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Conversational Threads

What gifts are you making?

Deana | Posted in Talk With Us on

Are you sewing any holiday gifts this year? If so, what are you making?

Deana Tierney, Associate Editor, Threads


  1. fuzzer | | #1

    I am making a small quilt for my adopted sister. They are getting a new 5th wheel trailer for their Christmas, and are having a color change. Also some place mats for them.  I don't do clothes for others because they are so hard to fit.  It is my wish for everyone to have the merriest Christmas possible and to sew many enjoyable stitches in our new year.

  2. rodezzy | | #2

    I've pieced two table runners so far from red strips of fabric from Christmas' past.  And one green.  My cousin came over this weekend to view my bathroom makeover and said she liked them, but would want them for wall hangings, so they will now be finished for wall hangings in her beautiful home.  The red ones only. 

    I've also made two Christmas stockings for some adult friends of mine, I will finishing the rest during this week and next.  I've made seven children's quilt tops to be finished with fleece backings for kids in the family and my manager's kids.  I have a baby quilt yet to sew and I still haven't done anything for myself, but that can wait until after the holidays, which is probably what will happen, since I have so much to get done before they get here.

    1. pins3247 | | #18

      Happy Holidays to Everyone!

      I became a grandmother again this year so my machine has been burning!!! I have made some baby's first embroidered bibs, just this weekend I serged a sleep sac made from MN Vikings fleece, not very girly but my son loved it. Also, I still have some embroidered gift card holders to do and a fireplace log carrier to embroider, and another sleep sac. I think thats it. I don't need anymore stress! <ggg>

      Jane in NJ

  3. Crazy K | | #3

    In a word, "yes"!  I make gifts whenever I can.........just makes them more special.  I have made an apron for my auntie, embroidered an eagle w/flag on a rtw shirt for my uncle; have made about a dozen freestanding lace snowflakes that are used for that 'little something extra' gifts; 3 hooded and embellished bathtowels for daughters' daycare kidlets; one grandson is wishing for a camouflage shirt.  There will probably be more.........that's the list to date.  Guess I better get busy, huh??  ha


    1. akinsfarms | | #25

      I'm making a t-shirt quilt for my daughter who is a freshman at college.  It includes pictures in the sashing.  I almost have the top finished.  I better get going!

      I would love to find the time to make my sisters and aunts the cute aprons that are coming back "in".  I love the Amy Butler fabric line and would like to make them with that.

      Merry Christmas,


      1. sewtimely | | #31

        I love Amy Butler too.  I have promised that after Christmas I am going to explore her fabrics more and make something for myself with them.  I love her style.


  4. sewelegant | | #4

    My favorite gift to make for a gift exchange that is not supposed to be over $10 is a set of coasters.

    Cut out 4.5" squares from scraps of fabric as well as some needlepunch for filling.  Sandwich three layers together:  two squares of fabric, right sides together, then one square of filler.  Stitch around leaving an opening to turn.  I usually cut the needlepunch filler as close to the stitching as possible to eliminate bulk.  After turning inside out and pushing out the corners, etc. (you can iron them, but it isn't necessary) stitch all around the outside edge, close to the edge.  I stitch again one edge of the foot width from the first and go all around again, then do a diagonal stitch both ways. I do this with my walking foot and never take the needle from the mat until I am finished, so I have to figure out a sequence, but it isn't hard and they go so quickly, it's fun.  I have a collection of angel print fabric and that is fun to cut up and use.  It also can be used all year round if it's not too Christmasy.  I love these coasters, they are flat and absorbant and wash beautifully.  I keep one wherever I usually set down a drink.

    I tie a matching ribbon around them, probably 6 or 8 to a bundle.

    Edited 12/10/2007 1:37 pm by sewelegant

    1. rodezzy | | #5

      That's a wonderful idea.  I know some people who would use such a stocking stuffer.  Thanks for the idea and the how to.  I am printing out your post.

  5. Josefly | | #6

    I'm sewing as fast as I can! Seven pairs of casual, pull-on pants for men, out of Tencel, my favourite fiber. They are almost pajama-like, loose, elastic/drawstring waist, so there's little fitting. I just asked for waist and inseam lengths, so hopefully these will fit "well enough." The commercial pattern I'm using had no pockets, so I'm adding in-seam pockets and one back hip pocket to the pants. Copied the pockets from some sports pants my husband has, using cotton mesh fabric for the inside pockets, and facing visible edges with same fashion fabric. I have the most terrible time thinking of gifts for the men in my family, so this is it this year.

