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Conversational Threads

What did you sew on today?

thimbles1260 | Posted in General Discussion on

The holiday season is here and, as usual, I’m behind.  We’re having a craft show at work so today I was frantically trying to put a little something together.  I had some upholstery remnants so I made some tissue box covers, mug rugs and placemats.  Someone else is already doing the purses or I would have tried them.  There’re so cute I’m sure she will do well with them.  I’m not sure if my stuff will sell of not….it’s not very creative or festive, but as least I’m making a contribution.  What did the rest of you sew on today?  I’m still looking for ideas….simple, quick and easy does it for me!  My next project will be PJs for the daughters and son-in-laws.  I’m just going to do the drawstring bottoms and purchase matching teeshirts for tops.


  1. Pansy | | #1

    I meant to sew today -- I really did! I have a big pile of newly washed pants fabric that's staring at me.  One time, for a baby shower, I made up a bunch of drawstring bags to hold party favors.  Everyone loved them.  One person kept hers to use when traveling -- she puts clothespins in hers to keep hotel curtains closed.  You might make larger sized bags and bill them as travel bags for shoes.  I also love to make pajama pants (I call them "lounging pants").  I use wacky, brightly-colored fun fabric that I wouldn't normally wear out in public.  Sometimes, I make them for my sister. For gift pants, I make 2 drawstring ties and stitch each end to a 6 or 7 inch length of elastic.  That way, the recipient can wear them right away without alteration.  But you probably already knew that.  Have fun! 

    1. thimbles1260 | | #4

      You said: "sew each of two drawstrings to a piece of elastic...."  No!  I didn't already know that!  Thank you for the great idea!!  I'll use it when I make the pants today!

  2. jatman | | #2

    Hi Thimbles - this is what I sewed today.  They are napkin holders made from ribbon.  Mostly they are hand sewn but I did use the machine to sew one line of stitches on the back of each one.  I  got this idea from one of the Martha Stewart Christmas Books that I had.



    1. brianslady17 | | #3

      Today my goal is to cut out at least 3 or 4 outfits. I am expecting a baby girl in April. At this point in my pregnancy, I can still bend over and see things... which I figure won't last much longer. But I will be able to sit at my sewing table just fine. So I am going to cut out outfits. I am planning to cut out size 6 months, and then some 12 months as well. Handmade clothes are much better, in my opinion!


    2. thimbles1260 | | #5

      Hi Jatman,  What an accomplishment!  They are beautiful!  Your holiday table will look so festive!  I'm sure you will receive many compliments on them.  Congrats!

      1. jatman | | #7

        Thank you!  They are supposed to be a gift but I like them so much....just kidding!  I bought extra ribbon so the next set is mine!


        1. thimbles1260 | | #11

          I'm hoping to get to the library today to ravage and pillage the old magazine section.  If I'm lucky, that particular issue of Martha will still be there!  Can you tell me which issue I'm looking for?

          1. jatman | | #12

            Actually, it's not in a magazine (or maybe it was originally but I found it in a book).  The book I have is called  Parties and Projects for the Holidays Volume 4.  It's on page 84 through 86 (and I feel REALLY stupid right now because when I was looking at these and making them I didn't realize that she had a whole page on how to make the flowers and create not only napkin rings but a wreath but I would have had to turn backward a page to see that.  Guess I'm smart enough to make them but not smart enough to turn the page - scary).  These books were originally distributed by Oxmoor House but there are only 7 volumes and then they stopped and no one else seems to have picked up distribution.  However, I just found 7 copies of it on Ebay so that may be an option.  I can copy the pages and send them to you but I don't live in the US and I'm guessing that you do.  I also wrote up how I did it (not quite like Martha's way but close enough since the flowers look the same) and e-mailed it to my sister and another Gathering's Member.  I can e-mail it to you, too.


            Edited 12/4/2006 10:17 am ET by jatman

          2. thimbles1260 | | #15

            You're right, I'm in the U.S.,,,,northern Minnesota in be precise. Up where it's cold! Right now our wind chill factor is -21..Brrrrrr! Where are you?I would love it if you could send me the directiions for making your napkin rings. I think I've just about got it from the pictures you sent but I'd like the measurements and perhaps some stitching directions before I get going on them. What are the ribbon requirements and what width did you use? They are so festive looking! I can imagine that a wreath would be beautiful too.

