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Viking 775

joanfitzu | Posted in Equipment and Supplies on

My machine is 2 yrs old and has had problems, the last one… it stopped moving forward or backwards. It is in for repair with the mfg. I have an old 6440 that has been my friend since 1976. My old machine has been repaired 4 times in it’s life and I keep it clean. I am so disappointed in Viking, it’s not the machine I thought it would be and it is taking them a long time to repair. I have a loaner (different model) (used)that proved to me mine had more problems. The woman at the store kept telling me from day one, I had to give it time to get used to my new one. Has anyone else had issues with their new machines? The reason I bought the new one…I was told they couldn’t get parts anymore for the old one. Not true as I found out later, when I had to take the new one in for a repair the first time. I think I have a lemon.


  1. Tatsy | | #1

    I really like my Designer I, but I realize I'm too hard on it to want to put more money into an upgrade to the Diamond. There have been some problems with the screen registry but turning it off and back on usually resets it. You probably do have a lemon. Are there other dealers in your area you could check with? You might consider contacting Viking directly.

    1. joanfitzu | | #2

      There aren't any other dealers but if I get the machine back and have problems I'm going to ask for my money back. If I can't get any satisfaction I'll go directly to Viking. The machine might be fine once they go over it. I will not ugrade. Viking used to sell themselves on: no jamming, the thread would not clump when starting a line of stitching. That does not seem to be the case anymore, my neighbor has a Rose and it clumps on her all the time. I can't even wind a bobbin from the extra spindle, it has to go through as if being threaded in order for the bobbin to wind. I guess they should not have messed with success, a good mechanical machine will last a lot longer if taken care of.

      1. Tatsy | | #3

        That's true. The only reason I replaced my Elna was that it would have cost more to fix it than to buy a new machine. Of course, I went overboard on that. It's fun though.

  2. joanfitzu | | #4

    Just an update. I finally have my machine back. Dropped it off March 30, 2009 got it back July 22, 2009. The feed fork needed to be replaced.
    I am disappointed with customer service locally and at the factory repair center. Locally, the store only called twice for me in 3 1/2 months, they didn't want to bother the repair center. I called myself and the repair center customer service can only send e-mails internally to get info about the machines. I had to ask for a manager to get a direct answer.
    I will be using it today, I hope all goes well with it.

    1. User avater
      ThreadKoe | | #5

      Locally, the store only called twice for me in 3 1/2 months, they didn't want to bother the repair center."Bother the repair center"??? That is not Bothering them. That is following up on an order. That is part of customer service. Asking for an update on the problem, and where the order is at, to report back to the customer is not bothering them. If the problem is getting parts, the customer should be informed. If the repair center is behind due to heavy workload, the customer should be informed.
      If a machine is to be sent out for repair to a central location for service, a 6 to 8 week turnaround would probably be expected. Anything longer SHOULD be looked into. For all the store knew, the machine could have been lost in transit.....
      I suspect here that a possible reason for the lengthy repair time was a lengthy time sitting in a back room before being sent off for repair perhaps? It is possible that the store was waiting for a return trip from a representative in order to save on shipping costs. Cathy

      1. joanfitzu | | #7

        I believe the machine was held longer than she said it was, repair center did not get it into their system until May 6. But May 6, until July 15, (11 weeks) is a long time for a repair. On July 15th I called the repair center, on the 16th I called again and was told by the repair center they were waiting for a part, the machine shipped out on the 17th. She claims she held it a couple of days, because the factory repair center that she used to ship to was moving to join another repair center. She was told it would be 6-8 wks to get it back. She sent it to the new address, but at 6 weeks when I asked about it, she told me it was too soon to look for it. Probably because in my opinion, she held it a lot longer than a couple of days to ship it out. I didn't receive any paper work when I picked it up so I think she wanted to hide the dates. eta:factory

