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Ruffled Dress

Here is new dress made of lycra fabric from Regency Rags.

 The pattern is McCall's M6694 view D but with 2 sleeves. I also added a waistband to cover the join of bodice and skirt using a different coloured fabric but with the same design as the main body of the dress just to give it a bit of a contrast.

 The fabric was so slippy that it was hard to place the ruffles and if I do this again I would do it in firmer material though still drapey and completely mark the placement lines and also do only one seam on the skirt and opening it out to place the ruffles with basting and then finish the final seam and then complete all the sewing.

 All in all I learned a lot with this dress and I think it will be fun to wear.

Pattern or design used: McCall's M6694

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