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amapola | Posted in Machine Embroidery on

Discovered the machine embroidery web site. I have never downloaded any product from any website and wondered how safe it is.  Can anyone enlighten me in this matter as to what I should look for in case of any doubtful problems? Any help is appreciated. Amapola



  1. Cherrypops | | #1


    Are you able to answer amapola's question regarding downloading embroidery files? I have not done this as yet, so can't offer any adivce.

    Thanks, CherryPops


    1. MaryinColorado | | #4

      Okay!  I do love the one you mentioned,  http://www.emblibrary.com, thier newsletter is worth getting for all the sales!  If you can't find what you are looking for, you can write in and request it, they might just love the idea and create some.  Thier tips and projects are cool.  They have excellent customer service, thier designs stitch out beautifully, every time.  They are very helpful and professional.  Mary

      1. Cherrypops | | #5

        Thanks for helping !

  2. Cherrypops | | #2


    I thought of you also with your machine embroidery downloads from emblibrary.

    Can you offer advice to amapola... read first post.

    Sorry for the double up but ya can't send same post to multiple members.



    1. Crazy K | | #8

      Thanks for the heads up on this.  I answered as you probably see!!


      1. Cherrypops | | #9

        Thanks Kay.

        Excellent point regarding 'Secure Site and the PadLock'.

        If there is no PadLock, look for https in the website address.

        Yes, it seems to be a standard procedure for ordering online.

        Always look before purchasing anything.


  3. MaryinColorado | | #3

    There are alot of different views on this.  I am very careful to only download designs from websites that I really trust.  These machines are so expensive, as are computers.  I don't think it is worth the risk to get "free" designs from everyone who offers them. 

    The designs are only as good as the digitizer, I like to know that someone backs them and that they are virus free well digitized and tested designs.  Also, some of the older designs are still out there and may be on sale.  Some are worth getting, some are very flat looking or have black outline stitches.

    There are many reliable websites, if you ask a specific name, maybe one of us have used them and can give you our opinion.  The big sewing shows are a good place  to see what is out there.  Lots of vendors that will chat with you about thier merchandise.

    I've been machine embroidering for about 10 years and tend to stick with my all time favorite companies these days.  In the beginning, I just had too large of a stash of embroidery designs on disks.  It seemed I couldn't get enough.  Now I am quite selective.  If I am looking for a specific idea, such as "fairies"  or "labradors" I will go to alot of websites looking for just the right designs.  Packages are often the best value, if you will actually use the designs.  Sometimes you can just order one design from a set, which I often do.

    Please let me know if I can help!  Mary

  4. MaryinColorado | | #6

    Go to Threads magazine, click on current issue, look to the left column, choose machine embroidery, hooping, etc for some info that may be helpful to you.  Mary

    Threads also has some embroidery designs, I have downloaded the free Morning Glory but haven't tried it yet.  Mary

    Edited 6/19/2007 2:11 am by MaryinColorado

  5. Crazy K | | #7

    I get all my designs thus far from Emb. Library.  I have not had any problems with them or their designs.  Their freebies are new designs that become part of their regular line once the month has expired.  They have been very honest and upfront with me.  Once I ordered something that was on sale and the computer didn't 'compute' the sale price.  I emailed them and within a short time had an answer and the credit was given.  In all the designs I've purchased (yes, I have a 'stash' of them as well!!) from them, that was the only glitch.  They have also been great about answering questions.

    The only other place I have gotten freebies from is JoAnn Designs and I think way back when I got one or two from Secrets of Embroidery.  I believe Martha Pullen's site is o.k. but I personally have never ordered from her........a friend of mine has.

    Maybe something to watch is to make sure they have the little 'lock' representing a secure site and that they use some sort of security for the purchasing part.  I think that is standard advice for any online ordering..................????  Anyone?????

    Oh yes, as I've mentioned before.......I love Emb. Library because you can purchase one design or the pack.  I do both.  If the pack is something I will use, I buy it because it's less expensive but I try to always buy designs on sale and they are really quite reasonable.........I've gotten some for way less than one dollar!!  Besides the free ones, they offer one or more each month for 17 cents with any purchase.

    I guess I usually pick up on websites from some of the magazines such as Threads.  I figure if the company is advertising in a major mag., they probably are careful about their website.

    Hope this helps.