        Edited 7/23/2009 1:52 pm ET by joanfitzu

        1. User avater
          ThreadKoe | | #8

          Hmmm, No paperwork at all? I find that really strange. I have had my Bernina for 30 yrs now, and I have all the repair receipts listing all repair work, including parts numbers and cleanings ever done on my machine. I keep it in a folder in the travel case for the machine. I want all that to keep for reference for future problems if they arise. It is part of the machine's history. I would go back and ask for it, telling them I want it to keep with the machine as part of the machine's records. You do it for your car, you should for your machine. I think I would be looking for another service/repair center as well. A nuisance for sure, but am getting a very untrustworthy/bad feeling about this one. Cathy

          1. joanfitzu | | #9

            I called for the paperwork and #2 woman says she can't find it, but the original woman will tell me what they did. I told #2 I wanted the paper work not just what #1 will tell me. #1 will be in tomorrow.
            The machine seems to be better than when it was new so far, except that the needle threader doesn't appear to have been adjusted.
            This is the closest store and it's about 10 miles away, it is associated with a store an hour away so I will be on the hunt. I have all four of my repair papers for my 6440 model from 1976. It has a new problem smells like it is burning so it has to go to the local guy. He doesn't do the work that had to be done on my 775.
            Thanks for letting me vent.

          2. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #10

            Venting is good. Happy Sewing now you have your machine repaired. If it is any consolation, I am now looking for a new repair person myself as I have just lost the 5th repair place. I may actually have to travel 4 hours into the states.... Cathy

          3. User avater
            wghmch | | #11

            "I have all four of my repair papers for my 6440 model from 1976. It has a new problem smells like it is burning"This is usually just a TV suppressor going out. It is an unneeded part with today's TVs. In most of the Vikings of that era, it was located just to the left of the motor, behind where the cord plugs in. It is connected across the controller posts, and sometimes when they go out, the machine will run full speed as soon as it's plugged in. Just remove the suppressor and the problem is gone.By the way, these old Vikings are great machines, but the one thing they will not tolerate is sitting idle. Use them regularly, and rotate the pattern selector dial every time you sit down to it, and pull the buttonhole knob in/out a few times, and they will serve you long and well.Bill Holman

          4. joanfitzu | | #12

            Thank you!!! the weirdest thing happened with the 6440 last week. I was using it stopped to have lunch, then went outside to talk to my neighbor. When I came in the house and went back to sew there was a burning smell in the air but I thought someone was burning outside. When I sat down to the machine I didn't have a bobbin thread like I had left it, so I checked and there was a clump of thread around the bobbin hook. It was a weird feeling as if someone had used the machine. It took me a while to figure out no one was burning outside and it was the machine. When we took it apart my husband thought the "capacitor" was cracked, it is located where you say the tv suppressor is located. Thank you again I think we can handle this. So no one used the machine it must have run on its' own and luckily it didn't cause a problem.

          5. User avater
            wghmch | | #13

            That will be $15 for the service assistance. <grin> (Hey, that was what we charged for a house call in my early days.)Bill Holman

          6. joanfitzu | | #14

            I'll pay it forward.
            Thank you again. I think we will be doing the surgery tonight or tomorrow.

          7. User avater
            wghmch | | #15

            You'll find that the suppressor is attached in slots in two of the posts, which have set screws in the center. This is also a good opportunity to check all of these set screws which sometimes do work loose. Generally, the best tool is a long narrow pair of needle nose pliers, and just be careful that you don't accidentally remove one of the other wires that is in the same post.Bill Holman

          8. joanfitzu | | #16

            We did it, and my husband did tighten the screws before I saw your post.
            Thought you might like to see a picture.
            eta: what I like is I don't have to drive 45 miles to have this done.

            Edited 7/24/2009 11:02 pm ET by joanfitzu

    2. MaryinColorado | | #6

      I hope your machine works perfectly!  I am sorry that you had such terrible customer service from your dealership!  I'd be writing letters to Husq/Viking.  With that kind of indifference, they could lose their licensing to carry the brand. 

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