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Threads Fitting Series: Waist & Hips

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Learn how to custom-fit or alter pants and skirts like a pro. In this video, the experts at Threads magazine demonstrate effective techniques for custom-fitting pants to accommodate any body type. Watch a wide range of proven techniques used by professionals to address these typical fitting challenges.

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Episodes in this Series

Fitting Waist & Hips

Kenneth D. King explains how to pair fabric with patterns to create a great pair of pants.

Getting the Right Measurements

Judith Neukam explains the correct method for measuring pants.

Fitting From the Hips to the Waist

Judith Neukam shares how to drape a muslin to get the pefect fit.

Fitting a Full or Flat Derriere

Adjusting a pattern to shorten or lengthen the crotch will help fit pants.

Fitting a Full Front Thigh

Adding fabric to allow for a full front thigh is a simple solution.

Adjusting the Length

Fitting pants is as easy as adjusting the pattern.