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Conversational Threads

Using specialty threads

ctirish | Posted in General Sewing Info on

I am making a fleece pullover for my dgs – size 3. It is Malden Mills 200 weight. In thinking about putting in the sport zipper, I decided to try and use my Perle Crown Rayon thread in a variegated primary colors for the zipper. I thought I would be fun and different to cut the fleece- leaving the edge unfinished and just top stitch the sport zipper in place.

Problem: I was able to thread the machine and needle with the thicker thread. I used a typical poly thread for the bobbin in a solid color.
When I put my foot on the pedal it takes one stitch and then stops. The thread immediately is caught and it takes me a few minutes to dislodge it.

Question: Has anyone used Perle Crown Rayon in the needle? If yes, what did you use in the bobbin? Were there any adjustments you needed to make to use it?

Thank you….


  1. MaryinColorado | | #1

    I use Perle Crown Rayon in the bobbin exclusively.  Either bypass the tension slot if it will work or you can buy a seperate bobbin case and adjust the tension, which is what I did with my Designer 1.  I would NOT adjust the regular bobbin case as it is preset at the factory and I was afraid of creating a monster problem. 

    The other choice would  be to put the Perle Crown Rayon in the serger loopers and topstitch using the coverstitch after putting the zipper in with the sewing machine.  Unless you are adept at putting zippers in with the serger.  Again remember to put the finished side down as the loopers are like the bobbin, unde.rneath.

    I think the heaviest thread I have used in the needles is 12wt cotton from Sulky.  Then I allways use topstitching needle with a large eye.

    Good luck on your project.  It sounds darling.  Oh,  sometimes fleece will roll on the edges if unfinished when washed.  Malden Mills is excellent fleece so it will probably be fine. 

    Another thought:  I have used PCR thread in one or more of the loopers for rolled edge on fleece too.

    You could also couch over the perlecrown rayon with polyester invisible thread in the needles and regular thread in the bobbin.

    Edited 3/6/2007 5:59 pm ET by MaryinColorado

    1. ctirish | | #2

      Mary, Thank you for your ideas.  I managed to thread the needle with the Pearle Crown by putting a little fray chek on my fingers and just twisting the end of the thread. I thought if I can thread the needle it will work...ha ha.. I was wrong with that idea..

       I have finished many fleece or fleece and interlock blankets with PCR.

      I have a drop in bobbin and I don't even know if it can be adjusted...that is one of those things I have wondered about from time to time.  I think I am going to put the zipper in the regular way and then use the PCR with the serger in a cover stitch. Or try the PCR in the bobbin and add some decorative stitching in the hood.  I can tell this is going to be one of those decide as I sew projects.

       I wasn't going to line the hood and then my dd said to me tonight that her daughter had received a cute gift when she was born - a fleece jacket with the hood lined with an interlock or flannel  and wasn't that just the nicest idea.  I took that as a less than subtle hint about lining the hood. 

      You have given me a lot to think about and I appreciate it, sometimes left to my own musings and I end up with an interesting garment. 


      1. MaryinColorado | | #3

        Being left to our own musings is what makes each of us unique and creative.  You have the Designer SE don't you?  I would try bypassing the tensions on the drop in bobbin.  But as I said, I would not adjust the bobbin case that you use all the time.  It is set perfectly and maybe difficult to reset for allpurposes.  Viking has a white bobbincase you can buy and that is what I use for larger threads.  Mary

        1. ctirish | | #4

          Mary, I have an Baby Lock  Ellure, and it doesn't have a bobbin case - it is a drop in bobbin.  Is there a way to bypass the tension when it is a drop in bobbin?? The only way I can think of to do that is to not catch it when I bring the thread around.  You drop the bobbin in and then you bring the thread sort of in reverse of where you would expect the thread to go and then hook on this little piece of metal. Do you think that is where the tension is for the bobbin. 

          I had wanted to use the PCR on a bib I needed for a shower today. I ended up trying to do a quickie design - actually I combined 2 designs from 2 different Cds and when then I didn't do anything to it.......so when I brought it up to start stitching it needed 21 color changes.  I am going to finish it in the morning and just use the threads I have picked out for it. It will be a lot of thread changes, but this way the colors will all go together.


          1. MaryinColorado | | #5

            I'm not familiar with that machine, I suggest you ask someone who sells those machines to show you.  Mine is a drop in bobbin too, but different set up. 

            Does your software have the capability of decreasing the colorchanges?  On the Viking you can push a button that condenses them.  Then all of color red 2222 would stitch, then all the blue 4444, etc.  Instead of red white blue red white blue.  Hope this makes sense, it really decreases the number of thread changes when combining designs.  Mary

          2. fabricholic | | #6

            Mary,Did you buy the white bobbin case on line or from a dealer? I was just curious and thought I might buy one if I could get it on line.Marcy

          3. MaryinColorado | | #7

            It was bought from a dealer, same brand as my machine and I really enjoy having it.  Some machines work fine just bypassing the tension, I prefer to have more control than I was able to get that way. 

          4. fabricholic | | #8

            So, I could experiment just bypassing tension. I will have to try that.Marcy

          5. MaryinColorado | | #9

            yes, and you may need to increase the top tension a bit.  Did you see the podcast on bobbinwork on http://www.bonniemccaffery.com?  She explains it well.  Just be sure to start slow speed at first so if your machine doesn't like it you won't get into trouble!

          6. fabricholic | | #10

            If I ever figure out how to get the podcast on my mp3 player, I will check it out. I download the podcast, but I'm not sure how to get it into player. I know I can just listen on my computer, but that takes the fun out of it. I wanted to listen on the go. Sounds like fun. Thank you.Marcy

          7. MaryinColorado | | #11

            Her'are video podcasts so you can watch her do the techniques.

