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Conversational Threads

What is your Favorite Perfume?

jhyerichardson02 | Posted in Fashion & Design on

My favorite perfume is Prada By Prada because It smells like memories, tomorrow and the past. It is truly a different and unique scent that I love. 
What is your Favorite Perfume?


  1. Deleted | | #1


  2. User avater
    riot203 | | #2

    I still love Chanel No. 5. I recently went looking for Private Collection by Estee Lauder because my mother used to wear it and I thought it might trigger good smell memories for her. Tough to find!

    1. littleredbear | | #33

      Chanel No. 5 is my favorite!!

    2. jayelle1987 | | #44

      Do you have a good place to buy Chanel No. 5? My mom has been trying to find it for ages but I know the formula has changed over time so maybe she's just looking for something that doesn't exist anymore?

      1. ln2 | | #62

        Nordstrom.com Just be sure to look to see the label says Paris and it isn’t L’eau, which is a lighter version.

      2. user-7976800 | | #83

        Go online to CHANEL.COM Easy to buy and you get free samples of other Chanel products. Free Shipping and use this site often. Same price as everywhere else!

  3. user-7824931 | | #3

    Pink Sugar
    [email protected]

    1. User avater
      zyx987 | | #48

      Me too!

  4. user-6998382 | | #4

    OVER the Holidays,my sister gave me the cologne "Maja",which was out of production; there used to be only TALC made in Mexico.Its my favorite cologne. But they stopped making the perfume,only did the TALC in Mexico., until my sister found the bottled form, recently, SURPRISE and gave it to me at Xmas.Its an exotic,old fashioned scent.I love it.:D It made me feel very beautiful, heh. I'm kind of old fashioned about scent; roses, lilac,,gardenia perfumed oil is great.Chanel #5 was still made from real flowers, I loved that. Yes, my mom bought perfume I wanted to steal,as a kid. HA HA It used to be if you wore a perfume at a social gathering one of the guys would smell it,and turn around,and say,"Wow, beautiful smell, who's wearing it?"--so I guess the male of the species actually IS OR WAS attracted to scent if you wore it.

    I just can't get ahold of "desert,food smells" as PERFUME. Why would I want to smell like a LEMON, or a CHOCOLATE DESSERT? I can see vanilla, but I can't see more than that.OK,PEPPERMINT is yummy,but not on ME. ON the FOOD! I bought this wonderful oil "Red Poppy," but they discontinued the scent--to start making DESSERT FOOD SMELLS. Prada sounds wonderful.

  5. [email protected] | | #5

    Crystalline by Bvlgari, "III" by Givenchy, Madame by Rochas and Caleche by Hermes

    1. Sharon56 | | #126

      Calech is amazing!!! Have worn it for special occasions for 40yrs. My first bottle came straight from Paris-wonderful scent- wonderful memories!

  6. user-3046261 | | #6

    I am stopped or tapped on the shoulder from strangers on the sidewalk or waiting in line asking what perfume I am wearing. I get comments like “it is divine”, heavenly, yummy, and one elderly gentleman that told me he had to stop and go back to find the source of the most beautiful scent he has perceived in years, so stopped, backtracked, until he was able to pick up the scent once more and find the person wearing it. He told me his wife, now deceased, wore something similar and she was the best thing he had ever smelled until he was out for a walk today and picked up on the scent while I was passing him by going the opposite direction. It is mostly elderly men or young men in their in their 20’s that ask. (I am 68) I also have women comment or ask as well. Other perfumes don’t do a thing for me and I smell like the men’s locker room after a hockey game. So when asked I reply I am wearing “COCO MADEMOISELLE” by CHANEL. I use the double strength as it only costs a few dollars more and lasts all day sans reapplying. Prior to this I wore CHANEL #5, getting the same reaction but to a lesser degree.

    1. maggiern | | #20

      You are SO right! A true classic NEVER goes out of style!

