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4D Software

MaryinColorado | Posted in Machine Embroidery on

The last few days I’ve been practicing what I learned in Computer Club.  What great fun!  We learned how to use “Encore” which takes a shape, buttonhole, or small design and duplicates it as many times as you set it for, in the size desired size.  It can also be set to repeat all the way around the edge of the hoop, or be circled or set in a straight line.  We also edited a flower off of a decorative buttonhole. 

We designed a Drawstring Sachet Bag, using decorative buttonholes to thread the ribbon drawstring through.  We added decorative stitches and an embroidery design.  Then we scalloped the top edge.  4 pages of instructions and lots to absorb, the instructor is excellent. 

Tonight I designed a Border for my brother who plays the sax.  Using the 4D Embroidery Extra software, edit, and Encore.  It has a large Kokopelli playing the saxophone design in the center.  then used the Encore function with a tiny Kokopelli design repeated for a border across the top and bottom.  I’m not sure what I’ll use the design for yet, maybe a notebook cover for his sheet music or placemats. 

I also practiced overlapping designs and removing the overlap so the embroidery won’t be double thickness in some areas.  Mary


  1. Crazy K | | #1

    Hi Mary,  Sounds like you're having fun with your new software!  Takes me back to my first classes with the 3d.  We made designs with the buttonholes, etc. and I think I still have mine.  I made a beautiful cross..........all with decorative buttonholes.  I have the encore but haven't used it for anything yet.  I guess I'm not very adventerous!

    Happy Stitching!


    1. MaryinColorado | | #2

      I figured out how to load .hus, .vip, and shv files into 4D Organzier last night.  They automatically change to the format for SE as that's the best one to work with.  Now I have to figure out how to change them to SHV and put them on floppy disks for my D1.  Do you know how to do this? 

      I hope I'm doing it right.  I accidentally got a few duplicates because I put them in different folders.  Do you know if designs can be deleted?  Hm, so much to learn.  Maybe I'll take a break from it today and do some sewing~

      My little brain must be swelling from thinking so much!  ha ha  Mary

      1. Crazy K | | #3

        One of the gals at the sewing dealership uses .PES......she says the colors come through more true on the computer screen???  I was instructed to use .HUS........that's not what the booklet says but that's what the instructor told us and it works.  The SE reads many formats so I guess whatever works, works!

        I'm not sure what procedure you're using but I load NOTHING into my hard drive.......I download my designs onto a floppy and then go into 3d (you'll use 4d) and change the format.  Pull up the designs.........go to 'disk manager'...... and then 'write'.......it will change the designs so the machine can read them.  Clear as mud, huh?

        To tell the software what format, go into your 'configure' mode in the software and choose the format you wish to use for your machine.  Then it will always convert to that.

        Hope this helps........must run.  I put my 'bus driver' hat on and take DGS to pre-K......

        More ??????, please ask........I'll try.

        Ooops.........I came back and re-read this.........you have a D1......I used .HUS format for that as well..........as per instructions from class.  I can't remember if the D1 reads multiple formats or not but it does read .hus...........  Yes,  I think you can delete the multiples........but maybe do so AFTER you're sure you have a copy on a floppy.  When I buy from Emb. Library I don't worry because I can go back into my order history and download again if I goof and lose something.


        Edited 1/29/2008 9:54 am ET by Crazy K

        1. MaryinColorado | | #9

          Thanks for suggesting Disk Manager, you were right!  It works great, and I was also able to load and delete designs in Organizer.  (See my reply to VK, silly me, got you two mixed up.  I was exhausted yesterday.  I hope I didn't offend either of you.) 

          There are so many great things about the new software.  I didn't expect to actually enjoy learning it, thought it would be tedious.  What a worthwhile investment it has turned out to be.

          Today I am going to MILs to help her learn to use her new Brother NS sewing machine.  She was always a Singer gal, but was open minded about finding the "right" machine.  She is so excited about the modern machines!  FIL was very patient, taking her to all the dealers.  He likes that they will work on the machines there too and give her classes for free.  He figured out the basics but is a "lefty" so she wants a "righty" to show her how to use the needle threader. 