          8. fabricholic | | #12

            Oh, sorry, my mistake.Marcy

          9. MaryinColorado | | #13

            Hey girl, I don't like the word "mistakes"  I prefer to call them creative opportunities/ or opportunities for creativity....in any case, we all make them.  So, did you try it yet?  Mary

          10. fabricholic | | #14

            Not yet. I've been trying to get a pattern altered so that I can make a simple t shirt top. Having some problems, as you can read in fitting. I will try it though.Marcy

          11. ctirish | | #15

            I have software that does the groups the colors together, but it won't run without the CD in  the drive.  I can not find the CD, I  looked everywhere for the case, assuming it would be in there, I Found the case it was not there.   I had help moving things when the carpet cleaners came and the CD was sitting on my side table by my chair and someone other than I cleared the table.  It usually lives in the cd drive but I had taken it out to load something else.  So, if you believe in ST. Anthony, please ask him for some help. We don't seem to be connecting these days.  sorry for the long explanation, I am pretty frustrated about it these days.  I know it is here somewhere, but my sewing room has taken a turn for the worse...too many projects at once.

            I have not tried  using that feature, but I will as soon as I find it. 

          12. MaryinColorado | | #16

            I finally straightened up my sewing room Friday because I couldn't stand the chaos anymore.  DH even vacuumed it for me!  I really need to finish my son's shirt for St. Patrick's Day.  Today I have to get it done!  Hope St. Anthony helps you find the  cd! Mary

          13. ctirish | | #17

            Mary,  A St. Patrick's Day shirt, what did you make.  When I could work, I wore green every day for the entire month March.   I may actually cook a corned beef and cabbage dinner next weekend.  I want to make some lace shamrocks in green for the moms at playgroup Wednesday.  Please post a picture when you finish the shirt..


          14. fabricholic | | #18

            I want to come to your house for dinner.

          15. MaryinColorado | | #19

            I cut my daughter's hair todaay, after this break, it is time to put the buttonholes into the shirt, make the side vents, hem, and a little hand stitching of the collar. 

             Don't forget the taters!  We have it every year for St. Paddy's Day and then at least once or twice in the fall/winter.  My mother used to make the three leaf clover buns with it!  You just make the dough into three balls in each muffin cup I had a neighbor/friend  from Ireland that made fun of us and our decorations and merrymaking every year.   She said they ate potatoes and sausages often but didn't do anything on that holiday, it is more American.  Of course she hated living in USA unfortunately. Yummy! My mouth is watering already.


          16. ctirish | | #20

            Well Ladies,  Intentions count for something don't they.  This is turning out to be the weirdest St. Patrick's day week.  My dgd came down with a stomach bug last friday, vomiting the whole bit.  I thought she would be fine by Monday..lol... it came back on Monday and took Tuesday off, Wednesday she was sick again. By Wednesday evening, I was feeling under the weather.  So, yesterday and today I have been down with the bug hoping I will feel better by Monday and dgd will stay healthy.  Every year where I live our St. Patrick's day parade it the Saturday before St. P's day, even when it is on St. P's day - we go the week before. The Saturday before was warm and sunny.  This year they figured out a way to have it on St. P's day.  So, what do we have, a snowstorm for tomorrow - more snow than we have had all winter.  So. the parade is postponed until next weekend.  I haven't even looked at my sewing machine this week.  I know next week will be better.  

          17. Cherrypops | | #21

            What an interesting discussion.

            I have learnt someting new again.

            Mary has given great advice, again, this time talking about rayon threads

            jane has said she has completed fleece quilts with a particular thread

            mary gives a great website for podcasts and talks of bobbin cases

            all have been busy preparing for st patricks day

            unfortunately janes family has been unwell.

            My hubby hopes they are all using the Specialty Threads they highly recommend so the whole family gets better soon and jane can return to her love of sewing.

          18. MaryinColorado | | #22

            aw gee, You are such a sweetie!  Thanks for the kudos!  Hope you enjoy the website as much as I do.  I am not involved with them but do get the newsletter and really enjoy the website.  Glad to be able to share info here.  Mary

          19. fabricholic | | #23

            Bless your heart. Feel better soon.Marcy

          20. ctirish | | #24

            Thank you to all for the kind words. I do appreciate them, we don't recover as fast when we are older.

            It is looking up for the coming week.  I am doing better, the sun is out and the Holyoke St. Patrick's day parade was on television and it was wonderful. In Holyoke, MA they have one of the largest  parades in the US and they have lots of floats and bands, it is fun. Sometimes the parades are large but they are mostly people, bands and fire trucks. I love fire trucks but floats make it so colorful against the white snow out there.

            I am actually hoping to do some embroidery today.  I am going into my sewing room and not looking at the rest of my house for today. 

             So, as the Irish would say,' you be having yourself a fine day now, you know". 

          21. fabricholic | | #25

            We had a guy that works in our office, come in Friday with a green tall hat on with shamrocks hanging off both sides, a red pasted on beard and he was talking with the thickest Irish accent. Everyone was getting a kick out of it. Since St. Patrick's Day was on Saturday, I didn't see as many, to see if people had green on or not. I saw a river on t.v. that had been colored green for the festivities. I never thought of a parade in the snow, but being from the South, we don't have much snow, anyway. The most I learned of Ireland was from a romance novel by Nora Roberts, I believe. There were 3 sisters, and one lived in America and was named Shannon. She found out she had sisters in Ireland and went to see them, ended up falling in love and moved there. It was a very good book.Marcy

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