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Industry Insider Techniques DVD, Vol. 2

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In Volume 2 of this great series, Louise Cutting demystifies the complexities of duplicating designer looks as she demonstrates important techniques in step-by-step detail. Learn little-known secrets for achieving finishing touches like weightless pocket flaps, graded seam allowances, and pucker-free corners.

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Episodes in this Series

Ripple Free Double-Fold Bias Binding

Louise demonstrates a French binding technique.

Carefully Clipped Curves

This clean neckline is found in most ready-to-wear garments.

Interface a Classic Lapel

Properly interfacing a lapel can help achieve the perfect fit.

Inset Corners Simplified

Louise demonstrates a fool-proof method for creating perfect corners every time.

Weightless Pocket Flap

Learn this streamlined technique found in Armani garments.