           She has sewn forever but was overwhelmed at the shops, like a kid in a candy store with too many choices.  It was very humbling to help this experienced sewist focus on her needs; large "buttons", large enough harp for quilting, learning curve with technology, auto buttonhole, garment sewing, decorative stitches, etc.  She found several possibilities and her decision had alot to do with the excellent customer service.  It felt wonderful to help her and teach her about the new machines as she was an inspiration in getting me back into sewing years ago.  Mary

          1. Crazy K | | #10

            No apologies needed here...........no offense.  When reading all these its easy to get people mixed up .......or to click on the wrong message for a reply. 

            I'm so glad my suggestion helped you.  It's really quite easy if you're computer savvy...........it just takes a little time to learn your way around the different functions.  I'm really not a computer geek by any stretch but I didn't have too much trouble learning my software.  I played with it and then took some classes.  By playing ahead of time, I was somewhat familiar with what the instructor was teaching.  My bad hearing puts me at a disadvantage when in a group setting but my instructor was great, the other gals let me set close enough and where I could see the gal talk.  Made the whole thing so much more pleasant.

            I can tell, you're going to be going like a house a'fire in no time..........then there will be NO stopping you!! 

            That's great that your MIL is able to get a new machine.  She'll be amazed at the new technology.  You're so lucky to have them still.  You're just a few years younger than me and I've been an orphan for 30 years............lost my dad at 23 and mom at 30.....DH parents have both been gone a long time as well.  Enjoy them!!

            Have fun and Happy Stitching!


          2. MaryinColorado | | #11

            Thanks for all the encouragement!  I am getting more confident as I work with this software. 

            What was available 10 years ago was so limited and cumbersome, it seemed archaic by the time it hit the market.  I'd try it out and immediately be thinking "why can't it do this or that?", "why so many extra steps in each task?"  That's why I waited so long to upgrade.  I'm very happy with 4D Suite and hope it will enable me to finally learn digitizing from drawings!  It's been a long time coming, hope I am up to the task now that I have the right tools. 

            My beloved grandparents and my father passed away by the time I was in my early twenties.  I do feel blessed and am greatful to have the family members that are with us now.  I hope I am able to show them how preciouse they are to me, and that they are loved.  Mary

          3. MaryinColorado | | #14

            I have all my Sulky Rayon 40 wt., Holoshimmer, and Metallic embroidery threads loaded into "My Threads" and did a printout.  I reorganized three drawers of thread and still have to resort my "fun fibers" that I use for embellishment. 

            The instructor was out of town, so no classes this week.  I went into 4D Organizer and was able to sort designs, delete duplicates, and it is so easy to see what designs I have now.  All my embroidery floppy disks are now copied into the software on my desktop now.  Whew, there was so much to go through.  I also copied all of my designs to a CD for backup.  I'm not going to bother loading them all into the laptop, but I put some on a jump drive in case I want them for a class or when I travel. 

            So much to learn still.  Now that I am more comfortable with the software, I am going to take my time going through the tutorials in a more leisurely fashion.  I am so inspired by all it offers!  Maybe I'll make a crazy quilt with some of my practice designs so I have something to look back at.  The 4D block of the month class is very elegant looking so I might end up giving it to my mother when it is complete.  Mary

          4. Crazy K | | #15

            Boy!  You've been a busy gal! Good for you!  I keep all my designs on floppies......not my hard drive.  That was a recommendation from the gal that teaches software here.  She probably knew that I would become a 'design addict' and have to have oodles and oodles of them 'just in case'!! ha ha  I do keep them on  floppies and take the floppy to my machine........or the computer if I want to change something.  Since I get most all my designs from Emb. Library, I don't really need a backup since they have all my orders in my order history.........a very nice feature.  I have thought though that a good '3-day blizzard' project would be to take all my floppies and transfer my designs by subject (kids, Xmas, Birds, etc.) to a jump drive and then just keep the floppies for backup.  No rest for the wicked so far this winter and no major snowstorms so my idea is still just that.........an idea and goal.  BTW, I do not have a computer near my machine...........another reason that the floppies and external floppy drive work so well for me.  DH has asked if I want to get a laptop for that but so far I have resisted due to lack of space where I sew......the truth be known.....there really IS space, I just have too much stuff there!! ha

            I think my 3d does a lot of the same things that the 4d does but I have the Studio........not the professional so I can't do all the things you can.  So far, it has served me well and I don't see changing in the near future.  The only way would be if I would upgrade machines (when those new mysterious ones come out) and maybe try to finagle a package deal with the software, too. 

