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Conversational Threads

Thanking the Staff of Threads

MaryinColorado | Posted in Talk With Us on

I’d like to say “Thank You” to the entire staff of Threads for putting out the best sewing related magazine I’ve read through many decades.  I appreciate all your efforts!

There seems to be excessive negativity on this forum lately, I am concerned because it can become so destructive and discouraging.  It feeds on itself and becomes a monster.  Sometimes the positive isn’t expressed as often or as loud, but please know it is there.  Constructive criticism is healthy when specific, goal oriented, and presented in a positive light.  I feel the staff at Threads makes every effort to listen and respond to reader’s needs and requests within the boundaries of reality.

I hope other readers will use this “thread” to put out some great positive comments!  Mary



  1. Cherrypops | | #1

    I agree with you entirely! Thank you.

    I have subscribed to Threads for another 12months and caught up with the QuicktoMake and SewStylish issues and registered with the new website CraftStylish. So many goodies over there too.

    I look forward to these publications, they cheer me up on a rainy winter's day like today.

    Presently I am browsing through back issues for ideas and pattern companies and styles.

    I just love it!

    AnnaMareeInSydney :)

  2. CarolSewsAZ | | #2


    Thank you for your positive comments.  We have enough negativity in our lives without finding it on this site. 

    I have been a subscriber to Threads magazine for years and can always see something new by reading through the older issues (which I do often). 


    1. MaryinColorado | | #3

      I get caught up in the negativity myself at times, so I am not pointing fingers at anyone here.  It just seems that when we get bombarded with too much, we "join in" without realizing it has affected us in this way. 

       I'm trying to be very aware of my reactions to it, on the road and on the forum.  I don't want to become a cranky old lady but I will "Wear Purple" and hopefully, keep my sense of humor and hold on to my bliss.  Reading Threads, the wonderful gals on this forum, and sewing helps.  Mary

      1. rodezzy | | #4

        Thank you Threads Magazine staff and Taunton Press staff for this wonderful "Gathering" site.  I have learned from it and look forward to it everyday.  I've met wonderful people from around the world and just knowing that I am talking to, with and among such gifted people from everywhere is a joy I can't start to express.  I've never had this type of opportunity before, and I feel safe here.  There is so much ugliness on the internet and in chat rooms, I don't even try.  But this site fits me like a sleeve to a bodice (giggle).  I'm inspired and challenged. 

        Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

        1. MaryinColorado | | #6

          Wow!  I agree 100%  So well said!

          1. KansasSky | | #7

            Just a quick note to add to this --- I love to complain and criticize, but if Threads stopped publishing this magazine, I'd be miserable.

            I truly cherish it.

            Amber and her staff have an enormous challenge with us out here.  We've never been able to have the kind of feedback with a magazine editor that we have with her, and surely she is sometimes overwhelmed by us.

            There is plenty to do in putting out a publication without the extra time soaked up in listening to us and answering.  Amber puts in a lot of "Gatherings" time!

            So let me say:  THANK YOU.

            Truly you bless our lives.

          2. AmberE | | #12

            As I've said before, there's never a dull moment with this audience, and I truly enjoy getting the chance to interact this closely with an audience. Not every editor has that opportunity, but it's well worth it!

        2. GailAnn | | #8

          You expressed my very same thoughts.  Gail

        3. AmberE | | #10

          Thanks, Rodezzy---made my day!

          1. Ceeayche | | #22

            Like many of the others, I've been a fan of Threads since it began publishing.  Although I work fulltime, and have other life commitments, I have also come to embrace Gatherings.  Like Threads it's tailored to my interests and (except for the minor uprising over flashing banner ads) negativity free.  It's like a treat I can give myself when I've got a few minutes of "me" time.  Both Threads and Gatherings are very useful and chockful of information.  A Quality Act by Taunton. 

            Amber you're a jewel as well.  I thought you handled the uprising well.  It's rare these days to hear a professional say "I don't know, but I'll be sure your concerns are communidated."

          2. dollmarm | | #23

            Ditto and well said by ALL !!!

