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Where are the old articles?

JanF | Posted in General Discussion on

God I ‘ve had it with this site – cannot find even the most basic page – used to be able to find articles from past magazines – but everything I select seems to want to take me to read other people’s blogs.
If I had time it would be ok – I just wanted some info for school about interfacing – can I find it???? Can I b…..y! – Fit your own word there!
I am all for people giving ideas etc. – but occassionally I want to know the info I am reading is the correct stuff – I used to be able to find it – does anyone know why or what I am missing??
Sorry – very frazzled this am!


  1. User avater
    genevieve | | #1

    I too miss the old articles that we could access.  I note  the editor commented that  we can't have access because of copyright - but the other Taunton journals provide access - don't they?  And we did have access to a wonderful index of info which has now been withheld.  I think we have seriously gone backwards.

    What can we do about it ?  Editor or other Theads staff, please respond. 

    1. Ocrafty1 | | #2

      Seems to me if it was in a Threads or Gatherings it should be under their copyright...thus accessable for anyone who uses this site.  I too hope the editors reply to this one!


      1. JanF | | #4

        Thanks Ocraft1(I love this handle)!I have calmed down this afternoon - went into school and did things the old fashioned way - looked up textbooks/interfacing info from Vilene themselves and made up my own worksheet - which is what I was hoping to do earlier if things had been available! Like all things though - sometimes online is more uptodate and I thought it would save me time! So much for trying to do things quickly!
        It has made me think though - and I am posting this to all as I'm interested as to what others think - just what is going to be shown online as proper info? I have nothing against self-help sites - Threads has been really good for this as everyone is so helpful in Gatherings and as a teacher of textiles I have a good grounding already.
        Whilst people have views and ways of doing things - dare I say it here -some people are not always technically correct(oh blimey you will all think that I think I know it all!!!). Project this forwards - when will we be able to draw the line as to what is correct information and just someone's opinions? I thought that Threads articles info was great for being spot on.
        I'm not at all sure now - when I am directed to blogs - anything goes surely?
        Oh dear - those that have seen my ramblings and mutterings will know that I will say this again - "Just another sign that I am getting old"?

        1. Ocrafty1 | | #8

          Hi Jan,

          Glad you like the 'handle'  LOL I've been doing crafts and sewing for many yrs. and was, at one time, the Supervisor for Arts and Crafts for our county 4-H program...thus the username...

          I think there are lots of proper ways to accomplish different sewing tasks...and all of them can be correct.  I once was asked by a sister to make a short evening dress from expensive lace, that was underlined and lined.  I fitted the pattern, but it still needed adjustments....I hadn't yet learned to make a muslin.  She is a hairdresser and one of her favorite clients was 'the sewing teacher' at the high school we had attended.  This lady is very knowledable about all aspects of sewing, but when my sister told her 'how' I was adjusting the dress (it had princess seams and I was adjusting it along those seams) the lady told her that I was not doing it correctly and it could never be 'repaired' after the mistakes I had already made.  Now, I'd been doing similar alterations/sewing for over 15 yrs. and had never had a problem...every garment came out fitting beautifully....BUT, because this lady told her that it couldn't be 'fixed' my sister asked for the fabric/dress back and told everyone in the family that I had ruined her dress and didn't know what I was doing!  I was/ still am hurt by what my sister did, and this was over 10 yrs. ago.  That teacher knew the proper way of doing this process, but 'my way' would have worked just as beautifully...the process was just skewed a little differently.  Of course, I would do it differently now, but the dress would have been constructed properly...just done with more fittings along the way. My point is...Learning is a lifelong process... there is more than one way to achieve the end results...some are just a little more unconventional. Not every 'couture house' uses the same methods to make their garments....that's why we love to see the inside of their garments....to see how they do what they do.


          1. sewelegant | | #9

            You are so right about there being so many different ways to accomplish the same task.  (In everything!)  Maybe it's called the hard way and the right way, but no one should tell you that the way you are doing it is all wrong.

      2. miatamomma | | #20

        Thanks for helping me get back into Gatherings. 


        1. Ocrafty1 | | #21

          You're welcome.....glad you're back!


    2. JanF | | #3

      Thank you for replying Genevieve- I thought I was losing it this morning because I couldn't access these articles. I have probably got the article in a magazine copy on the shelf - but looking on line would have been so much quicker! I too was unaware that this search facility had been withdrawn - how backward looking of Threads to withhold this info. As most of us have probably already bought the magazines etc. who do they think breach of copywrite applies to?( for those of u who might think I might be using the info at school - school has a strict copywrite rule - I cannot copy an article etc. However, I can interpret stuff in my own way - what do they think all teachers do when passing on info - have they not heard what a library is for)?
      I might just possibly go to Burdastyle - they are so helpful - when I joined they sent me measuring charts for my pupils - totally unexpectedly and its the little things like that that encourage people to buy/look. I thought that to send a package to the UK without charge was a really generous gift - do you think Threads are so precious about themselves that they feel sharing stuff freely will do them out of a sale?