    1. georgiagg | | #10

      I have ordered designs, singles and packs, from Emb Library in the DST format. I do like many of the designs and have requested additional designs which they come up with in a couple of weeks. However, I notice that I have some gaps in some of the designs and stops are missing.  Some of them I can figure out and fix but since I am new to digitizing it is a long process for me.  They are always helpful but my last design they said was fine and resent it to me but had the same problems on it.  I use the PSW2 format so I always have to convert.

      Also use Secrets of Embroidery and like their designs too.  Only had 75 hits in one spot on a design from them.  A friend helped me with it and I am getting better each time.

      1. Crazy K | | #11

        Sorry to hear that you've had problems.  I'm not familiar with the formats that you use........commercial ones?  Anyway, the only problems I've had with 'registration' has been operator error.......bad hooping or thread getting caught up in a bird's nest under the fabric and binding things up.  That isn't the fault of the design or the digitizer though.  I've also never had a stop missing.  I'm relatively new to embroidery and haven't done a ton of it but what I have done has been beautiful.  Some others that I've tried here and there were less perfect than the Emb. Lib. ones.  Guess I don't know what to tell you except to ask them again.  Maybe if you work together, you can determine where the problem lies.

        Just a thought...........you said you always have to convert.........could they possibly become distorted during that process??  Wouldn't seem so but what else????

        Good luck...........


        1. georgiagg | | #12

          The format (PSW2) I am using is for the Singer XL 5000 & 6000.  Since there is not at XXX (Singer) I download in DST (not sure about that except was told that DST was best for singer to convert.  By no means is it commercial format. 

          I am sure that part of the problem is me as I stuggle with the program and the meaning of the steps.  I interpet the steps differently and have to play a minute to get it. One day it will be come easier as practice makes "perfect". 

          I do like Emb Library site for designs and continue to use them.



      2. MaryinColorado | | #13

        This sounds like it could be a problem within the software, maybe happens during conversion.  Some formats aren't compatible.  Sorry to hear of your difficulties.  Hope someone is able to clarify the problem and correct it for you. 

        Have you tried emailing Singer?   Mary

        Edited 7/18/2007 10:45 pm by MaryinColorado

        1. georgiagg | | #14

          I certainly dont want to get into the episode of emailing Singer.....never an answer.  Their service stinks on the corporate level, local is good.  I am going to a seminar in Sept and hope to get some answers for my many problems, whether they are me or the program.

          1. Cherrypops | | #15

            Hi Georgia,

            According to http://www.singermachines.co.uk/Machines/Singer/SingerPSW.htm

            + Singer PSW 2,0 can read most of the popular stick formats now .psw, .xxx, .dst, .zsk, .exp. .pcs, .hus, .sew, pes, .pec+ The PSW will read the following formats for importing images to digitize: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, WMF, EMF, PCX, PCD, TGA, and PSD

            Have you tried downloading designs in one of the other mentioned formats?

            Does emblibrary offer other design file types? I haven't downloaded from them yet.

            My Janome will only take .jef but i can convert other format types such as .pes to .jef with my software programme.

            Let us know how you get on with this.




          2. user-217847 | | #16

            Hi there Cp.

            What software are you running?


          3. Cherrypops | | #17

            Janome Customizer 10 000 plus (updated for 350E) must say I haven't used it a lot.

            Buzz Tools, Explore, Edit, Size

            Haven't tried Embird. I know there is the trial download, haven't done that either.

            Still using the built in designs on my machine - testing fabrics, cottons, etc.



          4. Cherrypops | | #18


            Did you send me an email direct recently through this rorum? It is ok if you did. I have been getting a lot of spam emails and I need to be certain it was from you and was a real email. Let me know, yes or no here, and I will respond accordingly. Thanks.



          5. user-217847 | | #19


            yes it was me.


          6. Cherrypops | | #20

            Hi Wombat, just checking that you got my reply direct to your email address. If not I will send again. Also what machine embroidery threads do you use with your janome? where do you purchase it from? Cherrypops

