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Thank you for Sew Stylish…

charliegirl | Posted in General Discussion on

Thank you for Sew Stylish its a great magazine and serves the purpose that I had the impression that Threads was trying to when it went through its transition, so now…


I still miss the variety of articles about things other than sewing…we haven’t even had any slightly on the edge articles like Donna Christopher’s Painting Edges… Would it hurt to have an occassional knitting, weaving or unusual, unconventional clothing article, even just one per issue?  It seems to me that now that Sew Stylish is in place, you could “backslide” just a little…please?




  1. AmberE | | #1

    That's the plan, Charliegirl! I will be posting a statement from our publisher soon on our intentions....

    1. Cherrypops | | #2


      Great news!

      I recently posted that i had an inkling (hoping it turn out to be a right one), that this was in the pipeline. Something to the effect of "With the new Sew Stylish out my guess is Threads will return to the much loved articles the members here speak of so fondly."

      Amber, These words of yours above, show us within the discussions, the Editors and Staff have taken our interests and recommendations to the 'office table'. Editors also have a commitment to remaining secretive for as long as necessary. It is a very competitive market you delve in.

      I eagerly await  further information! Thank you all.

      To all: I am Australian living in Australia and have no affiliation with Taunton or Threads or SewStylish. Just a homemaker who loves her craft and the magazines.

      Regards, Anna-maree


      Edited 2/20/2007 1:06 am by Cherrypops

      1. fabricholic | | #7

        Hi Cherrypops,Is that what is know as a disclaimer?Marcy

        1. Cherrypops | | #8


          I wanted to specify that my inkling, instinct, guess or feeling about the magazine was just that. "a feeling".

          I don't want to be perceived as knowing more than any one else.

          I have absolutely no inside information nor received any information in regards to the subject matter.







          Edited 2/22/2007 6:24 pm by Cherrypops

          1. fabricholic | | #9

            I got what you meant. I'm just kidding you.Marcy

          2. Cherrypops | | #10

            Not funny!

            Oh its friday, i should be in a better mood.


          3. fabricholic | | #11

            Cool. It's Thursday night here. I love Fridays!!! After going to work and dealing with all my salesmen, we have a sales meeting tomorrow, I can come back home and relax.Marcy

          4. Cherrypops | | #12

            I hear all about sales meetings from my dh. Some go for hrs and he's tired afterward.

            In dealing with your salesmen, i do hope your're firm yet kind.

            Relaxing is necessary in this busy world. When you are up for it take a walk in the fresh air, hope its not tooo cold over there.


          5. fabricholic | | #13

            I call them my salesmen because I deal with them all day long. They call in problems. They want me to write up special orders, check on delivery times, stand on my head, you name it. I'm not their boss. I don't have to go in the meetings, my partner does that. I just have to help them until they get out of my hair and into the meeting. I would love to go for a walk. The last two days have been beautiful. It probably hit seventy degrees F. today. Is suppose to be beautiful tomorrow. This is really the best time in our weather, or spring. Summer, it is just too hot and humid. I get soaking wet just standing outside sometimes in summer.

          6. Cherrypops | | #14

            Gee even that sounds tiring...you are a busy gal and still have time for us! I give great feet massages.

            I know what you mean about the hot days. Queensland is where I grew up and it was hot for me 34degC. I moved to New South Wales, 12hrs driving south and I froze. The weather here has changed over the 10yrs, it is becoming warmer. I guess that is happening all over the world. I climatized and I still really freeze in winter, i dress up like an eskimo. I went to the snowfields even further south at Perisher, tried skiing, much preferred the pub!

            I am in a better mood  this afternoon. My McCalls pattern 2251 (oop) I bought from EbayAu arrived. Shrug and top long and short sleeves for stretch knit. 4 pieces. Need an easy job.



          7. fabricholic | | #16

            That's the downside. Sit at computer all day. Sit and get heavier. Now, this is Friday for me. We always want to do the Friday dance here in the office. Everybody is all worn out. We are sponsoring a soccer tournament and whoever volunteers gets a vacation day. They are also going to have a shrimp boil for all volunteers, at the zoo, don't know why it's at the zoo, and they will have a band, also.I hear you on an easy sewing job. I've got to alter my pattern for some t shirt tops. Spring is on it's way.Marcy

    2. charliegirl | | #3


      Thanks!  You read Gatherings!  Brava!  How nice to have an Editor who demonstrably cares, and takes the time to be in touch with her readers.  Obviously your bosses took the time to hire a really good and conscientious and smart  person to do your job!  Looking forward to more from both Threads  and SewStylish.  I was considering not renewing when my Threads is up for renewal (very soon), but just the fact that you responded to my posting is enough for me, I will be a charter subscriber to SewStylish and a continuing loyal subscriber to Threads.