          3. jatman | | #16

            Hi Thimbles - I'm in Sweden.  We actually have had several weeks of 45 - 50 degree weather.  Amazing, isn't it?  I have a sister in northern Michigan and they received about 10 inches of snow a couple of days ago.  Seems like I should be having that weather here but it's not true! 

            I sent the directions via e-mail through Gatherings a little while ago.  Let me know if you don't get them and maybe I'll just post them here - they're kind of long and I didn't want to hijack this discussion so maybe I'll just post them in the photo gallery.

            Stay warm!!




          4. thimbles1260 | | #17

            Actually, we've had record setting warm temperatures here in Minnesota up until last week, so I can't complain too much.Thank you for the directions! They were there now when I looked. I'll have to stop and buy some ribbon on my way home from work today!

          5. jatman | | #18

            Have fun with them and post pictures if you can, ok?


          6. angle | | #27

            Hi Jaman,

            Love your pretty flowers made of ribbon. Would you please send me a direction on how to make them? I am in Los Angeles, USA.

            Thank you in advance.

          7. jatman | | #28

            Hi Angle!  I posted the directions and some more photos in the Photo Gallery under 'Ode to Martha Stewart'.  Have fun with them!


          8. angle | | #29

            Thank you!

    3. fabricholic | | #6

      Hey JT,

      The napkin holders are beautiful!  They look like colorful poinsettias.  You are very talented.  Thank you for posting your pictures.  Please post some more of your projects.


      1. jatman | | #8

        Thank you so much for your encouraging words!  I will post things as I finish them in the photo gallery.  I love looking at everyone else's projects, too.  It gives me inspiration!


        1. kayrosie | | #9

          They were beautiful.  Did they take a long time to make.   Where can we find the directions.

          1. jatman | | #10

            I didn't really have directions - just a picture in a Martha Stewart book.  Turns out she did have some product information in the back of the book but I didn't realize that until after I'd come home with the ribbon I'd picked out.  I will measure them and write up directions and e-mail them to you.  My sister wanted to know how to do it, too.  They were actually really easy and I don't think each one took any more than 45 minutes or so after I figured out what I was doing and probably would have taken less time if I hadn't had to spend so much time chasing my cats away from the ribbon!


          2. kayrosie | | #13

            Please sendme the directions by email that will be good. 


          3. jatman | | #14

            Hi Kayrosie - I sent them this morning.  Let me know if you never received them and I'll try again.


          4. Josefly | | #21

            Me too, me too, please? Your napking rings are lovely.

          5. jatman | | #22

            Thank you!  I posted directions and more pictures in the photo gallery. under the topic 'Ode to Martha Stewart'.   They were actually fun to make since I could make each one a little differently.

            Enjoy making them!


    4. thehat | | #19

      Hi just stopped in to see what everyone is sewing you do good work 

      1. jatman | | #20

        Thank you very much!


      2. SewNancy | | #47

        As usual I am working on several things. My brocade jacket for the PR Ready to wear knockoff contest is commiing along and I am working on altering and redrawing a pattern for a top to go with it. Now that I know what, not much, I have to change on the jacket I will cut out the lining. I also have palazzo pants planned for the outfit. All of this has to be finished by Feb. 24, for the wedding we are going to.

        1. Josefly | | #52

          This sounds like a beautiful outfit. I hope you'll post pictures on this site for us when you finish.

          1. SewNancy | | #58

            Thanks. I am sewing the jacket for the RTW knockoff contest on Pattern Review and so it will be posted there for sure.

  3. solosmocker | | #23

    Today I washed and ironed fabric for 5 dolly dresses. Does that count? I would have cut them out also but am in the throws of setting up my new sewing room. Talk about timing, holidays and all! One day I organize, the next day I try to sew, off and on, ad infinitum.

