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Couture Techniques Workshop - Basics with Claire Shaeffer

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This video series features three hours of insider tips and secrets for creating high-end couture garments and home accessories. See an expert at work as Claire Shaeffer illustrates the basic techniques that take sewing to the next level -- from hand sewing and machine stitching to marking methods, pressing, and hemming.

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Episodes in this Series


Claire Shaeffer demystifies the art of creating high-end garments.


Claire explains all of the tools you need for couture sewing.

Basting Stitches

Claire demonstrates various basting stitches including even, uneven, and diagonal stitches.

Permanent Stitches

Get acquainted with different permanent hand stitches such as the running stitch, catch stitch, cross stitch, and back stitch.


Learn how slipstitches and fell stitches are used in hand sewing.

Bars and Chains

Thread bars and chains can be used in couture sewing for a variety of uses, including lingerie guards and to replace a hook and eye closure.

Hemming Stitches

Finish your garment with hand-sewing precision using the blind stitch and hand overcasting.

Marking Techniques

Learn to mark a pattern on your fabric using techniques such as the dressmaker's basting stitch.


Learn the pressing tools you will need for your couture sewing.

Machine Stitching

Learn how to best use your sewing machine for couture sewing.


Learn to mark and sew a double-pointed dart for your couture garments.

Shrinking and Stretching

Claire demonstrates how to use ease to sew in a sleeve.


Learn how to work with bias to create garments.


Learn how to sew stays into any edge.

Goodbye from Claire

More resources for couture sewing.