  7. User avater
    Dendi | | #7

    I really love GUCCI Flora. Awesome for me

  8. User avater
    BarbaraHewitt | | #8

    My favorites at the moment is Jo Malone's English Pear & Freesia, which is a cologne. My newest is Armani/Prive Orangerie Venise. The first perfume that I loved was Shalimar by Guerlain Paris. It was also a first gift of perfume from my husband, 52 years ago.

  9. dkbshirk54 | | #9

    Tough question...either jo Malone blush & peony or Ralph Lauren romance or DKny apple...amongst others :)

  10. Kbudesilich | | #10

    I can’t choose just one, so...
    Trish McEvoy’sBlackberry and Vanilla
    Maison Margiela’s By the Fireplace
    Wild Bluebell by Jo Malone

    I am a scent person. I just recently tried Flatter spray in the scent Pineapple Grove and love it!

  11. zo7 | | #11

    Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. The name says it all....

  12. marionswish | | #12

    At the moment its Mugler by Angel - I got a free sample here of it https://www.megafreestuff.co.uk/free-mugler-angel-perfume/ and I am going to buy big bottle, it smells amazing.

  13. islandpeach | | #13

    My fragrance favourites have changed many times over the years. What's appropriate at 18 may not be right at 58. Our body chemistry changes too and although classics will always be classics they change over time as ingredients become unavailable (or even illegal).
    I would kill ( kidding) for a small vial of Joy by Patou in its original form . Or even Tosca (4711).
    For a very entertaining read : The Little Book of Perfumes by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez.
    Don't laugh but if you like single florals one of the best was (now unavailable) a barbershop aftershave by Pinaud called Lilac Vegetal. After the alcohol evapped what was left was a very romantic, old-fashioned garden scent , completely top-note and uncomplicated.
    What do I wear now (on the rare occasion that I wear scent). It's a custom blend with bottom notes of labdanum, oud and myrhh; middle notes of sandalwood, oakmoss and clary sage, and top notes of damask rose and lilac. So i guess it would be called an Oriental/Floral.
    Sadly when it's gone it's gone because the perfumer is gone.

    1. 932879 | | #67

      Amazon. com have your perfume
      Hopefully this will help 😀

      1. platexas | | #119

        But, beware of fake perfumes from Amazon

  14. User avater
    Yash2910 | | #14

    I like mostly light freegan but i really like sugandha.

  15. ravi854735 | | #15

    My favourite perfume is Chanel No 19 EDP perfume (https://www.theperfumesdiary.com/perfume-reviews/best-chanel-perfume/) and It is a vibrant perfume that you can wear daily or for special occasions.

  16. KarinTS | | #16

    4711 or Echt Kölnischwasser made in München for forever. Used to be readily available, now need to buy it on Amazon or go to Europe.
    Maya, another really old cologne that was once ubiquitous, now on Amazon and expensive.
    And Shalimar.

    1. islandpeach | | #22

      I'm with you on those choices. Lovely classic scents.

  17. User avater
    [email protected] | | #17

    My absolute favorite is Fracas with a lovely freesia fragrance. However, my current fragrances are Rare Gold & Passion, both by Avon. Both are beautiful soft florals. I constantly get complements from men & women about how wonderful I smell.

  18. MrsJSpare | | #18

    I used the very heavy fragrance Rhumba by Balenciaga for years. Now at 67, I wear the complete turnaround from my younger days; La Vie est Belle. My grandchildren love it on me and so do I!

  19. maggiern | | #19

    Chanel No. 22 for daytime; Chanel No. 5 for evening (and the body powder for after bath or shower). Southern women will NEVER stop using body powder!

  20. user-4876933 | | #21

    Lalique -- my favorite for a number of years.

  21. Nadeem7777 | | #23

    Mine favourite is Jo Malone London Huntsman from last two years. It's amazing and recommend it for all. https://sewgadgets.com/

  22. user-7541004 | | #24

    My all-time favorite is Arpege by Lanvin. Hard to find nowadays, but still available ( when I last checked) at the Vermont Country Store. Simply fabulous!

