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Conversational Threads

Looking for a Jacket Pattern

LindaFaye | Posted in Patterns on

Hi, I’m new here.  Haven’t sewn in a very long time, but trying to get back into it.  Right now I am looking for a jacket pattern that has only 7 0r 8 pieces.  All of the ones that I am seeing have 14 pieces or more for a lined jacket.  Since I haven’t sewn in such a long time, I feel that I need to start projects that have the fewest pattern pieces.

I love the new shorter length blazer look, can anyone help?  Linda Faye





  1. User avater
    Becky-book | | #1

    Dear Linda Faye,

    If you want the structured look of a blazer, you will probably have to use the lined pattern with lots of pieces.

    If you want a simpler jacket pattern you will need to give up some of the details that a blazer has.

    Look at the McCalls pattern web site, pattern num M8155; I have not actually made this , but it looks like what you were asking for.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Mangoes | | #2

    Old minimal pieces patterns-

    Try the charity shops. People donate their old patterns.

    An alternative -purchase a jacket from a charity shop, try for fit,wash and unpick, iron and you have your patterns.


  3. mawsev | | #3

    Simplicity 4241 is a nice lined jacket without a collar. Princess seams in front, darts in back. One piece sleeves, no pockets. I have seen this one made up and it looks very nice. In my opinion, they chose hideous colors for the fabric used in the models.

  4. kayrosie | | #4

    I have not got it done yet but I am making an unlined jacket right now and I don't have that many pieces the number is McCalls 5143.  You might like that one.  I will let you know when I get it done.  It is really not a fitted one though so if that is what you are looking for.




  5. mainestitcher | | #5

    Burday 2952 is not the shorter length, but it did go together easily and had the additional benefit of making me feel as if I looked thinner.

    Once you've cut it out and have it together, I imagine you could try pinning it shorter. Leave out the pockets.

  6. User avater
    sergerqueen | | #6

    Some of the Loes Hinse Design patterns are good.  I lke the Bolero pattern.  Also the Textile Studio patterns.  You might also try Sandra Betzina's Today's Fit patterns for Vogue.  They are very instructional, too.  Also, Louise Cutting's Jean Jacket pattern is suppose to be good and she always has very detailed instructions to walk you through each step.


    1. LindaFaye | | #10

      I have never heard of Louise Cutting - can you tell me about her patterns?

      1. User avater
        sergerqueen | | #13

        Louise Cutting used to have a fabric store in Orlando, FL.  Now, she only does mail order and travels to shows.  Her site is http://www.fabriccollections.com and her pattern line is Cutting Line Designs.  The specific pattern I was thinking of is "By Popular Demand."  Each and every pattern she designs has a ton of step-by-step instructions and it is like she is right there teaching you.  Good Luck!

        1. LindaFaye | | #14

          Oh Ladies, I love the Louise Cutting site!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!  I love the look of her patterns.  And thanks again for sharing your sewing tips.

  7. woodruff | | #7

    You might want to look at the Capri Jacket at http://www.textilestudiopatterns.com or the Bolero or Piazza jackets at http://www.loeshinsedesign.com

    There are extensive reviews and tips about these at http://www.patternreview.com

  8. Teaf5 | | #8

    I have made three jackets from Simplicity 5253 out of a variety of fabrics and love each one; they're very flattering and fit nicely, so I bought Simplicity 4954, which sounds more like what you're looking for, in the hopes that it works equally well.  Haven't tried that one yet, but it may be work a look.

  9. LindaFaye | | #9

    All of your responses to my inquiry were VERY HELPFUL!!!  Thanks a lot!  I have checked out the suggested web sites and will check out the suggested pattern numbers as well.

    I am so egar to get back to a craft that I use to love so much.  I use to sew quite well, but have been away it for so long I have a little bit of fear getting started again.  I am trying to make simple things to start with.  So far I've made a pair of pajamas, denim gouchos, and boxer shorts for my six year old grand son.

    Thanks a lot again for all of your help.  I am so glad I discovered this site!!!!

    Linda Faye

  10. JGFLO | | #11

    I have been sewing for a very long time and can do jacket tailoring. But there is no need to get into that kind of construction any more. Start with an easy pattern like Simplicity 4635. View B. Don't line it. Use a tapestry fabric that looks good on both sides and zig-zag very closely to edge with very short stitch length. The colar will flip back and show the back of the fabric and make a cute jacket. No buttons, no binding. This can be done very quickly and you will feel great about your first project.

    1. cafms | | #12

      This is her website.  She came to our sewing guild last year and taught an all day class on various techniques.  She has patterns, books and fabrics at this site and is located in Florida.