      Thanks again, and  "You GO Girl!"


      1. AmberE | | #4

        Thanks Charliegirl!

    3. billsgirl | | #5

      Just got my SewStylish and loved it.  I have every issue of Threads and refer back to them all the time.  I have ordered 30 magazine holders for all my sewing mags and books.  Now to find a place to put them so I can get at them when I want to....sharon          Keep up the good work

      1. AmberE | | #6

        Thanks! I hope you like the next issue of Sew Stylish just as much!

    4. katina | | #15

      Hi Amber
      I've been travelling - great to be back and reading Gatherings. You certainly ARE doing a most excellent job. Thanks.

      1. AmberE | | #17


    5. GranJanice | | #18

      Hi Everyone,

      I just bought the first issue of SewStylish.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!  I didn't stop reading until I went through the whole magazine and highlighted.  I think it also doubles as a workbook.  I was not going to subscribe because I like a magazine that is not ripped and in good condition - meaning - when I subscribe sometimes the magazines get ripped by being handled in the mail system.  Well, I just subscribed to it on line.  I don't want to miss a single issue.  THREADS is also another favorite of mine.  I will still buy THREADS too.  It has informative articles etc. - different from  the way SewStylish is set up.  I definitely want both of them.  Just thought I'd offer my comments. I look forward to both of the next issues.  Janice

      1. AmberE | | #19

        Thanks Janice! I'll keep working on those magazine protectors!

        1. GranJanice | | #20

          OH - thank you so much.

      2. Cherrypops | | #21

        How unfortunate for you to receive your "Other" magazines all shabby. I have that problem at the newsagents (too many hands)which is why I subscribed. I get my Threads/S Stylish delivered to Australia and have had no problems with magazine condition.

        Amber (Editor of Threads - Commander In Chief of SS) is wonderful and looks after us here.

        You are well taken care of by all.


        1. GranJanice | | #22

          Hi - I guess some of the magazines I received torn were because they went through the mail system.  I am sure they are sent out in good condition from your company.  I will just take my chances since I do not want to miss an edition.  Thanks.

          1. Cherrypops | | #23

            Yes some mail systems aren't the best...I work from my home in Australia and I personally package and send my monthly Beauty Brochures to my customers. What happens to them during the mail service is not my responsibilty. I will glady send another brochure if asked.

            I am very happy with the condition of Threads magazine when it arrives in my letterbox. I hope you will be to.







          2. GranJanice | | #24

            Thanks Cherry - Janice

          3. fashionista | | #25

            I know that this is not a customer service thread but I don't know where else to post.  I am STILL waiting for the copy of Sewstylish that I ordered when I was renewing my subscription. The order form was an "add -on" to the online subscription renewal form - so you could say I was "prompted." My Threads always arrives on time - but no sign of SS.  I have emailed customer service twice - both emails have been acknowledged as being received  but I have had not had a personal reply yet.  I am definitely NOT impressed.

          4. Cherrypops | | #26

            all i can recommend is keep trying. we have all had issues with cs in the past. don't give up. [email protected]

            according to CS SewStylish was made available to them around 14 Feb. I ordered my copy much earlier, but it went through ok, now i need to wait the 10-12 weeks shipment to Australia.

          5. GranJanice | | #27

            Hi - sorry about your disappointment.  Maybe it will come in the mail soon.  I purchased my SewStylish first edition in a JoAnn's fabric store.  I have mentioned the magazine to three other sewers I know, but they were not even aware of the magazine yet.  I had remembered seeing it advertised on Threads so when I saw it in JoAnn's I grabbed it.  Maybe not that many have been shipped to the market yet.  Wish you luck. Janice  p.s. I love the magazine

          6. fashionista | | #28

            Thank you for your replies Gran Janice and Cherry pops - customer service replied to me today !  They said it should have gone out on 29 January and they have posted out a replacement for me.  I can't wait to see it.  I believe it contains some articles from previous issues of Threads so even if it is not quite right for me i can pass it on to my daugher who is keen to start sewing.  I live in the UK so it will be a few weeks before it reaches me.

          7. Cherrypops | | #29

            Thanks for letting us know everything has been seen to by customer service.


          8. AmberE | | #30

            GranJanice: SewStylish should be sold everywhere that Threads is sold. If it's missing in action, let me know!

          9. GranJanice | | #31

            Hi Amber - I found the first Sew Stylish issue in JoAnn Fabrics and grabbed it as soon as I saw it as I had remembered reading that it was coming out soon.  Yes, they also sell my other favorite magazine "Threads" there also.  Since I don't want to miss an issue of SewStylish, I subscribed to it.  Thanks for your help.  Janice

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