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Conversational Threads

Where is Sewing World?

Hilary_Gray | Posted in The Archives on

I’m getting messages that Sewing World Forum has internal problems.. Is anyone else able to connect? Help please thanks, Hilary


  1. D_Hall | | #1

    I was able to get in about 8am EDT, but I can't get in now.

    Guess I gotta do real work today. Geez!


    1. Elona_Masson | | #2

      *I have an impression that almost every summer sewingworld is left unattended and goes down for a week or two.

      1. Rosemarie | | #3

        *Hi Darlette! Hi Elona! I think your impression is right...Sewing World was down last Summer too. The "New" Sewing World started about August and the "Old" stayed up for a few more months. Guess the wonderful sysop here at Threads will have to put up with all of us again! Hope we don't crash this site as well -- we did last year! :)

        1. Joyce_Ann | | #4

          *I have been offline for a while - just made it back to SW and then its gone. Went on over to quiltropolis --geez! I didn't recognize it. Totally different. So....here I am at my old standby where I usually just lerk and don't put up messages. But, I had to have a "posting fix" somewhere. tehee

          1. Linda_McPhail | | #5

            *Yes, I think sewing world is down. I am getting the same error message. Last year they went down when the owners were on vacation and it seemed forever that they were down : (I expect that people will start to come here or gather elsewhere...I really miss it!

          2. Nancy_W. | | #6

            *Hi everyone, SW is still down today (sniff). I emailed webmaster, but haven't heard a word. Guess they're on vacation again. Did last a year, this time.

          3. carol_broscheid | | #7

            *Hard to believe they neglect their "baby" this way! To bad they don't have a few advertisers -- they wouldn't put up with this. Listen to me -- isn't this silly -- it's just a website.

          4. Julia_Fletcher | | #8

            *I wouldn't be surprised if they unplug it deliberately before going on vacation so as to avoid crashes while they are away. Perhaps it's sensible but I miss it too!

          5. D_Hall | | #9

            *Well if they unplug it before going on vacation, how 'bout giving us a Heads Up! so we're not wandering 'round the 'net like lost sheep!Grrrr!Darlette.... who should be grateful for its existence

          6. Jan_Kerr | | #10

            *Here you are!!! Shades of last summer isn't it! If you want to go to annother SW-like site try http://www.sew-whats-new.com. MariLynn writes a column on FME there, and several other of us SW folks go there sometimes. I guess we'll just have to wait for summer vacation to be over to get back to good old SW! What a bumerrrrrrrr!

          7. Hettie_Lynn | | #11

            *Hi, Jan, thanks for the new site. I haven't been there. Just got in from vacation the other night and found SW down. Boo Hoo! Was wanting to catch up on everything I've missed.

          8. Amo_ | | #12

            *Hi to All SW Commons Gang:Hey, if WE are upset, think about all the Gurus in Patterns and Fittings! I mean, Louise Cutting, Nancy Erickson, Christine Jonson etc. !!(Darlette, thanks for directing me to this spot. I would have found this earlier if I hadn't been so busy sending mail to the Webmaster, SW----which evidently was the WRONG route to go.)GATHERINGS is so gracious to lend us their space.

          9. carol_broscheid | | #13

            *Maybe the gurus are happy to have a little time off from us!!!!

          10. Amo_ | | #14

            *Carol B. Are you ready for a real "Hoot"? (And the rest of you SW-s also).Go Back to Threads discussion and Click on the very last item, which is ARCHIVES.In Archives, again go down to the Very Last Item and count back 37 items. This is the easiest way to find it. (I am talking about the first whole page of Archives, there are 202 items, and you need to count back 37 from this spot. There is a next page, but don't go to that one.) You should end up on SEWING WORLD, posted by Carol Broscheid---and, here's the HOOT------the date is exactly a year ago, June 29, 1999-----and the subject is "the Sewing World is DOWN." I tol' ya, a HOOT!

          11. D_Hall | | #15

            *Hey y'ALL!Deja-vu all over again... Do you reckon we'll lose our discussions? Y'all werepretty prolific on the new SW setup, ya' know. :-)Darlette

          12. D_Hall | | #16

            *Just went over to the Sew-whats-new site... They're powered by thesame company as Sewing World --- Ultimate Bulletin Board.Sew.... shall we go over there & take over?

          13. carol_broscheid | | #17

            *Ann-Mari -- I remember it well!!!! We all went nuts last summer when SW went down. I am determined to retain my sanity this time. Maybe we'll all stop checking this site and get some work done!!!!

          14. barb_c | | #18

            *I am missing Sewing World too. Sure I have been getting more sewing done but now I haven't got anyone to talk to!!!! ;-)I can't seem to get into the Sew what's new site...wonder if I haven't got the right link....... I will go back and see what I am doing wrong. I was using a bookmark I had already.I do hope Sewing World comes back up soon...

          15. barb_c | | #19

            *I found it....it was a whole new site. Still I miss Sewing world. Waaa!

          16. Jan_Kerr | | #20

            *Me too, Barb....the other place is ok, but it isn't the same! I miss the Front Porch!!!

          17. Ann_Chafin | | #21

            *I guess all us bereft people are looking for our old haunt - Sewing World. I hope we don't lose all our posts - I hadn't printed out all of the Christine Jonson posts yet and I've ordered my fabric and patterns. I was counting on reading all those good tips!

          18. Karla_K | | #22

            *I am SO grateful that Darlette posted this site on the Creative Machine list; I've been wandering around for days, lost and alone. I almost resorted to doing real sewing - that's how desperate I was. Took today off to get DD ready to leave for college tomorrow, but I hope to sneak away later today to go to Louise's store to get my interlacing "kit". After a harrowing week without SW, I think I deserve a nice piece of fabric, too. Glad to see so many familiar names!

          19. Shannon_Gifford | | #23

            *Well, I think we all deserve a nice piece of fabric....but all my lists of fabrics sources were on SW;)Maybe when Krista gets back from vacation one of us needs to volunteer to be the "backup" person. (Not me...I'm doing good to turn my computer on and type; all that jargon is a foreign language to me!)If this is to be home for the next little while, what is everyone up to? I am teaching classes this week and trying to sneak in a little personal sewing. Found a nice piece of pumpkin silk broadcloth for a shirt/jacket for me and a coordinating snake print rayon for drapey pants. Let's all keep checking SW and post here when you get in!!!

