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Design/Pattern Help

blondie2sew | Posted in Patterns on

Ok everyone!!

I need help. I have been reading a lot of great threads lately on patterns and just coping RTW and such.

Here is my dilemma…Abigael and Giselle, Most of you know of them as I have a few threads that I have mentioned my girls in!! Love love love both of them as they are really totally different…But this is my frustration and I am sure some of you will get a great chuckle out of this as you read..

Giselle, My 5 year old…..girlie girl…loves the high heals, loves the sparkle, loves the dresses, skirts, and it is all about the dressing…
Wow I am telling you she is already having meltdowns at her age if she doesn’t think it is cute!!

Abigael, My 10 year old, Beautiful, loves her jeans, and tennies…will on occasion where the skort (what she calls a skort)..(a skirt but hidden underneath is shorts) She at one time wore other things but mostly liked her jeans and T’s and such…

Just went shoe shopping and I wanted to pull my hair out. Ok so I am more like my younger daughter.. I am praying that my oldest..I really am ok with her casual sense of style it is the looking like I haven’t even bathed look is what doesn’t excite me and not caring how her casual look looks frustrates me…I am really holding my tongue alot!!

But now I am stepping in a bit..I just thought this year her 5th grade year she would be more conscience about it…but maybe next year..

Ok to my pattern question….

I need to know if it is possible to take RTW skirts. ya know the cute shorter ones they are all wearing.. and attach a short underneath so it looks like first it is not there as well as not looking like I added too much bulk to the waist line.

Or is there a pattern out there somewhere too?

But Now it is not your skort as I know what a skort is… like a panel in front to make it look like a skirt and in the back it looks like shorts!This is not what I want..I want the skirt to look like a skirt and then hidden underneath is the shorts…

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, links, patterns, anything..I am hoping to get my daughter a little more kept looking if you know what I mean…I would not classify her as a true Tom Boy as she still loves to be a girl she just doesn’t like to dress up at all!! I want her to start looking like we aren’t homeless..I know that sounds bad but this too will pass right? I need encouragement!!



  1. Crazy K | | #1

    For shorts under the skirt.............just a thought here and it may not work but how about trying a legging pattern and some lightweight, stretchy fabric to make the shorts.  They would end up being almost like a second pair of underpants with legs.  That wouldn't add a lot of bulk and with today's styles, there is not a lot of room for added bulk!  You could attach it at the waist, leaving an opening, if necessary, where the zipper/snaps happen on the skirt.

    It just might work.............

    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #2

      See that is what I was kinda leaning towards too like short leggings!! but I know they are making the combo in RTW but of course the leggings are the long..Hey I could even just buy that and cut off the leggings and hem that up so you don't see it..hmmmm that might work If I find them now..I saw them everywhere for while. But who knows now I probably might not see them at all...My challenge is to like you said fit it to the RTW especially if it has a zipper and such...if it didn't it would be no big deal. I am assumingThanks for your ideas..Blondie

      Edited 3/25/2007 8:31 pm by blondie2sew

      1. Crazy K | | #3

        Good luck with your project! 

        1. User avater
          blondie2sew | | #4

          Hey I was doing some searching on line and found two different patterns...I am going to check them out soon at the fabric store...so I would love to see that construction then maybe I can see what I can do with the RTW as wellButterick 4439 has one and I think that is the style that my daughter will think is cool enough!! mommy likes it tooKwik Sew 3317...This one is ok for the design but I am thinkin that might be a great one to see how they do the underlining!! Just wanted to give you the 411Thanks again because of your post it just got me started..sometimes that is what I need....just others to give me the jump I need!!
          Your Great

  2. Ralphetta | | #5

    I like children in short skirts.  I always felt sorry for kids going to school in dresses they were supposed to "grow" into.  Since my daughter was very active I always made matching panties of the same fabric.   Since the fabric was the same, when she whirled around or bent over, it just sort of looked like part of the dress and certainly didn't look like underwear. 

    I think you have a great idea and I bet it would work.

    I'm wondering if making them separate might be easier and more comfortable.  How about hipsters? If you make the skirt of a fabric that has some lycra it might make creating the pant a little easier. 

    I just remembered that when I made myself a really, really, really short lace dress in the 70's, I made matching panties with ruffled lace around the legs.  I don't think anyone knew it was pants.  If the skirt slipped up when sitting it just looked like a ruffled slip showing, but I could relax and not worry about exposing myself.