    I'm also making - not sewing - some pendants out of silver wire and semi-precious beads, for some of the women in the family - having fun with that.

    I also hope to finish sewing a handbag I've copied from a purchased bag. Don't know if this one will get finished in time for Christmas, though.

    I scarcely have time to get my usual Gatherings "fix" - I'll be glad when it's all done!

  6. passion | | #7


    After a few years of not sewing due to an injury, this year I am celebrating by making as many of my gifts as is reasonable.

    What is being made is being decided by what I have on hand, since everything that I have in the way of fabric, beads, other embellishments was selected because I loved them, my own in house store will provide me with what I need.

    For my cat loving friend and sister, a Laurel Birch heavy upholstery weigth fabric with specks of gold will make jazzy carry all bags.  Some beautiful silk yarn is being knit into flowers that will make up an evening scarf for my daughter-in-law, and the list goes on.  It has been both satisfying to do, and making gifts has made a serious dent in my stash.

    Another sewing gift to a special friend, is a pant fitting where I will make all necessary alterations to a basic pants pattern that will fit her exactly which I will then turn over to her for her sewing pleasure.  My friend is a capable sewer, but has hesitated making pants due to a lack of confidence in the fitting process.  I do the adjustments, she can sew the pants.


    Edited 12/11/2007 1:26 pm ET by passion

  7. AVogelsew | | #8

    I have been using my embroidery machine to create ornaments.

    I made (just hemmed) a new table cloth for a cousin. I love making my own tableclothes, because they fit the table perfectly.

    Happy Holidays to all

  8. Teaf5 | | #9

    Sheer shopping bags that tuck into their own little pocket. I use drapery sheers for the bag, a self-lined pocket of beautiful silky fabric, and velvet ribbon for the drawstring.

    The bags are 16" square, the pocket is 4" square and mounted in the bottom corner of the bag so that I can fold the bag, invert the pocket, and tuck it into my purse. The 16" works for most purchases, and the bags are so beautiful and compact that I enjoy carrying them around.

    Using the same principle, I'm making a sleep sack for a young world traveler out of very thin cotton knit; he can use it in hostels and pack it into a 6" packet for his backpack. He can also use it as a bag or extra light blanket.

  9. sewtimely | | #10

    I like to make gifts more than buy them.  I made a walhanging using pictures that a friend had no idea I got her pictures from her computer.  It's a couple pictures from a vacation of her family at the beach this summer.  It's crazy quilt embellished with tiny sea shells, pearls, etc.

    Wall hangings appliqued with "JOY" a nativity. 

    Simple but very cute christmas tree napkins.  Two circles serged then folded in Christmas tree shape with a little wooden star attached with tiny craft clothespin.

    I also, for a new mother took bought picture frames, wrapped the mat with fabric that I monogrammed to personalize them.

    some Christmas embroidery on towels, a sweatshirt with embroidery using computer embroidery programs.

    joy joy joy, what fun using every minute I can making gifts.  It gives me great pleasure to spend time making gifts rather than grabbing something off a store shelf.  It's more valuable to me anyway.  My time is worth more than money.

    Love the spirit of giving gifts made with love.





  10. tenicatita | | #11

    I am making UCLA boxer shorts for my son; with the leftover fabric, I am making a UCLA dog coat for his beagle.  I am making heavy flannel pajamas for my father-in-law, two hoodie shirts and a nightgown for my three girlfriends.  I also knitted some socks for my father-in-law.  Over the weekend, I committed to making my future daughter-in-law's wedding gown for next summer.  That's right, I should be committed!!!!

    Happy Holidays to All! 

    Edited 12/11/2007 2:47 pm ET by tenicatita

  11. lorisews | | #12

    Shirts - My Mom likes the pullover woven cotton tops (she likes v-neck with collar) I make because I enclose all the seams (she has very sensitive skin) and my brother likes the polo style shirts I make because he likes to wear those but can never find them long enough to fit him right in his size. Plus so easy to personalize with the right fabric.

