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Taking read mad clothes to make another

dollmarm | Posted in General Discussion on

I am new at this and will try to keep it simple and share what I need help with;

I was shopping in Target and noticed in the Clearance section this simple casual sporty jacket and loved the color so I went throught all those racks looking for the pants; the sales lady even got involved helping me look and all we found were 3 jackets, but no pants. 
SO I had a bright idea of getting all of them and take the 2 extra jackets and make a pair of pants out of them. 
One jacket is an XL and I wear a small – so I put the arm of the XL jacket and put it on my leg and it fits fine.  I know I will need to cut both these jackets up to make these pants.  I am unsure of how to construct this so it doesn’t look like a ‘put-to-gether pants.  The first, I think is where to cut the arm off so it looks right on the leg and how to piece all the other  fabric pieces to make a nice pair of pants. 
I saw this done on Project Runway. 
Now I have sewn for years but never have taken on this before even though I made all my clothes for years and made my wedding dress and the kids clothes when they were little. 
So if any of you have any suggestions- please do share.  thanks :~) dollmarm


  1. solosmocker | | #1

    The Xlarge jacket is maybe a little longer than a petite but way bigger around. What you need is length. I am petite and can't make a pair of pants for under 2 1/2 yards of fabric due to the length. I don't think you have the length here to make the legs of the pants.

    Are you referring to the jean program on PR? If I remember right, the legs of the pants were seamed, a difficult style to wear unless your legs are a mile long, and I hope yours are. I would not invest the money into buying the two extra jackets. It would just not be worth my time, but that's me. And "me" is someone who has often shopped the thrift stores and reworked clothing. I am petite and what I do is buy very large, as in size 24 or so, garments, only made of very quality fabric. I then proceed to make a jacket out of that. Pants, in my opinion, can't be done in a style that is flattering to me. The exception being a size 24 or so pants out of quality fabric that I can cut down to my size. JMHO,


  2. starzoe | | #2

    I heartily agree with solosmocker, you would have to spend a lot of time trying to make these and I don't think you would be happy with it.

    Better idea: buy some matching or contrasting fabric, sew a pair of pants and a cami, then you will get a matching look with your great jacket find.

  3. Palady | | #3

    Solosmocker has offered you some important insight.

    >> ... construct this so it doesn't look like a 'put-to-gether pants.  ... <<  is a challenge to be sure.  MO.

    To my knowing a sleeve is cut differently than a leg because the former has to allow for the "elbow bend."  Even in a one piece "straight" one.

    I've only seen a few of the Project Runway offerings.  The one you mention is foreign to me.  Trying to picture how the body of the pants would be finished to attach to the "sleeve" legs leaves me wanting.   Perhaps joining in a bevel sort of seam rather than a circumfrential one would look like design feature.  The angle of the bevel might be from the seat to the inside seam.

    At any rate, were you to go ahead with your effort, I'd be inclined to take the jackets sections apart with great care to avoid over-working the grain line.  Rather than  >> ...  cut the arm off so it looks right on the leg ... <<  it might be the better to disassemble the jacket at the seams and work form there.

    Once you have the seperate sections laid out in front of you, you may get a better picture of your choices.

    Have fun!





    1. dollmarm | | #4

      thanks, for your opinions &suggestions Each jacket was on clearance and all together only cost me $15.00 - I want the experience and challenge most of all.  The end of the arms have a cuff that fit my ankles.  The top of the shoulder comes just above my knee.  I do intend to take the 2 extra jackets apart and see how to lay the pieces to construct a pair of pants.  The fabric is 100%cotton. &a sporty design.  There are inside side pockets w/ button flaps and a ribbon bottom that rips from the bottom of jacket up to neck.  I plan to take off the zipper -not sure if I am going to insert elastic w/in the ribbon fabric for top of pants.  I thought of taking the longest part of the back of the 2jackets to cut for the top part of leg for both legs and have then make a seam right under the knee.  IT is top,seat,and front of the pants that I am unsure of the right construction.   I know I need to allow material for the seam allowance.  Any other suggestions out there to help with this.  I know it sounds like a very tall order but I am really intrigued with this idea.  Just not quite sure how to completely pull it off looking wearable. the ? was asked about my size I think I am petite and wear an XS & the 2extra jackets I have are S&XL so I believe I have enough fabric- again thanks and I look forward to more feed back with any extra ideas that you might would think I need.  :~) 


      1. Palady | | #5

        I. for one. am pleased you decided to go forward with your "project" because creativity can bring much satisfaction.

        Reading your most recent post as to the fabric being 100% cotton, careful prewashing seems to be in order.

        Again, I'd think you could think about making the joining seams angled rather than circumfrential.  

        Please let us know how your faring.


        1. dollmarm | | #7

          Thank you, I shall.   I know it is going to be quite a challange, but its one I really wanna' study before I cut it all up to see how to re-construct as a whole new piece.  I think once I get it all apart and lay all the pieces out I will be able to see better in how to put it together.  I am looking at a fitted/yoke or something along that line for the back of the pants where the seams will be a certain design and then rest of the back and tops of legs will be one piece.  Then the legs will have a seam maybe top of knee in the front and then around under the knee to the back of the pants like a riding pants.   Sure wish I could find a pattern like that.  When my husband was a teenager he had a favorite pair of jeans that was wearing out and with each place a hole started and or a seem was fraying he would patch it with some of his moms quilting material.  You should have seen those pants after a while.   Everyone loved them.  They have been in a box in her attic for years.  I think it's time to get these out and take a look !  :~) Now this is not what I want of these pants - The construction of these will be a bit sporty, but I pray with a bit of flair.  Thanks again for your support.  Will share more once I have the 2 extra jackets all apart to see what is the next best step.  Please do share any more insight you might have.  Sincere thanks.  :~)

          1. MaryinColorado | | #24

            Hooray for you!  You go girl!!!  Feed that creative muse!  I look forward to hearing how you work this out.  I hope you will post photos! 

            The lower leg section might look nice with a "V" or diagonal shape instead of cut straight across. 

          2. dollmarm | | #25

            Thanks to all - so appreciate your support ! Now iffin' I could transport you all here and it be a group sew - what fun we should have, along w/ sewing I know, I have seen too many Star Trek movies- my son's favorite.  He watches them in our van in our long treks outs to shop.  Sad to say I will not be able to chat much today, my son is not feeling well.  He has complication with his digestive system ever so often;one of his condition with his autism. So I am juicing and making smoothies and keeping the fluids coming so to correct this early. I hope to get to the lay out of these jackets this weekend and see where to start. I also want to go looking for a Riding pants pattern to see how the different one are pieced and etc..  I am told Vogue. Thanks so much to you all and I will be back hopefully tonite or at least by the wk'end.  :~)

      2. Ralphetta | | #9

        The angled seam sounds like a good idea. I'm thinking that two seams, (not equally distanced) might make it look more like a deliberate design plan, than just one. Or, you might look at patterns designed for leather. I know you have to piece the skins in order to get the desired length on pants and you might see some creative ways to do it. I've done similar things when I've found really cheap garments. Taking the ready made flaps, edges, collars, etc. and reworking them can be fun and very rewarding. Some didn't turn out well but I still had fun trying.

        1. dollmarm | | #11

          Thanks for the Leather pattern idea.  I will show what I am doing as I get the complete idea all together :~)

      3. Josefly | | #10

        I've seen leather pants with seams at or just above the knee, so, especially since you said this is a sporty fabric, you might be able to pull this off. I hope there's enough fabric in the back and front sides of the jacket for you to make the pants. You mention the ribbon; does it cover a seam, like a princess seam in the jacket? The zipper I guess is center-front? So there may not be any significant facings you can harvest fabric from. Can you incorporate the pockets into the design somehow? This sounds like a great March Challenge.Do you have a pants pattern you like? I think I would copy the photo of those pants, several times, and play with putting seam lines in the legs of the pants, in different spots and at different angles. And then place the pieces of your pattern on the jacket fabric to see how you might fit the top parts of the pants onto the fabric.This project reminds me, once again, of a weekend workshop I attended years ago, where the topic was how to use hand-woven fabrics efficiently, so that those precious pieces wouldn't have to be wasted. The presenter had collected some pieces of vintage linen clothing from Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, and she showed us how she put them on in different ways - sometimes upside down, like a shirt, with legs through the sleeves, - to get inspiration on how to put things together, and use them in different ways. Please let us see what you come up with!

