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Emb. Project on the web!!

Crazy K | Posted in Machine Embroidery on

For those of you interested in machine embroidery I have to share my great news!  I was notified yesterday that one of my projects will be featured on the Emb. Library Projects site under the Stitchers’ Showcase!!  Makes me feel like a celebrity!!!! LOL  I had things featured before and it always makes one feel just a bit special to be chosen!  My work is far from some that are featured………..and I may never reach that level or artistry.  My mind isn’t quite so creative as some.

To see the showcase, go to www.embroiderylibraryprojects.com/ and click on Stitchers Showcase.  It wil be on next Wednesday, May 16.

Thanks for letting me share!!

Crazy K

Edited 5/11/2007 6:50 pm ET by Crazy K


  1. Josefly | | #1

    I look forward to seeing your work. Thanks for the notice.

  2. jatman | | #2

    Congratulations!  Thank you for letting us know.  Very cool!


  3. Cherrypops | | #3

    Thank you for your message.

    I will look next week.

    Can't wait to see it!

    I have my Janome 350e, Hubby bought me for mother's day.

    More later.



    1. Crazy K | | #4

      Now that you have your machine, you can get lots of inspiration from the showcase at Emb. Library.  They have four featured each weekday.  I love to look and see what others are doing!!


      1. Cherrypops | | #7

        Thanks Kay, I will do that. CherryPops

    2. Crazy K | | #20

      If you have a moment, check out the Stitchers' showcase on Emb. Library today.  A gal from Australia is featured there with her placemats and another photo is a different gal..........done on her Janome 300E.  Just thought you'd like to see those.

      Oh, the fun we can have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Crazy K

      1. Cherrypops | | #21

        Thank u Thank u!

        I do love the watering can design.


        1. Crazy K | | #22

          You're welcome!!  Glad you enjoyed the pix.

          1. Cherrypops | | #23

            I'm glad you posted the link in one of your messages above.

            I signed into the site but couldn't find the link for stitchers showcase. Then I remembered your earlier message.

            I've bookmarked both links - now I won't get lost.

          2. Crazy K | | #24

            I'm glad you found it.  I maybe should have written the link again.......didn't think of that.  Just a hint.......when you go to http://www.emblibrary.com and go to the home page.  The Emb. Library Projects page link is on the right hand side of the screen....about 1/3 or 1/2 the way down.  Click on that to take you to the projects site and then you'll see at the top.......like folder tabs with the different departments.  Click on the stitchers' showcase tab and it should take you there.  Now that you have it bookmarked, you shouldn't have any trouble but just in case................  Don't want you missing all the good inspiration out there!  I love looking at all the entries.  Great ideas!


          3. Cherrypops | | #25


            I honestly didn't  see it in-between the "Colour Squares" on the right-hand side of screen.

            While I've got you:

            What brand of stabilizers do you use? Floriani is available here and will be on display at an upcoming craft show. Any thoughts on Floriani?


          4. Crazy K | | #26

            I use lots of Floriani and I like it....in fact, I have very little of anything else right now!  Emb. Library projects just recently had a tip on items needed for your sewing room and they mentioned that Floriani was quickly becoming a favorite of theirs as well.  They do lots more embroidery than I do!!   I bought a bundle of it at the Expo here in Mpls. last fall.  I really like the fusible no-show mesh for knits.  If the design is really heavy, I use two layers of mesh.........I fuse one and float the other.   It works for me!  I'm fairly new to the embroidery game and I don't do lots like some gals do but I'm gaining experience as I go along..............and I guess that's part of the fun.

            Happy Embroidering!


          5. Cherrypops | | #27

            I new with this also. So it's good to know others likes and dislikes.

            I will wait for the show (end of June) they should have demonstrations and specials of Floriani.

            Thanks for the notes about the mesh.

            I have some tear-away to practice on leftovers.

            But will be doing towels and knits later on.


          6. Cherrypops | | #28

            Yes, both you and crazyk are fans of emblibrary..did you see her work in the stitchers showcase? Read her initial post above. I think it was wednesday 16 May. It was tea towls and and a pot holder.

            I have been getting the newsletter for a while, love the videos, they have been very helpful.

            I am learning patience with the machine, practice on leftover fabrics all types.

            Floriani http://www.florianiembroidery.com.au/default.aspx is on display soon at our craft show. Hubby's mum saw it a while ago and loved it, crazyk said emblib. are using it too.

          7. MaryinColorado | | #29

            The Floriani No Show Fusible Mesh comes in a flesh tone that is great for sheer and white or light fabrics that will be against the skin.  Also it is a good one to fuse to the back of embroidered projects that may be scratchy against tender baby skin or that were sewn with scratchy metallic threads.  I like Floriani and Sulky stabilizers and the Sulky threads are still my favorite, I have three drawers of threads and then some in boxes too....guess you could call me a threadaholic...Mary

  4. spicegirl | | #5

    Congratulations.  I had a tip published in Threads Magazine and had the same feeling.

