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Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 2

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Learn even more must-know techniques in the second installment of our Teach Yourself to Sew video series. Follow along asThreads Senior Technical Editor Judith Neukam walks you lessons on inserting invisible zippers, creating perfectly finished seams, and building your own custom dress form.

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Episodes in this Series

Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 2 - A message from Threads

Even more great sewing techniques. Great for beginners or anyone wanting to brush up on their skills.

Welcome to Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 2

Even more great sewing techniques. Great for beginners or anyone wanting to brush up on their skills.

Sewing Machine Needles 101

Learn about the anatomy of a sewing needle and how to choose the right needle for your project.

Two Great Seam Finishes

Learn two ways to finish a seam allowance.

How to Finish a Facing Edge

Learn about the many varieties of interfacing and which is right for your project.

Bling & Studs 101

Learn how to apply different embellishments to readymade or handsewn clothes.

How to Sew a Double-Fold Hem

Learn how to sew a double fold hem around a curve with a specialized presser foot.

Elastic 101

Learn about the different types of elastic.

How to Apply Elastic

Learn several ways to apply elastic.

How to Sew Casings for Elastic & Drawstrings

Learn a method for adding elastic or drawstrings to your garments.

3 Ways to Gather

Learn several easy ways to gather fabric.

Patch Pockets

Learn how to make a patch pocket perfect for almost any garment.

Project: Sew an Apron

Learn how to sew a basic apron with patch pockets.

How to Sew an Invisible Zipper

Learn one method for adding a zipper to your garment.

Make Your Own Dress Form. Part 1

Learn how to make your own dress form out of duct tape.

Make Your Own Dress Form, Part 2

Finish the dress form and add a floor stand.

A Word From the Editors of Threads

Learn about other Threads products and sewing resources.