    1. thehat | | #24

        today I finished my hat that goes with the dress and next week I will get to do some baking and sewing for the granddaughters and that grand son   the sun goes down to fast  or should I say the ideas never stop and the time get to short for all the things I  would like to do  how about you

      1. fabricholic | | #25

        I wish you would post a picture of your hats.  That is something I have never tried.


        1. thehat | | #26

          I next week I will have my daughter  put the picture up but for now I can tell you it is made of royal blue crushed velvet  and white lace w/sliver trim  and the dress is ice white satin and lace/silver trim  the hat has peacock feathers and some sliver fabric roses  the style is an napolonic the robe trails 3feet longer then my self it was fun to make

          1. fabricholic | | #30

            I can't wait to see the pictures.  Is it very difficult to make?


    2. thimbles1260 | | #31

      A new sewing room!?!  How exciting!!  Send pictures ASAP!!

      1. solosmocker | | #32

        The room is done and I am moving in all my "stuff". Today I cut out my draperies and should get those hung tomorrow. As soon as I am done I am going to post pics on photobucket. This is a small, 9x12 , room but it is a dedicated sewing room. I have sewn for the last forty years in the laundry room, basements, finished and unfinished, next to tractors, lawn mowers, and hot water heaters. We moved into this house a year ago and my part of the agreement was to get my own room to sew in. Other than that my priority for the room is that it be pretty, not just functional. So, as soon as it's done you will have pics. It is looking very pretty and very feminine, just how I want it. To say I am thrilled is an understatement.

        Edited 12/10/2006 6:35 pm ET by solosmocker

        1. thimbles1260 | | #33

          I'm excited for you!!  It sounds like you deserve a dedicated room to pursue your passion.  Congratulations on reaching you goal.  I'm really anxious to see how you're done it up!

  4. Teaf5 | | #34

    I sewed nearly invisible patches on my dd's favorite pair of jeans. Since it was a relatively quick job, I took advantage of the time at the machine to refill a number of bobbins in my most frequently used colors and to oil the machine. Now I'm ready for those after-Christmas projects!

    1. thimbles1260 | | #35

      Now that is what I call organized.  Isn't it amazing how just having bobbins filled and on hand can prompt one to get going on a project!?!

      I haven't yet chosen my "after the holidays" project but I have dress fabric and pj flannel as well as a quilt that needs binding and some puppets cut out for the grandsons calling my name.  I have to get at them soon as it's getting quite noisy in my sewing room!!  LOL

      1. SewNancy | | #36

        I am almost finisheed cutting out my winter coat. Got behind with an unexpected gallblader operation. I am also sewing an evolution of the Hot Patterns Razer Pant. I have made it the way it was designed, but without pockets and with a cb zipper and now I have made it with a contour waistband. I removed the first band and recut another and that fits better. They are almost perfect in fit. I think that its as good as its going to get. I have been obsessed with making a pair of perfectly fitting pants for about 4 years now. These are the closest I have ever gotten. The back crotch on the razer pant is very different and I got the back fitting well without major changes. My biggest problem is a high hip that is also a full size smaller than my high hip combined with a wavy and low front waist. I would have an easier time if I wanted to put in a regular waistband, but I like how contour waists feel and look.

  5. Katcleland | | #37

    I didn't start to sew yet today I am at work, but the last thing I sewed yesterday before work was a cape for my daughter to use to dance with in the Christmas play happening at our church fellowship Christmas Eve.  I was out of my favorite piece of yardage Silk Jacquard in a steely blue so I kept it simple and very under defined sewing only in the selvedges and a casing for the tie to be inserted.  That was it. 

    1. thimbles1260 | | #38

      How old is your daughter?  I'm sure she is thrilled with her new cape and excited about the Christmas program.  Let us know how it goes!!