        Edited 3/5/2008 3:09 pm ET by Josefly

        1. dollmarm | | #13

          Wow so many ideas from so many - I like them - it gives great thought ! I have several pants patterns but not one my favorite as of yet.  I have made more dress and skirts.  I would really love to take a class on pants construction.  Haven't found one of those classes as of yet. 

          Is there a pattern company that shows best how to construct with working with Leather and or making Riding pants?  We live out in the country.  My husband travels quite a bit and we are caring for our 24yr.old Autistic son, so where I go he goes too.  He is a quiet and loving most of the time. I have a big great room in the basement where I have all our crafts.  IN fact we are putting together an Easel for him to abstract paint while I sew.  He loves to take a ball of yarn and make all sorts of abstract designs.   He has allowed me to save a few, most of them he takes apart and makes something else.I use to make the kids pants but that was so so simple,but for us we need a bit more tampering and now I have decided to take on such a project. OH, I do look forward to seeing it all come together Anywany again thanks :~)


          1. rodezzy | | #14

            Some sites to check out....





            You sound like a loving and caring mother with a wonderful son.  He sounds like he has your craft genes....giggle.  Hubby sounds like a great guy. 

            Happy sewing.

          2. dollmarm | | #18

            Wow thanks for the site I will look them up as soon as I get a chance - Thanks for the kind words.  Life has interesting curves along the way and you just do the best and trust the LORD as you can to see you  through some of the tuffest of ones. Again thanks and I will let you know when I check out these sites, 

            hubby just drove up and I need to get back to dinner fixings  :~)   

          3. Josefly | | #22

            It appears you got a lot of us interested in your project, and several of us answered you at the same time with about the same suggestions! It's so nice to hear of your own excitement about it - that's a wonderful feeling. I bet you'll get more answers from people with experience on this subject of piecing garments.I did a brief search on sewing with leather, in this forum and in the Threads articles index, but most of what I saw pertained to actual sewing - machine, needles, threads, etc., and not to patterns suitable for piecing leather. You might do an "Advanced Search" to see if there are articles on leather patterns or on riding pants.I'm looking forward to your updates.

          4. Brine | | #26

            Burda World of Fashion magazine has had a number of patterns for garments made from leather in the past. Maybe their website archives will have drawings which will show how the pieces of leather are assembled. I'll see if I can find a picture for you.

          5. dollmarm | | #27

            Thanks I appreciate that !   I look forward to hearing from you.  If not, just let me know where to go online and or call.  Sincerely, :~)

          6. Kathelaine | | #28

            Burda World of Fashion has had quite a few pants patterns the last few years that are cut in sections. Many of them have a seam at the knee and then extra seams, buttons or zippers for the section below the knee. Or you could put a straight or bias yoke at the top to add some length. Are the jackets lined? The lining might work as trim or co-ordinate with another fabric that you might need to supplement the jacket/pants fabric.Your project sounds like a lot of fun.

      4. rodezzy | | #12

        Just a thought, but if you have a paper pattern for some pants that fit you, you could size up the material to it to see how to arrange it.

        Like, take the sleeve that you want for the leg and lay it flat and put the pattern on top of it to see what parts are needed to fill in the seat.  And anyway, I believe Threads Magazine had an article on cutting up basic pattern pieces and putting additional seams anywhere you want to give interest and creative design.  So, you would be piecing it together in a more planned way with seams in places that don't normally have seams, right? 

        You know how some leather pants have various seams in various odd places in order to piece together several pelts? 

        Or patchwork pants from the 70's have many different seams. 

        Use the pattern piece as the guide to piece together the pants.  Could work.  Since you want the challenge, it's worth a try.  Make copies of the pieces you have in muslin and then fill in with muslin and try them on.  Or use muslin for the fill ins and hand baste it together to see how it may look.  The skys the limit and the limit is the universe. 

        Or, use a pair of your own pants as a pattern guide for piecing them together.  Remembering to allow for seam allowances.  And if you have some old pants you don't mind taking apart that are a good fit, that can be pattern pieces too.

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      5. SewSadie | | #34

        You might want to consider capris or even a straight leg bermuda type short that are in the stores this spring.  Good luck! Let us know how it turns out!

  4. sewingkmulkey | | #6

    What a great challenge!  I think your efforts will be a wonderful learning experience even if you are not completely satisfied with the end result.  Please let us know your results.


    1. dollmarm | | #8

      Thanks too I thought it was an interesting challange, to say the least.  My daughter, when little, use to say, 'what now' - when I would say 'I have a great idea.'I have never really liked simple straight seems sewing even though that is alot of what we do when we make clothes and etc.. I do alot more Cross-Stitch projects than sewing. 

      I have ordered a back issue that was suggested; Mary Ray wrote an article in #129 that was suggested to be helpful.   I am a new subscriber to THREADS so I did not have this one my collection of Sewing Magazines.   I will keep those of you up to date with my progress. Sincere thanks  :~)

  5. Stillsewing | | #15

    As a total aside from this discussion what station broadcast Project Runway? please. I have seen several mentions of it on various threads and would like to track it down if possible.

      1. Stillsewing | | #20

        Missed last night but will now try to track down this station. We got a new server only yesterday fo rthe tele - if that's what it's called and we have access to lots more stations. I shall enjoy the hunt! Thanks very much for the info.

    1. dollmarm | | #17

      hi that comes on the BRAVO Station if you have Direct-TV that is  273 They are doing re-runs of the shows leading up to the finale tonite.   :~)

      1. Stillsewing | | #21

        Thanks very much for that - I am now off on a new voyage of discovery!( Dollmarn This a repeat, last time I sent the message to myself!! )

    2. Stillsewing | | #19

      Thanks very much for that - I am now off on a new voyae of discovery!

    3. Palady | | #23

      For what it's worth to you, if you're a Netflix subxer, or are considering becoming one, you can get DVD's of the shows.





      1. Stillsewing | | #29

        That's a terrific link. I've enjoyed reading it. Now I'm going to find out if they post outside the US or if they will take me on as a subscriber for direct viewing on the computer. Thanks for the info, I hadn't realised that that type of service existed.

        1. Palady | | #32

          Your welcome for the Netflix link.  Both of my children are subx'ers in States.

          Because my daughter had the Project Runway series, which she viewed while I was visiting, is how I came to know of it.

          I'm clueless as to how the company honors subx's.  CONUS?  52 states only?  ????

          Good luck.

          :-) 's

          1. Ceeayche | | #33

            I definitely recommend looking at the Jean challenge on Project Runway.  This challenge is exactly what you're attempting! 

            One designer, Christian, took jackets to fashion a skinny pair of jeans to go with a matching jacket.  He took the sleeve cuffs and turned them on their ear-- so they opened over the ankles.  They were seamed at the knee.

            Also, note how he acknowledges that they are uncomfortable, so maybe you can avoid the pitfalls.  There's a picture of the model sort of propped on the sofa!  Here's a link, check out the tabs that say "photos" and rate the fashions. http://www.bravotv.com/Project_Runway/season/4/rate_the_runway/index.php?e=Episode%209

            Maybe you could do a coordinating neutral fabric for the bulk of the jeans with some spandex and use your jeans jackets to trim them out-- a vertical color blocked seam from waist to ankle, tuxedo style.

          2. dollmarm | | #35

            WOW what a discussion I have started with what I thought to be a simple question :~)

            Oh yes I know this is not a simple task- quite complex to say the least, but I believe do-able.  I did see that Project Runway with the jeans being re-constructed.  But.....  I do not have the desire to look like a stick figure poured into a work of art ! I have several casual sporty jackets that match with the pants - some are dressy-casual and some are very sporty.   I mix match them all time with other jackets tops and etc.... 

            IF you saw the jacket and the way it is made I am sure some of you all would love a matching something to go with it.  Since there is not enough fabric in the 2extra pieces I have- to make a skirt (which would be great), I am going to make a pair of pants.  I started today taking one of the jackets apart.  The hood has a lining of another fabric that I will use possibly in the back yoke of the pants.   I am finding a thin plastic type of fabric in-between some of the fabric at the seams. (Several ideas come to mind for this.) I do not have a pattern for the pants as to what it will eventually look like.  But I do have many ideas that I am writing down on paper so when I go looking I will have a better idea.  I am thinking it will not be just one pattern but ones' put together to make up what I want. :~) HEY, I did go online and search Burda patterns for a pants pattern and did not find a Riding pants pattern. 