    1. sewingfordolls | | #13

      I saw the Kwik sew pattern 3551 and thought it was such a cute idea...I adapted it to make morning coverups for all of my Grands from Fleece... They are all so cute and I am confident for the first time in a long time with their gifts....all the kids are getting them...

  12. Grannyx12 | | #14

    With 12 grandchildren, I am making pillows! I try to address each child's interest and age (2 mo. old baby to two 16-year olds(NASCAR and Betty Boop LOL).

  13. vlfonz | | #15

    I've finished a quilt for my daughter and son-in-law.  Machine embroidered dishtowels, and making Barbie Doll clothes.

  14. Ckbklady | | #16

    Yes, I'm making two polar fleece dog coats (like saddle blankets) for the dog who'll be joining us on Christmas Day with our beloved neighbors. Both coats will be reversible - one side Gore-Tex for the Seattle rain and one side Polartec - all fabrics in neon yellow and orange for safety.

    The dog lives across the street, so when I've been playing with him I've been surreptitiously measuring him up for his holiday fashions!

    :) Mary

    1. solosmocker | | #17

      For the past three years or so I have made all gifts for the children in our family. Usually it is smocking for the girls and jammies for the boys. This year I decided to make something for my favorite women in our large extended family. They will be getting bags. I am almost done. Only one full bag to go. I am on the final stretch of two others. After this bag blitz it will be back to smocking. I miss it.

    2. sewtimely | | #23

      what a wonderful friend you are!  Most people begrudgingly allow pets to come with friends, or don't allow them at all.  You not only allow them, but welcome them and spend time on gifts.  You will have to let us know how your friends received them.  I know they will be so pleased.

      Have a wonderful Christmas.  I am sure your friends will!


      1. Ckbklady | | #26

        That's so kind of you - heck, we love the dogs in our life. My hubby and I are CRAZY for dogs, but he's allergic enough that we couldn't have one full-time. Being this dog's Auntie and Uncle is our substitute. Our neighbors love that we dote on their dog and are always joking that we're trying to dognap him!

        We also do this party every year - it's a blast! Depending on how many dogs make it, we have dog races in the back yard (complete chaos!) and I bake cheddar dog biscuits and give each pup a tin to take home. We even do stockings for them with treats like light-up collars for nighttime walks and lint rollers (teehee) for the humans. There won't be any kids along on Christmas day, so the dogs are sort of like "the little ones" who give us all something to coo at.

        But this year I was too busy to sew their dog-stockings. Ah, well, polar fleece coats for everyone!

        May you have a wonderful Christmas too!

        :) Mary

        1. sewtimely | | #32

          :) how sweet.  what a good friend you are!  Sounds like a great time.  I wish I bring bring mine and join the party!


          1. Ckbklady | | #33

            We'll raise a toast to you since you can't be here. If you are so lucky as to have a dog, give him or her a big Christmas hug for me!

            :) Mary

          2. sewtimely | | #36

            :) thanks.  What a smile you bring to friends with dogs. Have a lovely Christmas!

        2. MaryinColorado | | #42

          My son had terrible allergies as a child so we had Yorkshire Terriers which didn't bother him at all.  The child allergist also suggested poodles and Schnauzers.  I think they don't have the undercoats so less dander and no shedding is why some with allergies can tolerate them in the house.

          Our last little Yorkie passed away this year at 13yrs., our big yellow lab still misses his playmate so we are trying to decide what type of puppy to get...small or medium that doesn't shed too much preferably, but you never know what will happen when you look into those precious eyes at puppy rescue!!!  Oh boy!  As if my big baby lab isn't enough of a handful!!!  Maybe I've been drinking too much eggnog or something....better go back to the chocolates instead, ha ha

          I'm so glad that you get to have playdates and parties with your four legged friends, it sounds like a blast for everyone!!!  I know what you mean about the chaos though, we had to reline our waterwheel fountain because of a barbeque with so many dogs running amuck playing.  Thier antics are priceless and well worth the little mishaps.

          Merry Christmas!  Mary

          1. starzoe | | #43

            At the last minute, I am making fleece slippers from the Wild Things free pattern, they sew up quickly and are the perfect way to use up odds and ends of fleece. I use ultrasuede for the soles. I like to keep a few pair in the "presents" drawer all year 'round, just in case.