  6. lilah | | #39

    I'm machine quilting a throw.  This is a beautifully pieced quilt top that my mother made and I get to quilt it.  (YAY! I really like doing this.) I'll finish it up today, so hopefully she can put the binding on it before Christmas.  She already has several more tops waiting for me to quilt so I better get busy!  Things I need to sew: (1) hem pants for DD; (2) make coat and lightweight jacket for 2 yr. old DGD; (3) copy a purchased work apron for DH (This thing is made of denim and only cost $20.  I may just buy another one.); (4) make curtains for my sewing room; (5) make shower curtain for bathroom being remodeled.  This is why I never get bored - I have more things to plan and make than I can ever get done! I was supposed to be getting a spinning wheel for Christmas (my gift to myself) but I'm going to put it off 'til spring.   The good part is that now I won't put all the other projects aside to take up spinning for a couple more months.  I might make finishing my UFOs my New Year's resolution.  It's got to be easier than exercising every day!

    1. thimbles1260 | | #40

      Hi Lila, Yes! Sewing projects would definitely be easier than exercising......easier to get to too! LOL WOW! You have quite a sewing list going. I hope you're retired so you have your days to whittle away at it!

      1. lilah | | #41

        No, not retired. LOL! Wish I was, but that's why the list is so long. I have to put things off 'til I have time off of work. My mom's retired, but she says it doesn't help. Of course, she's a social butterfly, belonging to at least four quilt guilds, goes to quilting classes and shows all the time, and visiting her friends and family, too. Still, she gets lots of her stuff done quickly. I finished that quilt and Mom sent another one for me to quilt. She thinks I don't know that there's a third one on her design wall. I bet it'll be ready for quilting when this one's finished. Can I say NO? Yes, but not to her. Gotta love her!
        And guess what? DD gave me a video game that I just love (Spyro, Yes, I KNOW it's a kid's game, but what can I say?). Now, I'll be thinking of Spyro while I'm sewing. AHHH, the torture! LOL!

        1. thimbles1260 | | #42

          You're a very good daughter!!  Now me, my daughters put in their orders for quilts and I sew them!  LOL  I generally send the quilting out though as I don't have a long-arm quilting machine and the large ones are just too hard to do on my home machine.  How are you quilting yours?

  7. Cherrypops | | #43

    Hi Thimbles,

    Did you get your pj's made? Of course you did..Sorry for popping in so late.

    What did I sew on today?

    Holidays are over for me and my boy has started is first year of school. I have time to sew now. yippee. but i do miss him a little bit -  he is in good hands!

    Today I will be making two bean bags for my boy's kindergarten class. They have a very large activity room but no comfy cushions for them to sit on when it is book reading/quiet time. Teacher says bean bags are a great idea. I have chosen bright fabric and I am sure they will be appreciated. 

    1. thimbles1260 | | #44

      How big are the bean bags you're making?  What type of beans will you use, or do you get some sort of commercial "bean"?

      Would you believe that I haven't yet made my pajamas!?!  I was busy with Christmas gifts then started working on my sewing room.  Also did a block-a-month club; a 30's sampler quilt.  Thanks for the reminder about the PJs.  I'd totally forgotten about them!!  ;)

      1. Cherrypops | | #45

        Wow! u have been busy. keeps u out of mischief i guess...or like me make more mischief sewing..How did the hooded towel turn out?? Or is this another friendly reminder :)

        OK.... The Size of Bean Bags:

        Sides = 6 Panels -  95cmx44cm (37" x 17" approx).

        The base is 2 pieces - 58cm x 26cm (23" x 10")

        The top is 28cm x 25cm (11" x 10" approx.)

        I buy ready made 'bean bag' beans..little white balls.

        I always make an inner and outer bag.

        I chose kids sheeting fabric %100 cotton. for the outer bag. I extended the bottom piece by 2cms (so they overlap), because I used press studs not  a zip.

        The inner bag is 'duck'. strong weave. 'Calico' is recommended but it is not strong enough to cope with 5yr olds using bags as landing strips. 'boys will be boys'

        I sew the inner bag closed. I piece together the inner bag, sewed the bottom closed, a little over halfway, turned it inside out, right side out now, inserted the beans and handsewed the rest closed.

        I will post photos of final bags and instructions soon.

        This morning, I have cut out all pieces and sewn the sides of the inner. The outer fabrics are on the clothesline drying.

        Will keep going...It's fun and the serger makes it so easy and quick.