            However,  I am enjoying all the inputs and exchanges of ideas and even the ones that say I should try something else.  Tiz otay I say, I wanna try this anyway.  We would all be quite boring if we all had the same ideas, likes and dislikes,  Sincere thanks,  all of the rest of my family are in bed for the night here and I am gona' go back to slowly taking apart more of these pieces,  Take care and we shall chat some more tomorrow and or the next, :~)

  6. BernaWeaves | | #30


    Matchy-matchy is very old lady looking.  The newest and freshest way to wear jackets is to NOT have them match your pants.  It will make you look 10 years younger.  Now, I don't mean that your pants should clash with your jacket.  They should "go" but not match. 


    1. scrubble4 | | #31

      Berna:  "Matchy-matchy is very old lady looking"

      Berna, yes I get that, unfortunately what I don't get is how not to match.  Sounds silly, but I am getting on towards old lady, and have spent my life matching, balancing, coordinating.  So, I need some guidelines in how not to match but avoid clashing.  I need help re-educating my eyes.  Thanks Scrubble4

      1. BernaWeaves | | #36

        Berna:  "Matchy-matchy is very old lady looking"

        "Berna, yes I get that, unfortunately what I don't get is how not to match.  Sounds silly, but I am getting on towards old lady, and have spent my life matching, balancing, coordinating.  So, I need some guidelines in how not to match but avoid clashing.  I need help re-educating my eyes.  Thanks Scrubble4"


        If you have a jean jacket, NEVER wear it with jeans.  Wear it with khaki pants or white jeans, or olive drab trousers, or a bright color.

        If you have cute jacket, wear it with nice jeans in a solid dark color, or denim trousers.  You could also pair this with khaki pants or tweed trousers. 

        Ex.  I just bought a cute coral colored linen jacket in a basket weave pattern.  It has three quarter length sleeves with a deep ruffle (not frilly) at the elbow and a little peplum in the back.  10 years ago, I would have worn this with a matching skirt or sleeveless A-line dress.  Today, it didn't come with any matching pieces.  I wear this with a pale turquoise camisole with lace trim, and dark jeans.  The camisole hangs out the bottom of the jacket (which I never would have done 10 years ago).  I wear a short heeled dressy sandal with the pants, which looks more modern than sneakers or flipflops.  I also bought a tan camisole and a pale peach camisole to wear with it.  All look good, but the contrasting turquoise one actually looks best.  I also wear this jacket with the same tops, but with khaki trousers.

        The main thing, is that the jacket is much dressier than I would have worn with jeans in the past, and I'm trying to stay away from "mom" jeans (high waist, tapered leg), and instead I buy straight leg, with a little flare at the bottom that comes down past my heels, so that it makes my  legs look longer.

        I hope that helps.


        P.S.  I'm almost 50.   I watch the American version of "What Not To Wear" and I get a lot of tips on how to work non-matching items from that show.

        Edited 3/10/2008 12:00 pm ET by BernaWeaves

        1. scrubble4 | | #37

          Berna:  "I'm almost 50.   I watch the American version of "What Not To Wear" and I get a lot of tips on how to work non-matching items from that show"

          Your post is very helpful.  While I don't have access to the TV show you mentioned, I do review the designer's shows on First Look and other online sites regularly.  I think your suggestions have been more helpful for everyday wear.  Unfortunately, it means giving up some really comfortable combos, which I will think upon before relinquishing.  I love my thick soled flip flops, and I do prefer the narrow jeans as they make me look taller than the straight legged, so I will balance this new look with what enhances me. 

          I guess that is always what it comes down to, what are the current trends that compliment your shape and size.  I really appreciate you taking the time to give me the details, as I will be using them.


        2. sewingkmulkey | | #38

          I totally agree with you!  I'll be 60 in a couple weeks and try to stay fashionable without being trendy or dressing younger than my years.

          I buy or make neutral slacks/pants or jeans then make well fitting jackets in flattering colors for me.  As we age our skin tends to become a bit sallow and bright, clear colors do wonders for my complexion.  I still work in a nice office and have discarded all my matching suits (except 2) or found new combinations for several of my favorite jackets (note that I didn't say blazers as they seem stale to me on my body shape) pairing them with neutral slacks.

          My 87 year old mother saved a couple ultrasuede suits from 1969 and 1970.  I convinced her to bring the jackets out this year and she teamed them with neutral slacks with similar colored shells and they look fantastic! 

          This is a new way of thinking for us mature gals but it can work and make you feel almost fashion forward.  I now arrange my closet by jackets, slacks and tops and it opens up lots of possibilities.

          I also strongly believe in wearing interesting costume jewelry (necklaces, earrings, and pins) that draw the eye up towards my face rather then my figure which is far from perfect.  Fun handbags and shoes can also make your appearance more current.  I bought a pair of leopard print flat shoes that I love and keep bringing compliments!




          1. scrubble4 | | #39

            Sewingmulkey:  Thanks for all the examples you have given.  They are helpful for me as I conceptualize this new way of being fashionable.  I have never let the latest trends guide my choices as I think it is important to always dress for your shape and size and complexion.  But I have always wanted to look good (doesn't everyone who sews) so I want to be as close to the fashion trend as possible without tipping over into ridiculous territory.  Thanks Scrubble4

          2. dollmarm | | #40

            I started arranging my closet separately so to get the best use out of all my garments whether they be a set or bought as a separate. However there are still some items I hang together which are some suits and some pants suits that I match up with different colors tops and of course the jewlery.  Years ago when my kids were little I would wear very interest ear rings and necklaces to match - when I taught Sunday School/Childrens' Church & the little ones loved it - it stuck up the most interesting conversations for them.  I loved those little ones.  I esp. loved the animal ones that the colors would match whatever I was wearing. Now I would change sometimes (depending upon) the crazy design when I went into church so not look like the one that needed the most prayer and or a distraction. :~) hahahaaaI have not had a chance to get back to my pieces.  I did start taking the one jacket apart and love laying out pieces to see many different possibilities.  My autistic son was having some health issues that I have had to stay right close and so Sunday afternoon, hubby was home and I hit the stores looking at many styles of pants in their construction.  Still didn't find exactly how I want to design these.  I am eager, yet still slow in action so to do it right and have a wearable pair of pants.   But did get some new floss colors for a new design I am cross-stitching for our daughters wedding announcement that was  Jan.I had to have emergency last summer so I have had to learn to wear the low rider pants w/ the long tops over, so not to expose the backside.  This was new to get use to, but I like how some of the fit of the pants.  I could not wear anything that touched from the top of stomach down to abdomen - this was very interest to say the least.  That meant new design of clothes.  I still have a wear a sterile patch over the skin for the continued healing of the scar. I can just now start to wear a few lose fitting garments over that area.  However I said all that to say I am in my 50's and when told I had to wear low fitting clothes - I had none and had to search out some new while healing.  I am very tiny in frame and have a hard time to fit clothes.   When I was in high school I had a great Craft/Sewing teacher that taught us some neat avenues and many of us were in contest and I was the finalist of our group to represent our region in a Cloth World Contest (wow I have not thought of that in years)  I was not the winner, but there were some great ideas and outfits and I had some great instructions and learn to make all my clothes, (even 2 different wedding dresses)  until I married and had children and didn't have the time to live at the sewing machine, but did make several of the kids clothes.

            Clothes in the stores never stay true to a size. So it was interesting to find the best fit was these pants that fit low and were surprising a few were comfortable.Today I just got in a back issue #129, March 2007.  The article that was recommended is "Cut Up Patterns and Add Seams"  I do like the layout pictures.  I am a picture person more so than to just read.  I do think however I need to find a pattern like Riding pants that have different seams than just the normal ones going down the inside and outside of the legs.  All in all I totally enjoy this communication  am in a lot due to our sons' condition and am still recovering from that surgery I had in the summer and the ideas have been great.  I will show pictures of the steps I will take and along the way until completion.   I hope to go to JoAnn Fabric sometime this week and see what I can find.  Our son loves the craft there and looking at the books, he likes the pretty ladies he sees, :~)  wow sorrie to be so yaky- I do enjoy this so much with you all your input.  Enjoy to all & our many projects -sewing or not

            Keep the great ideas coming and I will continue to share as I continue w/ my project.   Iffin' any of you have seen any patterns that u think helpful - please so share.  I will keep my site up & open to correspond as I go about my days' duties :~)

          3. Kathelaine | | #42

            The Nov '07 issue of Burda has a pattern that might give you some inspiration.  It's #119.


