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Australia NOT receiving deliveries

bilston_ | Posted in General Discussion on

Is anyone else who lives in Australia having as much difficulty as me with receiving threads magazines? i haven’t received the last 3 issues of threads and 6 back issues i ordered over 2 months ago have still not arrived. Yes i’ve sent them emails, apparently they’re having problems with the people who ship to Australia. But i think after 5months + of this i would get some sort of apology or a threads magazine in the mail or a refund or just SOMETHING!

im SO frustrated and would really like my money back for the back issues, the postage isn’t exactly cheap, i said i wanted a refund in my emails to which i got no direct reply and just a suggestion of purchasing threads at a local magazine store, threads isn’t exactly carried at many places here and when i did find one it was nearly $18 which i think is ridiculous price to pay when i already have a subscription!

I’m just so mad & frustrated about all of this! it seems living & buying from Australia you just have no rights!


  1. Cherrypops | | #1


    I too am living in Australia and recently joined Gatherings Forum.

    There has been a lot of discussion in previous posts regarding this issue.

    Please view this thread http://forums.taunton.com/n/mb/message.asp?webtag=tp-gatherings&msg=5640.48 

    Hopefully this will give you the information you require.

    More new posts about this subject are unneccesary.






    1. bilston_ | | #2

      "unneccesary"? this is a threads discussion forum.

      1. Cherrypops | | #3

        Your 'New' Post Topic has been previously discussed in great length.

        Yes this is a discussion forum.

        Forums Threads has a search engine to allow users to conduct their own ' search ' for topics.

        Had you used this utility you would have found the answers you required and not needed to begin your own thread.

        I like many other helpful members was only redirecting you to the link regarding your query for your own knowledge.



        1. bilston_ | | #4

          i was mainly talking about not receving any of my back orders and my frustration at threads.helpful? no. you sound like a busy body and a know it all.ive currently lost $200+ to threads magazine and if i want to make a NEW thread about it. i will.

        2. jatman | | #5

          I don't live in Australia and have not had the sort of problems you all have had regarding deliveries, but I have to say that as long as you are having this ongoing and unresolved problem that posts about it are probably not only necessary but crucial to getting it resolved.  The other post has probably 100+ entries in it and maybe it is time to post a new one to draw attention to the fact that the problem is still unresolved.

          Sometimes the written word doesn't convey all of the exact meanings that the user has intended. 

          Also, I don't always have good luck with the search function on this board.

          I hope you get your issues soon, Australia!  It seems people either love or hate them but you've paid for them so I hope you get to decide for yourselves.

          Good luck.



          1. bilston_ | | #6

            Thankyou!! :)this problem has still not been solved and it needs more and new attention.

          2. jatman | | #7

            Hi Bilston,

            When I first subscribed to Threads I had a really hard time getting my first issue and the back issues I had ordered (I live in Europe).  I contacted customer service via e-mail several times and got conflicting answers to my questions regarding where my issues were.  Once I got ahold of a customer service person who seemed genuinely concerned about getting me my issues I asked to deal only with her.  She gave me her individual e-mail address and from that point forward I've had no problems.  She sent me my back issues via air mail (please know that this was before the Australia problems which I believe has modified their use of air mail to fix shipping problems probably due to the cost).  Last week I received the original order for my back ordered issues - they took 3 months to get here.

            I'm hoping that Threads may in the future have some of their customer service reps dedicated to subscribers who don't live in the U.S.  Maybe they already do this but I suspect they don't  or the Australia problem would likely have been identified earlier than it was.

            Good luck - I hope you get your issues soon!


          3. 6hantung | | #8

            I live in Australia and I have been receiving Threads consistently for over ten years. I received the current issue only the other day.
            Perhaps the problem is related to your location. I don't know.

          4. User avater
            bevaau | | #9

            There are many,many,many of us in Australia who have missed issues - some of which have been replaced, others are still 'out there' somewhere - so your comments is interesting. You are the first Australian I have heard of who has not had recent issues missed. Did you get #126 and #127? On time? Without having to chase customer service for it? Have you read the 'other thread' about all our problems? If there is even ONE customer in Australia who has received her issues on time then what does that say about the 'reason' they gave us for the missing issues??

          5. Susannah | | #10


            I endorse what Bevaau has said.  There have been a lot of postings on various discussion threads about this - but it does seem that australian subscribers are still getting mixed responses from Taunton.  I finally received the missing copy of #126 the other week, followed by #128 which arrived more or less on time.  #127 is probably still in transit somewhere.  As one of the subscribers who for some reason got preferential treatment, I also received replacement copies of #126 and #127 in October. (by airmail).  Other subscribers received different responses - either being told to wait, or with replacement copies promised by surface mail, or to buy copies locally and have their subscriptions extended.

            It does appear that some subscribers are still not aware of what has been happening - and I would reiterate my call for Taunton to contact all subscribers in Australia and advise them of what has happened.  It is clear that not all subscribers have seen the messages from Taunton that have been posted on this discussion board.  All subcribers deserve the courtesy of this advice, not just those who are frequent visitors to "gatherings".



          6. ctirish | | #17

            Since you have received your back issues why don't you send your extra issues to bilston so you can read them while waiting for her issues to arrive.

          7. Susannah | | #18


            Yes, one of my two back issues has arrived, and I can assure you that the duplicate has found a new home! (and was very much appreciated!)