          7. user-217847 | | #21

            Hi  Cp,

            Got your message, thankyou. You have to understand I have been embroidering on a Janome since the 8000 thats been quite a few years now I have tried a great number of threads in that time, I do love the Janome threads but they are so limited in their colour range I use the black thread for all out line work I've not found another to equal it yet. Metler is niice for your pastal shades, I have the Madeira colour chest, if I'm doing Elizabethan or similar embroidery Madeira colours usually meet my needs they have a beautiful colour selection (what I call old fashion colours). Also I have a large collection of Robson Anton the amount of colours boggles the mind (see if you can view a colour card), I pick mine at the local Brother store the more you buy at one time the cheaper it costs. I'v recently started to use the new thread from Echidna Hemmingworth nice colours great coverage. I learnt the hard way never use cheap threads coverage is really poor and some of the richer colours tend to bleed. I had a friend who used Isacord only (not enough sheen for me). You'll get a feel for a particular thread and use it exclusively I only use Madeira bobbin fill. I do hope this helps, how are you going with the new machine and are you enjoying yourself?

            warm regards,


          8. Cherrypops | | #23

            Hi Wombat,

            I have just realised Janome are limited, so won't be buying many. May try the Black.

            I am leaning toward Madeira.

            I have a few Echidna and use their bobbin thread. That got me started, have had no problems, I wasn't given threads with machine purchase. She tried to sell me QA but I declined. I have heard that thread isn't good for machines.

            Madeira to Hemingworth conversion chart I printed off the website. There is no conversion to Echidna. Mettler to Madeira, not all madeira are listed.

            Puch with Judy and a few other online stores have Madeira rayon thread pack half price, I was thinking of either that one or the incredible threadable box.

            I will be going to my sewing shop and look at colour cards etc.

            Busy week at school so all this will have to wait till the weekend.

            Thanks for looking after me.










          9. Crazy K | | #22

            Sending a copy of a page where I got my bobbin thread......sale on now.  I've ordered from them and they're great to work with.  Of course, I'm in the US and so are there.....not sure that would be a problem.

            let me know what you think..........

            View Image

            NEB National Embroidery Bobbins - Size L - Plastic Sided


            Bobbin Advantages: Wound Parallel for smoother running More usable yards per gross - approx. 1000 more stitches per bobbin* No buildup under bobbin case spring from paper sides More consistent tensions Less waste since bobbin runs completely out No distorted flanges from humidity or oiling Continuous filament PolyesterBobbins can be used in the Husqvarna Viking Designer 1, Babylock ESE, Espree, Esante or Accent, AND the new Ellageo, Bernina's Deco and Brother embroidery machines,(AND the newest Brother ULT 2001&ULT 2001) Singer XL100, XL1000 Bobbins . Janome Memory Craft 10000, Brother 3000These bobbins will work in most home embroidery machines, and commerical machines that use this size bobbin.<!----><!----><!---->

            View Image

            View Image

            View Image

            View Image

            2 Dozen NEB Prewound Machine Embroidery Bobbins - Plastic Sided

            View Image

            *Sale* 144 (one gross) NEB Machine Embroidery Bobbins - Plastic SidedPurchase in bulk for big savings.

            View Image

            View Image

            View Image

            View Image

            View Image

            1 Dozen NEB Bobbins (black) - Plastic Sided

            View Image

            *Sale* 144 (one gross)Black NEB Machine Embroidery Bobbins - Plastic Sided

            View Image

            We love to hear from our customers, feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions you have regarding your machine embroidery needs.<!----><!---->

            <!----> <!---->

            The Sewphisticated Stitcher wants to be your favorite machine embroidery supplier.  We offer a huge selection of <!----><!---->Madeira<!----> machine embroidery thread & quilting thread for embellishing, embroidery stabilizers, blank items to embroider, machine embroidery supplies, sewing notions and embroidery designs. Our Goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. We host a Fully Secure Online Shopping Cart to make your experience Safe, Convenient, & Simple.<!----><!---->

            <!----> <!---->

            Standard shipping on all orders over $75.00* is only $3.95 <!----><!---->

            within the Continental <!----><!---->US<!----><!----><!----><!---->

            For information regarding our shipping polices please click here.<!----><!---->

            (*Note: $75.00 threshold must be met AFTER any coupons or discounts <!----><!---->

            have been applied)<!----><!---->

            <!----> <!---->

            <!----> <!---->

            We hope you enjoy your online shopping experience with us. <!----><!---->

            If you have any questions about any of our products,<!----><!---->

            please feel free to contact us at:<!----><!---->

            <!----> <!---->

            [email protected]<!----><!---->

            Phone or fax toll free # <!---->866-210-0072<!----><!----><!---->

            View Image

            View Image

            Copyright 2006 The Sewphisticated Stitcher


          10. Cherrypops | | #24

            Thank you. I'll have a look at the website.

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