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foldover elastic – back cover #117

elainegood | Posted in Talk With Us on

Are there sources for this stretchy foldover ‘braid’?

I have a GAP tshirt with this feature, but have never been able to find the trim.


  1. ShannonG4d | | #1

    I have found it at Wal-Mart, of all places!  ONly in black and white there.....sometimes http://www.laceheaven.com  has colors.


    1. elainegood | | #2

      Do you know what the fibers are in this elastic?
      Nylon?Thanks for your help!

    2. elainegood | | #3

      I found some that says it's polyester...
      STRETCH GROSGRAIN FOLDOVER BINDING#SB14 Stretch Grosgrain Foldover Binding $4.19 yd
      Colorful selection of very soft fashion trims to finish edges of lingerie, shirts, T-shirts, etc. It has the look of grosgrain ribbon. It is in the form of a foldover elastic which makes it very easy to apply. 14 mm or approximately 9/16" wide with an indention down the center of the elastic. Apply the elastic similar to a bias tape. Using the guide line of the indention on the elastic, stitch on the backside of the opening with a zig zag stitch. Then fold over the elastic to the front encasing the opening. 77% Polyester, 23% Polyurethane.
      http://www.sewsassy.com/Pages/trims.htmlAnd another that says it's nylon......
      #727 Foldover Elastic $0.50 yd or $0.45 yd for 10 or more yds same color
      1/2" wide. 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex. Perfect for the Latex Intolerant.
      http://www.sewsassy.com/LingerieProducts/Tricot.htmlThis one doesn't say what fiber....
      http://www.fabricline.com/3foelwh76.htmlI really want to know what the ACTUAL illustrated trim on the magazine outer protective cover was.... Anyone at Threads who knows?

      1. carolfresia | | #4


        We don't receive copies of Threads with the cover wrap on, so I don't know what you're referring to. Can you clarify? Meanwhile, I'm going to call around and see if someone can send me a 117 with a cover wrap!


        1. elainegood | | #5

          Hi Carol,
          The tip is:SEWING TIP
          Use Fold-over Stretch Trim as a Super-quick Neckline Finish for Knits
          by Sarah VeblenShows a light blue tank top...Here's a quick photo of the back of the issue.
          I can upload a close-up of the top photo if you like...

        2. elainegood | | #6

          Here's a close-up....The grain of the white paper certainly shows on the photo of the photo! :D

        3. FitnessNut | | #9

          I noticed that on Elaine's photo the heading says something to the effect that these are extras for Threads subscribers. Well, I'm a subscriber and I've never seen a cover wrap. How do I get these? Should I be receiving them on my magazine?

          1. carolfresia | | #10


            Are you located in Canada? I think maybe the magazines sent to Canada don't have the cover wrap. Let me know--as far as I know all US subs go out with the paper cover wrap.

            Elaine: Thanks for sending the photo. That's from issue 106, and it is an elastic fold-over binding. I'm not sure of the total width--looks to be about 1/4-3/8 inch on the outside, probably slightly wider on the underside. I like the satin surface of this one, but haven't seen it myself in stores locally, esp. not in lilac!


          2. FitnessNut | | #11

            It figures.....yes, I'm in Canada ;-) Too bad that the cover wrap can't be included inside the plastic bag the magazine is packaged in......or can it?

          3. elainegood | | #14

            plastic bag????!!!We don't get a plastic bag.
            In THEORY the paper cover protects against cover tears....and it DOES HELP. But plastic is always better...but likely less cost effective.Elaine

          4. FitnessNut | | #15

            Yup, plastic bag! But we don't get the paper cover, just the magazine in an ugly gray plastic bag. But it does prevent tears and dog-eared corners....guess they figure that since it is sent out to Canada by wagon train, it needs the extra protection ;-)

          5. raven99 | | #16

            Excuse me, I just have to clarify something before it becomes a common misconception. Deliveries to Canada are NOT made by wagon train. We use dog sleds, thank you very much! ;)

          6. rjf | | #17

            But only the winter issues, right?  September through May?     rjf

          7. FitnessNut | | #18

            Oh, yes! Definitely dog sleds at this time of year, LOL! But that's only once the delivery crosses the border into the winter wonderland ;-)

          8. raven99 | | #19

            Sandy, rjf:You know it! And in the summer, also known as July, we use canoes! LOL!Marion

          9. FitnessNut | | #20

            Hey, Marion! The dog sleds have finally made it through to our neck of the woods with the new issue ;-) How about you? Seen it yet?

          10. raven99 | | #21

            Ooooh! I haven't seen it yet, is it in the stores? Time for a trip to my local fabric store... gotta go harness the dogs!Marion

          11. FitnessNut | | #22

            ;-)Haven't seen it in the stores yet.....but then I haven't looked since Monday. Now, don't get frostbite!!!!! (At least its warmed up here this week.....was getting thoroughly sick of that -45°C windchill!)

          12. Jean | | #12

            I have a couple of t-shirts with that binding on the neckline. Colors match perfectly and they look very nice under a suit jacket. If the color doesn't match, it spoils the look IMO. Too bad there aren't more colors, they are easy enough to make.

          13. elainegood | | #13

            Issue #106?
            lol at me...Well, glad to know it's available to everyone! :D
            I'll have to dig mine out...

          14. katina | | #33

            Hello Carol

            We've been in Europe for the last 4 years and I don't get the cover wrap here.  I've mentioned before that Taunton has never failed to deliver an issue, even though we've moved countries in that time. That's excellent service!