      1. JGFLO | | #15

        I think that you ment to send this message to sergerqueen who asked the question. I know Louise and have used her patterns for years. They are great,

        1. cafms | | #16

          Sorry, it should have gone to Linda Faye.  It was late last night.

          1. LindaFaye | | #17

            I found several Very Easy Vouge Patterns that have seven or eight pieces - JUST WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR - few pattern pieces!

            The question that I have now is:  even when a jacket pattern does not call for a lining - can't I still line it???  I need simple construction in a jacket, but I really love the feel of a lining.  I love seeing jackets lined with crazy, satiny linings. 

            Any tips on lining a garment where the pattern does not call for a lining????


          2. ctirish | | #18

             The last post was on Sept 25 so maybe you have the jacket all made...LOL  I have been sewing for 40 yrs, I started sewing with my mother and then I took classes at the Singer Sewing Center - that was the place to go in the 50s and then I joined 4H for a few years.

            If you want to list the number of the Vogue pattern you are using, one of us may have it and we can sort of check in as you are doing things. Or give you tips to avoid some tough spots along the way. 

             Even though I have been sewing for years, a couple of years ago I took a class on doing the shoulders and sleeves  in a jacket and I was amazed what had developed for little tricks and ways to do things differently. I remember coming home and thinking, I don't know how to sew anymore.  But their are enough of us to help..


          3. LindaFaye | | #19

            Thanks for your suggestions!  Unfortunately, and sad to say I have not finished my jacket project.  I experienced a problem setting the sleeves in, and the project just sat for almost a week.  I guess the fear of not being able to set the sleeves in got to me.  Finally, last night I just jumped on it - saying right or wrong - I've got for complete this.  They may not be perfect (although they are really not that bad)  BUT I GOT THEM IN.  Couldn't wait to get home from work to jump on it again.  I'm about to put the shoulder pads in; then the facing, upper collar and lining. and finally the hem and buttonholes.

            I'm making McCalls M5113, its a Palmer/Pletsch classic fit pattern.  The pattern view looked easy to me; but after I bought it I discovered it had 11 pattern pieces which were too many for me after not sewing for so long; I should have picked something easier.  I am however determined to finish it, then I will make the matching pants (only four pieces) with a back zipper.

            I think my next project will be Very Easy Very Vogue 9574.  This jacket only has 6 pieces and is lined.  The only thing is it has a front separating zipper which I have never done before (ANY TIPS ON APPLYING THE SEPARATING ZIPPER WOULD BE APPRECIATED!).  I'm making this jacket and matching pants out of navy blue gabardine.

            Another is Very Easy Vogue 8161, a short above the hip button down the front jacket.  The pattern does not call for a lining, but I want to line it anyway.  I think I can figure it out with some work, but TIPS ON THIS WOULD BE APPRECIATED ALSO.

            Thanks again, +

          4. mygaley | | #20

            I did not sew for about 4 years in the late 80s and when I returned, the sewing notions had changed so much I thought I was in wonderland: disappearing marking pens, solvy, fusible threads... Have you ever used the washout sticky tape for putting in zippers? It should work well for your separating zipper installation. Also, I have found that it doesn't take near as long to baste a zipper in as it does to rip one out!:)

          5. LindaFaye | | #22

            That is exactly the way I feel, LIKE I'M IN WONDERLAND!, since coming back into the sewing arena.  I scrounged around and found all of my sewing stuff, tools, etc., all except my rotary cutter and board (which I have forgotten how to use anyway).  But I know there is so much new suff out there that I don't know about.  My Mom keeps telling me it's like riding a bike - it will all come back to me (I CERTAINLY HOPE SO).  I find myself over listening to the conversations of other ladies at the fabric store, listening for hints or tips, and hoping to make a sewing friend.  I will definately be basting the zipper in first, mainly because this will be my first one, but thanks for the hint.  I usually tend to pin baste zippers, but I think I will start hand basting all of my zippers, cause taking them out is quite worrysome!

          6. LindaFaye | | #23

            P.S.  I really love this board, and am glad that I found my first issue of THREADS Magazine that lead me to it.  Everyone is so helpful!

          7. solosmocker | | #30

            Can we help you with your sleeve setting problem? That way, next time may be easier.