    1. Rselavy | | #112

      gilt.com has it in EDP

  23. MEK82751 | | #25

    My favorite since I was 15 in 1967, was "Heaven Sent" by Helena Rubinstein. I bought it for years until it was reformulated by Dana--I did not like the new formula. So sad. Supposedly, there is a company that can duplicate perfumes with the original that are no longer on the market, but I have not tried it--I guess I don't trust they could actually achieve the exact fragrance.

    1. Eileen91 | | #49

      Me too--loved Heaven Sent--until the formula was changed. It was never the same.

  24. Lesley87 | | #26

    Hubby bought me Opium many years ago. Although I love it I refuse to pay over £30 for a perfume and its at least double that. Same goes for Poison. Now I use an old Body shop perfume or a scented bodyspray.

  25. gaga49 | | #27

    Chanel #5 for a lifetime! Little mist in AM for the day!

  26. User avater
    ruthyleee | | #28

    I used to think I would never find my perfect perfume, but once I accidentally ran into the stand of Estee Lauder at the airport between two flights and fell in love with Estee Lauder Modern Muse. Since then I have been wearing it.

  27. Davidhawkins | | #29

    There are phases of favourite perfume. When it comes to perfume for women, ranging from sweet smelling to long lasting to fresh odour. Jimmy Choo Signature, 6/54. Dior, VERSACE Womens Bright Crystal Eau De Toilette, are some of the highest in demand.

  28. marionswish | | #30

    I just got this one - https://www.freestuffca.com/free-mugler-angel-perfume/ its so nice! I got a free sample of it, then my husband bought me a the big bottle of it. Its the best!

  29. user-7052553 | | #31

    My favorite is Beautiful by Estee Lauder. I am confidently smelling "beautiful" when I wear the scent and it makes me feel feminine. Also, it leaves a lasting memory on others who compliment me.
    Its my "signature" scent.

  30. user-850024 | | #32

    In Cuba, 15 was like sweet 16 in the U.S. On turning that magical age, a girl was gifted with special jewelry from her parents and close relatives, a beautiful soiree, an elaborate ball gown and a French perfume. My family had to flee from Cuba when I was 13, leaving everything behind due to the 1959 revolution which brought Fidel Castro to power. In the U.S. When I turned 15, although there was no longer money for jewelry or a fancy party, I was given a very special perfume, Shalimar by Guerlain. I loved it so much I have worn it exclusively to this day, almost sixty years later. I guess you could say it is my signature scent.

  31. sandystitches | | #34

    I've worn L'EAU D'ISSEY by Issey Miyake for a lot of years now. A friend of mine took a trip to Paris quite a few years ago and came home with bottles and testers for all of us. I think her and I are the only ones still wearing it. I have been stopped and asked what it was and received compliments for it. My husband still goes crazy over it 14 years later!

    I was born and raised in Texas, where (at that time) you didn't leave the house without your perfume and your lipstick on! Nowadays, I don't wear lipstick much, but I still always put on my perfume.

    Oh!!! And don't laugh, but I somehow stumbled through a whiff of WHITE SHOULDERS not too long ago--oh the memories that brought back!!!! My Mom wore it while I was a kid and I wore it through high school. I didn't know if they still made it and I never did find who was wearing it...talk about a ghost from my past!

  32. User avater
    JoaniesJosh | | #35

    Chanel No. 5 for years. Sometimes, though, I will spray on Musk by Alyssa Ashley. These are my 2 favorites.

  33. user-2510887 | | #36

    My favorite perfume is Jil Sanders No. 4. Initially discovered on sample in Vanity Fair magazine. Unfortunately it has been discontinued but Zi have continued to find through EBay. My 2 nd favorite, Escape by Calvin Klein, has also been discontinued but I find in various places. I’m very sensitive to perfumes so it disheartens me when my favs are no longer available.