          20. BC | | #24

            *So this is where all the buddies got too! Thanks for the message Karla! Somebody loves me! (sniffle) Guess no one had my email though huh? (big trouble Shannon) LOLWhat a bummer!! I have most of the fabric sources (the ones I liked best anyway!) and a few of the notions sites as well, so if anybody needs them, just email me! Can't be going into fabric [email protected]

          21. Linda_McP | | #25

            *Yes, I am in withdrawal. I was posting on SW under Maternity patterns on an almost daily basis. Two other posters are due to have babies in July. Now they might have them and I'll never know!! And I have been so productive lately with my sewing endeavors (givin the time I have to fit it in). Well, OK, DH has had to fend for himself for dinner sometimes but it is all worth it (to me!).Question for any seasoned garment sewers: do those chalk hemmers work (you know, the squeeze ball thing on an adjustable stand)? I have no easy way to mark skirt hems and I WANT an easy way!

          22. Karla_K | | #26

            *Linda McP - I'm wondering how Stefanie and Carol are doing, too. Hope they find us here..... I like the chalk hem markers - except that I keep losing parts of them and have to buy new ones. They don't mark a perfect hem, but they provide a pretty good guideline. Come to think of it - I think they are just as accurate as a row of pins, and the chalk marks don't snag. I guess the fact that I keep replacing mine is a good indication that I like it -Karla

          23. Linda_McP | | #27

            *thanks Karla, I too am wondering how Carol and Stephanie are doing, especially Stephanie because she really felt she was going to go early. I will have to call Joannes to see if they carry the chalk hem marker. Maybe it is considered a notion and would be on sale tomorrow (50% off). Nancy's notions has them for $24.95. It would be great to pay half that....

          24. Linda_McP | | #28

            *HA! Just called Joannes and it is the same price but will be included in the 50% off sale...fantastic!

          25. Carol_Fresia | | #29

            *Hi SWists! Linda--just wanted to mention that I for one am still expecting and hope to remain in this state for another 3 weeks (till my official due date), but I do wonder about Stefanie. I would have noted down her email address if I'd anticipated SW downtime right at this crucial point. I hope we don't lose all those messages, since I've been so looking forward to getting back to "real" sewing in a couple of months and had planned to embark on the Minott method, and try some of the independent patterns that are under discussion--one-seams, the perfect blouse, Christine Jonson all seemed ideal for garbing the post-partum figure with style and ease.

          26. Paula_Strafuss | | #30

            *Here you all are! Never knew Threads had this until you posted the site.. thank you!Yes, I miss everyone, too. I, like others, have been getting a lot of sewing done, but I still check to see if sewingworld.com is back on-line all day long. boo-boo.So it was down a year ago at this time???? Must be clean-up time and vacation time for Krista. I wonder if you will have to start new folders all over ago. Oh well, keeps us alive!!Paula :I

          27. BC | | #31

            *Shannon, I hope you don't think you are going to beat me to the stretch rite elastic this sale! LOLI'll leave the steam a seam alone!I just got a sale paper from Hancocks, actually a good sale, maybe all the new Jo-ann's ETC stores have scared them! Their notion's are also 50% off, I can't remember the last time they did that! Course my memory is faulty at best....... :)Brenda

          28. heather_blair | | #32

            *Linda, they do work and very well too. Get a professional one and not the one meant for homesewers, afterall we want to produce professional work too!! I have a prof. which works particularly well on loonngggg dresses, long like ankle length long.

          29. heather_blair | | #33

            *Hi everyone,Isn't it a crying shame that we "all" come over here when SW is down....we come barging in....all of us ( well I was here a bit earlier before SW went down) instead of nice and steady "all the time".....It's called withdrawal symptoms.....makes people do/say crazy things!!! Let's keep this forum going too, been kind of slow around here lately.....yessss, I know there are only 24hrs in our days, guess what? it's 2.a.m. where I am sitting....anyone else awake?

          30. BC | | #34

            *My gosh Heather, where are you??? LOLHope you don't have to get up early!I never even knew about this site till Sewing world went down! Learn something new every day!Brenda

          31. heather_blair | | #35

            *Brenda, I am sitting in Europe, isn't this technology great...in Germany to be exact. How are those beautiful kitties?

          32. BC | | #36

            *We are all great! Thank You! I could post everything I've ever made, but I'll be remembered for those cats! LOLLove my babies! They all take turns sitting on and around the monitor!How exciting to be in Germany! Unless of course , it's the middle of the night! Do you have good fabric stores there? I would love to go abroad on one of those fabric shopping trips, but I have the feeling after I paid for the trip, I could not afford fabrics! Bummer....... :)Sew........are you sewing anything right now??Brenda

          33. Ann_Chafin | | #37

            *Hey, this is great! Good to see sew many of my sewing fanatic friends here. Someone was talking about getting a hem-marker tomorrow and it reminded me that I want to get one of those clapper/point pressers. I'm going to the biggy store in Charleston and I think they have them! I'll have to add that to my list. Darlette - grab all that sport elastic you can get your hands on. You, too, BC, and Shannon, I hope you get all that steam-a seam2 you are wanting. I still think it would be great if we could all meet for coffee and gab somewhere. Anyone know of a good central location?

          34. BC | | #38

            *Anywhere that has a huge fabric store!! LOLBrenda

          35. Linda_McP | | #39

            *Hi Carol!! Good to "see" you here! Glad to hear you are feeling well. I am getting a little down 'cause some have said to me "You haven't had that baby yet?!" when actually I have THREE months to go!! Yikes! My 1st was not small at 8 lbs 8 oz so this one will follow suit but my my my I wish I did not "project" so far out! Hopefully Stephanie is doing well. Thanks for the comments about chalk hem markers. As far as getting a professional one, where would one be obtained? I am afraid that the Joannes one will have to do until I can move on to better.Linda - just call me "scissors" for all the cutting I am doing lately! No sewing for me this weekend but Tall Ships in Newport!

          36. Sandra_Carden | | #40

            *Hi everybody,I'm so glad to have found some of my sewing friends! I too was just about to save a couple of the discussions in the Patterns and Fitting folder. I can only hope that they will still be there when things are up and running again. Actually, I did save all but the most recent few posts of the Sandra Betzina patterns discussion, so let me know if I can help with any of the information in that one.I didn't know that Joann's was having another 50% off notions sale. That tells you something about how far behind I am in reading my mail. II'll have to go find it and get my list ready. I totally missed the last big sale. Well, I'm using my Sewing World time to get some sewing books ready to offer on ebay. bay.Hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!Sandra Cardengardenarence NY

          37. barb_c | | #41

            *So JoAnn's has a 50% off notions sale again already? I guess I better go there. All of what you are buying sounds good. I would like a clapper, skirt hem gauge, and some of that iron on seam stuff.I miss the chat about patterns and what we are making. I am getting hooked on one seam pants. I am not trying the Burda pattern but making my own and looking into some I might have already. They do go together quickly. I love the idea of stitching something up easily to wear for a special occasion (or even not so special). I guess this is the third year I have been going to Sewing World and this does happen every year. I just forget what it is like when it does happen.Darlette it was nice seeing your post at Creative machine.

