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Vogue Sewing Book?

jatman | Posted in General Sewing Info on

I had previously asked for advice regarding what books people would recommend and one of the suggestions was Vogue’s Sewing Book.  One person even gave me an item number so that I could order it from their website but I still could not seem to locate the item.  Does anyone have this book?  And if so, can you give me any information about it?  What year was it published, how many pages is it, what is on the cover?  I do find a couple of Vogue Sewing Books on Amazon but cannot determine if they will be helpful to me since I am unable to look inside the book.

Thank you!



  1. stringlady | | #2

    I was given my Vogue Sewing Book for high school graduation 40 years ago.  I believe this is one of those classics that is continuously republished.  I did an online search and also found it on Amazon.   I actually found a copy of my old version on e-bay for $4.99 opening bid.  Amazing!  I have found this to be an invaluable resource for all kinds of sewing information.  Good luck!

  2. jkimes | | #3

    I have the Vogue sewing book, and the alterations book which was recommended by someone I met at the Sewing Expo last year. I found both on Ebay, and thought dated, both are very good for classic techniques.


  3. mygaley | | #4

    Ask for this at your local library; if they do not have it, they can usually borrow a copy from another library.  Then you can review it. I bought mine at Goodwill and I have seen them at flea markets.  It is the best for classic sewing techniques.  Gale

  4. mimi | | #5

    jatman:  I have had my copy of Voque Sewing for over 25 years and recently found another at a library sale, which I gave to my daughter.

    If you go to http://www.voguepatterns.com there is a link to all the books they publish, including this one.  You can order it online.


    1. thimbles1260 | | #6

      I noticed your closing philosophy.  Here's another you may enjoy, "All children are gifted, some open their packages sooner than others."

      1. mimi | | #8

        I love that!  School starts for us next monday, I think I'll hang that in the teacher's lounge :)


  5. DONNAKAYE | | #7

    I'm sorry, I hate to rain on everyone's parade, but I think it does everything the hard way.....Lots of books out there much better....

    1. Clarelle | | #12

      Donna Kaye, are you there?

      See your post was back in August.

      Would you please be good enough to mention a few of the books you find as better references?

      As I am not interested in the VSB if they do it the hard way.

      Thanks alot,          Clarelle.







      1. DONNAKAYE | | #14

        Clarelle, are you out there?  If so, email me back and I'll send you the listing of books I think are good....Donna

  6. Ckbklady | | #9


    Here is the link on Amazon.com to the new revised edition of Vogue Sewing, which has just been released:


    I have not yet seen a copy of this book, but having seen older editions I can agree with the other poster that there are clearer and simpler books out there. I especially prefer the Singer Sewing book series that came out through the 1990s. Their books are packed with big, clear photos, whereas the Vogue book (until the last edition at least) always had line drawings. I far prefer the photos - so easy to understand. For the same reason I never warmed to the line drawings in the Reader's Digest big sewing book.

    The Singer books are mostly out of print, but some are being reprinted. Used bookshops (around here anyway) usually have scores of the volumes for about $5 each.

    Happy sewing!

    :) Mary

  7. jatman | | #10

    I just want to thank everyone for helping me clarify which Vogue Sewing Book pertained to sewing techniques, etc.  The direct links helped a lot.  Also, the other book suggestions were helpful as well.  Thank you again for all of your input!



  8. Sunshine | | #11

    I hope this answer isn't too late for you--I've been surfing thru a lot of previous Q/A's just to learn something new....

    I have the original version of the Vogue Sewing Book, and it's certainly a great reference. Until I saw your question, I didn't realize there was a new version.  The other day as I was surfing the WalMart website, just for fun, I searched for the Vogue book, and whoopee!, they have the new version!  It was ~$18.95 with $0.97 shipping, which means that you can get it delivered right to your door for just under $20!!!!

    Who woulda thunk WallyMart would be so fashionable????

    1. jatman | | #13

      Hi Sunshine!  I haven't ordered it yet and no, I would NEVER have thought to look at WalMart for it.  Thank you for the tip!



      1. tmorris1 | | #15

        Jatman;My understanding is that the vogue sewing book is currently out of print, but I would look at a used book store for it, the last one I was in had 5 copies for $3.00 each. I believe, however, that due to the recent resurgence of the home sewer Vogue is once again updating and re-publishing this book.T.

        1. jatman | | #16

          Hi Tmorris1!  I think they actually updated it recently because I remember getting something from Amazon.  Still, I'll look for a used when I have the chance because how much could have changed, right?  Thank you!


          1. SewistKitty | | #17

            I have an old Vogue sewing book from the '70's. I recently purchased a newer one from 2004 on Amazon. It has many new short cuts and info.