  34. sparklewench | | #37

    Le Wild by Chantecaille. A true gardenia perfume that truly is soft and each note completes the scent of a gardenia. I found from Lanikai Bath and Body from Hawaii, Tahitian Gardenia body wash and body lotion that almost smells identical to this perfume!

    1. doreet | | #57

      OH YES GARDENIA!!! my mom and I used to buy single Gardenia corsagges from a street florist when we went into San Francisco,to meet my sister.Just one gardeirna gave out a strong wonderful scent when you wore it.---It was amazing. I still hold that floral scents are the most influential to humans.-Has anyone tried "Flower Bomb"? I'm curious especially considering WHO'S perfume it is.

  35. user-1123568474 | | #38

    Amouage Gold

  36. Deleted | | #39


  37. AdAstra911 | | #40

    Chanel №5 - classic

  38. robertgsoliz | | #41

    I have collected (and received) so many perfumes over the last few years, so it’s about time to share a few of my faves. I use perfumes every day according to my mood. It’s that finishing touch that completes a look and identity.

    Like my style, my preference for scents has changed over the years. I used to wear fresh scents and these days I prefer to wear more sweet scents. I recognize that the rose scent is a big favorite ingredient for me now.

    I have selected five of my favorites in this post, but by the time I am ticking this, I got two more BIG favorites to add to this list: Lancome ‘Idole’ and Givenchy ‘Irresistible’

  39. WDCR | | #42


  40. User avater
    Debra0721 | | #43

    My favorite is Coach Floral. It is a soft fragrance with beautiful floral notes with some citrus undertones. It is an elegant fragrance that lingers with you throughout the day.

  41. jayelle1987 | | #45

    Blue Grass! My mom wore it and her mother before her, so I have a lot of memories associated with it.

  42. user-7099229 | | #46

    Gentle Fluidity Gold Eau de Parfum
    It is not too heavy. Light and airy, yet it is always noticed. The sort of scent you want to melt into.

  43. natwill | | #47

    My favorite everyday perfume is Giorgio but it is no longer available by the original maker. There are some knockoffs but they are not the same. I loved the gardenia scent and everyone used to tell me how much they liked the scent. I really miss it.😥

  44. Eileen91 | | #50

    My favorites were Cachet and Heaven Sent. Both not made anymore, at least not in the original formula. When Cachet was being discontinued, I bought all the bottles I could find. I'm now down to about 1/2 of the last bottle. I wear it only for special occasions, trying to make it last.

  45. user-7721277 | | #51

    Tea Olive by Hove in New Orleans

  46. user-7059948 | | #52

    Guerlain Idylle Eau Sublime

  47. mycplus | | #53

    My favorite one is Midnight Poison Dior perfume. https://www.mycplus.com/

  48. user-7281466 | | #54

    My favorite perfume is Shalimar by Guerlain. I started wearing it while in the USAF. It was my Grandmothers favorite and is floral and slightly musky. For me it is imbued with the demands of excellence and the promise of travel.

  49. Jamesjordan | | #55

    Giorgio is my favourite everyday perfume, however it is no longer available from the original manufacturer. Some knockoffs exist, but they are not the same. I adored the aroma of gardenias, and everyone used to compliment me on it. It's something I genuinely miss. Check More Details here-->

  50. User avater
    kamranblogger | | #56

    As you know person's fragrance is a good indication of their personality. I use Bleu de Chanel and it is absolute class. It is an elegant and authoritative fragrance at the same time. After you spray it on, you will feel more confident.

  51. graciemathew | | #58

    Everyone has a different choice of fragrance, I used Gucci I love it. But sometimes I use other perfumes depending on the season of Summer, I mostly search best fresh perfumes for summer and I keep a perfume bottle of other brands in my bag

  52. User avater
    Skylight2512 | | #59

    Yes I like mostly light fragrance perfume. It's better to use in every function.