        1. thimbles1260 | | #46

          I was cruising around the net for a bit last night and found http://www.sewing.org.  They have instructions for bean bags in a couple of sizes which is why I was interested in what size you are making.  My first grandson reaches kindergarten next year so I've got the site bookmarked.  I like your idea and I don't think our classes have beanbags either.  I'll have to ask if they're interested in having some.  Where do you find the "beans"?

          My ideas are always so far ahead of what I can actually get done!  Your friendly reminders are coming at a great time!  They closed my school today due to excessive cold so it's a free sewing day with nothing else planned!  YIPPEE!!  My flannel for PJs is in the washer as I'm writing this.  Now if the electric company will just hold off on their controlling until I can get it dry, I'll have new jammies tonight!!

          1. fabricholic | | #48

            Hello fellow sewers. Don't mean to butt in, but I did see those little white filler balls sold at Hancock Fabrics. Boy, does that look like a mess waiting to happen.Marcy

          2. User avater
            Becky-book | | #49

            What did I sew on today... well, nothing today...yet!  But on Saturday 14 yr old son and I did physics experiments with toy soldiers and pieces of cloth to make parachutes.  Red bandana works if your army man does not weigh more than 1 oz.;  chiffon (as substitute for silk) does not work at all. So... I got out the real SILK scraps from my favorite slip (tea dyed tan) and pieced together a circle with a radius of about  22.5 inches  (I will spare you all the stats on real army T-10 parachutes). GI Joe went splat on the front hall hardwood floor, his 8 oz. weight was too much; but the three guys that weigh 1 oz each, landed just fine!

            Had fun with my son, but my dress is still waiting for its zipper (for the second time) and a final fitting down both sides. Maybe tonight while they are out at Scouts...


          3. fabricholic | | #54

            What would your son do without a mom who sews. All those scraps come in handy. What dress are you making?Marcy

          4. User avater
            Becky-book | | #57

            Well, it is a long story....

            Last year, no it was 2 years ago, I saw a nice dress with small tucks down the bodice (on the Grandma who shares my grandkids). Since I know that the wearer does not sew, it was pointless to ask for the pattern number, so I decided to make it up my self.  I took a piece of tissue paper and pinned 1/4 inch tucks in it all the way down about 1 inch apart, then copied the bodice of a simple dress that fit (then).  After a few fine tuning sessions I had a nice summer dress.  Then fall came and I wanted another dress but with a closer fitting neck and longer sleeves.  At this point the peculiarities of my shoulders came into play and this dress is wearable but less than perfect.  Now that I am on the QUEST for the perfect fit, I thought I'd try re-working that dress pattern to fit my rounded, forward tilted shoulders. So I copied the pattern and changed the slope of the shoulder seams (front and back). So far so good... then I decided to do a decorative scallop stitch for the tucks instead of just a straight line.  I did several test runs to get the tension just right and measured the width of the scallop and thought it would work... well, some how the end result is tucks that are just a little too small, they look great, but the bodice is a little off size!  So I had to take the zipper out and make the seam allow. bigger to take up some of the extra in back.  IF the sleeves cooperate, I will have a new dress to wear on Sunday.

            I promise to post a pic. when it is done.


          5. fabricholic | | #59

            Hi Becky,I have noticed on a RTW jacket I just bought, it doesn't look right on the shoulders. I don't know if my shoulders are rolled to the front or if the jacket is off. I can't wait to see your pictures. You have taken a lot of time to get the right fit and I admire that. I am about to make some pants with the perfect fit in mind. Wish me luck. I haven't even started on altering the pattern, as of yet. I made a dress with tucks down the bodice years ago and if was too big in the bodice with the sleeves hanging out too far. I tried to get help from Nancy Zeiman's team, but they didn't understand what problem I was having. The material was very light cream color with mint green small daisies on it with an outline of black, I believe. It was so pretty, but did not fit.Marcy

          6. Cherrypops | | #50

            Thank you for butting in..I didn't know of any places in the US that sells them. Here in Aust. i buy them from k-mart.

            Yes, if not careful you can find yourself in a pile of little white balls...Suits me -  It doesnt snow where i live.

            My girlfriend tips the bag containing the balls into her bathtub (plug in) and scoops them into her fabric bags.  

