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Comparisons on embroidery machines

craftyjudy01 | Posted in Machine Embroidery on

I currently have a Brother PE150 embroidery machine – just a basic one – and am thinking of a Brother  Innovis 4000 or a Babylock Elegante or Ellageo.  Any suggestions – does anyone have one of these models?  Pros and cons?  I haven’ t even really tested any of them – just in the “dreaming of” stage.    The Brother takes PES format and I have downloaded a number of designs in that format and want to stay with that so I can use what I already have.  I have an Ultimate Box for transferring designs to my card so I can use it in the machine–I think if I upgrade, that will all be built in with the USB port  Lots to think about and just a few bucks too…


  1. Crazy K | | #1

    I don't know about either of those machines but I have a Designer SE and that 'reads' PES format.  I have to wonder if some of the other machines don't 'read' multiple formats nowdays.......with so many of us sewists having multiple machines??  I have the software (3d studio) also.  The SE (and many of the other new machines) read the designs from a jump drive or directly from the computer.  Yes, you have lots to consider.  I'm happy where I am and thankful for that.  Now I just have to figure out what happens when I need a new computer as I don't think my 3d is compatible with Vista.................guess that means a software upgrade.  Always something to think about with our hobbies!

    Happy Stitching!


    1. craftyjudy01 | | #2

      I had to go online and see what you have--couldn't remember what brand the SE was===that's some toy you have!!!  Don't know if I'd live long enough to use all those stitches plus I'd probably use all my kid's inheritance to get one!!!  I was not aware that Husqvarna used PES format, I don't think  but I also think you are right in that the newer machines are able to convert to any format.  I have Personalize and Stitch and Edit and Stitch software and I had to purchase a new computer because my phone line got hit by lightning while I was on vacation.  I now have the new Vista and had no problems transferring them over (well, my son did it) but I did have to buy a combination serial/usb cable to use my reader/writer because my old computer had serial ports and the Vista doesn't.  Like you said, it's always something to spend a few bucks on but I do love playing around with this stuff.

      Thanks for dropping me a line---I worked in Fabrics in WalMart as a Dept. Mgr. before I retired and one of my best customers had a Husqvarna and kept telling me I owed it to myself to get the best.

      1. Crazy K | | #3

        Actually, I have TWO SEs........do I have to tell you that my DH spoils me??!!  I love my machines.  I had a Janome 9000 but didn't have the software (long story......I've posted my woes before!) and refused to spend the money for a new card every time.  I then got a Viking Designer 1 which was great.  I have a dealership a couple miles from my home with knowledgeable and very helpful gals working there.  I took the classes for both the software and the machine and that was extremely helpful.  I didn't have that luxury with the Janome and I'm sure that's why I failed miserably at the embroidery part.  The Janome is a very solid machine with lots of built-in stitches but I do like my SEs.......the power of the motor, the lights are awesome and I find them very user friendly.  The store being close has been wonderful as well. 

        I also have several sergers.........an Elna, a Janome Compulock, a Janome 234D (I think) and a Babylock Evolve 8 thread............all great in their own way.  I like to say that sewing is my hobby and embroidery my addiction!!  I'm am retired, do volunteer sewing, help my daughter with her in-home daycare and do some of the sewing for her business (http://www.bebebelladesigns.com)  I also have 22 grands to sew for so I'm never at a loss for something to make for someone!!  Sewing is my only vice (hobby) so I guess I go whole hog on that!! 

        Happy Stitching!!


    2. MercedesViking | | #7

      I have just purchased a Designer SE.  As an "apprentice" sewster, I have been learning again what I had forgotten years ago, all the while navigating around a very sophisticated machine.  It's working!  The machine is very intuitive and works well if I let it.  (I keep trying to make it a more physical relationship, but the machine is quite capable on its own.)  My only complaint so far is that the thread cover at the top of the machine popped up on its own during transport (from an heirloom sewing class*grin*) in its travel suitcase and became pressed at an awkward angle.  Needless to say, it's hinge is now out of shape, won't close and needs repair.  A real design flaw in my opinion (and why would it need a button to push to pop it up anyway?).  I'm considering just removing it completely and using the multiple thread holder that can be attached just under the handle (part of the pop up cover is to attach a second spool of thread).  All in all, I really do like the machine. 

      1. Crazy K | | #8

        I must agree that the covers on the SEs are a design flaw.  It's the hinges mainly that are the problem.  I just leave my covers up unless transporting.......which I don't do much now since finishing the classes.  I could take ongoing classes and events at my local dealership but the times often conflict with other things and I find that I don't get enough out of them to pay.  The commaraderie is wonderful but I have very bad hearing and hearing in a group is often next to impossible so I tend to shy from those things.  I did take the initial classes and am so glad that I did.  I learned so much about my beloved machines and the software.  I hope you enjoy your SE as much as I do mine.  I loved the Designer 1 but when the SE came out I just had to trade up.............and haven't looked back!! 

        Happy Stitching!!