    State JE Coaching in Delhi

  53. FELICIA_M | | #60

    Elle Coco Amour fragrance mist. Delicious coconut/vanilla scent, not overpowering, no, it's perfect.

  54. Deleted | | #61


  55. colormesewful | | #63

    Tabac 28 by Le Labo. It is their signature Miami scent. It is reminiscent of what I think Hemingway’s Cuba must have been. I often get asked what scent I’m wearing…mostly by men. My backup is Bergamo, also by Le Labo. And then, there’s always Chanel #5.

    1. colormesewful | | #92

      Me too!! I love this perfume and I, too, often get asked what it is. This is such a beautiful fragrance. And I agree too that is Hemingway and Havana and Cuban. My second favorite is Bergamo. Also Le Labo.

  56. scottroger411 | | #64

    There is so many favorite Perfume but one of my favorites is Havoc. I personally love its fragrance, it is only available in Etsy Online Store. And I Always use Etsy Coupons Code 2022 for the discount.

  57. User avater
    Embdigits | | #65

    I would say SHE is one of the best perfume.

  58. solothinker | | #66

    My favorite perfume is the following;
    Alien Perfume 60ml

  59. Alizeiiiiii | | #68

    I have Giorgio Armani MY WAY right now

  60. User avater
    suzicue | | #69

    Chanel Chance tendre eau de parfum

  61. KristineK | | #70

    I wish they still made "Tweed". Even typing the name brings back wonderful memories.

  62. sewer37 | | #71

    I'm now 84. I've worn Chanel No5 since colege with some Arpege (worn by by Mom) thrown in when I can find it.

  63. User avater
    mar-31 | | #72

    My favorite is Issey Miyake, it is fresh, citrus, flowers... perfect for Spring and Summer.

  64. ApparelPineapple | | #73

    I adore Lanvin - Marry me. It's been my favorite for, I think, 8 years now. It's sweet yet fresh, so youthful, reminds of a warm and colorful summer.

  65. anniecl | | #74

    vera wang is my always favorite:)

  66. sandystitches | | #75

    L'eau D'Issey for Women by Issey Miyake
    A friend went to Paris on a work trip 10 or 15 years ago & brought a bottle back with her and we both just fell in love with it. We both still wear it, too. I'm still consistently stopped on the street by both men & women.

    1. User avater
      trishknits | | #87

      Oooh! Sounds intriguing. I must check it out. :)

  67. Feelingsexy | | #76

    According to me, Jimmy Choo's Perfume For Men is the best perfume for men. Jimmy Choo perfume is a modern and fresh fragrance that combines aromatic, fruity, and woody components. Honeydew melon, pink pepper, pineapple leaf, lavender, patchouli, and suede are among the notes.

  68. crystaisha | | #77

    Wings by Gorgio

  69. simplypat | | #78

    White Linen by estee laude Light and Summery

    Oscar de la Renta , a wispy of cloud of scent will follow you

  70. Cassy0110 | | #79

    Carolina Herrera VIP 212

  71. NigarZayeed | | #80

    My holy grail product is the perfume from the well-known brand Kiehl's. I just love this product as I'm a perfume lover. We can buy Kiehl's perfumes both online and through many beauty retail stores at the most reasonable prices. I bought this product online through Amazon and it is working really well. If possible, just give it a try.

  72. ajbx | | #81

    I must admit I’m a cologne kind-of-guy. Changing scents with the different seasons. Jo Malone is my favourite. Specifically, Pomegranate Noir in summer and Whisky & Cedarwood for the winter months. I also like layering their scents for something a little more dynamic. Oh, and they last.

  73. user-7967262 | | #82

    Aromatics Elixir by Clinique. A friend gave me a sample several years ago and its been my signature ever since.