          38. Lala_Hutchison | | #42

            *Hi, everyone..I, too am in "withdrawal" without my twice daily SW "fix." I have only been in the group a couple months, but I have learned soooo much. I could kick myself now for not copying good tips into a word processor file. And I only have the email addy for 2 or 3 of the regular posters. I hope SW gets up and running again soon. How long was in down last year? Lala

          39. Terri_Kennedy | | #43

            *Hi Sewing world friends. I just returned from a vacation on the Monterey Peninsula where I visited Loes Hinse at her Carmel CA boutique. Tried on everything - Loes designs are stunning, very neutral, minimalist and are done in coordinating groups. She uses mostly Rayons with a wonderful hand. As you know, she has gone her separate way from the Textile Studio partnership and continues to design and sell the garments at her boutique first before doing the patterns. I loved the European Pants. Loved the new swing skirt. She's coming out with two new jacket patterns that are to die for - the jackets are already in her boutique. I told her that one of her mirrors was a "skinny mirror" (one that makes you look thin) but it's the European pants!! Her boutique had several adaptations of the new retro jacket that are fantastic - remove the shawl collar and redraw a scooped, v-neckline buttoning at center front instead of being double breasted. Also had many adaptations of the sweater set. If you get a chance to visit Carmel, you must go see her - the Cottage Restaurant across the street from her is great too. If you aren't familiar with the patterns, you can see them at her web site http://www.loeshinsedesign.com. By the way, the spell check on this site does crazy things - it kept changing Loes to Lose and Hinse to rinse!! I'm hoping the SW server is just down for maintenance - hope we don't lose all that great information.

          40. heather_blair | | #44

            *Hi again everyone,Had to sleep, didn't I. Yep. So I guess now you are all sleeping....well the sun is shining here today, so it makes for a nice start. I will visit my little fabric store today to get some interfacing for shirt collars and cuffs, the stiff type and maybe order one of those point pressers. This particular store is both wholesalers and retailers, so they sell really good professional stuff. I got some Gütermann poly thread a whole set last time I was there....this is the stuff professional dressmakers and tailors use. It is the A 282 M Size #120, 1000 meters or 1094 yards. This thread has a high tensile? strength, so good for commercial machines and is very fine, almost silk quality fine and IT DOES NOT LINT!!! That was shouting...It makes such a big difference to the work quality and your machine does not get clogged up. The box of 36 (colours in graduating hues) costs Lots of money....way over $100 US, but worth every penny spent. Please note this is not advertising for Gütermann it is just providing info on a good quality product.So there.Brenda, I know the feeling, well it is your own fault for showing us those beauties. But I do remember your CJ lightblue outfit!!!LOL.Terri, does Lois Hinses make XL sizes too?Can you all believe I went out last weekend to find the 1 seam pants, it was in the catalogue but the pattern wasn't available, well at least not where I looked. Guess I will have to check again today. I am in Burda's country for goodness sakes.

          41. Ann_Chafin | | #45

            *Brenda,How about G Street in Rockville, MD., or maybe Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC. Either will do. Could spend days at either place and not come up for air. Do you suppose either has a LARGE meeting room with coffee and tea facilities? (LOL) Maybe a pet room where you could keep the cats while you shop. Got my list all ready this morning and checked again for additional thread colors for my Gutterman stash. Wish they had silk thread - I'd get the purple for my gaberdine suit. Guess that will have to be added to my next mail order. I'll agree with everyone else that I wish I had downloaded lots of the information from Sewing World!! Everyone is just going to have to remember everything they posted before if it got lost and repost if it is gone! We are all assuming that it will be back up and running within a few days. Perish the thought that it won't!!Guess I'd better see about getting ready. We are going to eat breakfast out this morning before Joann's opens - you know - lots of strength for the onslaught! Taking my DH with me to run the gauntlet (stand in line with a basket while I go around picking up stuff). Aren't supportive spouses wonderful. This additional sale should get me totally prepared for the coming winter months. See you after the sale!

          42. BC | | #46

            *Hey guys, if all I'm remembered for is my animals that's fine by me! They'll be here longer than anything I make! Someday on the news you'll hear of this hermit lady with 40 cats and dogs and she won't leave her house or give up the critters!! LOLAnn, I love Mary Jo's!! Is that not the most wonderful place to go?? I spent several days there and you all will just have to trust me, there's nothing else to do in that town! I have never seen as much quilting fabrics in one place in my life time!ambiance linings in every color! And everything cheaper than what you would expect! I bought some beautiful slinky knits there, in wonderful colors, yes of course some blue!If it's to be had, it's a Mary Jo's!I'll be heading to Jo-Ann's myself later, more of an outing than a shopping trip, except for elastic, I think I did plenty of damage last sale! :)

          43. Lala_Hutchison | | #47

            *I am not familiar with Guttermann thread. I don't think I have ever seen anything except Coats and Clark or the occasional brand X in the bargain bin at our local fabric stores. Where is it sold in the U.S.?You gals that like sport elastic: How do you keep it from falling down? It is so soft, that I can't get it tight enough even when I cut it 5" shorter than my waist. Is there a secret I'm missing? Maybe it's me...if I am going to have something around my waist, I want it really snug...I want to be able to feel a firm grip there and sport elastic doesn't give me that firm feel. Any tips?Lala

          44. Lala_Hutchison | | #48

            *I just looked at Loes Hinse's web site. The patterns are very nice looking. Since they are not "fussy" designs, I think all of them could be called slimming. I especially liked the retro jacket and the swing skirt.Heather, Yes she goes up to what she calls XXL which is 45 inch bust and 46 inch hips...I don't know what that is in centimeters.

          45. Amo_ | | #49

            *EMERGENCY HEM-MARKING HINT:I don't have time to go back and see who needed this info, but here it is. Put your garment on for measuring, and load up with plenty of pins, preferably safety pins. Back up against a table top and put in a pin at that level on your body. Keep rotating until you meet the first pin. At this point the safety pins can be left open. Now put a pin in at the point up from the floor where you want the hem to be.The tricky part. After you remove the garment, close the safety pins. (Straight pins might slip out during this procedure, but with care can be used.) NOW, MEASURE THE DISTANCE between your upper pins and the lower one which indicated the length of the garment. Place a row of pins on this level. You now have your desired hemline.I've been using this method for years, when DH hasn't measured me, balancing on a chair!