          4. dollmarm | | #43

            Thanks for the site.  It's close.  I am unsure of the length of all the fabric until I get all the pieces apart and all laid out.  There is a ribbed cuff at the ankle like at the end of the sleeve,waist of jacket and for the pants.  There will be a seam at the knee probably right at where that pattern shows.  I want to do a yoke in the back of the pants.  My longest pieces of the fabric will be for the legs down the front and from the yoke in the back down the back of legs - this is what I am hoping for.  I will know better as I have it all in the pieces.  I am taking it apart slowly with the seam ripper so to be careful not to rip any of the seams.   It was also suggested I might make Capri pants - I have skinny legs that look like bird legs in most of the Capri's.  I do have one very tapered pair by Gloria Vanderbilt made in Sri Lanka that I found in a 2nd hand store that fit perfect.  Hummmm - that I just had a thought - I could lay these out see how much I could make these ones like those.  Oh me so many thoughts to think - teheehee :~) I will know more after I have it all completely a part.

            However I do like this pants pattern.  thanks,  Oh I noticed sizing - (34-42) is that hip size that you are order ?

            Edited 3/11/2008 8:24 pm ET by dollmarm

            Edited 3/11/2008 8:25 pm ET by dollmarm

          5. Kathelaine | | #44

            Burda patterns use European sizing.  The patterns are on pattern pieces in the middle of the magazine.  They are all together, and you have to trace off the pattern, following the colored lines for that piece.  I don't know if the Burda patterns that are sold in the store have that pattern.

            You can download the pattern sizing here:



          6. dollmarm | | #46

            ty- i downloaded the sizing chart and printed to check it out,  again thanks, :~)

          7. dollmarm | | #64

            WOW oh wow - just finally got a chance to look at the whole site!  thanks again,  :~)   

          8. Kathelaine | | #68

            I was looking through my old Burdas and happened to see this pattern. It's for capris, and it's a petite. Something like this might work.http://www.burdafashion.com/en/Magazines/Archives/126_Jacket_127_Trousers_pants/1270777-1463237-1378535-1378545-1378727.html

          9. dollmarm | | #69

            Thanks I like that one, yet not sure yet - my problem is not so much which pattern best to use - it is the sizes of the fabric and how to seam them together just right so to look nice.  I have all the pieces laid out and have laid them in different ways.  If I do make pants it will be a close fit - but have to have it just right so not to be tight!I know I have enough for Capri.  The hardest part is the seat of the pants and fitting it just right.  It is amazing when you don't want just a straight seam pants you can't find the complicated ones that have many pieces.   I also have pockets that I want to use that were a part of the jacket and I am thinking I will have to applique them on.  I will try to get some pictures of just what I have to show what I am wk'ing w/ .  :~)

          10. dollmarm | | #81

            EKKKKK.........................    Lady and ALL Others ......I have a problem - the yoke I was to use for the back of the pants is not with the pattern I finally found.  It was an old pattern that was too big was gong to cut it down a size.  NOW that is missing.   I have going through all my pattern pieces ( I like to take different ones and make a different look) well.  Well I went back to the Burda site to see if I can find just a pants patten & or Capri with a back yoke.  I know several have share how to fit and make your own - I need help with this and this pattern piece was the section I was needing for what I think is a better connect .  NOW if I could find a pants and or Capri that has the back yoke I can get started.  There are so many pieces that I need to break it up correctly so it will look nice.  I am determined to do this - I think I am so obsessed !  If you can help - let me know iffin' U can and or what site I can go it  !  Sincere thanks,  :~) 

          11. starzoe | | #82

            Does this pants pattern have an alternate (without yoke) pant as well as the yoked one? It is possible to make a yoked pattern from a non-yoke pattern.

            Edited 3/26/2008 6:07 pm ET by starzoe

          12. dollmarm | | #83

            All of the pants pieces are missing on the Butterick # 6691

            Well I do not have a pants pattern that I like that fits me.  Most of all my patterns are dresses, jackets, skirts, kids clothes, costumes crafts and misc.The few pants one that I have are not filled. They are most costume and other various types that would not work with this.  I have a constrasting color that is in the inside of the hood that I want to use for the back  yoke. I had the perfect pattern for the top part -from the waist to where I construct the seams down the front, back and sides.  I called Butterick today and # 6691 is no longer available - which I knew it might not be, but I thought there was maybe a chance .  I would love to find a website for old patterns but haven't any luck looking today. I looked at the Burda websight and all they show there is the front of the pants; as do the other pattern sites.    This pants pattern is a Western style look for the pants, shirt, & skirt. There is a front and back yoke for the shirt, skirt and back yoke for the pants.  I was very excite when I found this pattern and then to find the pant pieces are missing.   So I would love to find one as close as  possible - for how I want to work  the back of the pants.   I have dabbled with top and jumper but I feel the pants are too complicated to do on my own with a pattern,  Sincerely :~)

          13. Kathelaine | | #84

            Lay the pattern for the pants back over a pattern that is the same size and style but does not have a yoke but is fitted with darts.   The part above the pants pattern would be the yoke.  Trace if off. Fold out the darts.   Add a seam allowance to the bottom of the yoke. 

            I hope this makes sense.  Let me know if it doesn't.

          14. dollmarm | | #85

            Yes and no

            I do not have a pants pattern This was the one I was going to use. 

            All mine are dresses, various styles of top, jackets, and skirts and etc... but no pants.  I usually bought them fitted and or altered them.  I feel at a loss with so many different sizes of pieces and coming to the conclusion of this is how I want to start them - finding the ol'pattern in my bucket and the pieces missing.   It may not sound as difficult but it feels like at this stage.  I truly do not know how to construct this with out the help of a pants pattern with a back yoke for I will not be able to fully construct the pants as normal pants.  I will have to make seams down the front as well as the sides.  There is possiblility that I have enough fabric of the long pieces for the back of the leg up to where I will join at the knee.   I  have that joint pretty well worked out. It may just be that I was so counting on those pieces when I finally decided what and how - finding the pattern and then no pieces.  So........ ?????????????    

          15. Kathelaine | | #86

            Lay the back pattern piece over the back of a pair of purchased pants that fits.   If the side seams and crotch line up reasonably well, you can see where the yoke would be at the top.  Take a piece of wax paper (Does anyone have wax paper anymore?) and lay that over the top and trace off the yoke from the purchased pants and match it up with the pattern piece from the pants you want to make.

            That might work.  Be sure to add seam allowances and matching points.  Try it on a muslin. 

          16. Kathelaine | | #87

            Is it Butterick 6691 that you are using?  I did a Yahoo search for that number and found this site.


            If that is the pattern, the yoke would be pretty easy to duplicate.   You could almost draw a pattern by drawing straight lines up to the waist and then putting darts in the yoke to shape it.  That would give it a curve instead of being straight.  You might not want a yoke with a lot of curve at the side seams anyway.  Use the seam line where the pants top meets the yoke as a guide for the design line.  Add seam allowances and try it.

          17. dollmarm | | #89

            HI  lady and ALL

            Been a very very "Ruff" week - my son  -ever so often has digestive complications and we are still slowly working on it - he is allegric so many meds and chem & dyes that all has to be totally natural, organic and it takes longer for the complete healingWE have to juice and make so much of his items.