            Happy Stitching.......and thanks for the inspiration!  You may have just lit a fire under me!! haha


          5. MaryinColorado | | #16

            I don't think there is alot of difference between 3D and 4D.  I have all my designs on floppy disks or CD 's too, but after over 10 years of machine embroidering, there are too many to go through.  I must have had Martha Pullen and Sew Beautiful designs on about 12 different floppies because I (dis)organized by subject back then.  It took me a full day to get through them all. 

            (I forgot my old password and changed online provider so my order history at emblibrary doesn't include everything I've ordered from them.  Good thing I backed them up.)

            I also like the "search for design" function in the software.  You can evern search by hoop size.  I love to go to 4D Organizer and see pics of for instance, all my butterflys, their size and specs. on one screen. 

            It was worth the extra work and time to enter them,  you might love it. He he, I'm such an instigator.  Mary


          6. Crazy K | | #17

            Hi Mary,  I just went to Emb. Library website and there is a place where you can check if you have forgotten your password.  I think they will email it to you......and then you can change it or whatever.  Just a thought.  Maybe that is no longer an issue for you since you have backup of your designs.  I have had disks go bad and have had to go back and download them again to make them work.  Nice to have the Order History for that!

            I have lots and lots of designs as well...............5 large (the kind used in offices) loose leaf notebooks absolutely stuffed full of color change sheets..........DH teases me whenever I ohh and ahhh over something new.  He doesn't mind.........just that he figures I will have to compete with Methuselah in aging to use them all!!

            Happy Stitching!  Pix that follow are my latest........


          7. rodezzy | | #18

            Those were so sweet.  Love it!  Good work.

          8. Crazy K | | #19

            Thank you!  The set of four are a birthday gift for a little girl who turns one year next week.  I'm sure mom will like them even if the little one doesn't appreciate all my efforts! ha  The other three are some I made for a little one year old boy.  His mom really likes them.........they're large and absorbent!


            Edited 2/29/2008 3:29 pm ET by Crazy K

          9. rodezzy | | #20

            Yes, I'm sure the moms will appreciate them, the babies are too small to realize, except they might like the pictures, they are cute (smile).  What wonderful and useful gifts. 

          10. MaryinColorado | | #21

            So adorable!  Did you make the bibs or where are they from?  I like the way they snap instead of tie.  The neck looks so much more comfortable.  You did a beautiful job on the embroidery.  Mary

          11. Crazy K | | #22

            Thanks for the kind words, Mary.  I make the bibs.  I use pre-quilted fabric that I picked up at JoAnnETC and I have a bib from a book that I bought somewhere.  I love the pattern because the bibs are large enough to cover those toddlers that are learning to eat on their own.  After I do the embroidery, I finish the edge with extra wide bias tape using a 3-step zig-zag stitch and then use the no-snag velcro for closure.  They make lovely bibs and all that have received them really like them......well, the moms that is!  The kids couldn't care less.


          12. SAAM | | #23

            Kay, I love your bibs. Such cute designs! My sewing machine is on the fritz and I may soon be in the market for a new one. If so, I'm definitely going to look for an embroidery machine. Seeing what all of you do with embroidery is really inspiring.Sherry

          13. Crazy K | | #24

            Thanks for the kind words.  I have sewed for years and years but just got into the embroidery scene a few short years back.  I still haven't done anything wonderful or earth-moving but I do enjoy it and really have fun embellishing things for little one.....such as the bibs.  I have done other projects and enjoy them all.  If you are inspired but the embroidery, you would like it.  I embroider with a Husq. Designer SE and absolutely love it.  It is top of the line and pricey but it does everything......well, it doesn't do the housework!


          14. SAAM | | #25

            I've read a lot of good things about the Designer SE so I will definitely check it out.Sherry

          15. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #26

            Kay, those bibs are so cute!  The embroidery designs bring to mind the hand embroidery that my Granny used to do on dresser scarves, pillowcases, and dish towels.

          16. Crazy K | | #27

            Thanks so much!  The designs do have that hand done look to them.  I guess that's really what drew me to them.  And I think (personal opinion here!) they are just the ticket for the bibs!  So sweet.


          17. MaryinColorado | | #28

            I went to 3D/4D Block of the Month Club last night from 5-9.  (The first 2 hrs were for us newbies as this class just keeps going from block 1-12 so you can start with any block.  Another great concept). - There are 12 6 inch blocks in all.  Each time we learn different parts of the software.  It will be a very modern "sampler" quilt when finished.  What a great teaching tool from Pfaff!  (The class is for Pfaff or Husq/Viking 3/D or 4/D software.)  One lady has a Brother embroidery machine but bought this software to use for it.  It transfers designs to most formats out there.