          7. Cherrypops | | #62

            Have posted photo of bean bags in photo gallery.


          8. Cherrypops | | #51

            It is a good site. I cruise it a lot...I sign up for the newsletter and when something takes my interest i have a look. Don't know why i haven't added it to this forum before. i do apologise.

            The instructions/measurements  for the bean bags on the Sewing.org site, under the 'TeenProjects BeanBag Chair for child' are very similar to the ones I used from an Australian article.

            Not sure where in US you can get white balls - Polystyrene Pellets....K-mart, Target in Australia.

            I also have lots of ideas for this year. Take one day at a time.

            Cold there...It is hot here. 30c / 80f..i hope i worked it out right. We are seasonal opposites. Another reason why I keep an eye out for the US winter fashion..organise myself early for patterns and fabric.

            Your pj's, what pattern are you using?, and is the flannel printed or plain?, will you be making the traditional button up top or just a t-shirt for yourself?

            Take care and do have fun on your day off.



            Edited 2/5/2007 6:36 pm by Cherrypops

          9. Josefly | | #53

            You know, I've been thinking recently how nice it is that so many Australians and New Zealanders talk about what they're sewing now; gets me thinking about summer sewing. One of the nice things about PR is that so many finished garment photos are posted from the southern hemisphere, so that reeeeeally gets me in a summer sewing mood, but I like the Threads site a lot, and wish there were more photos here.

          10. Cherrypops | | #55

            Thank you for your comments about us down under. I too love reading about what goes on over your way.

            I am glad I could take the chill out of the air for you a little with your 'thinking of summer time'.

            I totally agree with you and your thoughts on PR. I have spent ages there viewing many pages. Some finished garments are very well done, and most are just 'home sewer's'.. Gosh, i do feel some well known designers/pattern makers could learn a thing or two from us.

            Yes, it would be lovely to see similar here on gatherings. We 'speak' to each other often with 'ooooh that item sounds great'. I want to see it and wish to be able to touch if allowed, the fabric! We rely on typed descriptions and photographs. Why not show off our creations.! We made them we are proud of them. Some of mine are tests some are not so good but it is part of learning.

            In saying that I still havent' had the time to post photos of my medieval wedding garments. It was my first ever sewing challenge and I was proud as punch with them. On my 'to do' list.

            I also love the Threads main site for information given from past issues, their videos etc and this discussion forum is the icing on the cake and has been so educational.

            Better go and finish the outer covers for the bean bags. Teacher has mentioned another 'little' job..find out what soon!

            Take care J and think sunny thoughts.





          11. Josefly | | #60

            Yes, your wedding garments sound like a great subject for the photo gallery. But I know how it is - it's a sacrifice of sewing time sometimes, to spend time getting/posting pictures.

          12. Cherrypops | | #63

            Have posted photo of bean bags in photo gallery. Working on the wedding ones. I need to scan them to pc first.

          13. thimbles1260 | | #56

            It's early morning here, 6:05, so I suppose you're about ready to think about completing your day.  Your temperatures do sound a bit warm for me, but heavenly to be able to go out and possibly enjoy the warmth a bit.

            I don't know why you would feel you should apologize for not posting the site.  Goodness, no one can post them all!  LOL  I have found this site to be a wonderful source and was glad I could contribute something for a change.  I certainly can't contribute sewing knowledge! :)

            My PJ pants are complete and I've started the top.  I realized part way into the project that I didn't have enough interfacing and I am such a wimp I just didn't want to go to the store in the cold (-34 actual).  I'll get some today and try to sew a bit more after work. 

            I'm using Simplicity 8487.  It's quite an old pattern with long or short pants and long or short sleeves.  The top has drop shoulders, a V-neck without a collar and buttons down the front; very simple and, hopefully, a confidence booster.  I'm using a light blue flannel with a moon and star print.  I thought the flannel would be easy to work with and the print does not require any matching.  I did need to do some alterations on the pattern to lengthen the legs and the crotch but I seem to have accomplished that without too much trouble.