            TOO hubby decided to take some time off to work on a townhouse that we are remolding to sell and he was in and out. THEN I received papers that I have to file for my son and I have clear off the sewing stuff to lay out all to account for his whole year.  NOW, I have decided to go to Goodwill Wednesday (it's dollar day) and find a good fit of a pants and take them apart to make the ones I want.  HEY  STARZOE: Great minds think  alike !!!!  I have this what we call TIGER Room - you know the one where u are not sure when the tigers; gona' jump out from behind all that stuff (that you know U will needs someday....  ) Well I got my hubby to go through several of his - we have too much stuff from all our adventures and he has books and papers and etc.. Well  we took the one bedroom that is in-between ours & our sons and hubby has an office.  I am still trying to help organize his and all our stuff - just need that 'battery pack' so I not need sleep!  The only problem is our one computer is in their.Me a lap top soon. THEN my cell ph. died so we had to decide another and we ordered it and it is due in this am -(much cheaper on line) Anyway I have all the pieces in all together w/ the jacket so I do not lose that project or.....   THEN........... we just found out our daughter is farther along in her pregnancy that thought - the baby is due the end of MAY !!!  OUCH !!!  I have so so much to do !!!  I have a cross stitch of the birth announcement going and then I have to go get the panel for making a crib quilt top and then I later I will start a twin top quilt but that will be months away !!  We are having are run with all  balls a-flying.  THANKs to you ALL  for so so many wonderful  ideas &  they have helped so so much ! YES it is harder than I expected and I will continue to look at all my patterns to search out this one!!  BUT I am glad I have started this - to learn and meet so many with so many great ideas here and other postings BUt I think my best bet is finding a good fitting one that I want to take a part to make these.   I have been bad at mix-match patterns so it is a good chance it is in another folder. WOW  will that be a major project in finding that one !!!  I will not close this posting off I will still let u know how my search is and how the project is going. I will be taking it slower with all the others that I have to accomplish and ......   Thanks so so much for all yalls help !!   :~)   

          18. dollmarm | | #90

            THAT last posting was to go to you and all others sorry to AE - I hit the wrong keys :~) 

          19. Kathelaine | | #91

            Your life is so busy!  I hope you can get everything done. 

            I think the idea of taking apart a pair of pants that fits is good.  You can make a pattern and cut it up to fit the pattern pieces.

            I've been looking through old patterns for a dress for my niece, and I keep seeing pants patterns that I think would work for you.  So you really have helped me think through how to make a pair of pants out of two jackets.  It's been fun.


          20. dollmarm | | #92

            OH hey me too on the life !!!  This is my down day !  I decided I needed to get back to my postings and just take a day of not running around - too it is raining !!!  And it is so so  cold out !It feels like it is the beginning of winter and going out of it.  I so glad I have inspired you.  It is amazing when we read different ones commits in any of these postings it starts out minds thinking.  I know I do have too many designs, projects, ideas and etc... going for some - but the spice of life is the variety !  I need at times many different things going on.  It breaks up that I am in so much.  IT is like my tivoe list.  WE have two tivo boxes and they both have stuff to watch.  I have on in the great room/exercise room - where my Craft room is on the otherside of the room so I can watch movies and etc.. when down there. Then hubby and I tivoe so we can watch some things we like after we get our son settled in for the night.  Then we have our books and both of us have many crafts/wood projects going along with the remolding of the townhouse, plus he travels at times.  When he does I get the most done. I like to totally take a room apart and redo it.  We put on music and dance around and have fun while working.  My daughter new when she was little when dad was away we would have another project; whether is was spreading out to paint or laying out a craft or just plain cleaning under and out of a room and possibly re-arrange it. 

            For a couple of years I worked at night at Wal-Mart and loved it !  I am a night owl and loved it.   But there again I had to quit for my son needed me more at home and hubby's travel picked up and we moved again and now I pray we stop moving although he talks of one more move - closer to family and our daughter.  Who knows? Only GOD for sure !  :~)  Take care and enjoy your search too,  :~) 

          21. dollmarm | | #93

            HI all I had a blast at Goodwill - we have a really really nice one near by !  (thats good and bad for me) Anyway I bought 4 different pair of pants to gain new wonderful insights of how to work on all these pieces that I wanna' make either Capris and or pants.  I have a better insight of what I wanna do.  ONe pair is too big and have the most interesting design.  Each pair was only a $1.00 and so that was neat - cheaper than a pattern.  SO I will take atleast 2 part and lay out some ideasSad to say I have to put it all aside for a couple of weeks to work on son's paperwork, cross stitch new grandbaby's announement, Crib top and etc...  (too old cell phone died and having to re-set up new one &navaigate. Hubby did put all my addresses&  #'s in for me - whew !!  However I will  'ASAP' get u  pictures of what I am doing as soon as I learn my new camera my hubby bought me.  Sears was having a clearance sell and there was a glitch somewhere in it and it was sent back to Olympus and they fixed it (still all under warrenty so no extra $$$ involved)I have a manual to read (wow is there anything that doesn't come with a manual?) Oh yeah, hubbys and kids - they are one we need the manual most for ! Teheeheheeheheeheeehee  :~)  Will get back with you as I progress THANKS again so so much for so many of you all sharing such neat and great  ideas.  Have a great day creating whatever and where needed,  :~) 

          22. MaryinColorado | | #56

            My favorite bluejeans are Levi's 545 low skinnies!  They actually come to my waist and are not lowcut on me.  It is nice to finally be able to find jeans that don't have to be altered, I usually have to cut off the waistband and put seambinding in them.  Now on my 14 yr. old grand daughter, they are like a bikini so she doesn't wear them.  It continues to amaze me how differently we are all built, but may appear the same to others.  Mary

          23. dollmarm | | #60

            I haven't tired those 545-lowskinnies - I will have to have alook when I go shopping. How do the legs fit? Can U get different cuts and colors of jeans? I guess you see I don't buy brand new jeans. Right now I am still having to wear pretty much everything low due to the healing of a scar.  I still wear a thin cover from the waist/belly button are on down.  The scar is not as tender as it was but clothes rub it so I keep it covered and wear low cut items for now.   I lost weight after my surgery & had to buy some new things and still have some swelling to go and then I can get back to wk'ing out and tighting those muscles.   I am short waisted and have no rear-end according to my daughter and neice.  The best fitting pants for me have been in the jr section - just have to find those that don't make me look like I am shopping in the kids section :~O Finally  got all the fabric pieces out and  look at them all and WOW !  TOO many directions.  I  am  hoping to get hubby to help with my measurements tonite and take it from there.   I know I need to decide on a direction, I sorta have an idea just have to see after I get me measured.  THANKS TOO ALL - for your many ideas and suggestions and I will share as soon as I get one nailed down so to speak and share photos as I go.  :~) 

        3. dollmarm | | #41

          I so agree with the jeans mix-match ! I like your matching ideas - thanks :~)


        4. MaryinColorado | | #55

          What I believe is "Never say never!"  Though mixing and  not matching happens to by in vogue today, tomorrow it will be something else.  What works and looks good on one person does not look good on the next.  Chopping up a round or short person will make them look rounder and/or shorter.  I'm under 5' tall, large bust, and a bit of a tummy now and am in my fifties too. 

          I love to wear black jeans with my "matching" jean jacket, it has lots of Native American embroideries all over it.  I have a white set and a khaki set also.  I always get lots of compliments when I wear them.  I love denim as it never looks wrinkled, easy to clean, rarely stains, comfortable, etc.  Love to wear casual jean jackets with long feminine summer dresses, especially the faded blue denim.  Talk about "contrast".  I even have a bright orange one.  The trick for me is to make it more interesting by embellishing the denim jackets, vests, coats with lots of unique techniques, fabrics, fibers, and threads.  I don't like embellishing the pants or skirts though, that would be too matchy for me! 

          What is most flattering on me is to wear solid color pants and topwith contrasting calf length vest or to wear one color from head to toe and have the contrast top underneath or with a scarf or shawl. 

          I also enjoy watching "What Not To Wear", but I often disagree with the hosts on what is flattering and intelligent choices.  Sometimes they encourage people to buy something that will not remain in style for very long or that conflicts with thier true lifestyle or personality.  It's a great show though, it's uplifting to see the self esteem raised on so many people.  Wouldn't it be fun to be on the show?  I'd love to go to New York and have all that money to spend on myself just once in my life!  Mary


          1. rodezzy | | #57

            Mary:  you sound so cute.  I would love to see pics of those embellished jackets.  Maybe you can give me some tips.  I have jackets that I want to embellish, but I never get a good inspiration.  I don't have an embrodiery machine, so I would have to do something either by hand, or my regular sewing machine.  My only other problem has been, since I started having trouble with my knee and hips, I am not very active like I used to be physically and my weight has spiralled over the last three years.  I'm out growing the jackets, but I love blue jean anything.  I have skirts, jackets, pants and I have been worrying myself to creating a flashy jean outfit to wear when I do go out to the "club". 

            I'm going to start a line dancing class next monday and those ladies go every where, and the last place I saw them was at a Western set.  Boy did I see some embellish jean outfits that day.  One lady used wedding laces to embellish hers. 