  74. tim5 | | #84

    Burrbery Brit is my go to fragrance. I love the way it smells and recommend it to anyone. The men’s fragrance is great for dudes too!
    See: https://websitelegitchecker.com/is-microperfumes-legit/

  75. Monimanaba | | #85

    Guilty by Gucci and Crystal noir by Versace get me most compliments. Other favorites on rotation: l’interdit by Givenchy, Bvlgary Goldea or Bvlgary pour femme, Chanel’s Allure. I can’t wear #5, it’s awful on me, funny how my body chemistry play tricks on me 😂

  76. User avater
    trishknits | | #86

    I feel naked without perfume! My current signature fragrance is Voyage d'Hermes by Hermes. Years ago, I used to wear Truth by Calvin Klein and sometimes Classic by Banana Republic, depending on my mood. And in the summertime, I like to wear Heaven from the Gap. It's long been discontinued but I still have a tiny bit left. It smells, well, heavenly and is sooo lovely and is perfect for warm weather. I wore Chanel No. 5 in my 20's and 30's.

  77. user-189643 | | #88

    Malmaison by Floris, a true carnation scent, sadly only by special order now.

  78. TamaraABQ | | #89

    My hands-down fave has been a perfume called "L" from an American clothing shop called Soft Surroundings. Sadly, they stopped making it :-(

    If had hints of tobacco leaf, black honey, gaiac wood, and citrus (rich, but not overly heavy scent that I ALWAYS got compliments on).

    If anyone knows of a scent with similar ingredients, please let me know. I feel lost without my "L".

  79. User avater
    arlacoste | | #90

    My go to since the late 80s is Calvin Klein’s Obsession. During the holidays, my son worked at the Dillard’s fragrance counter and gave me YSL Libre. It’s a nice addition.

  80. colormesewful | | #91

    Tabac 28 by Le Labo. It’s their signature fragrance for Miami.

  81. [email protected] | | #93

    Ysatis by Givenchy…original formula. Constantly got compliments and people asking what the scent was.

  82. user-1109347 | | #94

    Frances Kurkdjian... Grand Soir. Every single time I wear this perfume I get a compliment. It is terrific!

  83. user-7902505 | | #95

    Being a nurse I was unable to wear perfume at work for years so I got out of the habit. When I was young I liked Wind Song by Prince Machabelli, now when I remember to put it on I prefer light summery scent like DAISY.

  84. SarahIone | | #96

    My two favorite fragrances are both Estee Lauder: Youth Dew and Aliage. I have to ask for the Aliage; it is normally secreted under the counter. I mentioned this to a woman of my vintage who opined that when all the women "of a certain age" are gone, Aliage will no longer be available. Perhaps true, but we Baby Boomers are not going quietly...

  85. User avater
    ellecsews | | #97

    None. Sadly I have developed a sensitivity to all fragrances.

  86. user-7295451 | | #98

    I don't think people should wear perfume. Most of the perfume made today is synsethic and is toxic and over powering. Perfume is a personal preference and should not be worn in public. I think it's disrepectful for anyone to wear any kind of body colonge or perfume.

  87. mbgirl | | #99

    Anything from Chanel!

  88. dogancorie | | #100

    Chanel No:5, -It's my favorite because it reminds me my mother, she used to use it, rather than its smell.

  89. argal | | #101

    Obsession by Calvin Klein. People often comment about how good it smells and ask me what fragrance I'm wearing.

  90. [email protected] | | #102

    Guerlain Oud Essential

  91. user-7921594 | | #103

    INIS Energy Of the Sea. It’s light and fresh, never overpowering. It doesn’t bother people who don’t like perfume, as a rule.
    Also, for special occasions, Coco by Chanel. It’s very floral and feminine.