          46. Amo_ | | #50

            *How does one get to Sew-what's new, and Creative machine, menitioned by Darlette and someone else? I asked my "Sherlock" and was given a confusing number of possibilities! Thank you, anyone-------.I saved some hints from L. Cutting and Betzina regarding One-Seam tweakings.

          47. carol_broscheid | | #51

            *Lala, you expressed my feelings exactly about sport elastic and most of the elastic in the catalogs and in the stores; they are too weak and stretchy. I found fantastic elastic (!)at Famous Label, Springfield Oregon Phone 541-747-4670 and Fax 541 747-0121. They call it their "Liz" elastic -- it's very firm, can be stitched through, always bounces back and lasts forever -- I absolutely love it and would never use anything else. It comes in white and black and in 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2 and 2" widths and sells for 5 yards for $5.00 plus shipping. NAYY - just a very satisfied customer.

          48. Jane_Carlstrom | | #52

            *thank goodness, BC gave me the address to here! Missed you all! So good to see the familiar names! Opened a topic of "techniques for cotton/lycra knits at http://www.sew-whats-new.com/ Go to "discuss" then pick forum "garment construction". Same set up as SW, just different forum names. Mary Wilkins, the discussion moderator, welcomes us berift SWorlders posting there, as long as we follow the community guidelines (of course) which are stated when you sign up. She too was sad to hear SW is down. So Ann, hope to see you there with questions. As well as anyone else interested in this topic. Jane

          49. carol_broscheid | | #53

            *Here's a way to salvage a pair of elastic waist pants that won't stay up (because the elastic is worn out, you made it too long, whatever -- and you don't want to take out all those rows of stitches to replace the elastic). First of all I have to tell you how I put in the elastic so you can visualize this. I use 1 1/2" elastic and do three rows of stitching -- one is just below the bottom of the elastic and two are on the elastic spaced 1/2" apart. So I have three rows - channels.On the inside at CF I make two vertical slits in the center channel - one on either side of the CF seam and about 1/2" away from the CF seam. I use my seam ripper and no, the slits do not fray. I thread a piece of cording (you could use narrow ribbon) through one slit all the way around the waist and out the other slit. I tie these into a bow on the inside of the pants. Does this defeat the purpose of the elastic? I don't think so -- you can adjust the tie and with a few minutes work you have made the pants wearable.

          50. Ann-Mari | | #54

            *Thanks Jane C. for the URL info. (By the way, if you want to talk to me, please use Ann-Mari, as there are others named Ann, also. ggg)I signed up in Sew-What's-New and found you there. Will it always show the large display of beginning logo, or am I doing something wrong?

          51. Jane_Carlstrom | | #55

            *Ann-Mari, Sew-whats-new is new to me as well. so as yet don't know the answer to your quiry. Takes me a while to get used to a site's style and quirks. it was just so nice to see that comfortable SW type BB and messaging style. Now is when the red face symbol would be handy - the Ann is Ann Chafin being addressed as she is on the verge of CJ work and hopeing for feedback and assistance. If you are too, wow that is great!

          52. Lala_H | | #56

            *Ann-Mari, I am awaiting some sliky I ordered from Christine Jonson, then I will be making one seams. So I might just need those tips you saved. We'll see how the pants go when the fabric arrives.Lala (habanerohutch)

          53. Lala_H | | #57

            *Carol B, Neat idea on the elastic pants waistband, end result something like those elastics with the drawstring built into them. And thanks for the info about "liz" elastic. I'll be checking into that.All these wonderful sounding fabric stores y'all talk about. I don't think we have any in Iowa. But next weekend I will be half way to Minneapolis for a wedding, so I'm heading to S R Harris to spend a day ( and probably some money, too.)Habanerohutch

          54. Ginna | | #58

            *Ann Mari - Darlette was referring to the Creative Machine email list at Quiltropolis. You can join by going to http://www.quiltropolis.comI've forgotten which box to click on to take you to the list of email lists that you can join but keep trying until you get it. Follow the directions to sign up for the lists. You can select to receive messages 1 at a time or in digest form where you receive 1 email per day with all the messages in it. There has been some trouble with the digest mode recently and I don't know if it has been fixed yet.Ginna

          55. Diane_E | | #59

            *Hi everyone! Thanks to Darlette and Karla for cluing me in on this cafe (I can always dream of having a latte with all of you!)Gosh I've missed you all the last few days; I just picked up "Simple Isn't Easy" at the library.... this was recommended in the Louise Cutting and Style folder and I can't wait to read it. Looks like a delicious little book. Well, see you all later!

          56. Ann_Chafin | | #60

            *Well, ladies, we survived the Joann's trip. We got there just a couple of minutes after 9:00 AM and the store hadn't opened yet. There was only one person waiting and we had the run of the store for almost the first 30 minutes. I've never seen a store with fewer people in it!! Didn't have to grab, bite and gouge to get what I was wanting. Really a leisurely shopping trip. My husband even got bored, and he doesn't usually. Someone mentioned about Gutterman thread. If you aren't familiar with it, it is a better thread than Coats and Clarks Dual Duty, less lint and has a little bit more stretch than the other - in general just a better thread. Having said that, I almost feel guilty, because I was raised on Coats & Clarks, although my Mother used a lot of Belding Corticelli thread. I was really surprised to see that the Gutterman there in Charleston looked like it had been there for a really long time and wasn't being bought very much. Just watch, Joann's will yank it out and I'll have to start ordering it.BC, you are so right about Mary Jo's. I've been 3 times now, I guess. We sometimes leave here early on Saturday. Its about a 3 - 4 hour trip for us and we shop for a few hours, go eat ( and discuss what we have looked at and decide which to go back and purchase), then go back and put a few dings in the credit card. Then its back onto the highway and home. Sort of a fun Saturday!!Well, this has gotten long enough. Think I will try things out at Sew What's New for a while. I like it also, but it just isn't as comfortable as our old Sewing World. Can I cry for a little while - I miss it!!

          57. carol_broscheid | | #61

            *Does anyone get the "Just Sew" list from Quiltropolis? I just read the latest digest and some one on that list says she is able to go to Sewing World and not only read but post messages. Impossible I say!!!!!!!

          58. Rosemary_Arnieri | | #62

            *Hi Everyone,I missed everyone at Sewing World. Do you really think they would go on vacation and leave us "chat-less"? Hope they have a great, short vacation!!