            What can be ones mans complaint is different to another.  YOU know like the 'stuff '  we all hoard and think we can not live w/out !  One mans junk is another treasures !  I so cherish you all & all that I have learned and even the little I have shared has been such a blessing that can not ever be replaced.

            Again I say thanks to AMBER and her honesty, stamina and response to all  stated their freedom of speech in many different verbs ! It is great to have Both Threads and Gatherings to share in all forums;This is also a grand treat for me - to learn from so many from so many different places from you all out there and in the magazine.  SINCERE thanks it all -  "GOOD, BAD, RIGHT,WRONG  & or INDIFFERENT"   WE are all unique and enjoy the sewing/craft you are wk'ing on   :~) 

          3. victoria0001 | | #24

            I agree 100% and I have always been totally captured by Threads.  We should thank Bernina to agreeing to the alteration of their ad.  I'm happy to scroll down the messages now and it will be easier on my lap top while travelling too.  Thank you Threads and Bernina.

          4. AmberE | | #27

            So glad to have this resolved!

          5. MarshaK | | #28

            I have almost every issue of Threads, (I'm missing No.2) there is no way I would ever get rid of my collection. It's been a valuable source of information, not only for sewing techniques that are new to me, but for the advertisements and listed sources for mail order fabrics and notions that aren't available to me in my small town. Sure there are some articles that are of no interest to me, but as long as it's in the world of sewing, fibres and embellishments, it's all good.

            Thank you for the Gatherings Forum, I've met some interesting people, and hope to make even more friends, it is great to be able to 'talk' sewing as very few of the people here in my personal life sew. MarshaK.

          6. sewslow67 | | #29

            I'm with you, Marsha; I've given away hard cover books just to make room for more issues of my Threads magazines.  Now I'm buying the new issue of "Sew Stylish", and I love it too. 

            I didn't get the first ones, because I thought it might be more of a repeat of Threads, but ..."not"!   It is very different.  After reading one of them, I called and ordered all of the back issues.  They just came yesterday, and I feel like it's Christmas in July.  Wow ...what fun I'm having!  I just ordered the one for fall, and can hardly wait for it to arrive.

            I'm missing the first two years of Threads, so I've been trying to find them 2nd hand on the Internet (not that I actually need them ...;-), since they no longer have them to back order at Taunton.

          7. AmberE | | #26

            Many thanks, from all  of us!

          8. AmberE | | #25

            Thanks CHL! :-)

      2. sewelegant | | #5

        Threads has been a part of my life since it first came out, but sad to say, I have not saved all the copies from the early years.  I was an early subscriber but became frustrated when so many mags would arrive with a damaged cover so figured I'd just buy off the newstand and of course missed some issues.  I am again thinking of subscribing the next time my sewing guild group sends in an order.

        I have wondered at all the negativity myself.  Did the jeans really look that bad?  I did not have that issue but when I saw the cover I just assumed the jeans were made for another model than the one who wore them on the cover, too bad.  And... there are so many areas of interest out there... mine just don't appear that often, but I enjoy reading about all of it.  One of my favorite areas to browse is the last pages with all the advertising.  I have found some wonderful web sites to visit and I love seeing new notions that come out.  A lot of them are useless to me, but I don't have to buy them.  At least by reading about them I know what is out there.  I think, for the most part, the magazine has kept the informative articles worthwhile and helpful.  And another thought... it is the only magazine I buy that I visit again and again and find something to read, not one where I never look at it again after browsing through it once.  So Thank You, Threads, for a job well done.


        1. AmberE | | #11

          Thanks, sewelegant!

    2. AmberE | | #13

      Thanks, CarolSews!

      1. katina | | #14

        Amber, it's stopped! The ad no longer flashes!

        Thank you, thank you, thank you.


        1. User avater
          CostumerVal | | #15

          I noticed that also, I started reading posts without that angry feeling crawling up my spine, I had to read another one to make sure it was true.   The ad has stopped moving!!!!!

          Thank you Amber and staff for your dedication to your mission and pass on our appreciation to all the contributors.  Most of us crave the information and could care less about how a models clothes fit.  She probably was contracted for the shoot because she advertised that she was a particular size and wasn't fitted for in the first place.  We understand that.  We love your photographers too.