  92. User avater
    friesiansavant | | #104

    It depends on my mood and where I might be going that day. Chanel Coco mademoiselle and Chanel 5 are always classic and correct in almost every venue. Creed love in white is just heaven. As is manyof the scents and shower products from Bronnley. If I'm feeling more adventurous, Penhaligons "the favorite", "duchess rose" and "Luna" are fun as is Penhaligons bluebell. When I'm headed to the barn, I wear a fresh white musk, a woody lavender or a pure single rose scent. Why? The horses all love it. Particularly the lavender and rose. Humans respond to scent and so do horses and dogs!

  93. fashionking99 | | #105

    For me it's Lancome Idole. The only downside is the bottle is terrible and has to be laid flat. I got a free sample from this site https://www.offeroasis.co.uk/news/lancome-idole-eyeliner-arrived and just loved it so bought a bottle as a Christmas treat.

  94. peppi | | #106

    Estee Lauder is mine but not available anymore and haven't found another. :(

  95. User avater
    SRG2106 | | #107

    Normally i used light fragrant because it's easy to use and it's not pick your head pain and all.

    Scrap Metal Dealer in Gurgaon

  96. cdellpate | | #108

    At first thought this was silly thread, but then I realized how important our scents are to all our senses; I even smell fabric and yarn before I buy it. And, my perfume I “stole” from a friend because when I hugged her I enjoyed it. She loved it so much I had to agree to never wear it around her because it was “hers.” Now, I hear it every time I’m hugged. It is “Florence” by Tocca (or Taca - not sure). Yet, my mother-in-law took me to Paris this spring and the strike was making it impossible to visit museums. I did what I’ve always wanted and toured a perfume district in Paris. There’s one beautiful store like an apothecary where you sample the original 1800s recipes for perfumes. I got a rose. It is divine and completely water-based. For some reason it works.

  97. melissa_skim2 | | #109

    My favorite perfume is Yara by Lattafa. It is a unisex fragrance with a long-lasting blend. My mother gives this perfume as a gift, and I love it. It is the perfect choice for any occasion and also suitable for daily wear.

  98. Imadreamer2 | | #110

    I have a couple one is Joop it lasts all day and is just heavenly! Then I love explanation it to will last all day and is delightful ok one more fire and ice then there is ceaira and they are all inexpensive I shop at clearance perfumes all of those would cost me about $50 dollars ! Enjoy

  99. Ettom | | #111

    Chanel No. 5 is amazing.

  100. Rselavy | | #113

    L'heure Bleue by Guerlain. It comforts me. Hard to find, I stock up whenever I'm in UK or EU.

  101. drmomm | | #114

    Am I the only person who hates smelling perfume on other people? Especially in a confined space.

    1. Becky54 | | #125

      I would never wear anything scented to a doctors office. Freshly clean most acceptable!

  102. joylovestosew | | #115

    La Vie Est Belle by Lancome! I get tons of compliments on this fragrance. It is heavenly!

  103. user-7606476 | | #116

    Dark Amber and Ginger Lily by Jo Malone (after Abishag went out of production)

    1. User avater
      user-6109260 | | #128

      You have great taste in perfume😊

  104. costumemedic | | #117

    Hanae Mori, the original formula from 25 years ago. It is no longer available so I hunt for old stock anywhere I can find it.

  105. User avater
    selvedges | | #118

    Reve Indien by Fragonard

  106. platexas | | #120

    Zinnia by Flores, English, Blue Bell by an English company, CoCo Mademoiselle by Chanel. I once was addicted to a scent that has now been discontinued. Oh, the world doth change

  107. maggiern | | #121

    Chanel #22 is a lovely scent! I like that and #5. Classics!

  108. User avater
    pavidco | | #122

    i love captain black. it's bitter but it matches my character
    صندلی گیمینگ

  109. ColleenCarrigan | | #123

    Joy by Jean Patou

    I also love Chanel No. 5

  110. Becky54 | | #124

    Chanel 19 hands down. It is aromatherapy for me.

  111. User avater
    user-6109260 | | #127

    Jo Malone- Dark Amber and Ginger. It is an intoxicating aroma, quiet strong, my partner loves it too.

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