          59. Rosemary_Arnieri | | #63

            *Me Again...Now that I figured out how this site works, I can actually post a message. I'm holding Louise Cutting captive in my house this weekend. I have already made her fit the new one-seam pattern to me (I know, I know, I should do it myself...naaah), and I'm heading for a fitting of the "By Popular Demand' Jacket. I could possibly have a new wardrobe by Tuesday!!! She will post and answer questions on this site as need be, until Sewing World is back up. Until then she can post from my house under my name and under hers Tuesday night and beyond.Help, I'm being held captive in Rose's sewing room. Not bad really. I am glad I have found some of you here. The illustrations of the new jacket will be up on the fabriccollections.com site by Thur. or Fri. The pattern will not be out until fall but I know some were really interested to see what it looked like. The 2 patterns that are coming out (I know, I know) should be at the store in a week to 10 days. Interfacing packets are ready to go out. Let me know if I can help you in your sewing and fitting needs. Chat with you tomorrow night. Power shopping today and tomorrow. I'm glad we found each other. Louise http://www.fabriccollections.com

          60. Paula_Strafuss | | #64

            *Hi everyone. Yesterday sewingworld.com spit out posting notifications to my email box--61 on them and going back to February! Very wierd. Still couldn't get in.

          61. Terri_Kennedy | | #65

            *I am so upset about the potential loss of all of our conversations, information sharing, musings and overall support. Has anyone heard from the webmasters of sewingworld? I know they must be getting tons of e-mail from us.I'm anxious to use my steam-a-seam2 (1/4" double stick) that I got today. I thought it would be a great aid to hemming the SewingWorkshop Japonesque Jacket. I recall some discussion of its use posted on SW. Since that could be in digital never-never land - Louise, does one of your books or patterns cover all the things you can use steam a seam for?

          62. Lala_H | | #66

            *Diane E: Who is the author of "Simple Isn't Easy"? Maybe I can get it through the interlibrary loan program. I just picked up the Armstrong patternmaking book 2nd edition that way...found some ideas I can use on a blouse and skirt outfit I am trying to design.Carol B: I recall you mentioned once that one of the books on fitting actually borrowed from Jan Minott without giving her credit. I got that one at the library today and sure enough, they use quite a bit of her method.Ann Chafin: So your JoAnn's Fabric carried this Gutermann thread? I will take a look at the JoAnn's here and see if I can find it. I, too, was raised on Coat & Clark...in my younger days mercerized cotton was the hot new item. Many years ago my husband's grandmother asked me to pick up some thread for her. She was upset that it was mercerized cotton, she did not want her cotton thread mercerized. I had a hard time convincing her that the thread she remembered from her girlhood just was not around anymore.Lala

          63. Ann-Mari | | #67

            *Oh Jane, I don't need symbol to show my face is red!! In posting #46 I asked for help about finding Sew-What's-New. In posting #48 YOU gave "Ann" the right info. Not knowing you and Ann had traded posts before,I took it for granted you answered ME! Red, red, red.Thank you much, just the same!

          64. Ann_Chafin | | #68

            *Hello, everyone,Good to see sew many familiar "faces" here. It's amazing how we seem to have become so tied together by our love of sewing. Hard to get by a day without the support of fellow sewing enthusiasts. Louise, good to see you on board. I'm anxious to see your new pattern. Will be checking the website for it! Lala, my LOCAL (within 15 miles) Joann's doesn't carry Gutterman, but the store in Charleston (about 50 miles away) does. I occasionally go to the larger store in Charleston to pick up some of the items I can't get locally. I sort of live in the boonies, if you know what I mean. I love the rural, small town atmosphere, until it comes to finding things I need for sewing. I thought the store in Charleston would have the point presser/clapper - but it wasn't there. I did find the Clover bias tape makers on sale 50% off, so I bought those. I haven't had time to try them out yet, but I'm hoping they work better than the ones I have presently. It took a while to get the 15 yards of fusi-knit I bought onto my mini-bolt so I could file it in my interfacing drawer this morning. Well, this is getting too wordy and long. Really miss our Sewing World. Maybe this will take care of my withdrawal until later today. See ya'll later.

          65. BC | | #69

            *Hello Everybody! Just saying good morning! It's too early for me to make sense!Ann, I had to fight Shannon for your elastic, I already had it in my hand when I ran into her! It will be in to mail next week!I already had enough notions from the last sale but I did find two pieces of beautiful fabric on sale for half price, so that was a good shopping trip! Mom and I ate a lot, what more could you want?? LOLI use the regular stretch rite elastic in my CJ tapered pants and it works like a dream! I haven't tried the sports elastic, (wonder why?)(no clue!) but I will one day I'm sure! It's softer than the usual ban-roll and stretches better. But I'll definately check out the new kind mentioned above, always looking for new items!!Brenda

          66. D_Hall | | #70

            *That Sew-What's-New site sure lacks the spunk of ourSewing World, doesn't it? But then, SW lacks not 1, butTWO moderators. Whew!p.s. Could that be why their system is up & ours isn't?The Cook's Talk discussion is interesting. BTW, I justread the stuff... don't put any of it into action, OK!www.taunton.com/fc

          67. Diane_E | | #71

            *Hi Lala, the authors of "Simple Isn't Easy" are Olivia Goldsmith and Amy Fine Collins. It is a teensy little book and looks like it'll be fun to read (when I have a minute and I"m not cyber blabbing - LOL!).I'd recommend borrowing it from the library, as it's hard to find, and I"m not sure (yet) if it would be worth owning.

          68. Mary_Anderes | | #72

            *Oh it's so great to be amongst everyone again and how I missed SW..had been following the discussion on the one-seams, bought the pattern, some fabric and then POOF was ON MY OWN! I did make a pair and they phit w/ no adjustments! A famous first. I used a very wimpy fabric and next pair I will go w/ something w/ a little more body to it--reason being it drapes so nicely that it accentuates my pot!Next pair is a rather loud but really cute hawaiian type print --big yellow fleurs on a bright turquoise ground. Question now--my elastic really rolls around. I'm scared to stretch and stitch as the pattern suggests. I used Stretch-Rite sports elastic I bought at JoAnn's and it IS soft but do you think when I stretch and stitch it will be less elastic afterward? Next time, I will cut the elastic MUCH shorter. Are most of you one-seamers wearing tops tucked in? What a shot in the arm! I'd have 3 pair by now (started last nite) but my first pair was the "draft" w/ stash fabric in a very large print and the result was that I had 2 big brown leaves over each cheek which just looked too wierd.Was a linen-like fabric I have more and will "run up" another pair! First time I've been able to use that term! Love it!

