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condition of this site

Ralphetta | Posted in Talk With Us on

I wish the editors of Threads would just close this site.  When the lively, helpful site was replaced with a plodding, confusine maze, most of the readers just gave up.  I’ve continued to frequently check to see if there was improvement.  Looking at it today makes me want to “pull the plug.”  Truly, it would be kinder to just drop this site than to let it continue as it is. 


  1. scrubble4 | | #1

    No Longer a User Friendly Site

    Ralphetta:  Unfortunately for Threads, I completely agree with your comment.  I keep telling myself to make the time to figure out how to navigate around Gatherings.  I used to love coming here, sometimes just ghosting and learning lots, occassionally contributing or asking a question.  Now I just can't figure it out easily at all.  I want to post some observations of the Threads Magazine Archive 1985 - 2011 which I have just received along with Sandra Betzina's "Fast Fit"  I have no idea where to put them.  I can find the list of categories that would direct me where to post the comments.  I also want to ask if anyone knows where to find a particular fabric.  Again, where are the categories I need to consider before posting.  

    So I will make my 3 posts here and hope someone reads them to agree, disagree or direct me on.  

    1. The DVD -

    • it is lovely to have all my mags on my computer top.  We are retired now and travelling in our RV.  I still have all my mags at home but there is no way I have room to carry them with me.

    • I would love if I could highlight the pieces of the articles of particular interest to me.  I do this with my own mags and find it frustrating not to be able to do it with these electronic ones. 

    • I would also like to have the option of different categories in the My Favorites section.  Favorites for fitting, design, tips, style whatever.  

    • I would like a place to make notes somewhat similar to the editing section on Word where you can make a bubble comment.  That is what I did with my "in-hand" magazines.

    • It is a bit plodding as it moves through the various requests.  

    • I have just begun to use it and I DO LIKE IT, but these are the types of changes I would like to see in future ones.  I know as I upgrade each year, I will lose old comments, favorites etc.  I know that, but still while I am learning something it is nice to be able to build on my understanding via notes and highlights.  

    2. Fast Fit

    • Fabulous

    • I have been sewing for some time and I am extremely focused on getting a good fit.  I have a My Twin, and I have Cochenile's clothes design, both so I can get a good fit.

    • Sandra's book helped me understand a couple of things that interfers with a good fit in store bought clothes that I did not understand.  For example the front neckline never fits me and I thought it was because of my upright posture and thin neck.  Nope it is because my neck has a forward thrust to it.  Yes it does but I did not know that it would affect the fit.  

    • Many things have jiggled into place in my understanding through reading this book which accompanied the DVD

    • I highly recommend it, even if you have a gazillion of other fitting books, (which I have) as it is simple, clear and effective.

    3.Silk-like flattened, bubble fabric

    • This material has a silk-like look and feel.  The texture is created by the fabric being permanently flattened on itself in swirls, lines and bubbles.  This builds in stretch allowing it to have a close fit yet providing extensive ease for movement.  

    • There are many colors in both solids and abstract prints 

    • You can buy blouses and jackets out of this material, but I would love to find the material to make my own. 

    • Mesa Market in Arizona has jackets that have a lovely print design on one side and a solid color on the reversible side with the roll up cuffs and collar being the opposite of the body of the jacket.

    • I have searched the web and other than 1000 meters from the Alibaba merchents in China I cannot find the material

    • Does nay one know where I might find it, especially online?

    I have a bit of time today and I am going to work some more on this Threads site to see if I can figure it out.  The old format was so much esier to navigate.  I understand the need to upgrade and make things harmonize between all the Taunton sites etc.  However I know the Breaktime site for Fine Building suffered similar disapproval from their members as it became impossible to use.  I am not against change, but it needs to be change that I can figure out in the minutes I have to give to it.  Since I never experienced great difficulty on the old site I have to believe it was more user friendly.  I would sometimes post in the wrong section or have trouble doing something but one of the members would almost immediately guide me along on the techno path just as they did on the sewing path.  I don't like complaining, but I do believe that unless Taunton knows how incredibly difficult this site it to use they won't be able to make it better.  I sincerely hope it is not a situation of Taunton having bought an incrediblly expensive platform that they now discover is inflexible but they are stuck with it because of cost.  Also, where is the spell check for a post?  The old site had one and most places on the internet now underline in red if you have made an error.  I have a learning disability and have great difficulty with spelling.  I really dislike posting anything without spell checking it first.  

    Thanks for reading if you stuck with me   Scrubble4

  2. stillsuesew | | #2

    I agree the condition is disgusting.  There is obviously no one loking at it regularly.  And some things just don't function properly.  I'm just not willing to give up yet.

    1. sewchris703 | | #3

      Me either, Stillsue

      But i don't visit as often as I used to.


  3. decoratrice | | #4

    I went so far as to send my comments via snail mail, and got no acknowledgment or reply.  It is abundantly clear that Threads just doesn't give a  ****.. Pity.

  4. silverlining | | #5

    I agree.

    I am new to this site but must agree.  I can't search in the forum for a particular question that I have to ask.  I don't see very many new post... so if no one reads them, then I won't get a response to my question.    Not too many really good sewing forums out there.

  5. HelgaPataki | | #6

    Neglected Forum

    Hi, I agree.  As long as we logon we are keeping this site live.  My request hasn't been met either.  I wanted to know how to delete a comment and she came on and said she has, but she hasn't.  Maybe she doesn't have qualified skills.  If one of you offer an address, I'd visit for sure.  I just come on from time to time simply because I don't have a regular employment schedule and there is still activity here.  I am not a long time user, registered after the undesirable changes were made.  So, I don't have any comparisons to go by, but I do agree, this site is in repose.   Another site, sewing mama messaged me saying they will look into my credentials prior to offering me re-entry.  I registered a year ago, but didn't contribute tenough to say the least that I require scanning..  I simply visited the posts and said how lovely the creations were.  That was 3 weeks ago and I haven't heard from them.  So that might give a hint that nobody has any free time to look after the site. 

  6. HelgaPataki | | #7

    Other forums

    they're kinda fun and have a lot of activity: sewing mamas

    1. HelgaPataki | | #8

      This site is more fun

      Ok, I have regrets about mentioning another site.  I realize that I enjoy the company from this site.  So, I apolozie if I offended anybody, and I really like this site.  I only attend here seasonally, maybe only in the winter months although I've been a member for perhaps over a year or so; I don't remember and I don't feel like looking it up right now.  I don't know how this site used to be, but when I use Recent Topics and Recent Replies, I can navigate easily.  I also use the go back one page application and that works great for me. 

      1. Crazy K | | #9

        another site much more friendly........

        I gave up when Gatherings 'improved' their site and I found it very un-friendly and difficult to navigate.  I found another and enjoy it as much as the old Gatherings and that's where I spend my time.  I visit here only once in a blue moon.........and don't see the old names too often or the commaraderie that used to be here.  Check out SewForum.........you can join without a hassle.  Just sign up and GO........they have moderators that are on daily to help with problems.

        Good luck.........see you there????


        1. HelgaPataki | | #10

          New Member

          Hi Crazy K,

          I just joined after reading your referral. 

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