined both yahoo groups listed. And am looking at buying the Embroidery Deduper Software. I have too many double ups from downloading design freebies. This will help sort them out.

        http://www.echidnasewing.com/ Ma uses this. The Janome shop at chatswood are stockists.

        http://www.embroideryonline.com/index.aspx I have just found. Have Dealers in Australia. One in Newcastle too. (hope they still exist.) Thorpe & co. Hunter Street.

        http://www.leaendasewbiz.com.au/ (machine emb. magazine has her projects)

        I have heaps of sites bookmarked. I sign up to most newsletters.

        The yahoo groups I have joined : Skeldale House Designs, The Lace Place, Embroidery Billboard, EasyThreeMachines. I check these weekly, for new freebies and info.

        health has been good until today. aches in my lower back, limping about a bit at the moment and sitting for long periods makes it worse. so no sewing for a few days.

        I was thinking of coming up for the Medieval Fair at the reserve on Sunday. All depends on my back and my walking ability.



        1. user-217847 | | #39

          hey mate,

          sorry to hear you have a back complaint, you have my sympathy. I sustained lower back damage in a work accident. dread winters approach arthritic pain debilitating and excruciating. thankyou for the information I'll check it out. I received a wonderful surprise today an antique singer treddle sewing machine, in good working order.the elderly lady that owned it had it serviced every year since new. one more thing next time your at the janome centre check out a new thread hemingworth distributed by echidna it has a protective cap keeps the dust out sounds interesting. madeira thread is beautiful I have the thread chest, what colours I don't have with one I can generally find in the other. have you been over to fine wool direct yet?

          rest up and keep well.


          1. Cherrypops | | #41

            Hi Wombat,

            noted to look for the protective cap for threads. taa.

            Fine wools: not yet. Hubby has to take car in for service at Darlinghurst so while that is being done we hope to jump a bus and go over. Will let you know. Thomas back at school Monday. So will use the time to sort out patterns/required fabrics.

            I have ice on my back today, Hubby took son to a birthday party, I will go to the one next Wednesday.

            A treadle! What a wonderful surprise. I love those machines. I never knew what happened to my grandmother's, as a toddler, I was never allowed to touch it, it was glorius to look at, knowing me I probably did take a little poke at the pedal. Still find it hard to not touch the quilts at the quilt fairs! Hubby's grandmother, gone to heaven, also had a treadle, Ma has it, and yes it will make its way down from Ballina to Sydney one day, as will all of ma's sewing rooms contents.

            Hubby is an only child. I am the daughter she couldn't have. Ma is very sweet and loves her sewing and lawn bowls. We recently found her a good broadband internet deal. She needs it with her Embroidery downloads. She uses the Generations Software. No help whatsover from the local dealer, so she is starting an online course. and soon i'm helping her find her way around the generations in oz yahoo group.

            Also, I set her up on windows live messenger so she can chat to me during the day/night. I help her out with programs and downloads, she's getting much better at the whole internet thing. Dad's not into it. But likes getting emails with photos of his grandson.

            Better go and put my feet up for a while.

            Talk soon




  4. Cherrypops | | #42


    I bought the lastest mag last night. Wow! the dresses are great.

    Also I (hubby) have decided to take advantage of the 45% off 12mth Sub. offer.

    Birthday is in a few weeks. That will keep me happy,.. and new embroidery threads.


    1. user-217847 | | #43

      Hi there Cp.

      So glad you liked the issue, are we on the same wave length mini dresses of the 60's?


      1. Cherrypops | | #44


        I was a toddler in the 70's, did the 'true romantic' fashion of the 80's,  but I love fashion of the 60's. The psychadelics etc, the music.

        The attachement is a 60's dress pattern, which I downloaded from Burda. Have not made it yet.

        Hubby and I went to a fancy dress, I wore the mini, colourful tights, silver boots and blonde bee-hive wig, and he went as Austen Powers. Such Fun!

        I'm away next week, visiting Mother-in-law. When I return I start on the 18 nativity outfits for Kindergarten.

        Take Care




        1. rodezzy | | #45

          Cherrypops, you must be so much fun, my son is 35.  You will have a long a fulfilled life, because you are so optimistic and outgoing.  Keep enjoying your life.

  5. rodezzy | | #46

    You are welcomed, no I haven't seen your picture, please tell me which forum it is in.  I believe you saw me w/my quilts!

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