          2. Ckbklady | | #46

            I'm surprised that Yorkies were hypoallergenic - such long coats!

            We fostered greyhounds for a few years - they don't bark or shed (very short hair)and prefer to sleep all day and run flat out in a fenced yard maybe once a week if that. Wonderful pals, but still not hypoallergenic enough for hubby.

            The dog for whom I'm sewing the coat is a Staffordshire Terrier/Pit Bull mix from a shelter. He's the biggest sap I've ever seen - he curls up on the couch with hubby and wraps his paws around hubby's neck, passes out and snores like the dickens. We're dogsitting him for a couple days after Christmas, so we'll see if hubby's sniffles return.

            Getting a playmate for the Lab sounds like a great idea, and not an eggnog-inspired one at all. :)

            Merry Christmas to you, Mary!

            :) Mary

          3. MaryinColorado | | #47

            Yorkies don't have those undercoats and don't shed, they get alot of baths too, we kept ours puppcut not long just fluffy and fine.  The hardest part was keeping out the snarls.  The last one was such a "tomboy" running with the lab, so she got dirtier than the other Yorkies we had.  The first one was allowed to have the long hair, but once we had three and it was too much work.

            I can't wait to go to puppy rescue, I've been daydreaming about names already so I guess it is almost a done deal!

            Our lab keeps looking at the presents and sticking his nose up to his.  He can't wait!  It's so cute.

            I finally finished my grandson's tiger quilt! yeah!!!  It doesn't have many embroideries because my machine was in the shop so long it wouldn't have gotten finished until next year if I'd tried to follow my plan.  I also made him a large pillow to sit on with the left over fleece.  I still want to make him another toss pillow with a large tiger embroidery.  Mary



          4. Ckbklady | | #50

            Tiger embroidery! Yikes! It's all I can do to whip a fleece dog coat together! I've never been a sew-for-ten-minutes person, but have always insisted on having a full day to luxuriate in it. But Santa has me working double shifts, so I'm sewing for the hounds every five minute window I get!

            It IS funny, isn't it, that such an adorable little dog like a Yorkie can enjoy such mucky fun! Friends of ours have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who looks just like Lady from Lady & The Tramp, but she rolls that sweet little tummy of hers in the nastiest smelly puddles with a joyful expression. Yorkies and their tangled hair - same thing, yikes!

            Let me know when you rescue that puppy so that I can cheer and congratulate you!

            :) Mary

          5. MaryinColorado | | #51

            I am still on the fence about getting another puppy but in the end, my heart will win over my common sense, of course!  Beau Bailey is lonesome and needs a friend but he is so easy now most of the time. I am spoiled and just want to be sure I am ready for this big commitment.  Mary

          6. Ckbklady | | #52

            How is wanting to adopt a critter who needs love evidence of you being spoiled? Rubbish - it's a very generous impulse that will reward you in so many ways.

            Have a lovely Christmas, and hug Beau Bailey for me!

            :) Mary

          7. Crazy K | | #53

            Hi Mary.........I hear your anguish regarding another puppy.  We had a delightful Toy Poodle for 16 years.   It was hard, but in the end we had to have him put to sleep.  He had numerous health issues and the Vet agreed that was our only option.  We have chosen not to get another pet........I think we're the ones that are spoiled......it is so much easier to pick up and go and not have to worry about getting back home.  Our pooch was a wonderful traveler but it was still hard if we went to visit where there was a resident dog........it was always 'what to do........what to do'.  Boarding kennels were not an option during the last years due to health so it was increasingly hard.  That being said, we've opted not to even try to replace our little friend.  I see these adorable little creatures and my heartstrings tug at my common sense but so far, I have not given in..........

            Merry Christmas!


          8. MaryinColorado | | #54

            So far we have been blessed with not having to leave our pets in kennels.  Our grandchildren are 11, 14, and 16 are happy to puppy and housesit.  The 11 yr. old boy wants to be a vet, so he loves to feed, water, groom, walk, etc. and is always the first to tell us when a pet "doesn't seem to be acting like themselves" and may be sick or lonely.