    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #12

      Yes I think you are absolutely right on how she is feeling..I think she wants to make sure she doesn't expose anything!! She hasn't come out to say it but now I am having that light bulb come on!Can't fault her for that!! So the matching panties/hipster idea is a great one too!! Kinda like the Cheer leaders!! I will have to propose this option as well to her!! At 10 as you know very very particular!! I am hoping...Thanks for your thoughts and taking me back a bit!! I love it!

      1. Ralphetta | | #13

        I notice that someone suggested culottes and have to voice my opinion.  They give the wearer a false sense of security!  People forget that they have big legs and when you bend or sit they expose you just like a skirt.  I had to wear them for months in a show and absolutely hated them.  I had to sit and bend just like when wearing a skirt, but with extra material bunched in my crotch!   The flared legs easily give an unobstructed view clear to the waist if you aren't careful.  

  3. User avater
    Becky-book | | #6

    Two ideas..

    when I was 10... in the dark ages... we would just put a pair of shorts on under our required dress for school, not attached.

    Would culottes be an option? I know you asked about additions to RTW skirts, but if you wanted to make something maybe she would like that look?


    1. User avater
      TwilaTee | | #7

      Hi Blondie,
      A couple of years ago a worked for a little business making kilts for men. Sometimes if asked I would add a couple of snaps hidden in the back pleats to the under apron. It's for modesties sake! (some guys like a breeze!) scary I know! But that might be an option for you. I've seen websites on this let me do some surfing and see if I can find it again. -Twilap.s. I hate to be forum illiterate but what is RTW? :)

      1. User avater
        TwilaTee | | #8

        Ok. this is for Utilikilt out of Seattle. It's very umm.....masculine. but this will kind of give you an idea of how modesty closures work. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. By the way, my husband owns one of these... $200 USD and never worn! Men are silly. :) -Twila

        1. User avater
          blondie2sew | | #10

          Actually kilts are kinda big here in Seattle...My nephew has one and wears it...I am yet to see him in it but he wears it..and I think someone bought if for him and the price sounds about right!!I will check this out thanks...This is in my back door and I have heard of this place!!Blondie

          Edited 3/26/2007 11:36 am by blondie2sew

      2. User avater
        blondie2sew | | #9

        Too funny TwilaI never use abbrevations really around here for anything and I did just because I figured people new as I had to figure this out on my own as it is posted alot...ha ha haReady To Wear..RTWI am smilin with you darlinBlondie

        Edited 3/26/2007 11:36 am by blondie2sew

    2. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #11

      Ya I did too.. Actually I but like Bike shorts underneathI will have to ask her if that would be an option!!Thanks BeckyBlondie

      Edited 3/26/2007 11:37 am by blondie2sew

  4. Teaf5 | | #14

    As soon as your daughters hit adolescence, you'll be extremely grateful that the tomboy-ish one isn't showing off for the boys/men who will be staring!

    As for the skirts/pants issue, I've always been partial to bike shorts (short leggings) that are not attached.  The shorts can be washed very frequently, while skirts usually don't need to be washed as often, and they're far easier to fold and store separately.

    1. User avater
      blondie2sew | | #15

      I totally agree!! And yes you are right about the washing part!! Great comment!! I did get the Buttrick Pattern...So we will see how it fairs up.Thanks for your thoughts! I love it

      1. MaryinColorado | | #16

        One of my grandson's is 10, the girls I have seen on the playground are quite active and most wear shorts or leggins under the skirts.  Think of hanging upside down on the chin up bars!  If you have a Limited (Ltd.) Too shop near you, check out the cute leggins with lace hems, they are calf length and look cute under skirts, very popular here.  They have a website too.  Kind of expensive but you will be able to see them on. 

        My grand daughter is 13 and has always been a girly girl, this year she wears jeans most of the time, but loves the embroidered feminine ones best.  She is a size fourteen in girls but is very slim and has a cute figure so often they are too boxy fitting and then she is 5' with long legs so they are too short if they shrink at all.  That is how I learned about Ltd. Too, we have to go there for her swimsuits although I made her one last year.  We get thier catalogs and coupons and shop the sales. 

        I will be glad when she gets up to size 0 in junior petites!

