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Teach Yourself to Sew Season 5

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Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 5 focuses on fitting and will provide you with what you need to know before cutting out your fabric. Good planning is fundamental and that's what you'll learn to do. Follow along as Threads Executive Editor Judith Neukam walks you through lessons on how to take and chart your measurements, find the right pattern size, check the pattern vs. your body before you start, and establish your preferred fit. These lessons are designed to turn beginners into discriminating sewers.

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Episodes in this Series

Preview: Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 5 - Introduction

Preview the latest season of the beginner sewing series, Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 5.

Preview: Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 5 - What is Fit?

In this preview of Teach Yourself to Sew, Sewson 5, we cover the very basics of fit, starting with a simple question - what is it?

Mark Your Measurements

Knowing all the steps to properly marking your measurements is a crucial part of the fitting process.

Take Your Measurements

In this chapter, we cover which measurements to take and how to take them.

How to Buy the Right Pattern Size

For some, purchasing patterns can be overwhelming - how do you choose the right size? We'll show you how.

Map Your Body and Compare it to a Standard Pattern

Your body is unique. In order to get the fit you need, you've got to be able to determine the difference between your measurements and those of the pattern you're starting with.

A Garment Hangs from Your Shoulders

Your shoulders are one of the most important areas to consider when fitting a top.

How to Analyze the Fit You Prefer

There are a few things to take into account when you consider your preferred fit.

The Croquis

In this chapter, you will learn to create and use your own personal croquis.

Use a Camera to Help Fit

During the muslin stage, a camera will allow you to observe the fit from many angles with ease.

The Dress Form

A dress form is an invaluable tool, but to customize it to your fit, consider modifying a standard dress form or making your own.

How to Make the Clothes You Want to Fit the Way You Want

It's unlikely a pattern's length will be perfect for you right off the shelf, so here's how to alter a pattern's length.

Fit the Circumference

Fitting for a circumference is a more complicated topic than basic fitting, but here are some resources to help you with it.

Make a Test Garment

A test garment is worth the extra effort. Here is some advice for when you're making one.

Fine Tune the Shape with Darts

Darts are a powerful asset that will allow you to create the exact shape you want in a garment.

How to True Seams

When you're altering patterns, you will need to true seams to ensure that all the pieces fit together perfectly. We've got some tips on how to do that.

Teach Yourself to Sew, S5 - Conclusion: Notes on Fitting

Judith and Stephani offer some closing remarks and sum up all the most important advice that they gave in this season of Teach Yourself to Sew.