    How will we know which one is yours, unless it is the only one showcased?

    I have an embroidery collage to share, but want to see the competition first so I do not look like a rank amateur.  Of course, I have to learn how to post pix. 

    I am going to change my personal motto to:  Learn something new everyday!

    1. Crazy K | | #6

      There are four entries each day but mine will probably have my name "Kay" or Kay of Minnesota or some like that.  Rarely do they feature 4 with duplicate names but I guess it could happen.  Mine is the kitchen towels and matching hotpad.  The hotpad was made out of a print that oh so nicely matched the embroidery design.  Just had to do it!! It is one of the smaller things I've embroidered but it turned out so cute......and it matches the curtains in Robb's tiny kitchen.

      Don't worry about feeling amatuer.........I am new to this game but am getting a little more experience under my belt with each project.  I can read about something all day but when I really learn is by doing.................  I love looking at the showcase and seeing all the great


      1. spicegirl | | #8

        For me, experience is the best teacher!  I've had some kitchen-type stitches for a while, waiting for the right complementary fabric to do a wall-hanging or pix for the kitchen area.  I couldn't wait any longer and started on some inexpensive, plain white cotton tea towels from Wal*Mart.    They turned out pretty great and I have been reintroduced to the tea towel....had been using terry for so long I had forgotten how great they work and how fast they dry.

        Having a grand Mother's Day.  Best wishes to you.

        1. Crazy K | | #9

          Happy Mother's Day wishes to you!! 

          I have oodles of designs just waiting.  I have made lots of gifts but wish I had time to do more!!  I did tea towels that I made from Huck Toweling.  They really make nice gifts.  I did some in Toile herb designs and some with Toile birds.......all turned out great.  I am attaching a pix of the herb designs.  I did those and donated part of them to a Charity auction last year.  I have also embroidered on terry towels.  That works nicely also.  I am attaching a couple of those pix as well.

          I'm attaching photos.........hope you enjoy.


          1. spicegirl | | #10

            Thanks for sharing.  I know we will be seeing more of your work!

          2. User avater
            Becky-book | | #11

            Oh so nice!!!  Now I REALLY want that emb. machine! How much machine do I need to be able to do 'stuff' like this? If you don't mind sharing some of your 'secrets'. (can you see all the drool on this post?!!) LOL


          3. Crazy K | | #12

            I have a Designer SE but you surely don't need that much machine to do those.  I think the designs are as important as the machine but that's just my opinion!!  You can use a great machine and a poorly digitized design and you still won't get a great looking result.  Other opinions on that out there??????????


          4. jatman | | #13

            Your things are beautiful!  Makes me want to get an embroidery machine! 

            Thank you for sharing it!


          5. Crazy K | | #14

            Thank you for your kind words!  Machine embroidery is such a fun craft/hobby.........I love it!

  5. fabricholic | | #15

    I saw it. It is very cute and meaningful. Congratulations!!! A friend of mine had just lost her husband, who died of cancer. She was very down and she noticed a lady bug on shoulder. Someone said it was her husband visiting her and it started a big lady bug collection for her. It gave her comfort.Marcy

    1. Crazy K | | #16

      Thanks for your kind words!  I love the showcase.....not because of being on it but I get such inspiration.  You can click on dates and look at all of them from way back.......even as far back as last year, I believe.

      There are lots of ladybugs designs out there for your friend.  She would love them!  Emb. Library has quite a few......mostly really cute, kind of comical ones!


    2. Crazy K | | #17

      I found a link to a bunch of ladybugs for you to look at.........some are really cute!



      Maybe the computer will let you click on the link to get there..........  I like ladybugs, too, so it was fun to go searching for them!!


      Edited 5/16/2007 7:36 pm ET by Crazy K

      1. fabricholic | | #19

        They are adorable. Wow, what a collection of them. Thanks for showing me.Marcy

  6. Cherrypops | | #18

    Great to see your work on EmbLibrary.

    I am hooked on that site.

    Ladybugs are my favourites too. Thanks for the link it worked!



  7. MaryinColorado | | #30

    Very nice embroidery!  You really do a great job with placement!  Mary

    1. Crazy K | | #31

      Thanks for the kind words!  I try..........sometimes my efforts are better than others.  I guess that's how we learn best.........or at least I do.  I just try not to repeat the mistakes!! 

      I did an embroidery on a little dress for one of the little dgds last evening.  Today I will stitch the dress together..........maybe even get a pix to post!!  The design is one ot he simple kiddie ones from Emb. Lib.  Turned out really cute......at least I think so!  Hope little Elle likes it........she's 2.5 yrs.


    2. Crazy K | | #32

      Hi Mary, 

      I just posted photos of some of my latest.  The very latest being the dresses and tank I made for dgd yesterday and today.  The dresses are so cute and plain and simple........no frills but good for everyday at daycare or out to lunch with mom!


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