            We used the Artist and Fabric Decorator and Stitch Editor.  All that zooming in and out was enough to make my head spin!  It really is a great and necessary tool so you can see that you have removed every little stitch when editing. 

            We created a center heart applique with a diagonal grid in the center.  We used a Sample stitch from Fun Borders that is 5 flowers with leaves.  After using the Editor and Encore functions, this became a heart shaped border of flowers and leaves around the heart.  (minus a few leaves and a flower from each side)

            We then used shapes and letters an put them inside the border.  I didn't like them so deleted them.  I saved the design without them so I can play at home and put in something more to my liking.

            I can't wait to see how it stitches out, especially the applique where I get to insert a piece of fabric.  It will be nice to be able to create my own applique designs in the software.  It will really save alot of time. 

            It was a very nice class, the instructor is so patient and entertaining too.  I'll try to get a photo of the finished quilt to post.  Mary


  2. User avater
    VKStitcher | | #4

    Hi Mary!  Sounds like you are having great fun at Computer Club.  It's so cool that you can now design your own designs!  :-)

    By the way, I didn't know what a "Kokopelli" was until I looked it up just now.  So I learned something new today--thanks!

    1. MaryinColorado | | #5

      Vickie, thanks for your help!  You were right about disk manager.  Today I wrote designs onto a floppy disk, put it in the Designer 1, and it works!  I didn't realise that 4D had a disk manager, but it is so cool, it automatically changed the format from vp3 to shv.  The vp3 is the preferred format on 4D, the colors seem very precise for all the thread brands and types. 

      Wow!  I just might have to name this software, since it is smarter than me.  (Einstein, Alexander Grahm Bell, Wilbur or Orville Wright, Houdini since he seems to do magic?  Maybe he's a she.....hmmmmmmmmmm...women are smarter, after all.  ha ha

      Kokopelli is from Native American folklore, the "trickster" "shaman"  "medicine man" and very popular out here in the West.  I got the design from emblibrary.  My brother's home is decorated in true Southwestern style and is beautiful.  Sorry, sometimes I forget that we are from all over the world.  It seems as if we are neighbors here.  (Wouldn't it be fun to spend time in each other's sewing spaces?)Mary

      1. User avater
        VKStitcher | | #6

         I also read that Kokopelli represents the spirit of music.  How appropriate that you designed this for your musician brother! 

        Chatting with everyone here on this forum does make the world smaller, as we share our similar interests as well as our different cultures and traditions.  It would be fun to visit with everyone and see their sewing rooms!  I've never been to Colorado, and would love to see the Rockies--they are so majestic, and so different from the mountains here in NC. 

        BTW...It was Kay (CrazyK) who told you about the disk manager and changing formats in the 4D software.  But I'm glad you're having fun discovering all it can do!

        1. MaryinColorado | | #7

          I replied via email, hope you don't mind.  Now I just have to think of what to make him with with Kokopelli sax player!  I also got him some hummingbird designs that I hope to make kitchen items with.  (He is a glass artist and hummers and columbines are his specialty.)  I am starting early for next Christmas, hoping to make more gifts than I managed last year.

          1. Crazy K | | #8

            Boy!  You have some ambitious goals!  The kokopelli is so fun........I've never done them but I have admired things decorated that way from afar.

            And, starting on next years' Christmas.........wow!  I often wish I could get inspired but ideas just don't come to me that far ahead.  What's the secret?? 

            Sounds like you're having lots of fun with your new software.  You'll love it once you get comfortable with it.  Even tho' I don't do all the creative stuff you do, it's fun to play with it.  I have to admit that I mostly use my software to convert the formats from computer to sewing machine.  I have combined some and have used the lettering to personalize............but that's about it.  With your creative mind, you'll be able to do all sorts of fun things....................


          2. MaryinColorado | | #13

            That's what I have been doing with my software too.  I always wanted to be able to do more.  This sofware is just what I've been waiting for. The ideas have been floating around in my head for a long time.  Now that I've spent all that money, I surely better make good use of it!  Mary

          3. User avater
            VKStitcher | | #12

            Good for you for getting a jump start on your Christmas gifts.  I'm off to read my email....   :-)

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