          2. MaryinColorado | | #58

            Thanks for the compliment!  You are too kind!  I do love to play with techniques and create one of a kind items.  My biggest hurtle is that I enjoy this process so much that I'm not so productive when it comes to putting them into finished items.  I'd love to make a quilt someday with all the test samples, they make nice Christmas stockings in crazypatch too. 

             Maybe I could make money at this if I had a partner with good business knowledge and a more productive and disciplined nature.  I've always been a bit of a free spirit, my grandkids call me a "fairy" and they are 11, 14, and 16!  My imagination is probably a bit excessive at my age, but that's okay with me.  I'd love to be brave enough to still dress the way I really feel.  I do dress to suit my mood I guess, but am stretching and "spreading my wings" again. 

            I think denim is the easiest fabric to work with, it is so forgiving.  If you think of it like doing crazypatch, where you have a background fabric that you stitch the patches to, the rest comes easy.  You don't need an embroidery machine. 

            You can even take out side seams or shoulder seams and insert another fabric to increase the size.  If you want, instead of picking out the existing seams, you can leave a seam allowance beside that thick overlapped seam, add a strip of fabric that fits the curve or whatever, and stitch them togeather.  Just play and have fun.

            Can you drop your feed dogs and do free motionwork?  Do you have decorative stitches?  Satin stitches in different colors or:

            Put thick threads, machine embroidery thread, YLI Glamour or Perle Crown Rayon, or yarn in your bobbin, bypass the bobbin tension slot.  (You may have to wind the bobbins by hand or very slowly).  Then draw or trace a picture on the wrong side of your fabric.  Sew with the wrong side of the fabric facing you.  It's like tracing or coloring in a coloring book.  When you turn the fabric over, it's like magic.

            You could just draw swirls, twirls, hurricans, tornados, sunburst, scribbles on your jackets with wash away markers, chalk, or pencil.  Then sitch over them with something like Sulky or Madeira or ? embroidery threads.  They come in Rayon (very shiny)  Metallic (decrease needle tension and stitch slowly), Rayon (less shiny than Rayon and less $$$), Cotton (thicker).  You might like the varigated, but be careful as it can make strange patterns.  Play with different thread weights from fine 40 wt. Rayon to 12 weight cotton blendables by Sulky (another of my favorites).  The blendables come in both 30 and 12 wt so you can get alot of texture variation with the same color combos.

            You could couch different yarns or ribbon or those wild new hairy and textured yarns under a wide zig zag stitch too.  Just think of all the scraps you have from your knitting that you could use up!  You could just chain crochet alot of yarn, then stitch it to your jackets too.

            Make crazypatch fabric, then cut it down to fit the jacket back, finish the edges, sew it on top of your jacketback.  Color on them with crayons/iron to heat set using a presscloth.....

            sorry to ramble, I could go on forever, I need some ducktape or a padlock for my keyboard to shut me up sometimes.  Mary

          3. rodezzy | | #62

            Honey, you don't ramble no more than I do, I long to talk to people like you with so much to share with me.  I love the suggestions, and will try something along those lines out as soon as possible.  Got so much to do, but always listen out for new processes.  I wish I had a person to sew with, I would do lots more if I had a sewing group.  I have a craft group, but only three of us really sew and never together.  The other five ladies knit mostly.  But they are fun.  We get together tonight.  I have started a new crochet project to take along to work on. 

            That is so cute about your grands calling you "Fairy".  Everyone needs a fairy grandmother.  I was the fun grandmother when my grand was young.  She's 15 now and has no time for me.  The 10 year old has mother-itis.  She is very clingy to her mother.  No time for me.  I live alone and have no other children around, and being the mother of their father (never married the mother) I don't see them much.  Big family on the mother's side. Lot's of other children and drama. 

            But, any who, I did sew in a piece of fancy pink lace to the back of one jacket and cut out the jean panel.  And two front sections and replaced with the pink lace on the same jacket.  Loved it.  I cut off half an old straight blue jean skirt (two inches above to knee) and crocheted a new lower section to it.  Lot's of compliments on that one.  Made a flounce that swirled straight out when I turned.  Wore western boots with it and a shrug of the same novelty yarn.  I wasn't so fat then.  I've been playing with the couching yarn process, mainly because of my knitting and crocheting scraps of yarn that I've been saving, every time I add more yarn to the scrap bags. 

            Yea, so ideas are quicker than the hands......giggle.  I have a million of 'em.

          4. MaryinColorado | | #65

            The pink lace reverse appliqued jacket sounds so cute.  If I could crochet well enough, my grand daughter would love the crocheting at the bottom of a skirt and a matching shrug....wow!  You sound like you would be so fun to create fashions with!!!  We could open our own boutique!  Oh dear, now silly names are popping into my head!  Have a great day!  Mary 

          5. rodezzy | | #66

            Yes, I think we would both have fun working together.  Too bad we are not close to each other.  Please post me those silly names, I would love to see them.  It is close to my time to leave work.  So I will read them tomorrow. 

            You know, I've seen people working together long distance with quilts.  It probably could be done, but it would be so much more motivating in person.  I need a push.  It's so easy to go home and watch the TV.  I have a group meeting tonight.  I plan to up my running around starting next week.  I just need groups in the city, most are in our suburbs.  Gas is expensive.  The money I spend on gas, I could have bought material or yarn.  So, I'm still looking.

            Maybe we can make assignments for each other, then meet once a year at some craft thing to sell stuff.  How does that sound?  Everything is retro this and retro that today.  I see more crap from the sixties and seventies than I care to. he he

          6. sewingkmulkey | | #70


            I love your free "fairy" spirit and that you incorporate that feeling into your garments.  That's what all of us should do.  As sewers (I call myself a fabric artist) we have the ability to do just that as we can choose whatever fabric speaks to us in whatever color and the sky is the limit to creativity - bravo Mary!



          7. MaryinColorado | | #71

            Thanks so much for your kind words!  As a child, I colored inside the lines, but always blended unique colors and embellished like crazy.  Guess the writing was on the wall even 50 years ago.  I just love to play and see what developes.  Mary

          8. dollmarm | | #72

            Hey Mary, were u my coloring pal when we were little gilrs?  teheheehee  :~)  I still love to color and add all sorts of interesting colors.  I would take sparkle colors and go over what I colored on atleast place on the page. I still have to go by and look at the different coloring book when I go shopping I love them !  WOW we all need housekeepers to run our home so we can all meet to play with colors, paints, threads,floss, fibers, machines, materials, fabric any and all other things crafty!!I would love a sewing group to meet in my home.  I would even love a team to work with in housework.   I get more done when I do not have to work alone.  My hubby is the opposite.  oh well I will still keep around, :~) tera Have fun ladies ........

          9. MaryinColorado | | #74

            You know, if you like coloring books, you might like to make appliques or other fiber arts from booklets from Ddover Publishing, I get thier newsletter online and they always have sales.  Lots of clipart images too that you can copy and use. 

            I have many, here's something to look at Fairyland Stained Glass Coloring Book/Richard Doyle,  Richard Doyle's FAIRYLAND, Adapted by Marty Noble, can't remember others, those were by my computer.  http://www.doverpublications.com

            Have fun playing and coloring! 

            It would be fun to whisk through our housework together one day a week and play with fibers another!!!  Mary

          10. dollmarm | | #77

            Thanks for the website - I love Dover - I have ol' paperdolls from them and used many in teaching my daughter with some of the history dolls when she was little.   I had actually forgot about them - my little girl outgrew those years too too soon.   She is now a grown woman and expecting her first child.  OH my I am to be a grandma.  How am I to act ? - I still act like one so the family says- tiz otay I have fun as best as I can! IT would so so great to have buddies to sew and then buddies to clean  -  we could make circles going to a different ones house - help each of us clean, cook, sew and all our crafts - we would be rotten !!  teheheehheheheee :~)  tera

          11. MaryinColorado | | #59

            My brother took Western Dance lessons to meet new people, then he met the love of his life in a Country Western bar.  (My 81 year old mother thinks it's naughty but nice hysterical.)  I've been thinking about doing it as a way to get some fun exercise and meet new people but am chicken to just go out and do it by myself.  But then, I think nothing of driving cross country by myself so who knows?  I hope you have a great time!  I just love all kinds of music and dance!  You go girl!!! 