          I personally love incorporating different techniques that I read about, into the projects I sew,  keep up the good work.  One of these day's I'll write an article for you.


          1. AmberE | | #16

            Thanks Val!

          2. Cherrypops | | #17

            Three Cheers For Amber!

            We do cherish you and all the work you do for us.

            Many Many Thanks.

          3. AmberE | | #18

            Thanks! I try! :-)

          4. GailAnn | | #19

            Great job, Amber, many thanks for calming the stormy waters.  Gail

          5. AmberE | | #20

            Thanks, GailAnn for your concern and contributions as well! :-)

          6. SewFit | | #21

            The great thing about Threads is that there is something for everyone...what is not my taste or style is someone else's....BUT the techniques and ideas are wonderful.  These lazy, hazy Carolina days when I have a few minutes to sit on the patio with my little pug, I have been reading through some of my old issues (anxiously waiting for the next one in the mail).  It's a great time to revisit articles that I skimmed over or marked for future use. I've read Threads since the beginning but my current collection only goes back a couple of years (had to downsize when we moved). 

            Oh and by the way, I pre-ordered the Fitting Videos and they are super.....

            Keep up the good work, Threads.  You are the Best!!!

  3. AmberE | | #9

    Thanks so much! Very much appreciated!

  4. denise | | #30

    Dear  Amber   I am still very confused when it comes to sew stylish i was a subscriber.

      I was told that it would be no more and now i see it from time to time.

    As I live in Australia it is not available how about the autumn issue free for loyal subscribers of threads who lost their sub when we really did not want too.

    You could offer it with our re subscribing. 

    O and i get very disappointed in people who say they like more high fashion in the Threads Mag, We all start somewhere,  i wonder if these same people have the same

    tolerance when they are behind learner drivers.

    1. Cherrypops | | #31


      I am sorry you are still confused.

      Only the Subscription to the magazine was cancelled. I subscribed from the very first issue and when notified of the final issue, the leftover monies crossed over to my Threads Subscription ( extended Threads by one issue ).

      I am in Sydney Australia and my newsagent still stocks SewStylish, however I purchase online to ensure I receive a copy.

      I pre-ordered a copy of the latest issue, again, so I would not miss out.

      I also buy the special issues..they are wonderful.

      I am up to date with all issues now. I check taunton online shop every so often and get the email updates.


      1. User avater
        Aless | | #32

        I would love to give all the Threads staff a big collective hug. Receiving my copy of the latest Threads in my postbox makes the rest of my day sooo happy, whether I can't resist and read some of it immediately, or wait  till the evening for my 'treat'!! I would find it hard to explain just how important your magazine is in my life, but my DH knows that when Threads appears in its distinctive grey plastic envelope the smile can't be wiped off my face. My Aussie subscription magazine, Stitches, is my "Cadbury chocolate", while Threads is my "Lindt chocolate". ;-))

        1. Cherrypops | | #33

          I couldn't have said it better.

          Thanks, we do have the best of both worlds!

          One earth made up of lots of crafty variety...certainly shows on this forum.

          Cp - Sydney Australia

          Edited 7/10/2008 12:31 am by Cherrypops

        2. katina | | #34

          Unfortunately, I too love my Cadbury and my Lindt. If only they were as good for me as Threads!

          1. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #35

            Actually, dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, in moderate amounts....Cathy

          2. katina | | #36

            The 'moderate' is my problem!

          3. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #37

            Mine too!

          4. katina | | #38

            Perhaps it has a plus side though (plus size?!) because I've learnt more about fitting as a result.

          5. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #39

            Tee Hee :) Silver Lining Theory at work again. Is moderation a half a box instead of the whole box? And over what time period, the whole day? Cathy

            Edited 7/10/2008 8:50 am ET by ThreadKoe

          6. katina | | #40

            When I'm busy with my various needle pursuits, I don't nibble chocolate. What a good reason to be involved in needle arts!

          7. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #41

            Yes, Indeed, keeping the hands busy, keeps them away from the mouth. LOL Cathy

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