      1. starzoe | | #5

        The magazine index is still available from THREADS; at the top of the forum page, click on EXPLORE and a list comes up - the index is there.Perhaps the index and the articles you speak of were on someone's blog - in that case THREADS probably had every right to their action of having them deleted under copyright laws.

        Edited 5/12/2009 12:53 pm ET by starzoe

        1. User avater
          genevieve | | #6

          Dear Starzowe,   I would be delighted to find out that I am wrong, but I used to be able to go the INDEX and look up an article and get that article up on screen - now all you get is the  index of the relevant  Threads and often it also tells you it's now out of print.  I have lost the ability access the actual articles.  Am I doing something wrong, or has it changed ?  My belief is that it has.  Again, I request feedback form Threads Editors.   Best wishes Genevieve.

          1. User avater
            VictoriaNorth | | #7

            Hello All, Thank you for bringing the search problems to our attention. We have not removed any articles from the website during the redesign, but there does seem to be some problems with search. I am working to get this fixed today and will update you when I know more. Thank you so much for your patience.

          2. JanF | | #11

            Thank you Vicky for replying - I think some people might be mixing up the articles that were featured by you that I was referring to - and the ones featured on some Gatherings blogs. I was wanting to access the features that I used to be able to access - like an article about interfacings/interlinings - they used to be in a separate section and sometimes included videos etc. At the moment whenever I select anything for reference - the site just takes me to someone's blog. I am not really wanting to search through loads of blogs - browsing out of general interest is different from me wanting to see an article with a little more credence behind it.
            Yes I am aware that this comment from me will upset a few - I am fully aware that everyone has their own little quirks and foibles when doing textile work and long may it be so - I am not so "precious" that I think there is only one way of doing something! You should see the way I have to work in school - sometimes getting a result is vindication enough for a method! It is necessary for me to be passing on so-called "official" information to my exam classes.
            However, an expert's knowledge - is just that - from an expert, and this is what I was wanting to access.
            I've just written all this and realised I'd better go to forums and see if one of the other corresponders is correct - and I'm just pretty useless at using all your tabs etc. - If I find what I was originally looking for I will eat my own words!

          3. cafms | | #12

            I was just browsing around on the Threads site and happened to find this article.   I remembered reading your post so thought I'd send you the link.  https://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/4979/a-handy-chart-of-fusible-and-sew-in-interfacings  I know it's too late for your class but if this is what you were looking for, maybe you can bookmark it for next year. 

          4. JanF | | #13

            Thank you so much - I did actually find this yesterday - but had a book club meeting last night, so didn't have the time to post a note about it! You are correct - I can use this - but I always have to doctor because trade names etc are always different in the UK (not all of them)but the generic purpose and classification is what I needed - so I was going to post a message about it. Thanks for taking the time to find it for me -Jan

          5. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #15

            You made a good point about trade names being different. I run into that just being North of the Border. It is often hard to determine what something is when product names are listed without a description. The old Kleenex/Tissue Paper thing. It would be nice to have product descriptions along with the trade names. Sometimes, the names are different, or stores offer the same things under generic names here. Cathy

          6. Teaf5 | | #16

            "Tissue paper" is a "Kleenex"?  Oh, my, I would've handed the poor person a huge sheet of gift wrapping tissue!

          7. User avater
            ThreadKoe | | #17

            ROTFL! See what I mean! We call it wrapping or gift tissue! A rose by any other name. When butcher paper is called for in a quilting or craft pattern, the first thing I think of is the brown stuff that we get here for wrapping meat in. I discovered that across the border, you commonly find it in white. It makes a huge difference in what you are working with. I never knew that it came in white before. A small detail to some, but makes a huge difference. So detailed descriptions along with Trade names are very helpful for international as well as regional readers. Cathy

          8. Palady | | #18

            ThreadKoe posted a significant message.

            >>  ... detailed descriptions along with Trade names are very helpful for international as well as regional readers. <<

            With the all of cyberspace, what is understood in one country is in question in another. 


          9. MaryinColorado | | #25

            I would have handed her a roll of Toilette Tissue!  giggle! 

            But then again, I have noticed they put assembly directions in several other languages these days...haven't figured out yet who choses which languages or dialects. 

          10. starzoe | | #10

            You are right, to a point. The magazine index is for those who have a full set of publications. I had noticed over the years that some bloggers copy whole articles from the THREADS site to their own and I was referring to that situation.

        2. JanF | | #14

          Thanks for your info - however - whenever I do what u say - it just takes me to the generic Threads page - so perhaps the glich in the system is to blame - I still cant access any list at all - mind u I do eat a bit of humble pie because I can access some features - if I go from page to page!
          Can I blame it on crossing the pond/ vibes not reaching the UK/lost in translation???
          Thanks for ur input.

        3. Tatsy | | #19

          Thank you so much for this post. I've been looking for ages for a fitting item by Karen Howland and haven't been able to find it. I must have stared at it a dozen times because it popped right up. This is a real time saver.

  2. sewslow67 | | #22

    Here is the link to the Threads Magazine Index.  It works fine for me, so hope it will now work for you.  Good luck.


    1. JanF | | #23

      Thank u so much - it works!!

      1. sewslow67 | | #24

        Great!  And you are most welcome.

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