            I've decided to attack garment sewing in the same way I learned to quilt  I'll look for a new technique in each piece and gradually add to my skills in that way.  Right now I have a lot to pick from!

            Sleep tight.  I've got to go get ready for work!

          14. Cherrypops | | #61

            Have posted photos of bean bags in photo gallery.


          15. thimbles1260 | | #64

            I love the polka dot fabric and I can imagine that the students did too.  As someone else mentioned though, it's so large I really can't see the whole piece even when I save it to my desktop.  Someone else told me, at one time, to right click on the photo and then select "open link in new window" but that is not an option.  Computer guru I'm not!  I did go to the microsoft.com and searched "resize" but didn't find that in the brief time I had to poke around.

            Have to run and get ready for work.  Perhaps someone will find the answer and send it along to me.  I'd love to see your bags!  I've finally completed some things too so perhaps I can learn how to send a photo as well by "listening" to the discussion here.

          16. Cherrypops | | #65

            Firstly, let me say thanks for your comments. yes they all love the bean bag cushions.

            I view photos from the discussion using the 'right click method'. and have no problems.

            I'll get back to you on your troubles. I'd like for you to see them too.


          17. Cherrypops | | #71

            Bought more of the Dinosaur Fabric and am making single bed sheet set for my son's friends 5th birthday gifts.

            they are dinosaur crazy, I checked with their mum's first and said I would be favourite of the week.

            I will put the sheets on my son's bed when i am finished and post a photo.

          18. Cherrypops | | #72

            Hi everyone,

            I have finished

            the two single bed sheet sets + pillowcases

            the two capes for dress ups for kindergarten class, wizard and bat

            the banner for the kindergarten blackboard

            I am now making

            a harry potter robe for kindergarten class

            a happy easter banner for kindergarten class

            I am looking at

            altering waistbands on two pairs of my pants

            purchasing winter fabrics and making a start on my clothes and my son's tracksuit pants




          19. dionna | | #73

            HI  well the ony thing that I'm making right now are boxer shorts I have 28 pair for my younger son and 14 pair for my older son  ow I almost forgot I have to finish a sample dress for new photo's the only thing I have to do is to attach the belt but looking at it I'm thinking of changing it I will post photo's when I'm done maybe I'll be done with it on saturday I have to wait for my neice to come over she's one of my models and clients.                 Thanks for your support

          20. Cherrypops | | #74


            you are a very busy lady with your sewing. try to pop in once in a while, funny we ladies become a little concerned if we don't 'see' you here.

            good luck with everything.


          21. dionna | | #75

            Thanks I did not do any sewing today was not feeling very well today but before I started feeling down I passed out a few flyers.I beleive it's just the weather I will start first thing in the am. I'm usually up by 5:30 or 6:00 I should complete everything by noon I hope. Everything thing is cut out i just need to sew everything up and i'm only using one thead color i will post when i'm finish with this project and hope start a new one very soon with some more clients

          22. Cherrypops | | #82

            I hope you fell better soon! CherryPops

          23. dionna | | #83

            Thank you i'm better I think it was just the change in the weather.

          24. Cherrypops | | #86

            Yes that happens to me as well! Pleased your are ok. CherryPops

          25. lilah | | #66

            Quilting on ANOTHER quilt for my mother!  When will the madness stop?  Oh, well, it IS fun!

          26. SewNancy | | #67

            What did I sew today? Well, yesterday I finished my Armani knockoff jacket, and the pants to go with it. It is not too soon as tonight is the wedding I will wear it to. Anyone who hasn't found Emmaonesock yet should be warned the site is a stash enabler! I used a wonderful black, gray and silver brocade from Anna Sui for the jacket with suede trim. The pants are a crinkled black and pewter metallic for a wide legged pant. It is a black tie wedding, but I felt that the dressy separates would get more mileage than a dress. I had also started this jacket for the RTW knockoff contest at Patternreview.com. It will be posting a review with pictures there.