            You could get one of those "Bedazzler" or beading wands and put crystals, beads, metal stars, etc. on things too.  Mary

            Edited 3/18/2008 1:19 pm by MaryinColorado

          12. rodezzy | | #61

            Wow, maybe that's what will happen to me.  Maybe I'll meet the love of my life. he he he, ha ha, haaaa ha ha ha, he he he, chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.  Crack me up!

            Well any how, back to reality.....I got tons of beads that I haven't used.  I have too much stuff and that's not a lot, but I need to get busy and stop talking a good game.  giggle.

            I guess the reason I jump on out is because I am an only child and I haven't had a person to run with me since high school.  So, I've done every thing by myself.  I seem to always find myself, by myself, even in a group.  So jump on out there and do it!  If you can roll cross country by yourself, you can do a class by yourself.  Remember, there will be other people there - giggle.

          13. MaryinColorado | | #63

            Too true!  I also can find myself alone in a crowd, but I think it comes from loving to observe people.  When I used to go to clubs if I wasn't dancing, I'd be imagining where people were from or make up stories about them.  I am kind of intuitive about people and would entertain my friends when a new person walked in the door.  I'd say this one is "looking for love in all the wrong places" or that "couple" are  vampires, or that one will be causing a fight by the end of the night or I bet she is a good/ terrible dancer or I bet he can't hold his liquer, he should be drinking beer not shots.  I was usually right on.  Unfortunately I haven't been so good at choosing husbands, oh well.  Have you heard that song "tequila makes her clothes fall off?"  too funny!   The video with the granny jumping into the pool in the buff!  Then it was also great to see what everyone was wearing!  A real menagerie! 

            You're right, I will try to get up the nerve to get out there and just do it!

          14. rodezzy | | #67

            I'm totally the opposite, I'm so into dancing that I rarely notice who's what, where or when.  And I usually dance with my eyes half shut.  If not dancing, I'm usually on some inner thoughts, like what I could have been sewing, crocheting, knitting.  Family issues, figuring something out, what I'm going to do tomorrow, or what will I do when I leave there, etc.    Or, I'm off into the music so deep that I can't hear nothing else.  I start visualizing myself dancing to that music at other times, or what I was doing when that song came out, or who I was in love with, or not, whatever.  I'm an extrovert, introvert.  I'm out in the crowd, but inside myself at the same time.  I can't help myself. 

            I usually can't tell you what most people have on unless it was unusual, can't tell you who the majority of the people were unless they were the regulars, I'm not good at observing people.  I catch snippets of stuff, and unless directly talking to me, I don't notice what people in the club are doing.  Unless it's not good.  I'm a casual observer.

            Now in a sewing, knitting, crocheting, craft group, I'm interactive, conversational, and observant.  I want to know everything, learn it all and float from one person to the next to see what everyone is doing.  I love teaching what I know, and sharing what I've done.  I give, give, give, and soak up as much as I can.  

            No I haven't heard that one, but I would love to and love to laugh at that video.  Sounds hilarious!  Got to go, times up for work (or play). 

  7. gowngirl | | #45

    Everyone has made really good suggestions. The pants obviously must be pieced. Planning your approach to piecing can be based only on the sizes of your fabric and all parts should go with the grain or you risk buckling and twisting once they are made and washed.  Here is my suggestion:

    1. take your jackets apart at the seams and press them out flat. Now you know how big the sections are. Determine where the grain is. I would press a fold in the fabric so that I knew where the grain was. Straight pins can also work, but for me the pin head gets in the way.

    2. make a paper copy of your pants pattern you are going to use.

    3. Try to visually construct the pants by seeing which part of the pattern can fit on which part of the jacket.  Be sure to lay it with the grain as much as you can. As you go, mark each section off with a pencil on your pattern til each part in filled in.

    4. Using a ruler, mark your lines more permanently across the pattern (these lines will become cutting lines for your new seams).

    5. Draw up a sketch of what your pants with this seaming detail will look like to be sure you like it. Review whether a curved line, or varying the spacing between seams would be an attractive  option. Just keep in mind how much fabric you have before making changes.

    6. Once you have drawn seam lines on your pants pattern that you like, draw grain lines for each section. Add cross marks (for notches to match up) if you like. Number or label each pattern piece so you don't forget what goes where. 

    7. Cut your pattern apart on the lines that you've drawn. Tape strips of paper to add seam allowances. You can also retrace to add seam allowances, but that takes longer.

    8. Place your pattern pieces onto your jacket sections as you have previously planned.  


    Whew! Did I forget anything?? Laura 

    1. dollmarm | | #47

      hey I think you got it all or seems so to me at this time.  U are right - I will not know until I have  all the pieces laid out and then with that - I will be able to see what I can make with the amount of fabric laid out.  Thanks for the steps.  :~) The more written - the more I get excited about taking a part the extra jackets and seeing all the laid out pieces to see just how much I have to work with for the final finish product.  again thanks  :~)

      1. gowngirl | | #48

        Wow, your discussion topic has got everyone all excited for you, hasn't it?

        1. dollmarm | | #49

          Aba-sew-loo-ta-lee !!! 

          I love the different ideas and it inspires me more.  I have several ideas going on in my mind. 

          I have one jacket completely a part and working on the next one - can't wait to lay out all the pieces and then go hummmmmm.................  what idea shall I try I need to get to a fabric store,  I pray so for tomorrow ! :~) 

          1. dollmarm | | #50

            Wish me luck !

            I am heading out to look at patterns for this ????? - that I am about to embark on !I am almost through with taking the 2 jackets a part and have too many ideas flooding my head - problem is  I like them all !!I am thinking it is gona' take several to get what I need with the different sizes of pieces.  I am also taking the pieces and getting an idea from the one fabric lady I think  can possibly give an idea or two Thanks to you all for your many ideas and I have appreciated them all.  Will let ya know what I come up with.  Sincere thanks to all - have a great day! :~)

          2. dollmarm | | #51

            Well I went to Joann Fabrics and looked at all the patterns from McCalls, Butterick, Simplicity, Burda and Vogue - at the pants pattern (even mens) and all the costume patterns and nothing.  Too the lady that I wanted to show my my pieces was not there so I ask the lady at the counter that cuts the material.  Well all her knowledge is with quilts and not clothes,  but......  they have this book with numerous of card for those that sew for professionally.  I was given a ladys' name that makes patterns and is now an Artist by tradeThen she gave me 2 names of ladies that sew costumes for a living so this next wk' as time premits I will call.  WOW I would to see if this one lady would teach me how to make my own patterns so to best fit me.   I would gladly pay her to show me how and not do it for me.  I found (listen to this)  14  old patterns in a thrift store for only $5.00. There were 3dresses,2skirts,4tops/jackets,1bathingsuit w/cover top &3 chilrens patterns plus 1 that is a really nice casual pants and top - all were in size A except one that I can use to make my daughter a top ! BUt wow what a find !!!!!

            I also found that same store had several my size pants that were almost brand new on clearance getting ready for their spring line.   This one Thrist store sells the great clothing - we live in an area where many go overseas and or send back expensive clothes to family and some still have tags on it and they re-sell at this place.  I know of one lady that wears it once and then donates her clothing there.  It is a treasure of find.  All the ladies in my family go there every time they come for a visit :~)

            All of the patterns I was finding was the simple seams clean lines for summer.  So I guess I will do more research - I really want to find something unique ( which I think I 'll have to) for these pieces I have to make it look nice.  I am also looking at the Capri-tapered style that I can wear with my boots.  I saw a photo in a magazine that caught my eye that may be a possibility.  Do any of you have any other ideas of pattern companies - I saw no one with riding pants and ski pant designs.  TOO all are bringing in the summer designs.  So it's back to internet for more.  I will stil call these ladies - I am excited at seeing what they have and maybe getting a chance to learn under them.  I would love a pt.time job helping in sewing costumes! :~) I know there is also a possibility that with the spring coming in I will not be able to wear these till next fall but I still wanna' complete this project.  :~) 

          3. starzoe | | #52

            May I come in with a suggestion here: Instead of buying a new pant pattern use one of your tried and true ones and cut it up to fit onto the fabric pieces. Make a copy and cut it, not the original.You can slice a pattern up pretty much any way you want but you have to keep in mind what it will look like. Once you get the fabric pieces all laid out flat, use your pants pattern (before cutting) to attempt to fit certain areas to certain parts of the fabric. You may find you can get the fronts and backs out easily, mark with chalk, draw the lines on your pattern, don't forget 1 cm seam allowance. In my experience 1cm is better than 1/4" and allows more accuracy.Play with it this way, it won't be long until you can tell whether this is going to be a "go" or not.