          15. elainegood | | #34

            My magazines do always show up (so far), but lately they are coming with torn up edges and corners. This change has happened since the paper covers were eliminated...

          16. katina | | #35

            Mine come in a grey plastic bag.  Perhaps I've been lucky, but only once did I receive a damaged copy ( this was several years ago in US) and Taunton replaced it immediately.

  2. suesew | | #7

    I would like to suggest using a shiskabob stick instead of a pair of scissors to poke the fabric into the elastic. Wooden shiskabob sticks are about a penny apiece at the grocery store and work wonderfully well for those kind of pokey jobs we have to do once in a while. They won't break your needle or damage your scissors or seam ripper or awl or whatever you are using instead.

    1. elainegood | | #8

      That's a good idea, suesew!I was uncomfortable with the photo because I was imagining the scissors poking a hole in the trim somewhere. lolI found an ebay seller that may sell something similar to this trim. I do wonder exactly how wide this trim (the one shown in the photos above) is....Elaine

  3. DONNAKAYE | | #23

    I use swimwear lycra/spandex to bind most of my knits, even fleece coats and wraps.  It's available in an infinite variety of colors.

    1. elainegood | | #24

      When you use nylon lycra strips do you finish the edges by folding them under? Or do you leave them 'raw'? Or do you fold the strips in half like a quilt binding and stitch to the raw edge, fold over that edge and then topstitch?

      1. DONNAKAYE | | #25

        Cut the lycra four times the finished width of the binding, plus the seam allowances times two.  For example, a 1" binding should be 4" plus two times 5/8" seam allowance, for a total of 5 1/4".  (A little more width may be necessary to accommodate the turn of cloth for bulkier fashion fabrics; otherwise, there may not be sufficient binding to cover the line of stitching in the final step.)

        Fold the lycra in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and press a crease.  You can baste the raw edges together at 1/2" (or inside the seam allowance, whatever that is), if you prefer. I don't find that I need to do that extra step.  (Audrey tended to discourage basting for a number of reasons: 1) it can tend to be a "crutch" in lieu of skillful dexterity with the hands; 2) it's time-consuming; 3) it just plain isn't always necessary if you're good at handling and manipulating the fabric at the machine.)

        Stitch the doubled raw edges to the fashion fabric, keying and matching cut edges, right side of binding to wrong side of fashion fabric.  Fold the binding up and over the cut edge to the right side.  Top stitch binding at the line of stitching.  Voila!

        1. elainegood | | #26

          "Audrey tended to discourage basting..."And who would Audrey be? I think I missed something.Thanks for the detailed explanation. That clarified my question well.
          But doesn't that make a pretty heavy-weight binding compared to fold-over-elastic (FOE)?

          1. DONNAKAYE | | #27

            Excellent point.  You can certainly do a single-fold binding.  I have done that as well, simply turning in a folded edge at the outside and topstitching that into place....

            Sorry.  You may want to follow the post on "Audrey Childress."  She was my mom.  She passed away in '96.  She was a Certified Bishop Method Master Teacher Trainer for over 30 years, with some 30,000 students to her credit.  I am committed to carrying on her teaching tradition in clothing construction....

            The only reason I use lycra in lieu of elasticized foldover is because of color limitations.  If I can get the foldover in the color I want, no problem, but the colors are very limited.  I have often bound edges of a solid jacket with a print lycra for a fabulous look.....

            Edited 6/15/2005 9:11 am ET by DONNAKAYE

          2. elainegood | | #28

            Bishop MethodAhhah! I learned the finer points of sewing as a child/teen via a Bishop Method book in the late 50s and 60s. I can still see those photos, etc. in my mind (and I still have a copy of the book.) Did your mother live in Michigan? I recently read something (don't remember where) about how very active the Bishop Method groups are in that area of the USA.If you can buy nylon foldover elastic in white it can be fairly easily dyed with Acid Dyes. It does take some experimentation and record keeping to get colors you want because most of the color charts are based on dyeing silk rather than nylon.In general my question was about applying FOE to T-shirt weight knits rather than polarfleece, so yes, I'm really interested in a lightweight finish. I have found polarfleece very easy to finish in a multitude of ways.Thanks for your help!

          3. DONNAKAYE | | #29

            Can you provide any more information about the Bishop Method groups in Michigan?  I have not been able to find any since my mother's death....Thanks...

          4. elainegood | | #30

            Hmmm. It might take me a while, but I'll keep your question in mind.Maybe someone else here will chime in and let us know.I probably heard the info on one of the Quiltropolis forums, but I'm not sure.

          5. mem1 | | #31

            I have used lycra or panne stretch velvet as a binding but I dont use it doubled over as it gets too heavy. I dont trim the seam once I sew the binding on as it forms the innards of the bound edge .Ijust fold it over and tack it through the bound edge particularly it its a very long piece and then on the right side ,use a very small zig zag to sew in the ditch.Its easiest to do this with an open toe embroidery foot. I then use  ducks bill sissors to trim very close to the stitching.The zig zag disappears in the ditch and also stops any runs in the knit. I have bound a wollen jacket and the necks of T shirts etc like this and it works very well.The knit works beautifully going around curves .

          6. jewelea | | #32

            I think you just answered a question I posted in Fabrics and Trims, looking for the sort of stretch satin binding found on ready-to-wear t-shirts like J. Jill.  I've done some dyeing with Procion dyes, so I'm game to tackle trying to dye the elastic.

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