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Keep Track of Fitting Order

submitted by Barbara Snyder
from Threads #117

When I'm adjusting and fitting patterns, I often make an adjustment, test it, and then make a second, third, and maybe fourth adjustment. To keep track of which marking line is the most current one, I mark them in rainbow order (red, orange, green, blue, indigo, and violet). I use a red pen the first time I mark an adjustment. If I adjust the same line again, I mark the new line in orange. If I adjust it again, I use green. (I skip yellow -- it's too hard to see.) So until I trace a final copy of the finished pattern, I can tell by looking which adjustment line reflects the most recent changes.

Unfortunately, this system shows how far I am from my holy grail -- that master set of patterns that no longer needs adjusting. But until I get there, this method keeps me on track.


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Firefairy Firefairy writes: I love this idea- another reason I am thrilled to have my washable markers as a set rather than singles from the sewing store!
Posted: 7:57 am on December 3rd

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