        1. User avater
          blondie2sew | | #17

          Thanks MaryYes I do know of Limited Too quite well..And I also know of the look you are talking about..Nothing new to me as that is all coming back from when I use to wear that look, You know Madonna look!! ha ha haI just chatted again with Abigael and she tried the shorts/bike shorts under the skirts and informed me that it was too bulky for her and didn't really like it!! Thus the ones attached are more to her liking. And as far as the longer lace leggings under her skirts( that is when she wears them) not happening she is not into that style at all..a lot of her friends are but she isn't so that is out!! But all that style now is funny I see my niece wear it she is 14 and I laugh thinkin I have pics I should show her!So for now maybe my best bet is to just make some of her stuff. I am working on feeling her out!!I think once I just dive into this project (like I did my handbag) I will be fine and getting over that first time jitters if you will...doing something new and challenging for me anyway

          1. MaryinColorado | | #18

            Jump in and remember to enjoy the process!  I remember my daughter wearing those styles too, we wouldn't let her watch Madonna as she was a bit "mature audience" at the time though, now she is going through  the same delimmas with her kids and music.  All three grandkids took hip hop classes together, it was fun for them and to watch but you sure have to be careful what music to allow!  Whoa!  It is funny how our kids think we are wiser as we all grow up togeather. 

              My daughter had a black and white zebra print denim skirt and jacket that was wild!   For hs choir, I remember the fitted taffeta dresses with big skirts and puffy sleeves, yuch!  We'd tell her she was pretty but didn't mention our opinion of those dresses!  My son is 8 yrs younger and he and his friends always made fun of the 80's big hair styles she wore.  It is fun to look at the old photos and see so many styles come full circle.

          2. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #19

            You got that right! Styles coming full circle..I think they don't have anything else to dream up!! But now the classics they are forever!! Let me see..Ya big hair..did that..Rainbow eyes with eyeshadows, blue mascara, did that....had the layered look but of course didn't follow Madonna to the tee...my mom had that final say as well. Shoulder Pads in everything!! Which with me being broad shouldered,didn't need them too badly. All the leggings..wow leggings with everything!! All sorts of colors with the big sweaters and such..and wow check it out all coming back. Flash Dance is coming back!! ha ha ha Now the classics...love Audrey Hepburns style, Love Jackie K style..ya that very fitted, very sleek look, However I also liked Marilyn Manroes look too..I can also get into the Flower Power/Flower Child hippy era myself....I do like a lot of different fashion..80's I can handle some but I don't really want to bring that back too much the others I can do!! Thanks for letting me bring you down some of my memory lane..I must be the same age or close too your daughters age? Yes and Of course we appreciate mom better as we are older!! So that is why I smile a lot knowing and expressing to my own daughters,"I am not here right now to be your friend I am your mom, and I am not here to win any popularity contests with you right now"..I know in my heart my time will come and she knows that I know she will not like me at times..but that is my job and she needs the mom not the friend at this point...seen too much of the other and not a great mix!! I believe I have the respect of my daughter. She may not like it and we may have our loud disagreements but she is a great kid!! I take it one day at a time!She did say to me (Thank goodness) that she didn't like that Goth look!! yeah....I figured if any one of my children would want that look it would be Abigael...So even at 10 she does have a great head on her shoulders...As you know by now Mary I am a true proud mom and have wonderful girls. I am very fortunate to be able to be home..although it would be easier for me to go back to work..less work..ha ha ha..Of all the positions I have held and am doing now...Full time mom is the toughest!! This is coming from a mom who said and I quote "I could never stay home, My mom did that and that is not for me, I will be going back to work when I have kids!!" End Quote..Now look at me!! And I am finding my groove and loving like you say "The Process" Oh and yes regarding my skort project..I will do as you say I will jump in and Enjoy the process..(I learned that with my handbag) Which for a side bar..I am making another one so I am almost finished and I will post that soon...with all the stats!!

          3. Ralphetta | | #20

            I've always thought bike shorts look like the old Playtex girdles.  I agree with her that they are bulky.  Most of the inexpensive ones have sturdy but thick elastic at the waist.  For a while, theaters used bike short with a pocket sewn on the lower thigh under stage-wear to hold the battery packs for microphones.  Since I didn't want a centimeter of extra bulk at my waist, I just went to Wal-Mart and bought a really cheap long-legged panty girdle  and sewed a pocket on it.  The costumer just laughed at my vanity, but I didn't want bulk at my waist.

          4. User avater
            blondie2sew | | #21

            Too funny!!I tell you whatever works right!! I love it thanks for sharing your story..I loved hearing where you all kept your microphone packs..interesting...I love the theater..I did alot through High School...kinda wish I kept it up!!

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