          8. LindaFaye | | #34

            Thanks for the offer of help.  My problem was a circle that the instructions asked me to match, but was actually not printed on the pattern.  For instance, the sleeve pattern had the circle, but the jacket pattern piece did not.  I looked and looked for it but could not find it.  I finally got the sleeve in anyway.  I guess my main problem was picking a pattern that was tailored in the first place since I had not sewn in a long, long time.  Next time I'll ask for help first.  Linda

  11. dimmie | | #21

    Hi,  I am new also and not sure if I am doing this right.  I have a formal wedding next summer and I have some beautiful lace that I would like to make an easy jacket and probably full pants.  Would I line the jacket with hthe same fabric as the pants or skirt?  I am 5'3" and 142 lbs.  I have large boobs, small waiste and big hips.  What style jacket (simple I think and probably short).  Would really love to hear your ideas - anyone.



    1. LindaFaye | | #24

      Don't know if I can be much help, but I'm looking at Very Easy Vogue Pattern V8133.  Looks like it could be made to look dressy.  It only has 5 pieces, which is what I love.  The pattern is unlined so I posted a question about lining it anyway but I have not gotten a reply on that one yet.  I think lining it is something that I could figure out, but not quite sure yet.  I haven't made this one yet, but I am thinking about it.

      1. dimmie | | #25

        thanks, I will check it out.  Talk to you soon.

      2. User avater
        Becky-book | | #28

        Dear Linda,

        There is a great article on linings in Threads mag. #115 pg 60.

        The basic idea is:

        construct item of fashion fabric

         and one of lining fabric, leaving an opening for turning

        sew them together

        turn right side out

        close up lining

        Now I realize this is over simplified, jackets do need a little more instruction than this.  If you don't have this issue of Threads, I could fill in some more detail.


        1. LindaFaye | | #35

          It would be great if you could fill in some of the blanks for me.  I get the general idea, but I guess I just want to be more confident about it.  The only issue of threads that I have is the last one (which I love) and I can't afford to stock up on back issues right now.  Maybe one day. 

          Thanks for your help.  Linda

    2. Ralphetta | | #26

      I have found that if you have a nice small waist, you will look slimmer in a top/jacket that has some shaping/darts rather than a boxy shape.  I don't mean darts that are figure hugging, but just some gentle shaping that eliminates some of the excess fabric through the middle.  The box shape gives the illusion that "you" are that thick.

      I guess what I'm suggesting is something that suggests/hints at an hourglass.   I don't have any hips...it's all in the rear, and there is plenty.  In my case I always get a more flattering fit if I have a center back seam so I can shape it a little bit.  I think of each seam as a potential place to tweak.  The fewer pieces, the fewer places to improve/adapt if it doesn't hang like I expected.

      I know you are supposed to do all that tweaking, etc. on the pattern before you cut...but I'm obviously not that good at it because I get surprises.

      Someone mentioned lining.  If it is a lace jacket, how about underlining?  I know there have been many discussions about underlining and I think it has many advantages.  One, that I don't remember reading, is that things just don't wrinkle as badly.  I don't think I look as rumpled in underlined things.

      I'm no expert...these are just some thoughts that might help.

      1. dimmie | | #32

        thanks,  I was thinking of a jacket with a slight princess shaping and possibly lining it with the same fabric as the pants/shirt.  I just have to find the right pattern and I will make a muslim first.  Thanks again.

    3. mygaley | | #27

      Since you have a lot of time, this is a perfect time to make up your pattern and fit it perfectly on your body. Short jackets look wonderful on some women and not on others. Consider trying on some in a store and measure the length of the ones that are flattering. (Be sure and honor the store's merchandise by being careful and also choose to give that store your business for other items.) The advice you have been given about some fit in the below bust and waist is good; it's a shame to waste a waist LOL. Some thoughts: Use a fabric that you will be able to wear your "muslin" when you are through; there are patterns that are designed especially for lace and with/without linings as you prefer--Give yourself a break and try and select one of these patterns; one of the things I love is being to shop for patterns as home; try especially the new hotpatternsstore--just google to get it. Galey

      1. dimmie | | #33

        thanks, the tips are great.

    4. User avater
      Becky-book | | #29

      Depending on the pattern you choose and the strength of the lace, you could make a lovely 'see-through' jacket, and a shell to match your pants or skirt. Since it is a summer wedding you won't need the jacket for warmth.  For my daughter's wedding I had made myself a green dress; put it on for hem marking; looked like Christmas tree!! So I used some leftover chiffon from her dress and made an unlined long jacket.  It toned down the green but let it show through.

      Hope this helps,


      1. dimmie | | #31

        thanks so much for the info.  Sounds like it might be a solution.

    5. ctirish | | #36

      I would check the patterns carefully to see if they say lace under recommended fabrics. What type of lace is it? Is it strong enough for pants?   Do you know who Martha Pullen is? She does a lot of work with lace and heirloom sewing. You may want to check out her site and/or books to see what they suggest for sewing lace..   jane

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