          69. Mary_Anderes | | #73

            *Oh one more first here! This is the first time my measurements have corresponded w/ the package envelope. Makes me want to try another Burda pattern. Do they typically fit if you buy the size they suggest? Love the instant gratification of this--are the other "getting started" patterns as good as this one?

          70. Jane_Carlstrom | | #74

            *wow Mary A. You did really GOOD. The burda one seams are so fun and do have a nice forgiving fit. Do you have the Louise Cutting Video? She shows how to put pleats in the front of the wide leg. I also do pleats in the straight leg. To hide the nicely rounded belly. Just need to make sure esp with the st leg that you do not narrow the waist so much you cannot get the pant up over your hips. I do even a little more than LC shows to deemphasize the round front. Cut the elastic longer by 3-4 inches. At the very front about 1 1/2 to 2 inches either side of the CF seam do not stretch the elastic. sew it into the casing at a 1 to 1 ratio. This makes it hang smooth over the front, no added bulk. The rest of the waistband: the stretch and sew through the elastic is done as usual. BTW this is on one of the Sewing with Nancy tapes. Have used it for elastic waistbands for year

          71. barb_c | | #75

            *Mary I have been trying out the one seams too! I didn't get the Burda pattern but instead made my own with a pattern I had used for drawstring pants. I laid the sides (fairly straight with no curves) of the front and back piece together and traced around them. I then tried them out with some fabric from my stash........ they not only worked but I like them!!!I cut out a pair of blue linen shorts to make with the same pattern.I also dug in my stash of patterns and saw that the Lois Erikson pattern for the 1st Class Shirt with Reversable Pants is also a one seam pants pattern. This pattern has a bit more of a taper to the pants. Last night I adapted that pattern to fit me (quite a job!) and I am going to try that pattern out with some sandwashed rayon I have. I also plan to experiment with pockets. I think the pants really need something in the way of a pocket. I can see the potential for cargo pockets, patch pockets, and perhaps a small inside pocket on dressier pants.These pants go together so quickly I really can expand my pants wardrobe easily and quickly. I never would have thought that not making the side seams would save so much time (of course with the side seams are pockets).I guess I plan to sew this weekend! :-))

          72. Lala_H | | #76

            *barb c: If you did not get the Burda pattern, I assume you also did not get Louise Cutting's video with tips on making the one seams. She shows a neat way to put "in seam" pockets where there is no seam. The technique is very like doing the facing for a "slash" neckline opening. The "facing" is the "elephant ear pocket", the 2 halves cut as one piece on the fold. When my slinky arrives, I will make up my first Burda one seams and I plan to do this style of pocket...can't live without a pocket. Christine Jonson also uses a "pocket in a dart" in her cuff pants that have no side seam, but I have not seen the detail on that one.Lala

          73. Martha_McKeon | | #77

            *Mary - good going with your one-seams! Don't be afraid to stitch over the elastic - it's fun and looks great!As much as I love making and wearing these pants, I wouldn't be caught dead tucking a top into them - too short-waisted and slight pot belly. A high hip length top works great for me.

          74. Ann_Chafin | | #78

            *Carol, Is the "Liz" elastic similar to the Ban-Rol that Sandra Betzina is always recommending? I'm trying to get some idea if it is similar to anything I've used before. I can't find the Ban Rol locally, but I found the Stretch-Rite kind that is very similar. I used is in a pair of pants I made recently copying the technique I had seen on Sandra's show where you leave out the back darts on a pair of pleated front slacks and insert elastic in a casing in the back. I also used the elastic in the front waistband just as a form of stiffener. They turned out real well and I think I will probably use the technique again when I want a tailored pair of pants that don't kill me around the waist.

          75. Rosemarie | | #79

            *Does anyone have the Koala Craft Center that was featured in the latest flyer from Nancy's Notions? You can see it at: http://www.nancysnotions.com/product2.asp?sku=BCCWT&id=00200818431612538674Anyway, is it worth $400 plus $50 shipping? I really need a good work area, am tired of using the top of a twin size bed! I have a fold up Dritz "board" that I now use - I think it is made of cardboard - and have had it since I was in my teens! And THAT was ages ago!I know there are cheaper ones at JoAnn's, and they go on sale regularly. Perhaps that is better way to go? I've even thought of replacing our small round kitchen table with a drop leaf model with extra leaves.I'm concerned that the Koala top, which is 31" x 72", may be too narrow. Any opinions, please?

          76. Rosemarie | | #80

            *Oops! Think I should make the above a new topic under "Equipment" instead of putting it under "Where is Sewing World?"! Sorry 'bout that... :)

          77. barb_c | | #81

            *Lala Thank You! I will have to try that. It sounds a bit like a bound pocket or Besom (sp?) pocket ......like the kind you find on jackets and blasers....I too bought some slinky from Christine Jonson and am waiting for inspiration to stitch it up. I will have to say I bought just plain old black.... couldn't think of what color to buy, and well... black IS a basic. I bought five yards so I might just have enough for a few pieces. I am thinking of a pullover top, pants, and skirt. I might need a bit more if I am to make all three of them but honestly I am a stocker upper so I really don't want to have too much slinky sitting around. Besides black is a basic.. ;-) I also bought her jacket patterns but I am afraid to try them in a slinky....My shorts went together well. My husband who complained about the fullness of the pants thinks the shorts (from the same pattern) are just right. Go figure! I made the shorts in a longer lenght and I think I am going to try them again and put cargo pockets on them.

          78. Lala_H | | #82

            *barb c: my slinky that's on order is also black. I figure when I make it up in the one seam pants, it will be my "basic black evening skirt" when I need one. I thought it would surely get here by Sat, but maybe today...Yes, the pocket technique is very like a bound pocket except you stitch to a teeny point and don't leave any of the facing showing. She actually cuts through the top of the waist/casing area to turn this and then stitches the casing slit back shut after smoothing the pocket all in the front direction. She says you won't even see that stitching in among the gathers from the elastic.But I don't know why you could not also do a variation that would really be a bound pocket placed vertically at the "side seam" just below the casing stitching line. I actually prefer pockets to be just a bit more to the front than the side seam, easier to get my hand into it. I'll bet you could hide a pocket in the underlay area of a pleat.Lala

          79. barb_c | | #83

            *Interesting. I have thought of putting in a pocket on a slant to the side of the front...... the pocket at the side near the waistband sounds interesting. My basic pants style for the past few years (since I have grown in girth) has been an elasticized waist with side pockets. So this style will suppliment them nicely. I can make something quickly and have it to wear if I need something. No matter what patterns I buy I end up making some of the same things over and over again and again. I think the patterns open the possibilities but the reality is pretty plain seperates do the best. I tend to like styles like Eileen Fisher, Eddie Bauer, Flax, and Bluefish. They are all pretty basic with an occasional twist.