            But, my two favorite matching loveseats were destroyed when the lab and the kids were younger.  5 years ago.  Guess we jumped the gun thinking they could handle the responsibility.  We went out of town to help my mother move, and were shocked when we got home!  Talk about an expensive vacation, and it wasn't a pleasure trip either!

            I would love to get an RV, then I would be able to take them along anywhere with a portable kennel.  That's my big daydream!  I'm a gypsy at heart!  Mary

  15. TimeNowAndThen | | #19

    I am so delighted to find Threads online.  For several years, I received the print magazine and cherish them still for inspiration and reference and sometimes just for enjoyment.  Sewing is a wonderful art for me and a creative outlet.  Unfortunately, my career takes all my extra time right now, which puts even creative sewing on the back burner.  There is nothing else quite like wearing a finished outfit made from that flat piece of fabric.  I sewed many of my dresses in high school years ago and made some maternity dresses as well.  Now that my kids are grown, I am looking forward to coming back to the peaceful joy that sewing and creating provides.  Your collection of information and pictures makes my day.  I will return often to this site.  Thank you. 

    1. TRAYNE | | #34

      Well, I have 2 new granddaughters so I made 4 blanket sleepers . For my grandson I made 4 pair of sweatpants. For my best friend I made her a cloth billfold, eyeglass case, cosmetic bag and change purse from Quilted material. For my secret sister I made quilted placemats for her new dinning room.  I made a double fleece blanket for my other grandson.I am a costumer for a small theatre and made 6 elf costumes (hat and shoes).  I still have a few things that I want to make but haven't decided exactly what.

  16. Dancemom22 | | #20

    I Alway Make My kids pj pants, they are teenagers so they only want the pants and prefer to wear a random top. I have three neices that I will make one a skating dress, one American girl doll clothes and one Bity Baby clothes. I love having the little one's to sew for. they are so happy to get my gifts. lots of oohs and ahhs form their paarents too.


  17. puddyparker | | #21

    I am taking vintage blouses/shirts/dresses and making sewing machine covers.

    I stuff the sleeves so you are sure to know that is was a blouse.

    ANy leftover fabric that I have I am using to make matching lampshades and also covering corkboards so you have a whole matching sewing station.

    I am also framing vintage sewing patterns and with the instructions/illustrations from those patterns I am decopaging (SP?) (gluing) them on clock faces (along with some notions instead of numbers) so again I have a cute matching set.

    Happy Holidays!

  18. Felix07 | | #22

    I'm making a jacket for our dog.  He is too large to wear a medium size so I found a pattern and will use some camoflage fabric for the outside and will line it with fabric cut from a sweatshirt that I can't wear anymore.  I'll machine quilt it so the fabric won't pull apart.  There's nothing like a warm puppy!

    1. sewtimely | | #24

      You all with your pets and sewing for them:) I'm impressed.  I am going to do the same for my dog now.  (Jasmine thanks you)  She's a german shepherd long hair.  It's a battle to keep clean (she stays outside during the day and inside when we get home, unless its raining then she stays in) It will help keep her clean and dry when she goes out on wet days.



  19. EileenAlana | | #27

    I'm making a wrap skirt for my sister. Last year I made needlepoint ornaments.

  20. cmomteach | | #28

    I'm working on a new bed for my dog and I'm going to try my hand at making some polar fleece socks for my daughter. I've never used the flatlock feature on my serger, so this my take a few tries.

  21. Gloriasews | | #29

    I'm making pillows, pillow cases, cushions, a pincushion, potholders, shirt, vest, caftan, sweats & slippers - also making cookies, squares, candied popcorn & dog bones as gifts.  I will also try to make myself an outfit, if I have any time (said time is running out quickly), as Christmas is only 2 weeks away!  Yikes, I'd better get busy!

    I did totes a couple of years ago & they were a big hit.  I plan to do some quilts & other projects in the new year to use up my stash.    I love sewing!  Merry Christmas!


    1. TrishyBob | | #30

      What kind of pot holders did you make. I am looking for some small gifts that can be made in a hurry and I thought of the pot holders.



