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How to Make an Abstract Pillow Top

Photo: Sloan Howard

Embrace the positive and negative in this unique pillow design. Notan is a Japanese composition style that features the interplay between light and dark or positive and negative space. Here, it's applied to a sophisticated two-tone pillow-top design, which is then covered with topstitching. To learn more about notan, google it; you'll find many examples and a variety of designs. To make your own notan, cut paper shapes first, and experiment with their layout. When you find a design you particularly like, use the paper version as a pattern for cutting your fabric. Judith Neukam shows you how to make this notan-inspired pillow in this article from Quick Stuff to Sew Vol. 3.

Comments (4)

charisbathel charisbathel writes: Classic design. I just love it. going to try this idea as soon as possible
Posted: 3:03 am on January 28th

RobertRaff12 RobertRaff12 writes: that was awesome
Posted: 1:59 am on January 27th

robinmacmiller robinmacmiller writes: Beautiful......
Posted: 5:57 am on January 21st

KathJ KathJ writes: I love Notan.
After you redesign your pillows, curtains may be the next thing that should be Notan-lised?
Posted: 2:07 am on February 29th

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