          80. Ann_Chafin | | #84

            *Louise - are you among us this evening. I received my packet of interfacing samples today. My goodness, what a wide variety of interfacings. Tomorrow morning, it's going to be "test the interfacings" morning. I know already that I want to try some of all the tapes. I'm especially anxious to try the sleeve tape. And the hem tape really looks interesting. I can't remember if that's what you call it, now. It's upstairs next to the recliner to study some more before I go to bed. Thanks so much for going to all the trouble of cutting the interfacing, labeling and doing the digest on the different ones and their particular uses. That fine, soft, microfiber for use in silkies is super - I can see it now. I'm anxious to try it out on some silk I have tomorrow. I'll definitely be placing an order for several of the interfacings, I'm sure.Counting the days until we can see the drawing of the new jacket.

          81. Lala_H | | #85

            *My interfacings kit came today, too. I had no idea there was such a variety of interfacings available. some of them are "lucious" just to touch.And the class schedule made me wish I lived in FL. I know that Louise explained to us what that "Almost Bias" skirt is, but of course I did not copy her post to a safe place and y'all know what has happened... Does anyone remember what she said about that skirt? I am intrigued by the possibilities.Lala

          82. louise_m._cutting | | #86

            *I am here. I'm still in Ft. Laud until tomorrow and then back to Winter Park. I am glad you liked the interfacings, Ann. The 'dream weave' and 'sewers dream' are just the best. I like the 'surperior soft superior' for tailoring. It has a much softer hand when applied than the interfacings that look similar to it that come from companies in the US. I will be back in the store on Wed. to help those who need it. I am trying to clear my e-mails from my friends computer. I only have 197 more to go. I have been on a mega-shopping tour for new pattern ideas and came up with some winners that will be incorporated into future designs. Back to e-mail reading. Louise http://www.fabriccollections.com

          83. Stefanie_Freeman | | #87

            *Hi! I finally found you guys. I have been avoiding the computer because that error message was so maddening!I am still pregnant - unbelievable. We went to the zoo today since my inlaws were in town and I actually agreed to use a wheelchair because I can't really walk this kid is so low.Anyhow - I have been sewing since I cannot sleep much. I have almost finished the trial romper for my nephew's Christening romper - just need to apply snaps and then mail it off to check the fit of the size small. It looks so cute and I am glad I did this one in seersucker and broadcloth as I now know what to watch out for in doupionni (I don't want to rip that out much!)Well, maybe this kid will decide to arrive soon. Hope this posts properly...it's so nice to see so many SW regulars!

          84. Sandra_Carden | | #88

            *Hi everybody,So glad to be re connected with my sewing friends! But WAAAAHHHHHH I still miss Sewing World! Does anyone know from past experience how long it will be down?Yesterday I went to the sale at Joann's and got some 1/4 inch wide Steam a Seam 2, basting spray, some needles and other miscellaneous sewing stuff. Oh, and a replacement Olfa ruler 6 by 24 inches, as NH had stepped on mine and broke it when I was measuring some pattern pieces on the carpeted living room. For sewing, I have been making every stupid, mindless mistake (all my fault, totally my fault!) with the Sandra Betzina pin tuck knit dress. So at this point it is a muslin for fitting purposes. And I spent some time writing up descriptions of sewing books and put them up on bay. I have been meaning to "get around to this" for a long time. So I am feeling more organized than usual, what a great feeling!Hope everyone in the US has a safe and happy holiday!!!Sandra

          85. Mary_A | | #89

            *Wheee! These one-seams are too much fun! Jane C, thank you for your tip on the 1 to 1 ration at the CF seam! I tried that and it does really help to hide that little protuberance! And Martha, I got up my nerve and stitched through the elastic and it improved the appearance of these pants immensely and was really no big deal (but then you knew that). Thanks for the help! Also thank you to the person who suggested cutting the elastic 4" shorter than your waist measurement. Excellent! Can't get over how slimming these are if used in the right weight of fabric--makes a HUGE difference. Am so glad I find ya'll in this little corner!

          86. Mary_A | | #90

            *Here's another dilemma. do any of you remember the gorgeous all-over eyelet in the navy linen that Phoenix had several months ago? Well, in my ZEAL, I cut a pair from that. So now I wonder if I must also line them? If I just wear black undies do you think I could get away with it? Too tacky do you think to see skin underneath? Seems a bit daunting for someone who is afraid to stitch through the elastic! LOL! Help!

          87. D_Hall | | #91

            *Mary... My opinion: Tacky! Unless of course, you have navy skin. LOL!This sounds like a good case for a navy pant liner. Hopefully, someonewill give you tips or I'll post later. In the middle of watching Wimbledon...HTH...Darlette

          88. Jane_Carlstrom | | #92

            *Oh, oh Mary A. -- What a HOOT! I second Darlette's tacky -- or go all out and try a bright fuschia or yellow pant liner. Glad to hear the "tummy smoothing" trick works for you too! Ja

          89. Martha_McKeon | | #93

            *Mary - you can make the elastic 5 or 6 inches shorter than your waist. Do you have Louise's video?Thanks to the miracle of L'Eggs pantyhose, you can even have navy blue skin! How about navy pantyhose under them?

          90. Ann_Chafin | | #94

            *Hey, I like the idea of the navy hosiery underneath, but I bet the pants would hang better with the navy pants liner. You all are giving me some ideas here. I haven't gotten back to the three pieces I was going to make into one-seams yet - making a mundane long summer robe from a new Simplicity pattern. One of those utilitarian things that is about as sexy as celery! Maybe tomorrow morning!

          91. D_Hall | | #95

            *Re: my post on SW about the 60" cutting surface...Can someone remember if I was supposed to wrap the plywood or homeosote in 2 blankets or 3?I got 3 thrift wool blankets... 2 of 'em look pretty ratty... but nothing a goodwashing won't cure... hopefully .And I can't find my heavy duty electric stapler gun either. Guess I'lluse some of that all-around-standby-product.... Duct Tape!HeeHeeee! Darlette

          92. Ann_Chafin | | #96

            *Darlette,If you have three, go ahead and use all three. I have found that they soon squash down. At first it may seem a little cushy, but time will take care of that. I used 2 layers of army blanket and they are pretty flat, if you know what I mean, and now I wish I had used three layers. If your blankets are the normal home blanket kind and not army blankets, they are pretty cushy but not much substance and will mat down quickly. Also, the washing will help felt the wool and make it better for the project. And anyway, who cares what it looks like? You are going to be putting a cover over it anyway - right?Good luck with the duct tape - isn't it wonderful stuff.