          4. dollmarm | | #53

            Great Idea and have thought of that too.  My pieces of fabric are not as big as would like was hoping to find something to give me some design than just a normal pants pattern.  I have a bunch that I need to go through of old patterns.  MY wk'end is pleasently and yet too full so I'll have to ck' hoepfully tonite or Monday.  I have wonderful ideas it is just deciding on what will look best.  While at the Thrift store I looked at different pants to get ideas. I notice I am doing this no matter where I am shopping if there is clothes in the store.  It's amazing what you notice - when you have a new idea. :~)

            Thanks for the suggestion and I love  all of them I have received. I hope too, while tv w/ hubby tonite I can finish taking a part the rest of the last pieces of the jacket and then I will lay out all my pieces to let me know just how I have to wk' with.

            While at Joanns I saw a patchwork material that the colors matched & that peek my curiosity, but sure I want patchwk' on my rear-end ! :~)  thanks again. Lots of many great ideas to think on this wk'end and make some decision this next week.  :~) 

          5. dollmarm | | #54

            Finally have all in pieces and hummm.... still too many ideas floating in this head of mine.  However I did go through all my patterns and WOW - found real ol'ones I had not seen in years.  That got me real distracted for I started organizing them.  I thought they were, but oh well.  In that process my hubby put together this really nice big painting Easel that we bought for our son with Christmas monies.   Most of this wk'end was more organization and .............

            I hope to have some time today to lay out all the pieces and get a better site & ideas of just how I can go with this. There is one pattern I thought I had and I do not so I will go looking for it.  As far as my pants patterns I have - not any that suit me.   I have more skirts, tops and jackets and crafts ones. I think I going to make the pants or capri with seams down the front,back, &sides. Not sure for the front and back design.  I had thought of a yuke design in the back.  I am hoping this will all come as I lay them out and try to draw out and or arrange pieces.U know I just remember I have not measured me !  :~O  Thanks again and iffin' any of you have another idea to help - please do share, :~)

          6. dollmarm | | #73

            HEY, wouldn't u know I finally found a similar pattern I want to use for the top back of the pants. 

            I have this large deep Rubbermaid bucket with all these sewing project in it and WOW I found an old Butterick pattern #6691 - it is western wear for a shirt,skirt,pants where it has the yoke for the back. There was also a Vogue 9409 that show vest skirt and pant skirt with pockets you applique on !!!  NOW I just have to decide if I want these pants at the waist or lower.  I have the waistband from the jacket that I am going to use and put that non-roll elastic in it and then construct the pants.  However I still do not know how I am going to get my rear end just right.  I have no hinny and I am short waisted.  This project will be a go- just not sure of the completed out-come TOO it is spring - yet not ready for spring clothings.  IT has been so so windy here and blustery cold as Eyore would say.  My mother in law says I should pack it away until right at the end of summer & work on then so I will be able to wear it them.  I am going to  still keep it laid out on my sewing cutting board and play with the pieces as each area comes to me and surely will have it constructed by next fall !  I do have a old sewing book on constructing pants and I do not like it.   ANy suggestions on the best fit of a 'no hinny' ?  teheheheheheeee  :~)  

          7. MaryinColorado | | #75

            I think the back yoke will really help with adjusting for your lil hiney!  In my family, we all either have the "perfect bum or the flat bum", nothing in between! ha ha

          8. starzoe | | #76

            It might be an idea right now to make a muslin of those pants, Butterick 6691, make any alterations to make it fit and then you can be sure that your final pants will fit.I assume by "no hinny" - am not familiar with the word - you mean backside/bum/rear end? There is a simple alteration you can make so that the pants don't slump that was explained very well just the other day on this forum, I can't remember which thread though. It involved a slash across the back pattern from the side seam, and overlap at the CB enough to take up the slack for the missing curvy part. I use 3/4" for my pants, you will have to try on a pair you have to see how much you need, just pin it in, wider at the CB and not at all at the hip.When slashing like this, use a t-square and set it at right angles from the straight of the goods. You may have to play around with a muslin to find the right spot to draw the line, about 1" below the waist is a good place to start.

          9. dollmarm | | #78

            Hummmm ......  sometimes I forget my terminology is not everyone else's.  I had a very strict mom - who you were careful what you called your body parts - we were to be little ladies - well I had a sister that was so much a tomboy it was funny.  SO we had - I shall say different words - we were never to call attention to anything and or esp an itch and anything, yet even up in our teens - she would say - girls do any of you have to go tee-tee before we leave?  Well one day, my mothers youngest sister who is only 2yrs' older than me told her that was embarrassing and to stop asking that we all knew when we had to go.  Mother never ask that way again to any of us.  We have all reminded her of that 7 those 'funny words we would have to say so not call attention to any of our little lady body parts :~)

            SO, with all that said the hinny is the rear end - the bum the .........    My family of just my hubby, daughter, son and I - use to be called the tiny hinny family as a joke in family gatherings.   Now my son and I still hold that title.  I did see that explanation and thought hummmm................  I am one with great ideas and then when it comes to fully wk'ing them out I get stumped. My husband calls it a brain fart !  I tell him that's not nice nor the case but he just laughs !!  It is like a computer glitch.  At times I have a hard time seeing it with out seeing it laid out or touching it.  I will read the directions but I learn best and comprehend best by the pictures and then I get it. For Christmas my husband got me a GPS so I would know where to go.  I do not know road signs but tell me what is on the corner and I can tell you and get me there back.  He also programmed the GPS with several address of places I go and it get me there and back and will show me a different route if there is a problem. For me this is the greatest invention since sliced bread ! teheheheehee :~)  I now know more road names as I see the road names up on the screen and it talks to me telling me when the road is coming up and I no longer get lost when I go into new places.  :~)  Now - With the pieces laid out I can better see the possibilities of how to construct.  I just need that Fairy Sewmother to come for a visit and bling I got it.  Sometimes it takes a while for that ol' lightbulb to come on :~)  thanks, :~)  tera

          10. Kathelaine | | #79

            I have a  flat seat, and I think it would really easy to do an alteration when you have a back yoke.  You want to get rid of wrinkles.   To get rid of horizontal wrinkles, I either cut off the top starting at the side seam and gradually increasing toward the center back seam to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch.   Or you can fold some of the fullnes out of the pattern.  With a yoke I would just take a bigger seam at the bottom of the yoke.   If you have a seam down the center of each back piece, you can just make it larger.  Otherwise, fold some out of the pattern down to about the knee.  If the crotch is too long, you can also fold some of that out.  Do it first on a muslin to figure out exactly how much you need to take out.

            Threads has several articles on how to alter pants for better fit.  This link has an index of past Threads.



            Edited 3/21/2008 9:30 pm ET by Kathelaine

          11. dollmarm | | #80

            Oooohh - thanks for the website and explanation of the yoke and seat area.  I was so so surprised when I was cleaning out this one bucket I have not been into in quite a while to find this older pattern under some scraps of fabric.   I will fit this 2 me and see.  The jacket hoods has contrasting fabric in the inside of the hood that I am going to use as the yoke material to give it a different look.  The pattern size is a size bigger but I will ck' it out on me to see how that will be.  I have a couple of pieces like I share earlier laid out and just playing around with different possibilities of the right combo and then I can start cutting out using the muslim first. I really did not expect it to be this as complicated.  I have sewed since I was a little girl beside my mother and entered in contest, but this has been so  different for I had to not only come up with the design, but use different fabric sizes.  Not complaing, for it is a rush to think this will actually be a pair of Capri/pant  that I actually made, BUT with the great help of so so many great helpers with such neat ideas.   I can't wait to see what that site shows.  I quickly ck'ed it out and will go back into it next wk' and go through each one to see which one is best &  will give new insight and enjoy all that I can learn from them.  thanks again,  :~)

  8. starzoe | | #88

    Sometimes, more than once for sure, I have been in a rush and put the pattern I was working on into another pattern's envelope. Could this have happened with you? It might be worthwhile to double check the other pattern envelopes.

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