  2. Pattiann42 | | #4

    I used the PE 150 for about five years and then decided I wanted more & bought the Ellegante.  Love the UBS media drive/stick.  The Ellegante will accept the Brother memory card, but the stick holds more designs.

    You can create a collage of designs on-screen buy pulling up designs and moving them to the location you want.  The large hoop is great for this.

    Before purchasing the Ellegante, I had a Sony media stick and it is compatible with the Ellegante and that means even more storage.

    For sewing or embroidery the Ellegante is a great dual purpose machine.

    Baby lock rocks!

    Edited 8/24/2007 3:56 pm ET by spicegirl1

  3. User avater
    dayenu | | #5

    I have the ellageo 3 , got it at a bargain price as they were coming out with the NEW ellageo which is miles above the E3, but miles above in cost too.

    I am thrilled with the E3... it was an upgrade from the PE150 and I love with what it does. Keep us posted about what you get.

    1. user-220319 | | #6

      I have a Baby Lock Ellegante and can't say enough about it. I also have commercial machines and the Ellegante holds its own compared to them -- sometimes I like the results better than those form my "big" machines :) It's very intuitive - the screen almost walks you through each step and tells you when you forget to do something :) I love the usb connectivity. And all of this would mean nothing if the stitch quality wasn't there, but it is :) It's a great machine!

  4. pc3 | | #9

    Hi Craftyjudy,I have the Inovis 4000 as well as two other brother machines. The Inovis is the best machine I ever owned. Its easy to use, and does a beautiful job. I have taught classes on Berinia and Viking lines also but I still think the brother is best. Also the babylock and brother lines are made by the same people. Its the same machine, it just looks a little different on the outside. But whatever you decide. HAVE FUN!!!PC3

    1. craftyjudy01 | | #10

      I know the Babylock line is made by Brother--have you ever sewn on either the Elegante or the Ellageo?  I think they may have a cheaper pricetag than the Innovis but I am going to check em both out before I buy - I love the Brother machine-has a faster speed which probably won't matter to me but I love the size of the 12x7 embroidery field.  Does the Innovis have different speeds - can it be slowed down for metallic threads?  How does it take to metallics - have never sewn with them but would like to do some metallic things for Christmas...everything I have read on it sounds really good--would you mind telling me what you paid for yours?  I'm not even sure of the price range but I'm thinking $5,000 - is it more than that?  I think Babylocks are around $3,000 or a little higher - Going to check em both out one day this week.  It's just that I live in rural southern Ga. and the closest dealer to me is in Macon - about 45 miles from me.  Both dealers are there and my closest JoAnn's is 50 miles away.  It's the pits but I moved up here when I retired to be close to my grandchildren - that's more important than a 45 mile drive-

      1. pc3 | | #11

        Hi Judy,The machine does have a way to slow it down. It will stitch 1000, 800, or 600 stitches a minute. I was told by my dealer, that the brother Inovis and the Babylock ---- (Not sure of the name) is the same machine,so check that out. I am very good friends with my dealer, and I teach all his digitizing classes, and he has been helping me get my design company started so he sold me the machine at cost. So I got it very cheap. But I think he sells the machine for around 3500.00. I live in the panhandle of Florida, and he is located in Panama City. So if he is cheaper than the dealer closer to you it might be worth it to come here and look depending on where in Georgia you are located. But if you want me to get an exact price for you let me know and I will give them a call. I use my machine every day, I sew out samples of my designs and it gets used and abused, and I have never had any trouble with it. I don't do a lot of sewing with matalic thread, but I have done some and it worked great. If you want to e-mail me directly my address is
        [email protected]
        Hope this info helps.Pam Caldwell

      2. User avater
        dayenu | | #12

        if you get the brother or babylock make sure you get the PED Basic transfer system.  (You can find it on ebay for under $30) it holds far more designs than the amazing box card. also the ellageo 3 takes floppy disks and embroidery cards but the NEW ellageo has a USB connection directly to your computer.

        the new ellageo also has air threading and cuts all the jump stitches. It's awesome.

        you are in for a real treat.

        1. craftyjudy01 | | #13

          I have the Ultimate Box transfer system now for my Brother 150 machine and that's why I want to stick with Brother or Babylock because they both use PES format.  But---as long as I'm drooling here, I really want the one with the USB port.  Going to Macon on Wednesday and will check out both Brother Innovis 4000 and Babylock Ellegante and  Allegeo - The Babylock dealer that was close to me when I lived in central Fla. always had some kind of special going on so it remains to be seen if I can find any kind of a good deal----

          I must say, this is one great site - I've had some very informative replies and appreciate all the information I can get---stay tuned - I'm starting to salivate!!!!

          1. User avater
            dayenu | | #14

            don't drool on the machine. it's bad for the inner workings LOL

          2. craftyjudy01 | | #15

            I'll try not to ---I'll just do that on the one I try out at the store - keep mine in pristine condition--you know - treat it with kid gloves while the rest of the house goes wanting---first things first, huh??

          3. MaryinColorado | | #16

            Pes format designs can be converted for other formats such as Husqvarna/Viking.  Just an FYI.  Mary

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