          8. Susannah | | #12


            Welcome to "gatherings", and thanks for the post.  As you would now know, there have been a lot of postings, on a few different threads, on the problems with Australian subscriptions.  I can only suggest that you email customer service again (and again, and again) to get your copies sent through.  You should know that individual customer service staff have made decisions to send replacement copies of issues #126 and #127 by airmail (I know this, because this is how I got my copies), so if you haven't received #126 by now, then getting a bit more assertive might pay dividends!   Also, #128 has also reached some subscribers.

            It seems that customer service were not aware (or at least not fully aware) of the magnitude of the problem until we all began posting on "gatherings".  All of the "me too" messages have helped!




        3. K1W1 | | #27

          Well I received many nominally "helpful" emails from customer service, but I could not consider the emails to be truely helpful until (1) they acknowledged there was a problem and (2) the magazine arrived.

          My replacement issue #126 finally turned up in December - taking from July 20th to mid December to arrive.  My replacement 127 has never appeared.

          I've given up on subscribing and actually told them not to bother sending me the last issue in my subscription cos I was simply fed up with waiting and not receiving what had been paid for.



    2. Susannah | | #11

      Hi Cherry

      As you would have gathered, there has been a lot of frustration about Threads subscriptions not making it to Australia this year - issues 126 and 127 being the critical ones.  Are you a subscriber who received these on time?  You must be a very rare case!  I am aware that a lot of subscribers are only just receiving copies of #126, over 4 months late, and many are yet to receive #127 at all.  There has still been a very inconsistent approach by Taunton to how they deal with individual customers, and I think that ongoing posts are required until this is resolved.

      I hope you enjoy participating in "gatherings"




      1. Cherrypops | | #13

        Hello Susannah, Yes I am an Australian Subsciber. I posted my views previously regarding this issue once I  joined this discussion, and found others in a similar situation. I read post#100 in General Discussions Problems with Subscriptions Australia.

        I stated I am still waiting for 126/127 (post 105 General Discussions Problems with Subscriptions Australia).

        Before I joined 'gathering's which I am finding very informatitve, I have sent emails directly to Taunton.com.

        Here is a Quote from an email I received from Customer Service Dated November 8.

        Thank you for your letting us know that your Threads #128 has arrived safely. This e-mail is to confirm that I have replaced both Threads #126 and #127; these issues should be arriving in home within the next 10-12 weeks. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. 

        Sincerely,<!----><!----><!---->ELIZABETH<!----><!---->Customer Service<!----><!----><!---->



        1. thurl | | #14

          Cherrypops, many of us have a stack of emails very similar to the one you posted saying "replacements have been sent."  dating as far back as July. 

          The issue isn't resolved until people receive what they paid for, or are compensated in some other way.  Neither has happened for most of us yet.

          I also think your post to bilston was "unneccessary" 

          1. Cherrypops | | #15

            thank you all for your input on this matter.

            I hope you all receive your magazines which includes my issues.

            I have nothing further to add to this discussion or any others related.

            Any future discussions I may have I will email directly to Taunton. I have received quick and postive responses from them in the past.


          2. Cherrypops | | #16

            Before you all jump on me: the following statement was written incorrectly.

            "I hope you all receive your magazines which includes my issues".

            was written with the intention of "my issues" being my own personal magazines being forwarded to me in Australia.



  2. mem | | #19

    Hello yes it is frustrating but they do seem to be starting to fix the problem . I have just recived 126 and am hoping that 127 will be here soon as it is impossible to buy them here as the distributer has pulped any that didnt get sold !!

    1. bilston_ | | #20

      Yes I have received 128 but still waiting on 126, 127 and all my backorders..I went out and puchased the 'readers digest complete guide to sewing' i think i'll be satisfied for awhile now :)

      1. bilston_ | | #21

        This week i received my back orders!! and latest edition of threads. They took their time but I'm ecstatic that they finally arrived, I had given up all hope.Thank you Tauntons! :)

        1. jatman | | #22

          Way to go!  I'm curious - how long did your backorder take to get to you?  I am currently waiting for 2 other orders that I've placed and it seems to be taking an extraordinarily long time (again) and I don't know how much time to give them before bugging them about another order.  Taunton appears to have changed their website to say that international orders will take from 3 to 10 weeks.  I don't remember the site saying up to 10 weeks before when I ordered.  Just seems like a really long time to wait for orders.


          1. bilston_ | | #23

            I ordered mine early September 2006, so yes a long time to wait for an order! hence mainly why i started this thread..
            I was emailed back always with "orders may take 10-12 weeks" so i think that's the longest your supposed to wait..

          2. jatman | | #24

            Thank you, Bilston.  I'll wait a few more weeks before I contact them.  Seems like in the past the longest was supposed to be 7 or 8 weeks.  Bummer!


          3. Catherine2 | | #25

            If a subscribed copy can take 10 - 12 weeks and Threads in on the news stand within the month .... why would anyone bother subscribing??? I have very issue back to #77, however with the recent changes to Threads I now like to check if there is anything that I want to read, before shelling out nearly $20 AUD for an issue.

            Perhaps keeping the business local is not a bad idea?? Just a thought?

            Cheers, Cathy

          4. bilston_ | | #26

            i completely agree! but my subscriptiopn was bought as a present for me..WOw there are alot of threads on the discussion forum about this.. im SO glad im not the only one making noise :)

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