          2. jatman | | #18

            Actually that does help.  Always looking for more efficient ways of doing things!  The last time I was in a Borders I picked it up and looked through it and I almost bought it but it was a large book and I would have had to pack it in an already heavy suitcase (and it was significantly more than on Amazon) so I decided to wait.  I'll definitely hold out for the updated version.

            Thank you!


          3. SewistKitty | | #19

            You are welcome. One can never have too many helpful sewing books.

          4. jatman | | #20

            I totally agree!


  9. melanie | | #21

    I agree that the Vogue Sewing book is an excellent instruction one which I found very good but deadly dull! All the illustrations are very clear drawings but in black line only with a touch of sepia - still good for a reference but inspiring it is not - no doubt the revised edition is more modern in style, mine is the 1973 version. Have you considered the Reader's Digest "Complete Guide to Sewing"? It has all the instruction Vogue has but a lot more about machines. fabrics etc. plus a section on home furnishings, and childrens wear. There is also a useful section of basic timeless patterns to square up. Even though my copy is 1978 it is far livelier than the Vogue. My favourite recommendation would have to be the Dorling Kindersley "Sewing" which covers everything the Reader's Digest does but this time every little detail is photographed beautifully. It has lots of information about the sewing machine, machine feet, techniques, tailoring and furnishings and presented in a form which is quite exciting. In fairness of course it is a 1996 publication by which time machines and accessories had become more sophisticated. I typed these titles into Amazon.com and there are plenty of each title to chose from from the Vogue and DK at under $20 right down to a few cents! for the Reader's Digest.

    Hope this helps.


    1. jatman | | #24

      Hi Melanie - I have seen the Reader's Digest book on Amazon and wondered how it was.  I have never seen or heard of the Dorling Kindersley 'Sewing' Book.  That one actually sounds like the best option of all of them.  I will look that one up online (hopefully it's one that has an excerpt available for viewing).  Thank you for all of the info!


      1. melanie | | #27

        On amazon .co.uk the DK sewing book is there price £14.99, on Amazon.ca it is $31.50 (canadian) but on amazon .com it asks for $80!!! this is nonsense - the exchange may not be in your favour at the moment but this is ridiculous. What may be of interest to you though is that on the Canadian amazon there are three reviews which you might like to read - I would have to agree with the reviewers  wholeheartedly.

         Dorling Kindersley are quality publishers - they do the most marvellous books of an instructional or informative nature and many excellent ones for children. Their logo says London, New York. Stuttgart amd Moscow so I'm surprised there are not more listings on amazon.com. considering the New York mention. Anyway, see what you think of the Canadian reviews. As for the Reader's Digest Guide to Sewing the price on amazon.com presently starts at $1.80 - to pick out one in reasonable condition and published not too long ago at the lower end of the price range you couldn't go wrong - it really is quite comprehensive. Good luck with your search.

        1. jatman | | #28

          Melanie - thank you again for all of the info!  I will look into this one today!


          1. Tatsy | | #29

            Those prices are crazy! Have you tried Barnes and Noble?  Last spring I bought my copy in our local store for $27.00 (American) and saw four copies sitting on the shelves at Borders when I was there this afternoon.  Both stores sell online.  If you can't get it for a decent price online, reply via email and I'll pick one up for you.

          2. jatman | | #30

            Hi Tatsy!  Isn't that nuts?  I've actually found it cheaper to order from Amazon (US) and pay for the shipping.  I really appreciate your offer to get one for me.  I think I'll be placing an Amazon order next month and I'll just have it shipped to me.  But thank you very much!


          3. Tatsy | | #31

            Glad it worked out.  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in a fairly large city where most everything is available nearby or across town.

  10. MargieT | | #22

    I recently read a review in Pattern Review about the Vogue Sewing Book which was reprinted in 2006 - you might be interested in reading it.  http://sewing.patternreview.com/cgi-bin/readbookreview.pl?readreview=1&ID=935

    1. jatman | | #25

      Hi Margie T!  Thank you for the info and the link!  I will check that out.  I don't think to go to patternreview.com for info on books but it's probably the best place to look.  Thank you!


  11. Tatsy | | #23

    About four months ago, I bought the new Vogue Sewing Book at Barnes and Noble.  It is an updated version which gives you the kind of basic, detailed information you expect from Vogue.  This is not a hard thing to find.

    1. jatman | | #26

      Hi Tatsy!  I actually don't live in the US.  How-to books in English aren't that easy for me to find so I wait until I visit the US or Britain to get books or I place a big order from Amazon.  So, because suitcase room is scarce and shipping is expensive I like to choose wisely with the books.  It always helps to hear what other people have found to be informative.  Thank you for the info on the Vogue book!


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