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Another Stash Blouse

A few days ago, I came across a project that caught my eye. The maker had created a lovely fabric with little scraps, and then fashioned a case for eye glasses with it. That inspired me to dig out all of my little odd sized scraps, and try to make a fabric.

I began to cut rectangular pieces, and serge them together at the narrow end, making several long strips. I then serged the strips together at the long sides to create a large piece of fabric. Because I'm not a quilter, I purposely cut the fabric pieces in various sizes so I didn't have to worry about matching seams. And because I knew I would be making a garment, I wanted finished seams, so that's why I used the serger. An overcast stitch on the sewing machine would work just as well. I used a very simple Butterick See & Sew pattern, B5204.

Pattern or design used: Not specified

Comments (3)

kneedlez kneedlez writes: Love this!

Posted: 3:41 pm on May 30th

Gaeta Gaeta writes: Looks great!
Posted: 5:54 pm on August 14th

Ashford Ashford writes: Your fabric choices look beautiful together and the simple design handles the multiple prints and seams well. Special thanks about the tips for non-quilter seams and the non-serger seam finish. I needed both those suggestions.
Posted: 2:18 pm on July 13th

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