          93. Rosemarie | | #97

            *Hi Darlette!I didn't see your post on Sewing World -- would you please tell more about the cutting surface. Thanks!

          94. Rosemarie | | #98

            *Just to let everyone know that there is a 4th of July sale at Fabrics Unlimited (www.fabricsunlimited.net) The sale runs through July 6. Also, check out the New Warehouse Specials at Sawyer Brook. (www.sawyerbrook.com)NAYY -- I just like a Sale!!! :)

          95. D_Hall | | #99

            *Hell.... we ALL like a SALE! LOL!:-D

          96. carol_broscheid | | #100

            *You mean celery isn't sexy? All these years .........

          97. heather_blair | | #101

            *Carol,I won't tell you my thoughts on finishing your sentence!!! It cannot be aired...LOLHeather

          98. Mary_A | | #102

            *Ok, I think the celery may have more appeal than my unlined navy eyelet one-seams so I believe I will table them (which is akin to being on death-row around here). Likewise with left-over produce--it gets chilled first, and when it starts to stink it gets thrown out, too.

          99. carol_broscheid | | #103

            *Heather, I think we should get out of the produce department - I had to bite my tongue too!!!!!! We may be getting a little balmy here - waiting for SW to come back. Wonder where it went?

          100. Elona_Masson | | #104

            *Carol, I think it went on vacation. If I remember right, it was more than a week last year until Krista returned.

          101. barb_c | | #105

            *Mary could you make the pants with a second fabric lining it(or even reversible)? If so I would recommend a chiffon, georgette, or even a handkerchief linen. You could have some very dressy pants from a simple mistake. If you want to keep it natural fibers you could use silk.Sandra Betzina shows one seam pants with a lining in her book No Time to Sew. She has them reversible one side in chiffon and the other georgette. You can shelf them for awhile but don't let them become wadders just yet.....

          102. heather_blair | | #106

            *Carol yes, we are definitely going bananas!!!scream, scream.We need to be getting some sewing done. I have some 15+ patterns to cut out, so I started tonight. Just finished cutting an Isaac Mizrahi,(sp?) I truly never thought I would come to the last piece - coat, pants and skirt with coat lining. My 8yr old has decided to cut the patterns for her clothes, so that is a big help. I also did get the 1 seam pants after my second run, so I am anxious to pull it out and see the shapes. I didn't know that it was a "cropped" pants though. I guess I could lengthen it. The pants in the Mizrahi envelope also seems cropped, very wide legged but with darted waist, and belted, does seem a nice shape.

          103. Chris_B | | #107

            *Hi Everybody!I MISS SW so much!I'm not on the puter 1/2 as much,but have noticed I'm liking eBay more & more!Incase no one answered yet...if I remember right,Sw was down for almost 3 weeks last year during this same time.:(

          104. Ileen_DaPonte | | #108

            *Need a cyber-sewing fix? Compuserve's wonderful Fibercrafts forum is now open to *everyone*! For free.http://go.compuserve.com/fibercraftsIf you are an AOL or Instant Messaging member, you can use your screenname and password to login. If you do not have a screenname, there's a link at the bottom of the page to get a FREE one.The Fibercrafts Forum has sections for all aspects of fiber-related crafts including Sewing, Quilting, Machine Embroidery, Fabric Dying, Knitting, etc. Members create their own message headers so you can start up a thread left dangling when SW went down.Also there are: *.gif uploads, a file library, chat rooms, weekly online conferences, and the most wonderful staff members that give great help and keep it all organized.Check it out!IleenNo Paid Affiliation, just a member since '96

          105. BC | | #109

            *Hello Everybody!! How funny, when we all talk about the "crash" it wasn't the depression we are all talking about!! LOLJane has started some topics on the Sew-What's-New.com board and we could certainly use some input from everybody!!! Help! I know they are all getting tired of hearing me!!! :)HOpe everyone is doing lots of sewing!!Brenda

          106. Jane_Carlstrom | | #110

            *Number 1 - I duley proclaim I never get tired of reading a post from BC! A few if us ole SWorlders are making some new friends at SWN, have livened up the boards, and don't think we have offended or alienated anyone. which bring me to Number 2 - to second BC's welcome to join us there if you are hungry for chatting. Mary A.- do you have Louise's one-seam video? At the end she shows how she did 4 layers of sheer chiffon for a fancy pants set. Did the inseams and crotch seperately but put the layers together before sewing the waist casing. Would that not work slick for your eyelet? Barb's idea of handkerchief linen (or even cotton batiste) could be real pretty; silk or chiffon OOOh la la!. Jane

          107. Karla_Kizer | | #111

            *I am SO excited. Just got home from work, tried SW - AND GOT ON! Are we really up and running again?

          108. D_Hall | | #112

            *Hot Damn! It's back! And it looks like everything's still there too.Yipppeeee!

          109. Ginna | | #113

            *I tried to get in at 6:30 CDT and got a message that they were experiencing technical difficulties. At least we know that they are working on it.Ginna

          110. Amo_ | | #114

            *Goodbye all you "interems". Thanks for being here to keep us SW-ers in touch during the emergency.Next year, same time! (Wanna bet?)

          111. Elona_Masson | | #115

            *Ann-Mari, don't say goodbye yet. I recall that technical difficulties kept SW off the air for quite some time last year, even after Krista and co. got back from vacation.

          112. D_Hall | | #116

            *I got in at home on the primitive PC system. Got all the bells n' whistles at work & can't access SW. Go figure?Darlette

          113. barb_c | | #117

            *Maybe work blocked you. :-)))))

          114. D_Hall | | #118

            *Barb C--- bite your cyber-tongue! I shutter to even THINK that!

          115. Amo_ | | #119

            *Now, Elona, can I say Good Bye and thanks for the nice company during the SW disappearing act?

          116. Elona_Masson | | #120

            *Ann-Mari, of course you can say goodbye--IF you are able to access SW! I'm still getting the "technical difficulties" message.

          117. C_Brining | | #121

            *Try http://sewingworld.com/bbcgi/Ultimate.cgi My old link didn't work but this one does

          118. Elona_Masson | | #122

            *Thanks, C Brining! It works like a charm.

          119. D_Hall | | #123

            *This is the 1st time I've been able to get to the Gatherings discussion.Oh thank you, C Brining!Darlette

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