          27. fabricholic | | #68

            I can't wait to see your suit. I bought some Buttermilk fabric from Emma One Sock. I want to make some t shirts. They have very different looking fabrics.Marcy

          28. Josefly | | #69

            Congratulations on a beautiful jacket. Your alterations, as described in your pattern review, have made for a successful fit, and I love your paisley fabric...I can hardly resist a paisley pattern. Thanks for letting us know about the review. I'm hoping to become as skilled as you are at pattern revision, maybe someday.

          29. SewNancy | | #70

            Thankyou. I have gotten very obsessive about fit and the more obsessive I get the more I see how to do it. No mattern what the pattern company I still need to make the same adjustments with some variation due to ease allowances in different patterns.

          30. dressed2atee | | #76

            I love Emmaonestock!!!  I have a beautiful summer wool/silk for a suit.

          31. SewNancy | | #77

            I just bought ####piece of fabric from her and I really don't know what possesed me, it is just not me. I e mailed her and she is happy to take it back.
            I am working on a red and white knit wrap dress, BWOF 5/06 115 fabric from Gorgeous Things. And finishing a knit top and black wool pants.

          32. dressed2atee | | #78

            Well that is great that she accepts returns!  I am really not buying anything new.  One of my resolutions was to use the myriad of fabrics I already own!

          33. solosmocker | | #79

            I am going to start up phase three of this what did you sew on today thread if that's OK. Thanks.

          34. Crazy K | | #80

            I'll start this going again.........actually nothing I did today but yesterday.  Four dragon designs on the fabric that will become PJ's new valance for his room.  Pewter gray satin to give that metallic look.  The designs are great.........now I have to put my thinking cap on to finish.  Heavy designs are going to need some added support.  I am using today to 'brainstorm' so I can finish...........  guess that qualifies, doesn't it? LOL

            My goodness........those 4 designs took most of the day yesterday.........lots of stitching there.  I did manage to make a two-sided flannel receiving blanket while the other machine stitched away.  I still have a few hours left today.........who knows what I might accomplish!  Allergy headache has me in a 'brain fog'......maybe better to keep my fingers away from that needle.

            Happy Day!  First storm watch of the season for us.........spring has sprung.

          35. dressed2atee | | #84

            Hello everyone, I finished my rain/spring coat!  It turned out great.  I'm wearing to work today.  I just loaded the software for camera onto the computer, so I'll put pics up soon.

            Have a blessed day!

          36. solosmocker | | #85

            I love to see pics. Congrats on the super outcome.

          37. Cherrypops | | #87

            Cool! Can't wait for the photos. CherryPops

          38. fabricholic | | #88

            I can't wait to see your coat. I have never attempted a coat.Marcy

          39. MaryinColorado | | #89

            I think coats are the easiest as the fitting is more friendly!  I made my first one with a matching dress for Easter when I was in high school.  Now with the new machines and great fabrics and linings it is much easier, not to mention the improvements in patterns since the late 60's. 

            When fleece first came available, I didn't realise how warm it is.  I made a heavy  reversable burbur fleece coat that was lined in a lighter fleece!  Whew!  It's warmer than my down parka!!!  Too hot to handle so I gave it to my daughter.

          40. fabricholic | | #90

            One time when my husband went to the fabric store with me, he looked at the polar fleece and found some black with a western motif on it. I made him a long robe out of it and he loves it. He still wears it and I made it several years ago. I have a pattern and material for a dress with a matching jacket that I wanted for Easter, but I will never get to it before Easter.

          41. MaryinColorado | | #91

            You never know until you start....maybe you will whiz through it.

          42. fabricholic | | #92

            I have to do a swayback adjustment and narrow shoulder adjustment. I wish I could get to the fun sewing part.

          43. MaryinColorado | | #93

            I detest alterations!  That holds me back more than anything else!  I think I will join the sewing guild here and see if I can get some help.  I love to sew, not get frustrated and think too much about my "mature figure".

          44. Cherrypops | | #81

            I am waiting on my swatches to arrive in Australia from EmmaOnceSock. I have heard they offer great service and international shipping is good timing. I have started looking at winter/spring fabrics over there because they are having sales.

            What did I sew on Today?   Nothing, I have been too busy with family parties and unwell child last week. Hope to get back on track next week.


            Edited 3/25/2007 8:08 pm by Cherrypops

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