      1. Gloriasews | | #38

        Sorry this is late - I wasn't notified of your request & didn't check these Threads for a couple of days.  Anyway, about the potholders - they are just ordinary cream-coloured cotton, but I drew stained glass patterns on some & copied other patterns (flowers, birds, etc.), coloured them with Crayola crayons & fabric paints, outlined them in black fabric pen, ironed them to make the designs permanent, filled them with the batting with the silver reflective layer in the middle, & finished them with bias tape.  It probably would have been faster (in fact I know it would have!) if I'd just paper-pieced them (next year, with aprons to match!), but I had taken a Crayola course last year & finally wanted to try it out.  It is time-consuming, though, but I may use it for quilt squares in the future. 


        1. TrishyBob | | #40

          Thanks for the info.  Sounds like a lot of work you put into the potholders.

          1. Gloriasews | | #41

            As I said - it was more time-consuming than it was worth, but, once I started them, I had to keep going.  Won't do that again (unless for embellishment for garments or quilt patches), but it was a learning experience :)


  22. User avater
    shannonstoney | | #35

    I just finished making a fleece jacket from a Kwik Sew pattern. I made one for myself, and it was so great that I made one for my sister. It has a hood with a built in collar, so that when you zip up to the top, the wind can't get in.

  23. sewfar | | #37

    I made 4 sets of boy PJ's from a wonderful Simplicity pattern, 9853 I used flannel to match each boys personality. No doubt which of the four brothers was was going to get the Giddy Up cowboy " print !! The pattern has raglan sleeves and a neat knit neck and they can also be sewn in knit fabric.
    Also made a apron for their Mom and still have a couple of corduroy jumpers to cut and sew for my other son's daughters but since they will come for New Years I can still hope to get them done.
    I am proudest of a little jacket / kimono style I made from a very soft mohair scarf from Scotland that my daughter in law gave to me when I ventured from Florida to New York one year to see a Christmas play. It is so soft natural colored that I could see a baby wearing more than me and later one of her bears or dolls. I bound the cut edges in a soft cream silk left over from a blouse I made years ago, and I used pale pink pearl cotton to fagot the sleeves and sides together and sewed a few ribbon rosebuds down the front.

  24. sewseitz | | #39

    Yes, I almost always make something inwhich to put gifts. This year it is pillowcases. I also have made placemats and coasters. I made a fleece blanket--no sew. I also made a Three Wisemen banner for our church; that was a real challenge as I had to make the pattern and decide the fabrics.

    Merry Christmas

  25. soandsew | | #44

    I made a quilt for some friends who have done a lot of nice things for us.  It's queen size so I hope it is the right size for them.  I have also done a lot of crochet snowflakes and have put some of them in the Christmas cards.  I even made a few yellow flakes for the ones who will get a real kick out of them.  Merry Christmas!!

  26. nickiplus3 | | #45

    I made bean bags for my boys; one from green vinyl and the other from orange denim. I also made a denim jacket for my sister. It is really for her birthday which was in July, but she will be here tomorrow for Christmas so I finally got it done.

  27. starzoe | | #48

    Go into the Wild Ginger site, use Google Wild Ginger Wild Things

  28. User avater
    purlygirl | | #49

    I found some brocade and faux fur fabrics on sale. I have been combining them to make reversible robes, furry on the inside and silky on the outside. They are turning out looking kind of Mongolian with their big bell sleeves and the oriental brocade. I hope all the girls on my list will enjoy these very warm explosions of my imagination.

  29. don8pet | | #55

    I made 4 flannel night gowns for our Granddaughters.  I used and old pattern that I had for years.  It had a yoke and ruffles around the yoke and elastic in the sleeves and sewed rick rake aroung the ruffles and sleeves.  They loved them.

  30. SAAM | | #56

    I know I'm late responding to this (my youngest daughter was in the hospital, so I haven't been online a lot), but if you're still interested, I knit a scarf for one niece and made throw pillows for another's newly redecorated bedroom. I sewed a table runner of embroidered and sequined dupioni silk for a friend and a knit blouse for my daughter. My husband and I baked many, many pans of shortbread (almond, chocolate chip, and traditional vanilla) for our friends.

    1. mygaley | | #57

      Of course we're still interested in hearing about the gifts you made. They sound lovely; I wish I was on your list. God bless you Galey

      1. SAAM | | #58

        Thanks so much for your kind words, Galey. We had a difficult December, so I'm amazed that I got as much done as I did. And it was wonderful to see the gratitude of my nieces when they realized their gifts were handmade especially for them.Sherry

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